Excursions by Amit Gawande

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November 21, 2019   Was that really Mary that she saw at the window with dad? The thought was eating Gina from the inside. She wished she’d stayed there for another
November 20, 2019   Roy paused at the window for a second. He stood there alone — it made him realize the moment that had just passed was both superb and nasty at the
November 16, 2019   Roy leaned in towards Mary - the stick missed his neck by a feather and shattered into pieces against the wall. The noise jerked Roy from his
November 13, 2019   Roy couldn’t believe Mary stood, in flesh, before him. But then who else was staring back at him? Had he been able to convince Mary to stay back
November 12, 2019   He wished he could reach outside the window and feel the touch he dearly missed. He did stretch his hand outside the window. He did feel the
November 10, 2019   Roy gazed out at the nippy darkness outside. The surrounding wasn’t deserted, but he felt desolate within. He wished he’d lend Mary the space she
November 9, 2019   Roy relished the cold weather, more so if brought on by a persistent drizzle. A gentle wind wafting through the air carried few droplets along. He
November 8, 2019   “When life clasps you in the grinds, holds you down with sheer pressure of existence, when you feel insignificant, look up to the stars. Billions of
November 7, 2019   She was sure she‘d be full with all sorts of expressions once the throwing stick crossed the window. But she wasn’t aware that what followed would
November 6, 2019   She looked patiently at Roy’s window. She was getting herself ready for this moment for quite some time now - and she believed she was ready now.
November 5, 2019   She stood at the corner of the street, closely monitoring the surroundings. She tracked Roy as he sauntered towards his home. She saw him walk up
November 4, 2019   “You don’t always have to be mean to others, Roy”. It was only a couple of weeks back when his fight with Mary got too heated. And nothing has been
November 3, 2019   “Roy’s Abode is not fancy,” he was known to assert, “but it’s lively.” For a place that he occupied alone since Mary left him forever, it felt
November 2, 2019   He gawked at the unshut door. Was it his fuzzy memory playing games with him again? Wasn’t it only today that he’d locked his home? He stressed his
November 1, 2019   He checked his pockets again. He was sure he’d locked the main door while leaving the home earlier. “Must have lost it,” he sighed. With pitch dark