I have loved writing fiction for quite some time and have published many short stories over the years. Here I curate the list of some of my favourite short stories. This, in no way, represents the popularity of these posts. There is no order. These are some of the posts that I am really proud of.

Grumpy Souls Collection

Marvelling at Life

A letter from and a memory of a person that brought two grumpy souls together.

Walking to the Happy Place

We are always looking forward to reaching a happy place. A place that generally is far away from where you are.

Through the Dark Clouds

A journey through the air that brought together two souls that are different by their ages, but similar in the circumstances. Both are brave in their own unique ways.

The Adventures of Tikwadi

The Lone Conductor

Day When a Loan Shark Was Tamed

He, who wasn’t welcomed

Herding the Herder

Letters from Tikwadi

Short Stories Collection

The Unearthy Baggage

Do you want to be born carrying baggage from another world?

The Quite Onlooker

No job in life is easy. However, what if the job is to witness the game of life?

Till the Fireworks Last

Fate brings together two separated souls to play the one little cliched dance.

Flash Fiction Collection


Dues to Clear

When No One Cares

That’s My Sun

Our Mutual Pact

Best Day of my Life

The Other