What Am I Focused on Now?

Hobby projects continue. However, I have not been able to roll out any substantial updates to Micro.Threads. Some priority (and forced) assignments at work, some commitments at home. It was enough to make this a not so productive week.

Having said that, it was a good week from what I could end up publishing. I finally managed to publish my thought on publishing on open web. Another interesting read from last week made me long for the simpler days when communities mattered, social contact was important. So I am not complaining.

On My Mind This Week

  • 35% in Beartown by Fredrik Backman. Going slow, but it is also because the genius of Backman makes me pause and appreciate his word play very often.
  • [+2] Working on a customised Micropub endpoint. Pelle Wessman’s project has got me running. There are still things that are not perfect for me.
  • [+1]Need to get a micropub media endpoint setup.
  • In middle of 7-day photo post challenge.
  • Long Read:Slow Thought: a manifesto” by Vincenzo Di Nicola at Aeon
  • Long Read:A Murder, a Conviction and a Never-Ending Case” by Alan Feuer at NYTimes
  • Reading:Why Lisa Simpson Matters” by Darryn King at Vanity Fair
  • [+1] Learning Node again, by doing this time. Had a first bare-bones version of a app out. Now starts the difficult part, get it working for different use cases.
  • Reading: “The town that’s found a potent cure for illness – community” by George Monbiot at Guardian
  • Reading: “Distinction Bias: Why You Make Terrible Life Choices” published by Nir Eyal.