Hello 👋🏽, I am Amit Gawande

A software developer by profession and a writer by interest, I work at & live in Pune. I read mystery, humour and philosophy. I write words for humans and machines with a passion for writing fiction.

I professionally work building backend services, but I also love designing interfaces on web. I grew up as an introverted kid in a town in central part of India.

A blog no more, this is my website. I elaborate here.


#life #travel #night

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On Writing on Web
On Feeling like Shit
On Writing Less
Meaningful writing
Avoiding the pain of doing nothing
Be alone, get bored
Interaction, not Reaction
Thinking about Writing
Not a natural blogger
Stock and Flow
A Lesson in Staying Positive
What about Social Media is bad?
Managing unreasonable expectations from time
Why Do I Write?
Perfectionism Isn’t Healthy
Slow Down. Be Present.
I am getting used to this new normal
It’s just some bottled clay..
Walking through a foggy street
Reflecting on the last 10 years
Creativity and Parenthood
Time. Those fleeting moments of time
We Should All Write. Everyone Can.
Pen is, still, mightier
Stop overthinking

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