Did anyone think the drama around Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter will play out any differently? Normally, that is? Is anything that this guy does conventional?

Yesterday, I ranted about how Youtube is aggressively pushing Shorts in their feeds and recommendations. Of course, the quality had taken a huge nosedive. Well, just look at the explore tab of YouTube. I very rarely do, that section always had poor-quality videos. But at least they were full-length ones. Now it is full of shorts with each having millions of views.

That’s so much collective time wasted. We need to move on from shaming social media and its addictive nature. These short videos are ruining our habits and I see very few are complaining.

A few years back, I stopped watching Elementary after the last episode of the first season. I didn’t like that it stopped being what it was good at - a riveting procedural drama. I recently started watching the second season and even this season had the same arc. I am stopping watching the series this time too.

It has been raining incessantly here for the past week. So when the Sun shone through clouds momentarily, the whole neighbourhood decided to turn up on the roads. It didn’t matter that the skies were still crowded with clouds and it would rain soon. Too much of anything is bad.

As far as time wastage goes, short video services are the new social media. YouTube Shorts, Reels whatever. I have realized this mindless format of the content is eating up too much of my productive time. YouTube, in itself, was bad. But at least there was a chance that I would learn something. With Shorts, it’s a total waste of hours, a minute at a time.

I don’t watch Reels because, well, I don’t use Instagram. Or Tiktok. Or whatever app that’s trending now. But I keep going back to YouTube often when I have short time to pass. I hate that the app is aggressively pushing the Shorts nowadays.

What’s worse is that the videos are trash. They are neither fun nor informative. They register only as much as a dented luxury car would – I go “huh, that’s odd” and move on.

I finished reading The Comfort Book by Matt Haig today. Though I really enjoyed this book, I don’t think I am done reading it. I will keep this book close and revisit a chapter randomly whenever I feel down. Or feel that I need a nudge in the right direction. I don’t think this one is a book. Each chapter is a nugget of inspiration, of motivation, of reminders for what matters, presented in the most no-nonsense way by Matt Haig. 📚

Almost every morning, I get a notification from Day One reminding me of an entry I had made on this day in some previous year. It always brings a smile to my face. Most entries are from some 8-10 years back when my daughter was growing up. I am so pleased with myself that I have made these entries. I relive the charm and the excitement of spending time with a growing child.

There are no notifications that I look forward to more than the ones from Day One. This is a worthy investment, both the subscription cost and the cost in terms of time to note the entries. The words I might have found meaningless then read like a heartfelt memory today.

My caseless device had the first fall today, thankfully a minor one. But until I picked it up and looked for cracks and dents, my mind was racing like crazy. Not a good feeling this. Yuck!

Read widely. Read some books more than once. Write in your books. Don’t finish every book you start. You might be able to read 2500 books in your lifetime. Maybe a few more than that. It’s still a very small number. Choose wisely.

Source: My Twelve Rules for Life

We have unnecessarily complicated the rating system for everything. It can simply be 👍🏽 or 👎🏽. A long rant awaits…

I watched Death on the Nile yesterday. I hadn’t enjoyed the book – for me, it was one of the most disappointing books from Christie. The movie hence had very little chance. It didn’t disappoint in disappointing.

Also, I don’t like Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot. Something’s off.

The animators knew that Carl would need a backstory to answer those questions. They decided to tell it with a prologue that details the character’s life from his childhood to his golden years. But these early scenes reveal that Up isn’t only about Carl—it’s also about his relationship with his wife, Ellie.

Source: Inside the Brilliant, Heartbreaking First 10 Minutes of ‘Up’

I got bored watching Multiverse of Madness. I couldn’t finish, may be I will pick it up again later. Nothing’s coherent.

I came to know that “how Disney ruined star wars” is one of the most searched questions around Disney. I wonder, have they? What about Marvel? They have done something – but ruined, it is not.

For my blogging/writing setup, I am done thinking long term. It affects how I post, acts as a hindrance to think freely. I trust my current setup with Micro.blog enough to take the plunge 🤞🏽

Done with Newsletter Experiment

I don’t write a newsletter well. I don’t understand this medium. I have tried it a few times now. The first time, I published it as a links log, sharing links that I found useful. Then I made it personal, a letter about what’s up with me. It could well have been a blog post, every time. A weekly digest of my posts was a good tradeoff between a mindless link log and why-can’t-this-be-blog-post thought. But it felt meaningless.

To be frank, I don’t want to sign up for the added dance around subscribers and their numbers. I like it when I don’t know anything about who reads what I write. Also, I enjoy it when I am not forced to stick to a schedule of any sort. There are periods when I am highly active, writing, and sharing regularly. But then there are times when I don’t.

Newsletter wants to force a schedule onto me. Without a schedule, a newsletter is just another outlet for my blog posts.

I am an instinctive writer, my writing does not have any structure. Or nature. I write about anything and everything that interests me now. Because I read anything and everything that interests me now. My blog serves me best for the form of writing I do. Newsletters work for many — I enjoy reading them. But the form is not a natural fit for me.

So, I am done with my newsletters experiment. Every issue I have published is available on my blog as an essay. I intend on keeping it this way. RSS feed continues to exist.

The sense that one has become the instrument of invention is so satisfying that I find it truly stupefying that anyone would claim that artists are motivated to create primarily by the money they might get from such miracles. Not to say they shouldn’t be paid. Paying them provides them with more time and liberty to channel art. But it’s a rare artist who’s in it for the money. A real artist creates because he has no choice. He is pressed into the involuntary service of art, and thereby, humanity.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Between all the screwed up plans and schedules, Life happens.

I have been using my phone caseless for the past few days. I don’t remember the last time I appreciated the design of these devices this much. I am convinced now that the cases kill the uniqueness, the identity of the devices.

“What’s the ONE thing I can do / such that by doing it / everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

Hmmm. Profound. Makes me think.

I remember I had tried Typora once as a Markdown editor, and I was impressed even then. I got to know today that it’s available on Linux too. The feature set looks promising. I will give it a try, with Atom no longer an option.

Logging in at early mornings at office, busy throughout the day and exhausted in the evenings. The days haven’t been allowing me any time to ponder. Things don’t look to be changing at least for a few weeks next. Sigh!

There are places where even a sky crowded with clouds is lot cleaner than what you are used to seeing. Visited one such place. Calm!

I always love the shades that setting sun colors the sky with! 🌄

I know that these are three related terms with their own individual meanings, but I need a reminder occasionally. Meteoroids, Meteor and Meteorites.