This tree is at a pretty central location around where I live. I love how peculiar it looks, but I don’t like this shot I took today. It’s too busy. But I still want to upload it. I will get it right one day, look back to this one and smile. Day 22 of #30day 🖼️

After working for a week to finish a few coding projects that were pending for some time, it’s good to be back to a blank slate. I’m happy I managed the off times well. So finally, nothing I use or have build pinches my eyes. At least, for now. Now, I can get back to writing.

Another from my morning walk – this time it’s different. When reserved is reserved no more. Almost. Day 21 of #30day 🖼️

A spot that I have walked by so many times. So many memories. A happening, busy corner of our gated community. Where friends young and old gathered. Laughed. Played. It was painful to see it wear an abandoned look. Day 20 of #30day 🖼️

I have released a new version 1.1 of Posts Stats plug-in today. It adds the support to display a chart for the posts by year, displays categories as a cloud and introduces a new stat to show the longest post published. I am pleased with this version - demo here. 😊

Google is shutting down FLoC. Or so we are made to believe. Not surprising at all. This reminds me of the short story that I had posted when Google was trying to make FLoC happen.

Another from the walk on a cloudy morning. This time it’s the blue skies trying to peek through. Day 19 of #30day 🖼️

On the morning walk today. The skies were laden with clouds. The sun busy attempting to peek through. The chirpy birds, restless, yet enjoying the flight. A breeze so cold that the walk was nothing but a relaxing stroll. Day 18 of #30day 🖼️

I have released a new version 1.0.2 of the Paper theme today, which addresses the reported issues and suggestions since the first release yesterday. Here are the changes, in brief.

  • Added support to include replies on individual posts
  • Added the configuration of social icons as plug-in setting
  • Updated the styling to display categories along with posts
  • Updated documentation to include installation steps
  • Fixed styling of images on smaller screens

You can go to the Plug-ins section in and click “Upgrade” once the option is available. You will have to reconfigure (for the last time, hopefully) the social IDs in the settings of the plug-in. No need to modify the config.json, anymore. This also means the configurations will not be lost during the future upgrades.

I am thrilled with all the feedback that I have received. Paper is a beautifully designed theme, something I can take no credit for. At the same time, I am glad I could make it simpler for others to adopt it.

The skies from the morning walk. I love how the shot came out, though, I can’t put finger to exact what makes me do. I feel it’s the colors and the look of the structure rising into the sky. Day 17 of #30day 🖼️

Paper – A Clean Theme for

After playing around briefly to understand how to bring a theme made for Hugo to, I have finally ported one that I love. Today, I am ready to share it with the community. The theme is called Paper and goes with a tagline “simple, clean, flexible”. You can check for yourself in the screenshot below, or see it live at my test blog.

I am a big fan of clean themes that are minimal, yet impressive. Paper is one such theme — I had used it earlier when I was hosting this blog with Hugo. Although it looks minimal, it isn’t so in the way it works. It has a simple, yet signature header, a built-in dark mode support with a beautiful toggle and a clean black & white look.

I have added the first version of this theme to the plug-ins directory so that you can install it directly as a plugin. It works with both Hugo versions that supports (0.54 and 0.91) [Update]: An issue was reported while using the theme with Hugo version 0.54. So, until further update, the theme supports only version 0.91 of Hugo. However, here are a few points to remember before you install the theme.

Uninstall any theme that you have installed as a plugin. Set you current theme to blank and Hugo Version to 0.91 in the design section of your blog. Make sure there are no other conflicting custom CSS configured for the previous theme. Then install the Paper theme from the plugin directory. Once the theme is successfully installed, you can configure the social icons displayed in the header by modifying the available options in config.json.

There’s already a brilliant selection of themes available for and I am excited to see the support grow further with every passing day. I hope you like this and a few folks benefit from it. If you do, I would love to hear from you.

On the morning walk today. With the sun burning through the clouds, with the wind mills cheering, being the perfect spectators. Day 16 of #30day 🖼️

A half way into the challenge today. When I began, I had no idea I would be doing and enjoying this for so long. Anyway, another shot from the evening walk. Day 15 of #30day 🖼️

I wanted to attempt porting a Hugo theme to – check what it takes. Of course, the best way was to try it with a minimal theme. That’s what I did. Too basic and light weight, sure. But I know now how it’s done! If interested, you can try it on my test blog.

I Cannot Begin to Tell You How Proficient I Am in Microsoft Word

Many are the candidates who come touting their areas of expertise—beginner Spanish, ability to work well under pressure—but none compare to the fluency with which I insert links and align text, add comments and reply to the comments left by others.

The web doesn’t have version numbers

I just wanted to make the point that it’s unfair to claim a version number for the web for a specific set of innovations you happen to like. There are many ways the web evolves. Sometimes they involve the kinds of technology that ‘web3’ adepts use, but usually they don’t.

I verified today that the Post Stats plugin works with the upgraded Hugo version (0.91). So, that’s one less issue I need to handle as part of the next upgrade. However, if you are using the plug-in (I am glad) and see an issue, please let me know.

Back to work on what I had originally planned.

On the everning walk today. I find the game fascinating that the swaying trees play with the dimming natural light and the brightening articial one. Day 14 of #30day 🖼️

JavaScript Is Not What It Used To Be

The legacy of JavaScript is something that cannot be changed without immeasurable consequences. Hence why avoiding the worst parts rely on the developers: It is a trade of Developer Experience for Backward Compatibility.

After a few days of attempting photos at night, I preferred to go for my morning walk into the early dawn today. Sun wasn’t out yet, I wanted to capture the sky then. Day 13 of #30day 🖼️

I am trying a lot of pictures in the night for my challenge. I am not finding it easy, especially capturing the skies. A light source matters a lot for me to get a shot I like. Today, I managed to witness a game of smoke and light. Day 12 of #30day 🖼️

After a few busy weeks, it’s good to be back reading the timeline at M.b again. The inspiration to write, to tinker, to create, to reflect is contagious; and the M.b timeline is full of that.

Nothing fancy, just another night walk. I love the lights in the night. Day 11 of #30day 🖼️

A third into the challenge, yet nothing’s special. Skies, but during the night walk – I love the contrast, however. Capturing the night skies might be one of the trickiest things. Day 10 of #30day 🖼️

A similar view as the fifth day. The same tree sprawling through the same skies. But a shot so very different. I am learning so much about the angles and frame the past few days. Day 9 of #30day 🖼️