by Amit Gawande

December 3, 2021

07:57 AM

I’d a calming morning walk amidst a dense fog around me. I love the sweet smell of the fog, it tickles and bring a gentle smile on my face.

December 1, 2021

09:13 PM

I came across the concept of Web3 so often recently that I had to make sense of the why, what and how of this proposed evolution of Internet. So, I started digging and captured my thoughts as I learnt about this.

November 30, 2021

Travelling, but not as a tourist

06:44 AM

Every time the grinds of the daily life take toll over me, I travel to a place close by with my family and friends. The last weekend was another such occasion.

I love this place not because it is a perfect family getaway (that it is), but because it is easy to travel to, and so there is not too much planning needed. Most trips get burdensome by the sheer pain of planning so much, so ahead of time. I enjoy the travels where that’s not the case, especially when I have no interest to be a typical tourist and go spot hunting.

The purpose of one’s visit is what matters at the end. If it is to find out everything of interest in a place, sure, go sign up for a hectic few days. Even I do that at times. But, why do that when irrespective of how much you roam around, you can never cover all the interesting places, anyway? The tourists flocking around an attraction kills it for me. It is just a place of business. I prefer the turn en route where no one halts. Or the point which hasn’t got any fancy name yet.

Anyway, I know every nook and corner of this resort I stayed in. My family and I have visited every spot of interest in the place, and so can selectively just visit those that affect us. We did just that this time, too. Maybe, I am different. I am glad that my family is just like me. Crazy different “tourists” that travel for the experience, not with a checklist!

Here are a couple of more pictures from the relaxing trip.

07:30 AM

I was about to add dark mode to micro.threads, but I stopped myself. That’s not something I want to sign up for at this point. No theming work, for nothing.

07:18 PM

I had no idea there exist movie versions of the Psych gang. Boy, I need to find out where I can watch these. I am .. psyched.

10:23 PM

I finished reading Four Thousand Weeks, a philosophical guide by Burkeman about time. This one is the best time management book that preaches one should not fret too much about managing time. Live life being aware of its finitude. Doesn’t matter how much we try, we can never master time. It reminds you throughout the book that you don’t have time, but time is what you are.

Just like Burkeman did with his previous book, The Antidote, he left with so many profound observations and thoughts. This is not a practical guide of hacks that you could try to follow to improve your life. Rather, it lends an opportunity to reflect on at least a couple of ways you perceive the concept of time, and consequently, lead your life.

November 29, 2021

06:36 AM

I like Readwise service — however I cannot signup for another subscription. Directly and in USD.

07:04 AM

[Rest] is basic maintenance, not self-indulgence. We can’t function forever fuelled by adrenalin and caffeine, fogged brains scrabbling to function, nerves frayed like a cheap phone cable.

Source: The seven types of rest

07:19 AM

Typatone is a brilliant little app which can help you “make music while you write”.

Each letter you type corresponds to a specific musical note pulling a new spin to your composition.

November 25, 2021

05:48 AM

I published the first issue of the revived Slanting Nib newsletter today where I narrate a personal story of the day when I panicked in the swimming pool, twice, and how it affected my teenage life. As promised in the last issue of the first revision, I intend to keep this the format going ahead. So if you like what you read, please subscribe.

06:51 AM

While on my morning walk today, I came across a kid who was cycling around our gated community. I see him every day, alone, free — every time I see him, I know he’s enjoying his cycling. Today at a turn, I saw him sitting on the ground, his tumbled cycle next to him. I could see a lady with headphones and a couple busy with their chatters pass by him. The kid was staring down, scratching his knee, focused within.

I felt he wasn’t looking at anything particular, but rather was sad. Maybe he did look at a few people, with expectations, as they passed him by earlier, wishing someone to help him pick his cycle up. Maybe he had his expectations from humanity broken.

Anyway, as I came close to him, I asked him he was fine. All it took was my first word, and he was up on his feet, trying to pick his cycle. Once he gave me his permission to touch his cycle, I helped him get it up on its wheels. He adjusted his tiny spectacles over his nose with his wrist, mumbled a few words and paddled along. I soon saw him chasing pigeons with his cycle, the birds not flying away but hopping around. It looked as if the friends often played this game. In my opinion, his tumble today was a test that we adults failed.

What have we become as a Soceity that we prefer to remain plugged in to our digital worlds, that we don’t even acknowledge a saddened kid who simply needs a nudge to get back to enjoying the realities of life?

November 21, 2021

Lazy Defaults

07:29 AM

I feel I have been struggling to find quiet time to read and write recently. I can blame it on many things, but I know within that I am to blame for this feeling. When I get time, I waste it. I convince myself that I need to relax first to get in the groove before I can write or read. I have been relaxing for a few weeks now, and it has only made me more tired.

This leaves me frustrated. Lazy consumption of other’s work is meaningless if it does not trigger any thought. I do that the most these days. I read, but I do not think. I write, but they are shallow thoughts. When do I spend time to churn a few ideas? To word them into something profound? You should write what feels right, I understand. But if it is only the deserts you chomp on, you won’t feel satiated after a point.

I need action, both to my mind and my body. Isn’t it curious that long phases of inactiveness can slowly wear them down? Both readily slide back to their lazy defaults. I need to be strong to push back and to make them move their asses.

Without that, what I have is a dull mind and a couch-clinging body.

November 19, 2021

04:42 PM

I use Google Photos as the store and thought that’s the only cross-platform option. I realized today that SmugMug can import the photos from Google Photos. Nice! Chances of me considering the service increases many fold. Now to evaluate the other parameters, mainly the privacy.

07:22 PM

Now that Drummer supports Markdown, I find it’s a nice change overall. There are times when I invariably want the power of Markdown while writing some long posts. It’s good that Drummer has that option now. I also like how Dave is implementing it – it’s just a new node type. More I think about that, it feels very similar to WordPress’ block-editor, but much better and simple. Even with this though, here’s how I summarize my thought.

I do not want to unnecessarily hamper the simplicity of posting with Drummer. That lack of complexity is this system’s USP.

November 18, 2021

09:40 AM

What are the benefits of cryptocurrency for the general public? With money, isn’t centralized control better?

November 10, 2021

08:58 AM

How is horizontal scrolling still a thing on web?

09:03 AM

Interesting observation this - an anecdote, sure. But curious nonetheless.

Thinner columns help you read faster. Writing speed is dominated by reading speed. If you read faster, you write faster.

Source: Write Thin to Write Fast - Breck Yunits’ Scroll

09:26 AM

Festivals are tiring, sipping away mental and physical energy. There's so much to do. And then some more. It feels as if there is no end to all the grind, the "festivities".

But when it all ends, albeit always abruptly, I wait for the next one.

Because festivals are necessary. They break the mundane, pause the regularities. I am surrounded by things deemed special, of different nature and scale.

For some, it is the dim lights in the porch. For others, it is the sparkles in the sky.

For some, it is the loud chatters. For others, it is the silent smiles.

For some, it is the crowd. For me, it is the family!

Here's to another year of togetherness during the few months of the biggest festivals around the world.

It was a wonderful festive time for me. And I wish you all a very happy Diwali!

08:03 PM

A couple of years back, my daughter had written her first story from her imagination. This week she wanted to narrate that on her channel. So, that’s what she did. Another different, “non-sciency” video is out today!

November 9, 2021

12:34 PM

I’ve been in festive mood since the last few days, away from all the systems I write from. I took the conscious decision to not carry any of my personal laptops or tablets I have gotten so used to. It’s been suprisingly difficult for me to get into the writing zone.

November 3, 2021

07:13 AM

No face, yet conveys so many emotions. A pen stand I love! #stationerylove

November 1, 2021

09:52 AM

I wish I understood Halloween celebrations better. I see so many carved out Pumpkins, I wonder is carving and the decoration part of the tradition and celebrations. It must take months of planning to get things in place at the right time.

09:52 AM

I wish I understood Halloween celebrations better. I see so many carved out Pumpkins, I wonder is carving and the decoration part of the tradition and celebrations. It must take planning for get things in place at the right time.

10:56 AM

The most brilliant bookshops in the world

Perhaps most famous of all bookshops is Shakespeare and Company, the bohemian-spirited English-language booksellers situated moments from the Seine on Paris’s Left Bank.

I love this one. And the one in Bangkok. And Rome!🙌

07:34 PM

What can I do with Alfred that I cannot do with Spotlight? There was a time when I used Alfred a lot. It got left behind when I switched to a new system. I haven’t felt the need.