I got bored watching Multiverse of Madness. I couldn’t finish, may be I will pick it up again later. Nothing’s coherent.

I came to know that “how Disney ruined star wars” is one of the most searched questions around Disney. I wonder, have they? What about Marvel? They have done something – but ruined, it is not.

For my blogging/writing setup, I am done thinking long term. It affects how I post, acts as a hindrance to think freely. I trust my current setup with Micro.blog enough to take the plunge 🤞🏽

Done with Newsletter Experiment

I don’t write a newsletter well. I don’t understand this medium. I have tried it a few times now. The first time, I published it as a links log, sharing links that I found useful. Then I made it personal, a letter about what’s up with me. It could well have been a blog post, every time. A weekly …

The sense that one has become the instrument of invention is so satisfying that I find it truly stupefying that anyone would claim that artists are motivated to create primarily by the money they might get from such miracles. Not to say they shouldn’t be paid. Paying them provides them with …

Between all the screwed up plans and schedules, Life happens.

I have been using my phone caseless for the past few days. I don’t remember the last time I appreciated the design of these devices this much. I am convinced now that the cases kill the uniqueness, the identity of the devices.

“What’s the ONE thing I can do / such that by doing it / everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” Hmmm. Profound. Makes me think.

I remember I had tried Typora once as a Markdown editor, and I was impressed even then. I got to know today that it’s available on Linux too. The feature set looks promising. I will give it a try, with Atom no longer an option.

Logging in at early mornings at office, busy throughout the day and exhausted in the evenings. The days haven’t been allowing me any time to ponder. Things don’t look to be changing at least for a few weeks next. Sigh!

There are places where even a sky crowded with clouds is lot cleaner than what you are used to seeing. Visited one such place. Calm!

I always love the shades that setting sun colors the sky with! 🌄

I know that these are three related terms with their own individual meanings, but I need a reminder occasionally. Meteoroids, Meteor and Meteorites.

I liked Atom on Ubuntu, it was a nice markdown editor. So, it was sad to read Github is archiving this project. Now, I need to start searching for another one.

A prototype of the now halted device includes dual-cameras, a key differentiator from market leaders like the Apple Watch. Source: Meta Halts Development of Apple Watch Rival with Two Cameras → Cameras on a watch never made sense to me. Why would you have that?

Excitement. Anticipation. Nervousness. A new job triggers all these within me, even after 15 years of knowing what it entails. Yesterday was one such day. I am looking forward to the next few days, months of a lot of expected and unexpected newness. A new role. A new phase.

[J]ust doing it once today is ultimately the only way to become “the kind of person” who does that sort of thing on a regular basis anyway. Otherwise (and believe me, I’ve been there) you’re merely the kind of person who spends your life drawing up plans and schemes for how you’re going to become a …

The only [linux] cheat sheet you need - Unified access to the best community-driven documentation repositories of the world Source: cheat.sh. Brilliant - look at the demo available in the repo.

People almost invariably don’t want to hurt other people and feel bad when they do. The fact that we can feel a lack of respect or kindness in a given social situation is evidence that those good qualities are the water we normally swim in. Source: Cynicism is Boring →

I love what Grammarly can do – but boy, its Premium tier is costly. Ironically, every time it corrects me, I want to pay for the service. But then I see how much it costs & I can’t convince myself that I need it enough. I tried LanguageTool for a year, but reconsidering now.

I am tired of even the simple utility apps going for subscription model instead of right out one-time purchases. Make the app a paid app – sure make it costlier than the subscription cost. Don’t say it’s free and present “Subscribe” button first thing when your user …

When writing, and also when doing research for writing, it’s important to get the details right, but that doesn’t always mean what you might think. Economy of detail is usually better than excess, which raises the critical question about which details matter most. An insightful read this, …

Every now and then, there’s an XKCD comic which I can make no sense of. Today’s (or XKCD 2626) was such. I am not that smart you see 😄

To be lonely, then, is to desire an absent want. It is to feel an emptiness that remains unsatisfied — to feel isolated, in need, or abandoned, but with no one to help. Yet solitude is another thing altogether. To be solitary is to retreat into yourself, and to take great pleasure in your own …

I have replaced Windows on my laptop today with Linux – basically, I installed the Lubuntu distro. But that was only because I had a bootable drive ready with Lubuntu. As I then checked for the updates on the distro, I realized so much has changed again. There are many new distros available …