Excursions by Amit Gawande

I’m turning off crossposting my blog to Twitter via Micro.blog. (…) Twitter is its own thing, it’s weird when I post something on my blog, but I have to check reactions separately on a closed social network. At least I get a webmention from Micro.blog, but nothing from Twitter.

Well, I have a different perspective to this than Zsolt. I post on my site, is all how I see it. And it then gets syndicated to everywhere - Micro.blog, Twitter and Mastodon. I do not worry about how it would be received where. If anyone responds/reacts to it, webmentions flow back to the post (from both micro.blog and Twitter, not from Mastodon for now).

Having said that, I share the experience with Zsolt that I receive most interactions from m.b. But there are posts that talk about a brand or a group only active on Twitter. Though rare, syndicating to Twitter allows getting responses from such folks too.