Flowers and thorns must have a special relationship - often the former attempts to veil the spikes. mbmay

Experimental picture with nature’s colors at night. I’m not too proud. But an experiment nonetheless. #mbmay

A photo of a darkroom photo enlarger. Though very different from what’s on display, it’s fascinating nonetheless. #mbmay

I have been away on vacation since the last few days – I had no network I could connect to. My hotel did provide me an option to connect to Wifi, an offer that I humbly declined. As a result, I don’t remember any other visit to a beach that was this peaceful.

I loved the clouds floating in the vivid skies today. They crowded throughout all at once. And dispersed just as swiftly, without much drama.

Love is knowing your partner better than you know yourself! It was only yesterday when I quipped that am like Po. And I had this gift waiting for me.

A Stranger on the Wheels

Last week, my whole family, near and distant, got together for my cousin’s wedding, and it kept me completely exhausted throughout this week. The venue for the wedding was unfamiliar to me and I am never comfortable at such places. I can never settle into any routinue of sorts, messing up my eating …

A morning during a train ride, in a foreign land, an unknown city is always beautiful. Curious how we connect to a rising sun, irrespective of the place. Day 30 of #30day 🖼️

I love the play of yellows here. The light highlights a shade that’s already lovely. Day 29 of #30day 🖼️

A scene so normal, a plain boring. Or something so dramatic that looms overhead. Well, no one can tell. Day 28 of #30day 🖼️

A morning walk skipped for a relaxing cup of tea with my wife. Basking in the morning sunlight. A deal that I will take any day. Day 27 of #30day 🖼️

From my morning walk today. It felt dramatic some time, it felt serene another. It was neither. And both. Day 26 of #30day 🖼️

I was back looking at the skies from a familiar spot again. Each time the sun has coloured it uniquely different. This time it itself flared like crazy! Day 25 of #30day 🖼️

Sometimes it’s the shadows that lead the way, act as a landmark for you to point yourself towards and move ahead. That’s life. Day 24 of #30day 🖼️

The sky was oddly clear today, was so after so many days of scattered clouds. I pause, looked up through the trees and the shades looked soothing to me. Day 23 of #30day 🖼️

This tree is at a pretty central location around where I live. I love how peculiar it looks, but I don’t like this shot I took today. It’s too busy. But I still want to upload it. I will get it right one day, look back to this one and smile. Day 22 of #30day 🖼️

Another from my morning walk – this time it’s different. When reserved is reserved no more. Almost. Day 21 of #30day 🖼️

A spot that I have walked by so many times. So many memories. A happening, busy corner of our gated community. Where friends young and old gathered. Laughed. Played. It was painful to see it wear an abandoned look. Day 20 of #30day 🖼️

Another from the walk on a cloudy morning. This time it’s the blue skies trying to peek through. Day 19 of #30day 🖼️

On the morning walk today. The skies were laden with clouds. The sun busy attempting to peek through. The chirpy birds, restless, yet enjoying the flight. A breeze so cold that the walk was nothing but a relaxing stroll. Day 18 of #30day 🖼️

The skies from the morning walk. I love how the shot came out, though, I can’t put finger to exact what makes me do. I feel it’s the colors and the look of the structure rising into the sky. Day 17 of #30day 🖼️

On the morning walk today. With the sun burning through the clouds, with the wind mills cheering, being the perfect spectators. Day 16 of #30day 🖼️

A half way into the challenge today. When I began, I had no idea I would be doing and enjoying this for so long. Anyway, another shot from the evening walk. Day 15 of #30day 🖼️

I wanted to attempt porting a Hugo theme to – check what it takes. Of course, the best way was to try it with a minimal theme. That’s what I did. Too basic and light weight, sure. But I know now how it’s done! If interested, you can try it on my test blog.

On the everning walk today. I find the game fascinating that the swaying trees play with the dimming natural light and the brightening articial one. Day 14 of #30day 🖼️