Tuesday. May 08, 2018
  1. I hate the continuous scrolling paradigm adopted by many websites (Quartz, Venture Beat) today to move you to next articles. That’s a sleezy little hack to gain more reads/clicks — and so more ad impressions.

    So much potential in world is wasted on plotting best ads placement.

Friday. May 04, 2018
  1. Planning a family vacation is not easy. So many parameters to think of.

  2. The seduction of access to privileged (non-public) data is irresistible. Prioritizing data because it’s exclusive is the pitfall that all analysts must resist.

    Horace Dediu has a very valuable advice for his fellow analysts.

Tuesday. April 24, 2018
  1. From the Medium help section.

    Medium taps into the brains of the world’s most insightful writers, thinkers, and storytellers..

    Also from Medium help section.

    Footnotes are not supported on Medium

    I always find it fascinating how limiting Medium as platform is for writers.

  2. Google gets even more interested in podcasts now. Currently, they look primarily focused on improving the podcast discovery plus streaming experience.

    However, I feel soon that will shift to recording and publishing podcasts too. YouTube Audio. With Google Audio ads.

Wednesday. April 18, 2018
  1. When @bradyharan first referenced his new podcast, about all the podcasts that aren’t made, on one of the episodes of Hello Internet, I wasn’t sure the premise would be fun. But man, The Unmade Podcast is a must listen — go subscribe now, it’s full of fun ideas.

Tuesday. April 17, 2018
  1. I keep hearing that there are parts of the world where using Facebook is a necessity. I wonder what are these places? And what’s the reason? I am not being snarky here, I am genuinely curious. Are there any real anecdotes?

Monday. April 16, 2018
  1. Amongst the mountains, facing the green valleys. A calmness eventually sweeps in.

    Nature Mountains

Friday. April 13, 2018
  1. I am surprised there exists another social network that I did not hear about earlier (it’s launched in 2016) - hello network. And given that it has existed before the kerfuffle around Facebook, there is no reference to privacy of data. Difficult to sell in today’s world.

  2. I’m surprised that cause and medications for an ailment as simple as headache is still not known. Reason? Well, there are multiple types of headaches with varying symptoms and ongoing research 🤕

    And of course the one I typically get (Cluster) is still an solved mystery.

Wednesday. April 11, 2018
  1. The more I think and hear from the voices (a lot smarter than I) talk about the rumoured Apple’s transition to its in-house chips for Macs, I realise this is going to be way tricker than I initially thought. There are too many variables I failed to think about initially.

    The latest ATP episode covers few of them really well. I had to put down my thoughts to appreciate how big a deal this is.

    1. Transitioning the developers for the Mac is not going to be easy as-is. The lack of earnings from the macOS platform is already a cause of concern for the developers and Apple. Supporting a new chip architecture would be an overhead, irrespective of how easy Apple makes it.
    2. Macs are used for developing the software targeted at beyond the Apple platforms. A different chip design just adds another variable to the test-support cycle.
    3. It's easier to say Apple will only move the non-pro macs to in-house chips (most probably based on ARM architecture) than to make an OS, already loaded with bugs, to simultaneously support two chip architectures.
    4. In a scenario (worst case) of Apple failing to keep up with competitors on performance, will they be ready for another transition? Or are they in this for a long haul, irrespective of what the competition delivers?
    5. There is a possibility of the chip design team running low on bandwidth if they are to support two platforms. This can, of course, mean that there won't be deserved attention to the iOS platform — the money-earner, hence the more important platform for Apple. Eventually, Mac will get ignored (again!). Another possibility, of course, is Apple just doesn't see two platforms existing simultaneously in its future. And hence the next point.
    6. I do not think it is just a coincidence that this rumour is going hand in hand with another rumour around Project Marzipan. I believe there is some close relationship between the two - either as a strategy or as an enabler.

    Whatever the truth behind the rumours be, upcoming WWDC promises to be an exciting event. Even if they do not chalk out the whole strategy, would be interesting if we do see any early signs.

Monday. April 09, 2018
  1. As I look at the hundreds of links bookmarked over the years of browsing, I am stunned how can this be useful to anyone. It’s a mess - broken links, links relevant only for that time, useless user guides, pointless references. There’s hardly anything useful in here.

  2. I simply love the podcast The Truth. Every episode has a unique fiction to narrate, with an intriguing presentation.

    Short audio fiction is difficult to nail, these guys do so every time. Recommended.

Sunday. April 08, 2018
  1. I am almost on the verge of deleting the YouTube app from my phone. The algorithmic overloads have wasted hours of my last few days by keeping the recommended feed fresh with things that would interest me.

    And I hate the fact that I fell for it every time.

  2. Every now and then, it’s better to let the mind go completely blank. Many a times it is forced by overload of the incomplete tasks.

    In middle of one such phase. Just so many things around to tackle, better to just coast along — let things happen as they do.

Wednesday. April 04, 2018
  1. Another day, another update on Facebook’s grey terms around their product usage. Now it’s Messenger, the trainwreck continues.

    I won’t be surprised if one of these days we hear they have been actively listening over the phones’s mic. A stretch I know, but what isn’t these days.

  2. I am completely against Tweetstorms. Not because it’s difficult to present and parse for readers. But rather because it‘ll more often than not fail to convey whatever you, as a writer, are trying to convey. And a big possibility to get presented out of context.

    So please blog.

Tuesday. April 03, 2018
  1. I literally shouted “This is f*^&>$! awesome!” during a chase sequence in Baby Driver. I haven’t had this much fun watching a movie in a long long time. The music, the plot, the treatment, the cinematography, the performances. Everything’s absolutely brilliant.

  2. @manton I find the character ‘&’ eats up 5 characters instead of just one in iOS app — think it’s the HTML code that’s being counted? (reposting from slack).

  3. “Deep Impact” is an intriguing watch. It’d a story to tell in a genre. But it just didn’t seem to belong to that genre. As if the makers were caught up in two minds — which part of story to convey. Drama’s too thin, too contrived. And not enough tension for a sci-fi disaster.

Monday. April 02, 2018
  1. Time. Those fleeting moments of time.

    Time. Those fleeting moments of time. Those crazy, affected attempts to catch up to them. To not let them pass. To slow them down. Those foolish attempts, unsuccessful every time.

    24 hours. 1440 minutes. 86,400 seconds that dawn with a promise to provide enough time to complete all the tasks unfinished. At work and out of work. To run all the errands. To update all those projects. To finish all those drafts. To pen all those ideas, those thoughts clogging your mind.

    That dawn with a promise to let you provide attention, dedicated attention to your family. With a promise to let you socialize with those friends, neglected - forgotten even - for the want of time. With a promise to let you make those calls still not made since last week, last month. With a promise to let yourself focus on your health, let you the rest that you dearly need.

    With a promise to do so much more than there is time for. Till you realise those 24 hours the day dawned with? They just aren’t enough. Not enough for everything. Barely enough for something.

    So you can either spend those fleeting moments on that something, anything. Or get bogged down with the burden of those others things left untouched. Because there’s just not enough time.

  2. Ezra Klein interviewed Mark Zuckerberg recently and fascinating to hear him evade (though clearly well prepared) the mess he finds himself and FB in. Especially interesting is his constant reference to FB user as “our community” and Apple as “rich” company that charges more.

  3. I consider every visit to a barber as one where I assign a project to a sculptor. My only instruction to him is to make sure not to chisel away everything and what remains should be something he can proudly claim as his finest work.

    I do not think they get it every time.

Sunday. April 01, 2018
  1. I have finished reading another fiction - review in progress. And I realise it is first time since long when I do not have another book waiting in the queue. So, this gives me a chance to try something different.

    Any recommendations, not from mystery/thriller, humour fiction?

Friday. March 30, 2018
  1. You tend to remember the things that went wrong, that were not easy to carry out the first time around. With experience, such failures, such roadblocks tend to grow on you, and mar one’s productivity, one’s creativity.

    Experience can make you believe that nothing is easy.

  2. My daughter servers me a dish of Play-Doh breakfast every now and then. Got served some colourful animal cookies today.

    playdoh breakfast

Thursday. March 29, 2018
Wednesday. March 28, 2018
  1. I have realised there’s a block worse than writer’s block - a reader’s block. It leaves your mind numb and leads to former. Sigh.