Sunday. July 22, 2018
  1. ★ Liked “Been Down So Long It Looks Like Debt to Me

    My debt was the result, in equal measure, of a chain of rotten luck and a system that is an abject failure by design. […] Like many well-meaning but misguided baby boomers, neither of my parents received an elite education but they nevertheless believed that an expensive school was not a materialistic waste of money; it was the key to a better life than the one they had. They continued to put faith in this falsehood even after a previously unimaginable financial loss, and so we continued spending money that we didn’t have—money that banks kept giving to us.

    May be a devisive opinion, but student loan debt is a curse on our society. A person shouldn’t be indebted in attempt to kick start his life.

    Throughout my whole life (one I controlled), I have attempted to not be under any sort of unavoidable debt. If that meant me not having or doing a thing that I want to, so be it. I know not all may share this perspective, may be not all can “afford” the life without a form of debt (ironical, but practical), I have been thankful that I was able to put my life on track without falling behind the world around.

    The problem, I think, runs deeper than blame. The foundational myth of an entire generation of Americans was the false promise that education was priceless—that its value was above or beyond its cost. College was not a right or a privilege but an inevitability on the way to a meaningful adulthood. What an irony that the decisions I made about college when I was seventeen have derailed such a goal.


  2. It still surprises me to find that there is no way on iOS to look at the call history by contacts - find when all was a contact or a number was called in the past. It is important many times and only way I see now is infinite scrolling.

  3. ★ Liked “Ten Years Later, “The Dark Knight” and Its Vision of Guilt Still Resonate

    Ten years after its release, there is somehow too much and not enough left to say about Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

    Of course, because there was just so many lenses this film can be seen through, so many interpretations for every scene playing out on the screen. So what’s this film about? Every thinking mind has his own answer.

    And yet it’s hard to look at this movie, made at a time of violent divisiveness in the country over issues of surveillance, of complicity, of violence born of fear, and not see a snapshot of a society — not Gotham’s fictional one, but our own, real-life one — ready to plunge into the abyss of fragmentation, of self-serving chaos. Maybe that’s why Nolan’s film now feels so poignant. Today, it’s hard not to feel that humanity’s worst impulses have won, that those without conscience or shame were allowed to sow endless dissension, hatred, and cruelty, using our own sense of guilt against us.

Saturday. July 21, 2018
  1. This always used to drive me nuts when different people used different varients of flag (-r Or -R) for achieving same result.

    is there some good reason why recursive cp takes -R whereas recursive scp takes -r?

    It was until I decided I had to get more information on why and headed out to POSIX manual.

    If the -r option was specified, the behavior is implementation-defined.

    If the -R option was specified, the following steps shall be taken:

    • The dest_file shall be created with the same file type as source_file.

    • If source_file is a file of type FIFO, the file permission bits shall be the same as those of source_file, modified by the file creation mask of the user if the -p option was not specified. Otherwise, the permissions, owner ID, and group ID of dest_file are implementation-defined.

    • If this creation fails for any reason, cp shall write a diagnostic message to standard error, do nothing more with source_file, and go on to any remaining files.

    • If source_file is a file of type symbolic link, the pathname contained in dest_file shall be the same as the pathname contained in source_file.

    • If this fails for any reason, cp shall write a diagnostic message to standard error, do nothing more with source_file, and go on to any remaining files.

    Since then, it is always -R that I (and most of the people I know) use — after all who likes the unknown behind “behaviour defined by implementation”?

  2. It’s fascinating to think to think that anybody can replicate Facebook, “kill” them; but somebody with mass following can hit them where it hurts most - engagement. Take the engagement out and Facebook struggles for relevance.

Friday. July 20, 2018
  1. Micro.threads Update. Refreshed user discover section to show more information for the recommended users. Can follow directly from the app, with option to open profile at

    Also refreshed the “Explore” section with background enhancement. Want to open this to all soon.

Thursday. July 19, 2018
  1. Though I agree with Sundar here, I think the sentiment is missing the core issue EU raises - “rapid innovation, wide choice and falling prices” is for a market where Google isn’t competing - handsets. However it kills competition to it’s core services.

Wednesday. July 18, 2018
  1. I have been following a daily evening routine these days to refresh my user recommendations. And I have started following so many new people whose updates I was missing out on. Pretty stoked, I think I have got a working system here!

Tuesday. July 17, 2018
  1. Email indeed is the perfect, and oldest, decentralised social network for communication. You do not need a particular platform to be part of it. But that is also what makes it terrible. If you can’t control the inlet, it has to flood the house - bring it to stand still.

    That’s the one reason that completely negates all the positives for the e-mail as communications platform. So many smarter people have tried making this a usable system. Alas. No success till now. Getting a decentralised platform up and taking it mainstream with its innate complexities is a huge ask, especially amidst the pull of the simplicity of silos. Just look at

    Simplicity matters. I struggled for days explaining to my dad why he need not have a “www” in his e-mail address. And not have a “@” while typing in the webaddress for Gmail. After a point, he stopped using e-mail, nudging me every now and then on why I wasn’t on Facebook where he could just @ me. Apparently, “it’s a closed silo” is not a reason enough.

Monday. July 16, 2018
  1. I was seriously considering buying a domain name in my daughter’s name today, who is still 5. I do not know if I plan to use it now, but I think if she ever needs one, she may not have it available. But then I also do not want to push my choice on her. I am being too crazy?

  2. I just carried out my customary buy on Amazon Prime Day. And of course it is for an Amazon device. That’s the only stuff with good deals.

  3. A nice post. Early this year, I too followed a similar path to take my web and social presence Indie - something that I control. The journal section on my website became the primary destination for microposts. I (selectively) route to Twitter via cross-posting feature. I receive and display all the interactions on the posts from different platforms using webmentions.

    I make Hugo process and render such microposts differently. It’s custom now, and may follow any solution in future. But the intention would be my microposts would exist here.

    This structure has also lent me the flexibility of the posting interface. My posts, social and long ones, originate from the app that’s convenient and relevant at the time of posting. Some originate at iOS app, some at quill, most replies and likes directly from Microsub clients (like this one from Monocle) and at times in text editor of my choice (iA Writer, Drafts). And that in itself is a huge benefit.

    I like ring of “social” subdomain that Dan uses, especially for the reason that it can always act as the destination for my microposts, irrespective of what hosts them. I may explore that.

Sunday. July 15, 2018
  1. I dreamt a horror movie today. I think if produced it can be one of the best horror movies ever made. It sent shivers down my spine. 😧

Saturday. July 14, 2018
Friday. July 13, 2018
  1. I’m planning an experiment. The only way I will consume news for next few days would be via my morning newspaper. I think I will be a bit less burdened by the constant pressure of staying in the know. It is not necessary and introduces a lot many distractions.

    My hypothesis is with not a need to sought out the news, I would be a tad more focused on the work at hand. The primary source I reach out to for news has been Twitter for some time now. And I had to make that difficult. So I have uninstalled the Twitter client from my iPhone. I intend to use it only as a web app.

    Pleasantly, this was an insight given by ScreenTime - so the system looks to be working. I pondered on the option to put app limit, but thought it would be better to just get rid of this distraction. And so I did.

  2. Thank you Aaron. I am confident the consistency of Aperture will consistently grow with more edge cases covered. On client, I did try all the apps, both on web (Together) and iOS (Indigenous). I found Monocle to be the most stable one. I do not think my primary concerns around posts display are addressed by any. But anyway I will use these apps a bit longer. I want to use this system, really!

  3. ★ Liked “Shameless vs. shameful” by Seth Godin

    Shaming a person is a senseless shortcut. When we say to someone, “you’re never going to amount to anything,” when we act like we want to lock them up and throw away the key, when we conflate the behavior with the human–we’ve hurt everyone. We’ve killed dreams, eliminated possibility and broken any chance for a connection.

  4. What’s the feed reader service of choice amongst the community here? I remember many floating around, but always failed to note the recommendations.

Thursday. July 12, 2018
  1. After a really productive few days, I thought it was a good time to update what’s happening Now. And as I was journaling what I was involved in, I realised benefits of my recent blogging habit — I had my microposts as reference. That’s one big positive.