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May 21, 2020   Book Review: The Mystery of the Blue Train   The Mystery of the Blue Train is a typical Poirot mystery, just not presented in her signature intriguing style. There are just too many shifts to
July 21, 2019   Book Review: Seriously... I'm Kidding   I picked up this book just as a filler — something I read in between when am in no mental state of anything serious. Or something that will make me
June 28, 2018   Book Review: Murder in the Mystery Suite   A mystery of murders during a “Murder and Mayhem week”, amid “some role-playing and fantasy crime solving”. Now that’s one juicy premise. Alas, a
January 19, 2018   Book Review: Origin by Dan Brown   A mystery thriller — what do I expect from a book that categorises itself as that? A deep, dark mystery to start with. Woven into a tight,
November 29, 2016   Book Review: A Man Called Ove   “Very few books make me root for the central character. Ove has me hooked.. am with him for a fun ride!” That was my update a third into the book.
January 2, 2016   Book Review: The Oath of the Vayuputras   Such a letdown by the finale. Last third of the book completely ruined the build-up — which itself wasn’t too great. But this could have been so
August 2, 2015   Book Review: Mort   A great fun read with extremely witty subplots is how I remember this book. But then I think about it a bit and it is not how I felt throughout. It
April 11, 2015   Thoughts on The Martian   This novel has left me with a lot of thoughts. First off, I am totally confused on what I really feel about this. It is one of the most difficult
December 17, 2014   Book Review: Gone Girl   I started reading this book wanting, assuming, it to be a suspenseful thriller. I was unaware it is more of a sociopathic, twisted whine-fest. Some
November 19, 2014   Book Review: And Then There Were None   Agatha Christie, a name I saw at every bookstore and avoided every single time. The books ‘looked’ short, felt they had to be short stories for
October 30, 2014   Book Review: The Cuckoo''s Calling   The novel is an entertaining read overall. Expected given that it is penned by an experienced story weaver. But then it also has those parts that