Thursday. March 22, 2018
  1. iPad still remains the best device for consumption. And shines at times even for creation given it allows focus. On a Mac, I keep getting distracted with all sorts of projects. On my iPad, I can really focus on reading and writing - two things I prefer to be done on an iPad.

  2. Great analogy by Dave Winer →

    It's just that people who use the new Google-powered system will get a big warning when they come to visit. "This place is awful," the warning will say. "It has terrorists. If you go inside they'll probably kill you." To which I say, whatever.

Tuesday. March 20, 2018
  1. Every now & then, I come across a IndieWeb enabled site with all the principles implemented, working just the way they were meant to. And it is then that I see the power of this initiative. Whatever it takes, I need to reach there.

  2. I wonder can we not post titles with notes in quill? I want to post replies with some comments, but such posts always have empty titles. I need to link to the original posts without fetching the title of the link.

    @eli I see you doing this with your like/reply posts. How?

  3. It was great listening to @modernlittleme. I say this again, it is refreshing to hear new thoughts, new voices, new likings on podcasts than the regular tech-focused ones. And just for that @monday is going to succeed.

    It was a great episode and was nice knowing you, Christine.

Monday. March 19, 2018
  1. A good book is the one that makes you shout at a character to not do a thing he's doing. To not say a thing he's about to say. That makes you feel sorry/happy for what has or is about to happen.

    That awes you. And that shocks you. In short, the one that keeps you engrossed.

Sunday. March 18, 2018
  1. It is so difficult, even frustrating at times, to find just that right combination of a pen and paper that works for you. No point having just that one perfect one without the other.

Friday. March 16, 2018
  1. When your mind is loaded with stuff, from work and from home and from others, it stops churning thoughts. Nothing interesting comes out.

    It needs space to stretch and stroll and wander to be creative. To be productive. Unfortunately, this fact is lost on many.

Thursday. March 15, 2018
  1. A delicious multi-course meal is always the best way to get through a tedious work week.




Wednesday. March 14, 2018
  1. Such a great first episode of Micro Monday — I love the format, & I love the concept. It was great knowing a bit more about @macgenie.

    I really hope @Monday becomes the platform that introduces new voices to podcasting every week. Would be refreshing to hear varied interests.

Monday. March 12, 2018
  1. Does preparing for an exam mean making one learn? I never believed that, but am always reminded that it’s a pretty well spread and well accepted chain of thought.

Sunday. March 11, 2018
  1. As we detoured in search of dinner, we had no idea we would halt at a place that hadn’t aged with time.

    Ancient Jar

Saturday. March 10, 2018
  1. I recently switched off the "Trim Silence" mode. Even got the playback speeds to 1x. All it lasted for was an hour.

    There are very few podcasts that are well edited and just a handful that need such focused listening. Am back to "normal" mode.

Friday. March 09, 2018
  1. At times, we do surprise ourself with what we achieve with the creativity - and let the nature grow.


Thursday. March 08, 2018
  1. It’s difficult to keep up with any goals once you are on an official travel. Thoughts have gone done, writing is affected and interactions badly so. Can’t wait to be back to the routine life.

  2. There’s something unnaturally beautiful about this bench - in midst of a hive of activity, in search of that one companion.

    Lone Bench

Wednesday. March 07, 2018
  1. At times, it’s the calm, the silence, an empty pathway that lends the solace. One such comforting walk today.

    Empty Pathway

  2. I am always surprised by the number of typos in e-books. One would think a digital format would be better suited for revisions. Doesn't appear to be so. Is it really that difficult to roll out an update for the digital copy? Or is it to make sure it’s consistent with the print?

  3. Even after so many travels, every imminent one makes me nervous even now. And am sure it is not about the actual travel, but all the packing and unpacking and “being ready” that unsettles me 😬

Tuesday. March 06, 2018
Monday. March 05, 2018
  1. This week was an interesting one. Not much productive, but then just productive enough. What I am focused on now is more from the last week and some from the week before. An update.

  2. This lone lamppost always befuddles me — I can never decide whether to be saddened by its loneliness or be pleased to see it still stand strong.


  3. Micro Monday: @eli. His stream is full of interesting posts and snaps. And some delightful conversations on varied topics. You will surely find something that interests you.

  4. They say the world online is spoilt, spiteful. It’s all rage, and slander. All one utters of others online is vile. I did believe so too.

    And then I read people’s Micro Monday recommendations at This place’s like a calming oasis, surrounded by a dull, rough desert.

  5. So I wasn’t too off on Oscars predictions. We can kind of guess which movies will win the big awards. I wish Dunkirk had won some, but I guess movies I like the most are never Oscar material.

    Anyway, I will follow my every year’s Oscar ritual. Start watching all winners again.

Sunday. March 04, 2018
  1. So the Oscars are almost here. And I’ve got a feeling that it will be The Shape of Water, Darkest Hour and Get Out that will win big.

    Dunkirk has some top nominations, but I doubt if it has a chance at Oscars, especially with its multiple-timeline split narrative.

  2. Watched Spider-Man: Homecoming again. I just love every film in MCU. Superhero films are supposed to be fun, not some dark societal commentary.

    And Spider-Man finally gets a perfect film — one that lets him be a learning bumbling powerful goodhearted teen.