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April 7, 2020   I am getting used to this new normal   Empty, lifeless streets. Calm, soundless surrounding. Few overly protected bodies strolling around. No cars. No motorbikes. No home delivery agents.
March 23, 2020   I feel too stressed out these days. It is not from the pressure of work. Or from the fear of getting infected by Coronavirus. But from the factors
March 21, 2020   Ruth Marcus has written a wonderful opinion piece at The Washington Post on how this latest global tragedy, the pandemic feels a lot more
March 21, 2020   When it is dark outside, lighten yourself from within. And there is no easier way to do so than to spend quality time with family. Make games
March 19, 2020   To say that the situation is not that bad yet, that it’s not scary, is a bit irresponsible at this point. For those who can read, who can find the
March 17, 2020   This social distancing exercise takes a toll on one’s mind, it is not very easy to undergo. When we go outside and meet others, be social that is,
March 16, 2020   Coronavirus has completely taken over all forms of media and the discussions around me. Not an hour goes by without a mention of the global