I am leaning towards a theory as I stay away from all the social timelines these days. There are more writers on the web today than there are readers. More words are written and published by diverse voices on the internet than there are people following them. Responding to them.

Writing on the web feels more like shouting into the void. Words tend to get lost.

Why else would I find some gems of the posts every day that are not recommended by anyone? Or on any forum. On social timelines, most people superficially react to such posts. But very few are getting involved in deeper conversations. What’s worse is forget appreciation; such posts aren’t acknowledged either. On the other hand, superficial reactions are more straightforward and often have an ulterior and selfish motive.

I am afraid the methods of organic discovery of good individual blogs and blog posts are failing us. They worked a decade or so back. They don’t anymore. There are just too many good writers out there. With setting up platforms for blogging becoming a lot simpler, the number will only rise.

The thought makes me wonder why I even write anymore in public. Why do I add to the noise that the web is turning (or has already turned) into now?

In a cacophony of deafening chatter, even a symphony is noise if not acknowledged.