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I verified today that the Post Stats plugin works with the upgraded Hugo version (0.91). So, that’s one less issue I need to handle as part of the next upgrade. However, if you are using the plug-in (I am glad) and see an issue, please let me know.

Back to work on what I had originally planned.

Amit Gawande

Styling Newsletter Digests in

I recently changed the newsletter to a weekly digest instead of every long-form posts with A fixed schedule is better for me than thinking about whether to include as part of the newsletter every time I post a post with a title. Until there is a better control (via categories) on what …

Amit Gawande

A minor styling suggestion while using Posts Stats plugin with Marfa theme in dark mode. Add this snippet to custom CSS (‘Design’ -> ‘Edit CSS’) to fix background of alternate rows in tables.

@media(prefers-color-scheme: dark) {
	tr:nth-child(odd)>td {
	  background: initial;

Thanks to Andrew for bringing this to my notice.

Amit Gawande

I like to remind myself about the number of words that I’ve written on my blog. Well, now I do, through my Archive page. It’s auto-generated, refreshed every time I publish. And if you host with, you can achieve the same with this plugin. It’s basic, but works.

Amit Gawande

Getting Post URL in Drummer

I enjoy writing posts in Drummer. One of the many reasons for that is I can see all my posts in the same editing space. It is so easy to scroll through all your posts and find reference to just that one old post. One thing that missing, though, was there was no easy way to get the url for that post …

Amit Gawande

Getting Started Blogging with Drummer

I recently started blogging with Drummer, a new Outliner made public by Dave Winer. It has been a wonderful experience. I don’t know what it is about a single outline as a base for your blog, but it feels natural. I have been enjoying writing and playing around with my Drummer blog. However, it is …

Amit Gawande

Finally, I have completed a pretty tricky exercise that I had started about a couple of weeks back. It wasn't tricky because I wanted to move my website to a different platform. It was tricky because I wanted to do it cleanly. I wanted to retain as many things that worked well for me as I could. I didn't want to break much that was core.

So, after days of experiments and trial runs, and notes and list of reviewed to-dos, I've managed to switch to WordPress. I will note down why someday - one short, but big reason though is editing. I am tired of working custom solutions with Blot -- it's a great service, no doubt. But you need to love your files a lot. I am currently not in that phase.

Anyway, as intended, the core is retained. The links are (hopefully 🤞) not broken. #IndieWeb support was a must, have stitched that in. The option to switch to a dark theme was a must. A simple reading experience was a must. I've managed to get good writing experience too. So, times now to sit back and relax.

Do let me know if see anything that's not working well. I won't mind if you also let me know if everything's working fine.

Amit Gawande

I have been working with David Merfield on a little side project. The idea started simple - what if there was a simple posting interface for Blot? In extension, something that one can use to write and publish a post to Dropbox. Blot is simple as-is for writing and posting (it’s all files). But there are times when I do want to quickly post from my web browser. And for such times, I still need a simple writing interface.

That thought was enough to interest both me and David. We got to work. The project got neglected in between. And then was picked up again. And I think, it is in a state now where it can really be useful to a few. I can attest to that because I, myself, have been using it for few days now.

Here’s Wall — a web-accessible text-editor over Dropbox, works nicely with Blot.

I believe this would be useful for many. It is clean. It is light, pure-client side application. It supports local drafts. It can export markdown. It can publish to Blot. Perfect for all those text posts.

I have my own fork of the project where I want to use the editor and support publishing to multiple places. To start with, I have extended it to post it anywhere in Dropbox.

I have hosted it here as Scribe. I plan to extend it next to be used as a micropub client. Still in works, though.

Of course, this is not perfect yet. For one, it does not work well on smaller screens. But it is a good enough. Do give it try.

Amit Gawande

Over the last week, I’ve added some features to Blotpub that were long in works - support for syndicating longer posts, support for updating posts. I’ve also automated sending of webmentions to the target sites for reply and like posts types. It’s been some productive week this.

Amit Gawande

I am having fun getting back into Indieweb stuff — working on adding support for updates to Blotpub. This has been in works for so long, I had to get to it. I also recently added support for syndicating longer posts to Twitter and Mastodon. Always makes me relaxed.