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April 3, 2020   We suddenly have unstructured, free-floating, beckoning time. This terrible disaster has freed us from the prison of our time-driven lives
March 23, 2020   And this is the perfect moment for generous connection. Going way beyond the news of the day, we have the chance to create intimate digital
March 21, 2020   This is not a moment for the perfunctory or the superficially polite. It is a moment in which the best way to be polite—to be courteous, to be
March 9, 2020   There is a gray area in between “go live in a cabin in the woods purchased under a fake name” and “post your Social Security number on Twitter.”
March 5, 2020   The insecurity that comes from feeling like our foundation is weak or our future is uncertain can cloud our instinct to be generous
March 5, 2020   The Coronavirus Pandemic is on our doorstep, whether we like it or not. Between outright dismissal (crazy) and panic (understandable), there is a
March 4, 2020   “Can” simply focuses on what we believe are our weaknesses while “How can” brings solutions
October 31, 2019   The screenshot is the holy grail of customer support, paradoxically both the first and last ditch attempts at being absolutely sure the recipient of
October 31, 2019   You and I want speech protections to make sure no one gets imprisoned or killed for saying or writing something unpopular, not to ensure that lies
October 23, 2019   As technology becomes more and more integral to everything we do, it can sometimes distract us from the things that matter most to us. We are
October 22, 2019   PizzaNet is Pizza Hut’s Electronic Storefront and is brought to you by Pizza Hut and The Santa Cruz Operation. You may click on the Pizza Hut logo
October 20, 2019   Use your nose, take a nibble, and give it a second chance before you toss it automatically. I am the “strict label date enforcer” at our home — I
October 18, 2019   Zuckerberg’s talk focuses exclusively on the right of speech, when the far more consequential question is the right of reach. What spreads, and by
October 5, 2019   Identity is transient; we are always changing, growing, responding, adapting, but that very change scares us
October 1, 2019   If you want to change the minds of the nerds, build something that’s new
October 1, 2019   Not to worry if you don’t install it right now — I’m sure 13.1.3 will be out tomorrow
September 25, 2019   We go places we think would be impressive to other people. We take photos that will make our life look wonderful when we share them. We want that
September 23, 2019   While cleaning up my old notes back from 2009, came across this wonderful quote by Hunter S. Thompson. Life should not be a journey to the grave
September 20, 2019   I want people to make work that is deliberately useless in a way that pokes at prevailing notions of usefulness. Art seeks not to resolve or
September 20, 2019   I fully expect my personal website to outlive Twitter and as such have decided to take full ownership of the content I’ve posted there. In true
September 20, 2019   The Times is treating the tech industry the way Pravda treated the West. Big tech deserves scrutiny — including Apple. But it’s starting to come
September 11, 2019   If you contrast anger and depression, both negative states, you realise that someone who is angry is passionate, still cares, is still engaged.
August 30, 2019   There’s a beauty in being shaken out of routine, even if just for a short while, and even if that shaking is somewhat uncomfortable. There’s a lot
August 27, 2019   Unfortunately, while there was an award made for the first place female, there was no award prepared for the first place male. Instead, there was
August 26, 2019   Today, we’re introducing a new shell, written in Rust. It draws inspiration from the classic Unix philosophy of pipelines, the structured data
August 22, 2019   For decades, controlling computers by thought was the stuff of science fiction. But now we are tantalisingly close to a breakthrough. The question
August 22, 2019   And this is the thing that is so brilliant and awful about Lyft and Uber’s gamification: it preys on our desire to be of service, to be liked, to be
August 20, 2019   Make no mistake, the machines are learning. The question for those of us devoting the best years of our lives to the fine art of creative writing is
August 19, 2019   If you can replace a bad habit with a good one, you’ll live with the benefits for decades. The challenge is to set up systems that are likely to
August 16, 2019   Terry Pratchett's artistry with words   It is the passages like these from Terry Pratchett that leave completely in awe of his imagination. He can dream up craziest of the crazy, stupid
August 15, 2019   I am now going to play with my idiotic dog, who quite honestly, deserves my attention, pays me back for it tenfold, and is absolutely smarter than
August 9, 2019   Perhaps more of us would use the latest and greatest code if it was well documented, and proven to be sustainable. If we thought that the people
August 6, 2019   Can an information system be art? Because, like I said, it’s flipping sweet, and all executed in Banksy’s trademark tongue in cheek style. This
August 6, 2019   It’s not about mental health; it’s not about drugs; it’s not about videogames. It’s not about prayer in schools. It’s about limiting access to
August 3, 2019   A fundamental flaw of the Web is that the browsers accepted liberally but the servers did not send conservatively
August 2, 2019   Toggle buttons are useful controls if you design them right. A single toggle button presents more challenges than multiple toggle buttons
July 28, 2019   War may have brought Kargil into this generation’s public consciousness 20 years ago, but peace and historical prosperity can cement it
July 25, 2019   Moods change, thoughts come and go but rain is always right. Decide your destiny, select your freedom and abandon your fate
July 23, 2019   Do you ever get mad after yanking a word, deleting a word somewhere else, trying paste the first word in, and then discovering your original yank is
April 14, 2019   From experience we should all try and remember that our opinions do not matter more than others; you can learn from each one fo your interactions,
February 13, 2019   I think subscriptions have their place in the publishing business. But the way paywalls are implemented today stinks. Some content should never ever
February 12, 2019   During apartheid, when life was viewed in black and white, he captured shades of grey
February 7, 2019   I know some people who appear to be neurologically “immune” against the various habit forming patterns of social media apps. Good for them. I am
January 9, 2019  
January 9, 2019  
October 30, 2018   “Punekars focus towards optimum usage. They might go to bed half-full [rather] than [on] a full stomach with wastage.”
October 30, 2018   Sometimes the most practical, healthy thing we can do for ourselves is to free up time throughout our day for quick hits of nothing at all
October 29, 2018   DuckDuckGo has been a profitable company since 2014 without storing or sharing any personal information on people using our search engine
October 28, 2018   Type “download Chrome” in the address bar and click the first result provided by Bing search. Unfortunately those unsuspecting users have a high
October 28, 2018   Dynamicland is a new kind of computer. It’s not a gadget that you keep in your pocket, nor one you can slip into your bag. The whole darn room is
October 26, 2018  
October 25, 2018   The narrative of social media grooming is a seductive one, but it’s as much of a dead end as spending an extra hour picking out which tie to wear
October 22, 2018   All of these events feel like unnecessary disasters—if we were just a little smarter, we could have avoided them—but the fires in Lawrence are
October 22, 2018   Infinite scroll can be disorienting, uncontrollable, and can cause your users stress (…) UX people shouldn’t consider infinite scrolling as a silver
October 22, 2018   The fundamental flaw is that destabilizing your codebase by integrating inadequately tested features, and then hoping to fix up all the problems
October 21, 2018   How do you become a better engineer? Doing it
October 21, 2018   Before you’re acquired, you’re an important visionary. Afterward, you’re a crazy person who just wants to burn money. Yahoo’s screwed up many
October 16, 2018   Recently, I wanted to change my Emacs configuration just for Markdown files, so I can have similar experience with iA Writer. Here is the outline of
October 16, 2018   Companies, don’t let yourself get nickel and dimed on data. If you buy my personal data from me directly I’ll cut you a huge discount
October 15, 2018   They (media companies) don’t make the reading experience as good as it could be, and they make me not want to use their iOS apps, because I can’t
October 12, 2018   Until I come to my senses and realize signing up for this newsletter would be the best decision I’ll ever make, I’ll have to somehow find it within
October 11, 2018   It (Desktop Browser for iOS) somehow modifies things so responsive websites think you’re using a browser that’s wider than it really is
October 9, 2018   When writing code, you have to take yourself out of the moment, out of the nitty gritty details, and try to look at your code with the eyes of a
October 6, 2018   I spent an afternoon building a collection of replacement alternatives for all the system complications that I use that render with a more low
October 5, 2018   The ‘desirable difficulty’ you experience when reading information formatted in Sans Forgetica prompts your brain to engage in deeper processing
October 5, 2018   Consent is only meaningful if there are genuine alternatives and as an industry we have yet to tackle this problem (see how Facebook, Apple, Google,
October 4, 2018   after I post this status, I will be quitting Facebook, except for groups, events, messaging, sharing my take on controversial op-eds, promoting my
October 4, 2018   Life’s too short to use software that was built purely by heuristic-barren algorithms
October 4, 2018   It’s entirely possible for a company like Google to make good, usable products that strike a balance between privacy and profit. It’s just that
October 3, 2018   Basically the machine boots up in UEFI mode, shows its vendor logo and then the screen keeps showing the vendor logo all the way to a smooth fade
October 2, 2018   We learned that links to resources on the live web are fragile and not a persistently reliable way to refer to those resources
September 30, 2018   Instead of me spending time, make the sender work to get my attention. Make them earn the privilege of getting emails into my inbox
September 30, 2018   I think we’re on the cusp of a huge revolution in humanity. Living in a soup of abuse and having to pretend everything is perfect, that’s the world
September 30, 2018   Solid is guided by the principle of “personal empowerment through data” which we believe is fundamental to the success of the next era of the web
September 29, 2018   Apple is slowly using Swift in more apps with each new iOS release, but the number of these apps is still really limited
September 28, 2018   Give him vocabulary lessons for positive and negative adjectives. (…) Show him how to speak without jerking his arms like a traffic guard
September 26, 2018   (…) there’s never been an easier way to convey the scope and cost of a project than if-statement based billing. Though not practical, a
September 26, 2018   Apple doesn’t sell many ads within the app and doesn’t make it particularly easy for publishers to sell their own
September 25, 2018   (..) it worked out all right because there was that woman using the responsive, fully interactive, enterprise-ready ERP system “sheet of paper and a
September 25, 2018   Porting your iOS apps to the Mac is exciting, and it’s easier than ever with Apple’s new iOSMac platform
September 24, 2018   So if signed in users are your problem, why would you make a change that forces unsigned–in users to become signed users
September 20, 2018   (…) if you tap that microphone icon on the keyboard and say “Tab key,” iOS will insert a tab for you. And via Text Shortcuts, too
September 19, 2018   This isn’t creating a distributed network, this is creating a whole bunch of massive points of failure
September 17, 2018   Using rotating sets, camera tricks and a visual style that suggests the film noir of Alfred Hitchcock, this is perhaps the most peculiarly
September 17, 2018   (…) at /e/, we want to build an alternative mobile operating system that everybody can enjoy using, one that is a lot more respectful of user’s data
September 11, 2018   We know music is pleasurable, the question is why? Many answers have been proposed: perhaps none are quite right
September 11, 2018   (…) we cannot measure ourselves by what we think we should also be able to get away with. In fact, this is the sort of behavior that no one should
September 10, 2018   But, obviously, if you knew where your bugs were, you’d just fix them. Errors typically hide in the places we forget to look
September 9, 2018   In the case of Tesla, what’s missing: gravitas, which is needed when you are a public company. It needs an independent board. It needs its own Tim
September 3, 2018   A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say (..) A classic is something that persists as a background noise even when the
September 3, 2018   It’s helped me realize that if we don’t do something soon to systematize this (blog archives), the web as an archival medium is going to have failed
September 2, 2018   The museum exhibits over 900 carefully selected and sorted web sites that show web design trends between the years 1995 and 2005
August 31, 2018   The power of mobs in Mastodon reminds me of the power of mobs in baby Twitter of 2009. Which is to say: it’s entirely possible it will get worse and
August 30, 2018   The only lasting antidote to social media’s current data monopoly is to create independent networks that are more wholesome, creative, interactive,
August 28, 2018   Sometimes it’s worth opening up a laptop and slowing down just a bit. Yes, opening up a laptop might count as slowing down a bit
August 28, 2018   (..) it’s more valuable to have a smaller design that’s easy to refactor than to have a larger design with abstractions that you don’t use; the
August 27, 2018   The New York Public Library introduces classic literature to “Instagram Stories” with Insta Novels - “On a mission to inspire lifelong learning,
August 27, 2018   in JavaScript is not Unicode aware
August 27, 2018   We just have to make sure that knowledge of an identifier can’t be used to somehow take over the authenticator. And a phone number is only an
August 27, 2018   All it would take to change all of this is to relocate a modest house or its even more modest shed, but they’ve chosen not to do that on Beara. They
August 25, 2018   The restorative power of memory is a recurring theme: To remember someone is to keep their spirit alive. But it’s how one is thought of that is
August 24, 2018   Interestingly, only about 50% of users found anything suspicious, partly due to the fact that I used https on all my pages, which is one of the main
August 23, 2018   It’s not data ethics, it’s ethics. It’s not data privacy, it’s privacy. It’s not digital rights, it’s human rights in the digital/networked age
August 22, 2018   Rules are made to be broken, but if you want to make a great website as easily as possible, these are some good rules of thumb
August 21, 2018   This [Instagram Stories and likes] is reality TV 3.0. Like I said, the tyranny of reality TV is unrelenting — we want to be amused to death or next
August 20, 2018   Every now and then I see a page that hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon, we just can’t have that so lets run through how to design for the modern web
August 20, 2018   Lovelace’s program is often called the world’s first computer program. Not everyone agrees that it should be called that(..) Who wouldn’t want to
August 19, 2018   We might be a clickbait generation, but it’s not all digital dystopia… I’ve yet to find a peer who’s heard of Coke Studio Pakistan and doesn’t
August 18, 2018   ★ Liked “No Ill Effects” Twitter from the outside now looks like a massive world-wide frenzy for no reason. It’s the illusion of something valuable
August 17, 2018   ★ Liked “Stories Are About Change” (..) if your story doesn’t change your lead character irrevocably from beginning to end, no one will really care
August 17, 2018   ★ Liked “Tokyo’s Long Lines Lead to Magic” Tokyo is a magical place. I knew this going in, even though I’d never been there before. It’s a fast,
August 16, 2018   ★ Liked “Press-Worthy” by Colin Wright We needn’t go viral or be trending to grow, to make progress, or to make a difference in someone else’s life
August 16, 2018   ★ Liked “Use Photos to fit event photos into a single timeline” I continue the process with all the other cameras until the Photos view runs from
August 15, 2018   ★ Liked “Selling Your Power Back to Twitter” Why would anyone sell their power back to Twitter, knowing Twitter uses some of it to run the
August 15, 2018   ★ Liked “MIT mathematicians solve age-old spaghetti mystery” The twist wave travels faster than the bending wave, dissipating energy so that
August 14, 2018   ★ Liked “The Quietest Place in America Is Becoming a Warzone” If we don’t defend silence, we sever one of the last ties to life on Earth before
August 14, 2018   ★ Liked “Dear Journalists: The war on what you do is escalating.” You — and probably free speech — can’t constantly play defense. You can’t win if
August 13, 2018   Reads I Liked (13-Aug)   Here’s a list of articles I liked throughout the day. 1. I do not think there is any debate on whether Artificial Intelligence will have some
August 10, 2018   Reads I Liked (10-Aug)   Throughout the day, I read so many article which I would like to share to others. It also is an exercise so that I keep track of all the articles I
August 9, 2018  
August 8, 2018   ★ Liked “How I gained commit access to Homebrew in 30 minutes” As an industry, we need to invest in the well being of core OSS software that we all
August 8, 2018   ★ Liked “First Amendment Experts Warn Facebook Banning InfoWars Could Set Completely Reasonable Precedent For Free Speech | The Onion” “What we see
August 7, 2018   ★ Liked “AWS icon quiz” You use AWS, but how well do you actually know AWS? How many AWS icons can you correctly identify
August 7, 2018   ★ Liked “Reporter vs Journalist” I’d love to reserve the term blogger for people who write about their own experiences, not for pay, the “unedited
August 6, 2018   ★ Liked “How Does Mastodon Work?” I’m going to try and cover all of the basics of Mastodon in this post, as well as the details of how it all
August 4, 2018   ★ Liked “A Moral Imperative” What I don’t hear often in the discussion is the moral imperative to help others: the understanding that taking care
August 2, 2018   ★ Liked “Engineers Fix Original Defects in the Statue (of Liberty)”. From the 1985 archives. ‘’We just couldn’t buy her a new dress and dab on some
August 2, 2018   ★ Liked “A Spectre is Haunting Unicode” To sum up - in 1978 a series of small mistakes created some characters out of nothing. The errors went
August 1, 2018   In line with the last update on Blot experiment, setting up webmentions. I think I will go with something simple to begin with
August 1, 2018   ''   ★ Liked “The Bullshit Web” An honest web is one in which the overwhelming majority of the code and assets downloaded to a user’s computer are used
August 1, 2018   ''   ★ Liked “Doing Nothing” Push your mind out of a rut. This is important. I need to do this more often
August 1, 2018   ''   ★ Liked “Dave Winer on the decrentralized web” I think the “decentralized web” can’t be anything other than the web itself
July 30, 2018   ''   ★ Liked “The Outline “slams” media for overusing the word” It’s all about courting our love of sensation; nobody is really getting hurt
July 30, 2018   ''   ★ Liked “The conventional wisdom about not feeding trolls makes online abuse worse” The story of the internet has always been the same story:
July 30, 2018   ''   ★ Liked “‘The discourse is unhinged’: how the media gets AI alarmingly wrong ” “Making real progress in AI requires a public discourse that is
July 26, 2018   ★ Liked “Juul & its House of Smoke & Horrors” by Om Malik “And is it an ethical business?,” asks Crunchbase. “We can’t answer the latter question
July 26, 2018   ★ Liked “How to close all Safari tabs at once on iPhone and iPad” All you have to do is long-press the tab button when looking at any Safari page
July 25, 2018   ★ Liked “No, you probably don’t have a book in you” Every story is not a book
July 25, 2018   ★ Liked “Departing Facebook Security Officer’s Memo: ‘We Need To Be Willing To Pick Sides’” “We need to build a user experience that conveys
July 24, 2018   I find it fascinating that Bill Gates does not have a feed with full contents of his notes. I wish he was more open now, at least with his notes
July 24, 2018   ★ Liked “How to improve Twitter in 2018” by Dave Winer Make a commitment to developers and make it irreversible. What exactly this means is subject
July 24, 2018   ★ Liked “Fascism These Days” by Brent Simmons What if agents in the Secret Service or FBI begin quietly talking to bloggers or tweeters who express
July 22, 2018   ★ Liked “Been Down So Long It Looks Like Debt to Me” My debt was the result, in equal measure, of a chain of rotten luck and a system that is an
July 22, 2018   ★ Liked “Ten Years Later, “The Dark Knight” and Its Vision of Guilt Still Resonate” Ten years after its release, there is somehow too much and not
July 21, 2018   Interesting way to catch tip modifications by waiters. However, I am always surprised that in this age of digital everything, where even currency
July 21, 2018   This always used to drive me nuts when different people used different varients of flag ( Or ) for achieving same result. is there some good reason
July 21, 2018   It’s fascinating to think to think that anybody can replicate Facebook, “kill” them; but somebody with mass following can hit them where it hurts
July 20, 2018   Micro.threads Update. Refreshed user discover section to show more information for the recommended users. Can follow directly from the app, with
July 19, 2018   ★ Liked “Being the change isn’t enough” by Daniel Goldsmith
July 19, 2018   Though I agree with Sundar here, I think the sentiment is missing the core issue EU raises - “rapid innovation, wide choice and falling prices” is
July 19, 2018   ★ Liked “Software Development” by xkcd
July 18, 2018   I have been following a daily evening routine these days to refresh my user recommendations. And I have started following so many new people whose
July 18, 2018   ★ Liked “Money Laundering Via Author Impersonation on Amazon?” Reames said he suspects someone has been buying the book using stolen credit and/or
July 18, 2018  
July 17, 2018   Email indeed is the perfect, and oldest, decentralised social network for communication. You do not need a particular platform to be part of it. But
July 17, 2018  
July 16, 2018   h/t Daniel Goldsmith
July 16, 2018  
July 16, 2018   A nice post. Early this year, I too followed a similar path to take my web and social presence Indie - something that I control. The journal section
July 14, 2018   Interesting, thank you Ryan for sharing that. I for sure want to explore it more, just for the reason that it attempts to bring Microsub and regular
July 13, 2018   Thank you Aaron. I am confident the consistency of Aperture will consistently grow with more edge cases covered. On client, I did try all the apps,
July 13, 2018   ★ Liked “Shameless vs. shameful” by Seth Godin Shaming a person is a senseless shortcut. When we say to someone, “you’re never going to amount to
July 12, 2018   ★ Liked “Inside X, the Moonshot Factory Racing to Build the Next Google” (..to qualify) It must involve solving a huge problem. It must present a
July 12, 2018   “Magic Leap Finally Demoed Its Headset And It Is… Disappointing” — the valley between promises and reality keeps biting the tech media. When will we
July 12, 2018   Though I agree with Daniel’s sentiment, it’s part of the overall cycle of creation — inspiration, ideation, implementation, appreciation,
July 12, 2018   So, AirPods remain the wireless earphones of choice for many, primarily due to the ease of use, design and comfort. Bluetooth is a hated technology
July 12, 2018   https://twitter.com/statuses/1017248490160836608
July 11, 2018   I really liked this comment from a hacker news thread1 on a post around how Microservices architecture failed a product’s dev team. Everytime (sic)
July 11, 2018   ★ Liked Throwing and Catching by Seth Godin We spend most of our time in catching mode. In dealing with the incoming. Putting out fires. Going to
July 11, 2018  
July 11, 2018   We should tread carefully while bringing AR and ads technologies together. AR is still a growing tech and opening the doors for ads can potentially
July 10, 2018   ★ Liked “re-setting my mental clock” by @ayjay I have always told myself that I have time to think about what, if anything, I want to write next,
July 10, 2018   ★ Liked Privacy Policy for ascraeus.org When you send a webmention to this site, you are explicitly providing metadata in your site’s markup, and
July 9, 2018   So, I had recently got a blog created with blot.im. It will continue to exist in parallel to existing site built with Hugo. And as @jack recently
July 9, 2018   I read this nice article on how being a parent might (or might not) affect one’s writing. It made me think hard if parenting does affect my
July 8, 2018   ★ Liked “An Interview with Andy Hertzfeld - Architect of the original Macintosh” We’ve all seen the legendary Apple keynotes and how personal
July 7, 2018   ★ Liked A Vision of Paradise by Jeremy Martin
July 7, 2018   Amy Hoy writes so effortlessly about the web and websites as the internet around was changing. With one plaint to end with. There are no more
July 6, 2018   Whenever I read a book instead of Twitter for half an hour, I’m like: “Oh yeah! Words can make you feel good sometimes!”
July 5, 2018   A great read. Defining facts is hard — and hence is writing about and surfacing it. It is not that no one is willing to be “arbiter of truth”, but
July 5, 2018   ★ Liked How itty.bitty works Good showcase of possibilities. Static goes next level. itty.bitty takes html (or other data), compresses it into a
July 5, 2018   Article 13, which makes platforms directly liable for copyright infringements by their users — pushing them towards pre-filtering all content
July 3, 2018   So that foldable Surface “phone” running Andromeda OS? Yeah, that was just a concept after all. The Surface Phone and Andromeda OS have been
July 3, 2018  
July 3, 2018   After a bit of playing around, I am still not clear on the purpose and benefit of IndieBookClub. Without aggregating the data from multiple users on
July 3, 2018   It’s time to catch up on C.B. Strike - second story “The Silkworm”. I like the characters, right from the books. And I had especially liked this
July 2, 2018   As we move away from the centralised web to the peer web, it’s time to rediscover, re-embrace, and reclaim RSS
July 1, 2018   Siri shortcuts are amazing — potentially game-changing. Just default suggestions show the system is learning, suggests actions used frequently on
July 1, 2018   I have seen Monocle in action now and realise the power of Microsub standard. I do not think I can read feeds in any other manner now. This is
July 1, 2018   I always wanted to sort out my webmentions and the respective microformats in reply posts. Aaron’s post could not have arrived at a better time.
July 1, 2018   It turns out that culture is the most powerful force available to us. Culture comes from each of us, from the connections between. Culture isn’t
July 1, 2018   Finally got the support for like and reply webactions — have handled the respective microformats. Favourite and replies are two post types that I
June 29, 2018   I was facing an issue with my micropub endpoint while publishing via an external app. The markdown block quote character “>” gets formatted as “”.
June 28, 2018   Every time I read about Google Duplex, there is a sense of uneasiness in me. I just can never put it in words. I am not sure what makes me sceptic
June 25, 2018   I had the same start to my day as Colin’s - with a glorious morning. However, where I was pleased by the clouds crowding the skies, it was fading
April 24, 2018   From the Medium help section. Medium taps into the brains of the world’s most insightful writers, thinkers, and storytellers.. Also from Medium
April 18, 2018   M. G. Siegler recently posted his thoughts on Arrogance Peaks in Silicon Valley. I found this belief of his fascinating. The nerds have taken over
March 20, 2018   Every now & then, I come across a IndieWeb enabled site with all the principles implemented, working just the way they were meant to. And it is then