This trend of closing off the doors to the content on the internet is getting extremely frustrating now. You can’t read anything from even a slightly well-known publication before they ask you to create an account or subscribe. Absolute bullshit!

We respected the lone tree, standing tall. Alone.

“As some richer countries hoard vaccines, they make a mockery of vaccine equity.”

Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, the Africa director at the World Health Organization, said in an online news conference.

We’re providing more to the rest of the world than all the rest of the world combined”

Mr. Biden said in another press conference.

Both might be be true - but one reeks of elitism, an indifference to the world’s suffering.

That’s one angry, cuddly Autobot! 🤖

I published my Micro Camp talk as a blog post today - a feedback I had received after the talk. In case you missed the talk or prefer listening to it in your own voice instead of mine, here you go. 😊

Benches of varied colours and shapes- they always attract me. They have their ears to many wonderful personal stories.

Over the years, I’ve hoarded so much of electronic crap. Every now and then, I will find an odd charging cable or a dongle - I have no idea what they are for. I keep getting rid of them and the crap keeps finding a way into my home. It’s as if there’s a secret portal from an alien land to each of my closets 🤦🏽‍♂️

Currently reading the audio book : Made to stick by Chip Heath 📚

I am a coder and a writer. And it is absolutely painful to have these two personalities live within you.

When the coder wants to code, the writer is checking his choice of words or the structure of comments. Or the depth of documentation -- the writer wants the coder to write an essay. The coder wants to bloody put bullet points, command followed by command. What ends up happening is I take minutes to name one method because the writer didn't like my choice of verb. Urghh!

On the other hand, the coder makes the life miserable for the writer in me. All the writer wants to do is focus on penning words together. Get coherent, and impactful. And all the writer is whispering in his ears is, "Look at that font and the colour scheme of the editor. That doesn't look nice, right? What if there is a better editor? What if you make one?"

All the writer wants to do is read intently, and there is the coder shouting at him, "Why isn't your website this beautiful? Look how efficiently it uses JavaScript? Or doesn't use it at all." Anything and everything can get the coder excited.

Boy, given the pain this causes, I'm surprised am still a coder by profession and a writer by hobby. I, at times, feel they could very well kill each other one day.

Yellow is my favourite colour! ☺️

Setting up ElementaryOS has been a frustrating experience. Attempting to get the WiFi working with updates has broken the whole system twice now. I’ve tried all the fixed suggested on the internet - and nothing works. Sigh! Time to try another distro - it’s frustrating.

Current state - reviving an old MacBook Pro.

All I read on the timeline today is about Glass. A lot of people got the access and a lot are awaiting theirs. And I haven’t event attempted yet. Sigh! Long way before I get the access I guess. Plus iPhone only is a bummer. If not Android, at least iPad/Web support was must.

Blame and curse auto-correct as much as you want. But if not for that feature, I would still be spelling Thursday and Marriage incorrectly. Not exaggerating, the occurrence of these mistakes is frequent.

Liked Martin MacDonald’s tweet

My brain is like Chrome. 237 tabs open, 3 are frozen, and I’ve no idea where the music is coming from.

I think all can relate to this! 😊

The Mysterious Street Snack

Soon enough, I’d learn that my idle curiosity was, in fact, a mystery that has baffled and, at times, infuriated botanists for decades. This snack has been widely sold on the streets for decades and yet, somehow, no one seems to know what it is.

A fascinating read - so close to the home and yet I was clueless of this mystery.

I shouldn’t do that, but I tend to skip over the names, especially longer ones, as I am reading an article. It’s as if my mind applies a filter internally to label names as irrelevant to the larger story.

So typically I get the what, how, when of a story. But miss the who.

I am pretty excited about the upcoming Micro Camp 2021. Not because I am giving a talk – well, of course, there’s that. But because the whole line-up of the sessions is brilliant – each topic unique, different from another. Looking forward to learning and engaging! ⛺️😊

Amidst all the moving and settling , I finally took my second shot for the Covid vaccine. Finally. Yay! And I hope there are no side-effects this time around. I couldn’t sleep the whole night after my first shot. Fingers crossed, that doesn’t happen again.

Is 21.5-inch non-retina iMac still a good option to consider? What about 24-inch M1-based iMac? The way things stand I’m seriously considering buying an iMac - I don’t want anything portable. I wonder if the transition phase we are currently in makes this an untimely purchase.

I published another issue of my newsletter today - it narrates my experience to be back to the place I’ve been calling home for the past 10 years. This is also the first issue posted on the Ghost platform. You can subscribe to Slanting Nib here.

In process of recording myself talk, I have earned a new respect for the folks who do this regularly. I love writing, it comes naturally to me. I enjoy recording audio. But video? Boy, that’s not easy.

Facebook Wants Us to Live in the Metaverse

“The metaverse is “a virtual environment where you can be present with people in digital spaces”

Sigh. Why do we keep putting a new name to the same old stuff? Of course, I know - for monitory purpose.

What Will Happen to My Music Library When Spotify Dies?

These methods of archiving are either imperfect, impractical, or both—and besides, even if I went through with them, chances are that decades from now, I’d just end up with a monster text file or a long-obsolete hard drive that would be a pain to sync up with some future listening platform.

I lost my music collection some 7 years back and I never attempted to build a personal music library since then. I have accepted the fact that the benefits of streaming services (mainly around discovery) are more valuable to me than my quest for a personal collection of my favorite songs. Unfortunate, but practical.

In the last three days, I have started reading three new books. It wasn't planned, people who know my likings recommended the books to me. And each read brilliantly in samples. So, I am reading five in parallel now - a humour, a mystery, a self-help, one on psychology and one fantasy. Now, that's a personal record. No harm doing that, right? Right?