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September 19, 2019   I am tired of people making fun of a feature just because they cannot think of a use for that. This attitude recently came to the fore with Apple’s
September 18, 2019   I wonder what the purists think of the recent computational photography trend. Google started it with its all-in-cloud touch up of the photos. And
April 3, 2019   State of Mobile Imaging   There has been a lot of positive craze around Huawei P30 Pro’s cameras recently. For me it started with this Twitter thread by Vlad Savov of The
December 27, 2018   Displaying Webmentions with Posts   I have been using Blot, a simple blogging platform with no interface, for quite some time now for running my blog. I am not alone when I say this,
August 31, 2018   I believe “all data is anonymised” has to be the biggest lie all these data hoarding and advertising companies tell its customers. With the amount
March 4, 2018   Open Web and Your Social Signature   I had recently expressed my hope for more people to own their identities online. There is nothing wrong with attempting to control what you post
February 10, 2018   IndieWebify Your Hugo Website   For many, that’s too much of jargon right there in the title. So to bit of basics first. I would not go into the history or setup of this website.
September 2, 2017   Why Microsoft failed with Windows Phone?   A good round-up by Quartz on why Microsoft failed with Windows Phone; an attempt is also made to run with an alternate reality where Microsoft has
August 30, 2017   Why do we keep failing at foreseeing the technology advances?   Forecasting the future of technology has always been an entertaining but fruitless game. Nothing looks more dated than yesterday’s edition of
August 26, 2017   Static Website: Benefits & Writing Process   I have recently converted my blog to a website and, as I have already documented, I serve it as a static website. I have preferred this approach
August 15, 2017   Things are Changin'   It is August. I like to think I am a writer. Somewhere deep down, I also know, though, that I am first a developer. So every August, I happen to
August 11, 2017   Displaying Favicons in Safari tabs   I don’t know what the argument is against showing favicons in Safari’s tabs, but I can only presume that it’s because some contingent within Apple
May 9, 2017   We're all a mess   Such a refreshing edit this published as part of Sunday Review at The New York Times. The contrast between people’s real lives and ones as perceived
March 29, 2016   Pinboard & IFTTT   Maciej Cegłowski rants on how IFTTT pulled the plug and dropped the support for Pinboard. Imagine if your sewer pipe started demanding that you