Intel has a new AI that can detect if a student is bored or distracted - their claim is it helps to improve student engagement. Sigh! Let students learn in natural way. If they want to get bored, let them get bored 🤦🏽‍♂️

I had no idea Pebble (or at least part of it) was purchased by Fitbit. Almost 6 years back. So unfortunate we didn’t see any launches of inspired products from Fitbit. One with an e-paper display and good battery life. I would have loved such a device. HT: I was reminded of this fact by this …

I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed listening to a book as much as I did Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir. Of course, Weir deserves a lot of credit for writing such a smart book. But I am equally impressed by the performance, the voice acting by Ray Porter. I have rarely listened to an audiobook …

Japanese mechanical pencils are a cut above the rest, boasting innovative features. But are they overengineered? Source: Why You NEED an Overengineered Japanese Mechanical Pencil! → I find using mechanical pencils painful – so these innovations looks… useful.

My most immediate takeaway from this novella of a thread is that Twitter is way overdue for long form tweets! Elon Musk’s reply to a (long) Twitter thread. It would be pretty interesting to see Twitter allow longform “tweets”. No one sees Twitter yet as a blogging platform – …

A Familiar Routine

This week saw the schools and offices welcoming the students and employees in-person, and I realised I have entered the post-lockdown phase of the pandemic now. For a body and mind that has gotten used to the sluggish at-home routine, the rush-filled days are exhausting. I haven’t gotten used to …

Elon Musk wants to own and take Twitter private then? This might be good for users but terrible for current employees, right? Or good for both? Or may be not for either? Hmm. I don’t have enough knowledge about many things.

I am tired of websites with pop downs asking for permission to show notifications. Why would I enable that? Notifications are already a headache to manage, even the ones just from the apps. Why would I let websites also bug me incessantly?

Where else is Google starting to fall behind, and how could competitors chip away at its edge? Human evaluation of search quality is one of our flagship use cases at Surge, so let’s dive into three key Search verticals — Programming, Cooking, and Travel — and find out. Source: Google Search is …

My daughter has reached an age now where she lip syncs to songs, mostly pop, in front of the mirror. Of course, using the comb as a mic. Sigh! It’s going to be tricky to keep up.

Apple needs to launch a TV+ app for Android. They have one for music. So I can’t understand why they won’t launch one for their TV offerings too. It’s such a pain to watch their shows and movies on a non-Apple mobile device. And I won’t buy an Apple device just for TV.

At times I feel everyone other than me is doing so much with their time while I sit here blank, staring at the screen. Not doing any thing that I should be doing. It sucks when this thought strikes.

Redacting takes time. You can’t edit pictures by thinking; you have to do it by looking. The more pictures you have, the more you have to look. Source: Your Camera Roll Contains a Masterpiece | The New Yorker →

I have been very keen on listening to Audiobooks recently. The moment I have some spare time, I am listening to the audiobooks. That does not bode well for my other interests. I also blame the brilliant collection of books I have been recommended🙃.

Dyson’s headphones blow filtered air at your face → Dyson said it engineered the headset to fit comfortably and distribute weight evenly, by drawing inspiration from horse saddles. Seriously, WTF!

OnePlus is promoting their upcoming device with this tagline - “our most advanced cooling system ever”. That doesn’t sound like a good strategy to me.

When there are too many things I want to write about, I can’t publish any. I usually then take a pause, scribble a few words and save them as draft in Ulysses. The dashboard interface of Svbtle was pretty unique in that sense - a flow of unpublished ideas it was called. I wish the blogging …

At times, Wordle is all about luck when it’s all about which character you select with 10s of solutions possible. I wasn’t lucky today – I ran out of tries guessing all the wrong characters.

I upgraded to Galaxy S22 today. I love the design of this phone, plus the feel in the hand. It’s compact, yet powerful. I also like what Samsung has done with Android. This possibly is the best compact smartphone out there. Not just with Android.

I don’t care about Wordle streaks. Rather, I can’t. I never solve it at a single device and so never manage a streak. Well, that’s not the only reason, either. I don’t solve it daily anyway.

After a break of 3 weeks, I sent out the email letter with posts from the last weeks. The posts weren’t many, but I like to write and share these letters. I usually do not write them ahead of time. I do so when I receive the schedule reminder. It gives me a chance to think about and share what’s at …

Today’s Wordle was tricky. Two tries in and I had a big smile on my face. I am sure I wasn’t alone.

It’s been so long that I listened to any podcasts – the audiobooks are keeping me busy.

The Micro.blog Android app has improved a lot over the last 30 days. I must have missed a few updates from @vincent for sure.

Not visiting timelines was refreshing. I don’t think this experiment will stay though. Being stagnant online is not something I like. That’s what I become when I’m not reading other’s thoughts. Funny how our minds work – you give it more space, it stretches and goes to …