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December 3, 2021

07:57: I’d a calming morning walk amidst a dense fog around me. I love the sweet smell of the fog, it tickles and bring a gentle smile on my face.

December 1, 2021

21:13: I came across the concept of Web3 so often recently that I had to make sense of the why, what and how of this proposed evolution of Internet. So, I started digging and captured my thoughts as I learnt about this.

November 30, 2021

06:44: Travelling, but not as a tourist Every time the grinds of the daily life take toll over me, I travel to a place close by with my family and friends. The last weekend was another such occasion. I love this place not because it is a perfect family getaway (that it is), but because it is easy to travel to, and so there is not too much …

07:30: I was about to add dark mode to micro.threads, but I stopped myself. That’s not something I want to sign up for at this point. No theming work, for nothing.

19:18: I had no idea there exist movie versions of the Psych gang. Boy, I need to find out where I can watch these. I am .. psyched.

22:23: I finished reading Four Thousand Weeks, a philosophical guide by Burkeman about time. This one is the best time management book that preaches one should not fret too much about managing time. Live life being aware of its finitude. Doesn’t matter how much we try, we can never master time. It reminds …

November 29, 2021

06:36: I like Readwise service — however I cannot signup for another subscription. Directly and in USD.

07:04: [Rest] is basic maintenance, not self-indulgence. We can’t function forever fuelled by adrenalin and caffeine, fogged brains scrabbling to function, nerves frayed like a cheap phone cable. Source: The seven types of rest

07:19: Typatone is a brilliant little app which can help you “make music while you write”. Each letter you type corresponds to a specific musical note pulling a new spin to your composition.

November 25, 2021

05:48: I published the first issue of the revived Slanting Nib newsletter today where I narrate a personal story of the day when I panicked in the swimming pool, twice, and how it affected my teenage life. As promised in the last issue of the first revision, I intend to keep this the format going ahead. So …

06:51: While on my morning walk today, I came across a kid who was cycling around our gated community. I see him every day, alone, free — every time I see him, I know he’s enjoying his cycling. Today at a turn, I saw him sitting on the ground, his tumbled cycle next to him. I could see a lady with …

November 21, 2021

07:29: Lazy Defaults I feel I have been struggling to find quiet time to read and write recently. I can blame it on many things, but I know within that I am to blame for this feeling. When I get time, I waste it. I convince myself that I need to relax first to get in the groove before I can write or read. I have been …

November 19, 2021

16:42: I use Google Photos as the store and thought that’s the only cross-platform option. I realized today that SmugMug can import the photos from Google Photos. Nice! Chances of me considering the service increases many fold. Now to evaluate the other parameters, mainly the privacy.

19:22: Now that Drummer supports Markdown, I find it’s a nice change overall. There are times when I invariably want the power of Markdown while writing some long posts. It’s good that Drummer has that option now. I also like how Dave is implementing it – it’s just a new node type. …

November 18, 2021

09:40: What are the benefits of cryptocurrency for the general public? With money, isn’t centralized control better?

November 10, 2021

08:58: How is horizontal scrolling still a thing on web?

09:03: Interesting observation this - an anecdote, sure. But curious nonetheless. Thinner columns help you read faster. Writing speed is dominated by reading speed. If you read faster, you write faster. Source: Write Thin to Write Fast - Breck Yunits’ Scroll

09:26: Festivals are tiring, sipping away mental and physical energy. There's so much to do. And then some more. It feels as if there is no end to all the grind, the "festivities". But when it all ends, albeit always abruptly, I wait for the next one. Because festivals are necessary. They break the …

20:03: A couple of years back, my daughter had written her first story from her imagination. This week she wanted to narrate that on her channel. So, that’s what she did. Another different, “non-sciency” video is out today!

November 9, 2021

12:34: I’ve been in festive mood since the last few days, away from all the systems I write from. I took the conscious decision to not carry any of my personal laptops or tablets I have gotten so used to. It’s been suprisingly difficult for me to get into the writing zone.

November 3, 2021

07:13: No face, yet conveys so many emotions. A pen stand I love! #stationerylove

November 1, 2021

07:31: Halloween isn’t celebrated in India, I believed. So when a few kids came to my door trick-or-treating, I had no idea how to respond. The festivals are going international, I need to be better prepared. Happy Halloween all! 🎃

09:52: I wish I understood Halloween celebrations better. I see so many carved out Pumpkins, I wonder is carving and the decoration part of the tradition and celebrations. It must take months of planning to get things in place at the right time.

09:52: I wish I understood Halloween celebrations better. I see so many carved out Pumpkins, I wonder is carving and the decoration part of the tradition and celebrations. It must take planning for get things in place at the right time.

10:56: The most brilliant bookshops in the world → Perhaps most famous of all bookshops is Shakespeare and Company, the bohemian-spirited English-language booksellers situated moments from the Seine on Paris’s Left Bank. I love this one. And the one in Bangkok. And Rome!🙌

19:34: What can I do with Alfred that I cannot do with Spotlight? There was a time when I used Alfred a lot. It got left behind when I switched to a new system. I haven’t felt the need.

October 31, 2021

19:55: On a regular Saturday morning this week, my daughter came to me with a topic and said that’s what I want to talk about. She had the whole script ready, with moments of jokes and all — so that’s what we record. A new video premiered today!

October 29, 2021

09:02: A Few Meta Quips I call things that I can’t put any name to as “meta”. I already have too many posts that are categorised as #meta. They have nothing to do with Facebook. Here’s how Meta is defined – all so apt for what Facebook is going for in varying degree. “showing or …

09:02: A Few Meta Quips I call things that I can’t put any name to as “meta”. I already have too many posts that are categorised as #meta. They have nothing to do with Facebook. Here’s how Meta is defined – all so apt for what Facebook is going for in varying degree. “showing or …

14:53: Lol’ed at this tweet by M.G. Siegler → Breaking: NYT to acquire Metacritic, refocus site from movie review aggregation to critiquing Facebook.

20:48: I finished reading Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman today. This is a wonderful collection of thought experiments around our perception of time. The summary of the book says it’s a collage of stories – but there aren’t stories. With each “story”, the author Alan …

21:39: Thanks to Micro.Threads, I discovered and followed a couple of folks that I thought I was already following. Fascinating how much the interactions in one’s timeline can unearth!

October 28, 2021

22:28: I had to connect with Google customer care today over a call. I spoke to a representative, but I am not sure if there was an actual person on the other end. I might have spoken to an AI. Crazy!

22:38: Both David Warner and Aaron Finch seem to have found their form today – that’s not a good news for other teams in T20 World Cup. With Maxwell and Smith already playing well, Australia is another formidable side. Interesting tournament this. 🏏

22:59: When I published the final issue of my newsletter last week, I had promised I won’t send another letter to anyone, even if they stay subscribed. Even if I continue writing the essays. Here’s what I had said. I prefer not to break your trust. You had signed up for something which I no longer intend …

October 27, 2021

14:29: Apple is three things - hardware, software and services. Sooner they realize that services cannot follow the model of hardware and software, better it would be customers. Platform lock-in for software (like iMessages) makes sense. Why they don’t have a native app for Android for their services …

18:42: Apple is three things - hardware, software and services. Sooner they realize that services cannot follow the model of hardware and software, better it would be customers. Platform lock-in for software (like iMessages) makes sense. Why they don’t have a native app for Android for their services …

22:47: I finished listening to Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks and I instantly wanted to purchase the eBook version of the book too. This is one of those few books that are best read as both audio and text version. The audio brings out Matthew’s expertise as a storyteller — you realise how powerful the medium …

October 26, 2021

16:01: I upgraded to macOS Monterey – is it odd that I like the compact Tabs in Safari better? Sure they look jarringly different. But, boy, they are oh-so-compact. They save so much space in that area at the top.

October 25, 2021

21:38: I am not excited enough for the T20 World Cup this year. Rather, I am finding it a lot difficult to watch full cricket matches now a days. I can’t connect with this sport anymore. And I can’t say it’s just the sport that has changed.

21:38: I am not excited enough for the T20 World Cup this year. Rather, I am finding it a lot difficult to watch full cricket matches now a days. I can’t connect with this sport anymore. And I can’t say it’s just the sport that has changed.

October 24, 2021

08:21: It was a terrible first day at T20 World Cup. I hope the second day is a better. For one, there’s excitement for the India-Pakistan match - that’s always a special occasion 🏏

22:36: The final issue of my newsletter went out today. It was a wonderful journey writing each of these issues. But all good things have to end some day. I didn’t want to leave the newsletter dangling without tying things up. Today’s letter does that.

22:50: The final issue of my newsletter went out today. It was a wonderful journey writing each of these issues. But all good things have to end some day. I didn’t want to leave the newsletter dangling without tying things up. Today’s letter does that.

October 23, 2021

16:58: I really liked what Frank Meeuwsen did with his script to crosspost to WordPress from Drummer. I did attempt to get inspired by it and create a script to crosspost to Micro.blog. But, I hit the CORS issue and then I stopped. I have already signed up for too many side projects to spend my time on. I …

18:57: A T20 with less than run a ball required, going into the 19th over, still in balance. Now, that’s not too common. This is going to be a different T20 World Cup.

21:44: Getting Post URL in Drummer I enjoy writing posts in Drummer. One of the many reasons for that is I can see all my posts in the same editing space. It is so easy to scroll through all your posts and find reference to just that one old post. One thing that missing, though, was there was no easy way to get the url for that post …

23:51: I don’t remember the last book before How to Live by Derek Sivers that made me contemplate so many times while reading. The moment I was done with the last page, I had my diary out to capture my understanding from each of the 27 answers to that one principal question, how should I live. As …

October 22, 2021

23:51: Reminder to self: Don’t join another community now. If you can’t contribute or have strong feeling about any discussion in-progress in there, it’s not for you.

October 21, 2021

22:39: I wish there was another view for the timeline at Micro.blog that displays just the long-form posts one after another. The way the timeline is currently, it is always too busy with micro posts, replies and especially images. The updates with just a link in them tend to get lost. Ideally, what I …

23:15: Writing through an outliner has surely made me update my blog more. It’s not for all, sure. I wanted to ponder over what makes Drummer a more natural writing environment for me.

October 20, 2021

19:23: My daughter wanted to record a different video this week. In her words, she didn’t want to record about any “sciency facts”. She wanted to talk about the first novel that she read. So, that’s what she did.

October 19, 2021

08:49: I knew there would soon be a way to post to my blog hosted by Micro.blog via Drummer. I didn’t know Manton will get it done so soon! And more the feature, it is the way it is implemented that impresses me. Kudos @manton!

09:42: I hope I didn’t break posting earlier. Did I? This is a test to check that. Fingers crossed that the post fails.

23:31: I am subscribed to too many newsletters. If a day goes by without reading, there’s a huge backlog of unread issues. I think it’s time prune the list a bit.

October 18, 2021

08:06: Reminder to self: don’t write posts on plans to “write more”. Write more ✍🏼

22:42: I am not going to watch the Apple event today. I have long stopped enjoying these pre-recorded videos.

October 17, 2021

21:48: I have recently been fascinated by various specifications of the camera and how they together impact the photography. Here I am capturing my understanding based on all the reading and watching. Source: Understanding Specifications of A Camera

October 16, 2021

08:44: I had least interest in the IPL final this time. It was the worst case scenario - I support neither CSK not KKR.

18:13: Getting Started Blogging with Drummer I recently started blogging with Drummer, a new Outliner made public by Dave Winer. It has been a wonderful experience. I don’t know what it is about a single outline as a base for your blog, but it feels natural. I have been enjoying writing and playing around with my Drummer blog. However, it is …

October 15, 2021

21:56: 25 Classic Crime Books You Can Read In An Afternoon → To celebrate the art of brevity, we’ve rounded up a list of 25 compact crime and mystery reads—noirs you can (and mostly likely will) read in the course of an afternoon (or an evening, or even a morning)

October 14, 2021

19:25: Some days are just way more productive than what you are used it. Today’s one such day. It dawned with a possibility that things would just go downhill – there were too many unaddressed tasks and open issues. But as it turns out, the evening feels a lot more peaceful.

19:43: Lose the Very → Combine “very” with a simple adjective and get a more concise adjective A brilliant reference, the utility website does a single function, but does it well.

23:05: Not really proud of this undertaking, but there’s a reason. Bear with me. I will write a post soon.

October 13, 2021

11:09: Reminder to self. Stop being too serious about what and where I post. Be aware, though.

13:33: What I Learned About My Writing By Seeing Only The Punctuation → [W]hen you look at those writers’ punctuation, you can see, in a quick glance, how different they are.

19:51: I had no idea a Pizza can be cut in any other manner than what I’m used to. Apparently, yes. A square slice of a Pizza, seriously? H/T Chris Vannoy

October 12, 2021

21:59: Of course, I am giving Drummer a try. I have got the basics set up the way I like it. I know there are a hundred other things that I can do. But I want to understand how things work with Outliners first. The link blog based on Radio3 is a nice addition that I can use for sure.

October 11, 2021

21:08: My daughter premiered a new video on her channel today. Her interest in collecting facts and turning them into fun videos hasn’t dwindled a bit. Plus, she wants to try out new ways and settings now. This girl continues to impress and inspire me. Nice! 😊

21:44: I wanted to try Drummer. But I can’t due to an error. It keeps saying “the file name contains illegal characters” every time I try to build the blog. I believe it has problems with the underscore and number in my Twitter handle?

October 10, 2021

23:15: This was the first Amazon Festive sale during which I didn’t buy anything. Nothing. I don’t even recognise this person anymore.

October 9, 2021

09:17: I haven’t watched Ted Lasso season 2 yet. I was waiting for all episodes to be available so that I can begin my episode a day routine and appreciate the story.

21:15: “Luck is near you,” reads a drawing that my daughter made and gifted me. I’ve framed it and put it at my desk. I don’t know why she felt the need to write those words. But having such a thoughtful daughter makes me the luckiest dad out there.

22:08: Would you call yourself an editor of your blog? I prefer the word writer.

October 8, 2021

08:05: I absolutely hate it when I unsubscribe from a list (that some service has force-added me on) and they say “we would love to be in touch”. What the hell? Why should I? I find it difficult to do even with people, let alone a faceless email address. Yuck!😣

10:27: The thing with debugging issues is that sometimes, the systems just don’t want to work. Especially late at night. If it isn’t a life or death sort of issue, just sleep over it.

23:10: Why Do I Write? Don’t write for others, write for yourself. Most long-time writers give this advice to someone who is just getting started. Actually, screw that. Every person who does any amount (and form) of writing gives this advice to every other person who wishes to do some form of writing. Easy advice for …

October 7, 2021

22:45: Why? Why do I sign up for upgrading platforms late in the night? My sleep has been ruined a lot many times than what I am proud of. Sigh!

October 6, 2021

09:30: My subscription to NYT failed to renew today. It gave me a chance to rethink the subscription again. It’s not getting renewed.

10:21: Now that am rethinking subscriptions to publications, I have since long wanted to subscribe to The Atlantic. But their lack of options for currencies, method and frequencies of subscription make it very difficult. I recently also stopped New Yorker which I may reconsider.

October 5, 2021

06:18: Understanding How Facebook Disappeared from the Internet → At 1658 UTC we noticed that Facebook had stopped announcing the routes to their DNS prefixes. That meant that, at least, Facebook’s DNS servers were unavailable.

18:54: I once tried watching Game of Thrones - I could not last beyond second episode. I must be in minority.

October 4, 2021

11:36: How much ever I try, I cannot be an active microblogger – I mean putting short posts. I cannot think in less than 200 characters.

October 3, 2021

20:53: When my daughter requested recently if she can have her YouTube channel, I wondered if she would manage to keep her interest. She does. She reads, writes and keeps recording. Sure, not everything comes out perfect. But she does not stop. Today, her second video is out. Yay!

September 30, 2021

22:09: Yep. I know first hand now, that’s just plain weird 🤦🏽‍♂️

September 26, 2021

13:32: I spent a wonderful evening with close friends yesterday whom I met after a long period, some after more than 10 years. It’s remarkable how time can’t slacken some threads, lost possibly in the dull grinds of the life. You pick these threads from where you left them. As you remember the memories of …

14:36: Gruber says, and many have observed the same. The iPhone 13 Mini has longer battery life than last year’s regular iPhone 12. That’s a game-changer for those who want the Mini size. Yep, it makes the mini iPhone a lot more appealing.

September 23, 2021

21:15: I joined Literal yesterday — I am @amit there. I also have three invites to share. So, if you are tired of Goodreads or just want a new service to play with, please use the share link.

September 22, 2021

21:02: I believe I don’t know how to use a browser. There are just so many features in every browser that make no sense to me. And the list keeps getting growing. Tab pinning. Tab Groups. Tab Management. Reading Lists. Password Managers. Reading Lists. I use none.

21:38: Austin Mann’s reviews of iPhone cameras are absolutely brilliant each year. And this year’s one for iPhone 13 Pro is no different. All shots are gorgeous. Even the video shot completely on iPhone is stunning. These devices are smartphones, no longer. These are “smartcameras”.

23:03: I love the 120-Hz display. Because I can then read the text while scrolling. A comment from one of the iPhone 13 reviews. Sigh, levels we will go to justify the trivial upgrades in gadgets.

September 20, 2021

07:50: In reply to micro.blog/ronguest/… Thank you, Ron. I will pass on your feedback. She doesn’t care much about anything other than creating, but still would love to hear anyway. 🙂👍🏼

22:25: After a two-weeks break away from all the timelines, it was good to scroll through a couple of them today. The break also made me realise that I have made a few new friends online, especially from the wonderful community at Micro.blog. I missed the interactions with these folks. Each one of them is …

23:13: I published the 20th issue of my newsletter yesterday. Though I am proud that I have stuck with this hobby of mine, I would also love to get some feedback, some critique. I don’t care about numbers — that’s another reason I have disabled the analytics. But I do love to hear from you. I have got a …

September 19, 2021

20:59: After a year of recording and sharing videos with the closed family, my daughter requested for something I knew she would one day, her own YouTube channel. After putting all the checks in place, here’s her video for Kids published on the Web.

September 17, 2021

16:21: Cambridge scientists might have possibly detected presence of dark energy. About a year ago, the XENON1T experiment reported an unexpected signal, or excess, over the expected background. “These sorts of excesses are often flukes, but once in a while they can also lead to fundamental discoveries,” …

16:28: Earth’s mysterious red glow, explained → In 2009, a satellite circled Earth, scanning and sorting the wavelengths reflecting off the planet’s surface. Researchers noticed something baffling: an unexpected wavelength of unknown origin. They tried looking at Earth with only this wavelength, and …

22:25: Isn’t it fascinating that there are two services so similarly named, Discourse and Discord, being used by different platforms as discussion boards for their users? I always get confused between the two. I like one, I hate the other.

22:41: Gabriel wonders how all write emails, specifically two questions — where to draft and how to review. I love writing emails, I wish I knew more folks who enjoy my enthusiasm for emails. But my process of doing so is simple. I use the email client to draft the email. If I ever want to get it reviewed …

September 16, 2021

18:27: If you like ebooks, great. Enjoy your dim, gray screen in peace. If you hate them, don’t worry about it. Who says everything must involve a computer? I love physical books, but I prefer reading the ebooks. I hope the distinction is clear enough. If I could afford, I would purchase both the physical …

18:37: It’s curious to watch Gruber on CNBC TV, something doesn’t feel right. I can’t put my finger on what, but I guess I just am not used to seeing him in such formal settings. Plus, he being referred to as “expert” and “blogger”.

22:18: “Erased From the Internet” - now that’s one phrase that I never thought I would hear. But I knew if I ever did hear that, one key option would be China.

September 15, 2021

10:54: I love to scroll through this 360-degree panoramas feature at National Geographic about Everest and its surrounding peaks. All the shots are breathtaking, especially the sunset view!

15:03: Apple and other companies need to stop delivering these pre-recorded overproduced keynotes. Without live demos and hands-on reports, they are no longer mediums to introduce their gadgets. They simply are extended advertisements, or short films featuring devices in lead roles and executives in …

15:39: There’s so much of coverage for Colossal — a firm that plans to resurrect the Woolly mammoths. I have made an entry in the diary. We will remember this day as one when the curious scientists planted the seeds for the massacre at Jurassic Park.

September 13, 2021

12:01: I have heard many good things about Derek Siver’s new book “How To Live” from a few people I trust. So, it was instinctive of me to purchase the book the moment I saw Derek announce it is launched. I had missed purchasing this when Derek shared a preview link — no idea why. Anyway, I am excited to …

12:16: I had no idea the president of Guinea is named “Alpha Condé”. Wow! What a great name. No surprise he, eventually, started acting like an ass. With that name, he had to be a saint to keep his cool and stay down to earth. PS: I know, am bad at keeping up with world politics.

14:04: I updated my Now page today, the weekly reminders help. Sure, I don’t update the page every week. But I am doing that way frequently than what I would otherwise.

18:29: Why’s the colour of everything marked unisex so bland? Who decided that mens don’t like any colours other than black or grey or silver? Or who decided that women will only like pink or purple? Why can’t I go on to a street carrying any non-black coloured umbrella and not get stares that judge me? …

19:30: By the way, here’s a meta update which I forgot to put out there. I have ended the trial of the Glass app — the subscription price was hefty for my usage. I am not a photographer, you see. So, I did not fit there. At the same time, I decided to pay for Ulysses and Reeder. I love both the apps, and …

September 12, 2021

13:39: I am on a video call, setting a Windows laptop for one of my cousins. I am sure she is confident that she can set up her laptop — but family wants me to be there. So, here I am for her moral support, which I am sure she didn’t ask for.

16:42: Some newsletters are just too long for my liking. I can read long ones if they are genuine essays, someone sharing what they are or have gone through. Some life experiences. Or something of interest for them. But when you curate, and still have hoards of links to some external content, I am not in. …

16:55: The Atlantic is right, the Internet isn’t dead. It is just crowded with more people who aren’t living — literally and metaphorically. There are still people active on the Internet, they will keep it thriving. Let the non-living bots crowd the space, take over the corners that have been deserted. The …

September 10, 2021

06:38: I published a few thoughts on busyness. Over the years, I’ve realized that my mind has become a pool of copious ideas from varied fields. It is like an open pond, extremely prone to ripples from externalities, big and small. I allow that no more.

September 9, 2021

23:19: Be natural, flaunt your multiple shades. It is the contrast that makes us interesting. Even royal gold needs a contrasting shade on the side to be an ornament. Otherwise on its own, it is just a brick.

September 8, 2021

06:39: I have decided to stay away from all the timelines for the next two weeks. Micro.blog. YouTube1. Netflix. I am taking time off, in a way, from the discussions & chatters to give myself some space to think. It unfortunately isn’t possible with views and perspectives from others always …

14:54: My potential is mine to fulfill or to waste. I completed agree with Kimberly Hirsh. When someone says live upto your potential, I don’t understand what that means. Who decided what my potential was? How did you decide that? And the bigger question is, why? My potential doesn’t define me - what I …

September 7, 2021

16:46: If you were to take a guess, when do you think the term “microblogging” was first coined? Another term that was gaining popularity the same year was “vodcast”. I am relieved it didn’t catch on — neither the term nor the media format.

17:41: Why’s there a fascination among the devs to reinvent the old tech that isn’t broken? Maybe the reason that the tech has stayed the same isn’t because no one attempted to change it. Can you fathom the possibility that the tech might be fine, as it is, to most common folks? Or perhaps it might not be …

September 6, 2021

21:50: I love this Indian Test cricket team that has the belief that they can bounce back from any situation. They have shown it a few times over the last couple of years. Today’s win against England, after conceding a lead, is special again 🏏

22:01: I spent a few calming hours with my Kindle in the garden today. Away from the hustle bustle. Away from the tings and chimes of the technology. I need to do this often.

September 5, 2021

14:46: Why’s there a sudden rise of alternatives for GoodReads being launched? And curiously, most are open sourced. What is the problem with the existing service — of course, besides the fact that it stays neglected by Amazon?

14:57: There’s no such thing as writer’s block. There’s simply a fear of bad writing. Do enough bad writing and some good writing is bound to show up. Seth Godin suggests just write something. I agree with him.

15:30: I finished reading: Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson. In a way, it’s a must read for a lot many people 📚 I am certain it isn’t for dummies neither does it claims to be so anywhere. It is for folks in a hurry, sure. I can’t remember the last non-fiction book …

17:23: I modified my homepage today to group posts by date and sort in chronological order in the day. Why? I never liked the reverse-chronological order across.

23:43: Kids are free, untouched by the necessities of the life. The concept of “necessary” doesn’t register itself with them. For a kid, everything is necessary and, at the same time, nothing is. Is it necessary to eat? Sure, if he is hungry. Otherwise, it isn’t. A kid does nothing because it is necessary …

September 4, 2021

20:54: If you are not fully vaccinated yet — well, McSweeney’s essay is important for you — you need to search for a genuine reason for that. The only reason that’s genuine is that you physically can’t. Either there aren’t enough vaccines where you live, or you have some physical condition which limits you …

21:02: Why do I need to set the skin tone modifiers for every emoji separately? That does not sound right. Did no one think that I would have the same skin tone irrespective of the emotion I want to convey?

22:36: I am seriously considering Dropbox for everything backup - PCs, Mac, Photos across all services. Because frankly speaking, no other cloud storage provider seems to be interested.

September 3, 2021

09:11: Is a third booster shot proven to be helpful for all? Nope. So I don’t understand the rush to administer it to all the populace just because you can. You know what would be better use of those shots? Making sure each person in the world is fully vaccinated.

23:30: While closing a task in most of the task management systems, including to-do lists, you can set it to any of the available states. So, basically, you could say it is completed or fixed etc. There is one state in there that always tickles my funny bone, “won’t do”. I mean, that’s an official way of …

23:43: I always wonder what is the right response to people reaching out for guest posts. Most of the time I feel they are just fishing for attentions. So, ignore and mark them as spam? Or be patient, read and decline humbly? Or maybe inform them politely that you are marking them as spam, and then mark as …

September 1, 2021

19:54: Ulysses looks to be a really great app for writing all types of posts. Sure, it does not work cross platform - something I dearly wish it did. But I have iA Writer for that. My big problem at this point is I have no clue what editors I am paying for currently, for which platforms and in what form - …

21:29: It’s crazy how one’s mind works. Here are two posts separated by 4 years. I recently published one a couple of weeks back. I had published another in 2017. Both the posts talk about a similar observation, about the constant fight between the coder and a writer in me. It reads in such a similar …

22:51: The tension is simple: If a platform is carefully vetted and well-curated, it meets expectations and creates trust. If it’s too locked down and calcifies, it slows progress and fades away. Seth Godin talking about how open platforms are always in risk of becoming spammy and losing the trust of the …

23:04: I’m cleaning the list of the RSS feeds I am subscribed to. There are a few subscriptions that I have no interest in today. They simply get marked as read every few weeks. Plus the list is missing a few voices I follow that regularly write long form posts. Time to curate again.

August 31, 2021

08:54: China puts limits on playing video games → Children and teenagers are now banned from online gaming on school days, and limited to one hour a day on weekend and holiday evenings under government rules Is that really a government? That sounds utter crazy!?

22:06: I see the dark mode is enabled for Micro.blog on the web. Nice to see the update @manton @vincent. However, to my eyes, there’s too much contrast with the choice of colors. For some reason, it strains my eyes. The changes are welcome, but felt this was a necessary feedback.

22:22: Google’s inability to decide the story of its messaging apps is laughable. Sure, there’s some dev in there who looks at the old screenshot of Google Talk and says, “we should have never stopped working on this.” That app has a special place in my mind. Just like Google …

23:16: Now that I think about it, the overall messaging space is a mess and personally it’s a frustrating issue for me. We are so close, yet so far. Here’s what I want. A service for messaging folks, share text and images A service for voice/video calls A service that does both 1 and 2 with apps across …

August 30, 2021

08:12: Ah, the new iMac is in the house and am setting it up as a, well, new iMac. No restore from backup. Or time machine. What’s that I have to do? What’s that I should do? What’s that I can do? 👨🏽‍💻☺️

15:14: You can have a broad sense of direction without a specific goal or a precise vision of the future. I think of it like jazz, like improvisation. It’s all about meandering with purpose. – A quote captured by Oliver Burkeman in The Antidote

August 28, 2021

18:25: I came across this suggestion from Oliver Burkeman a few time in the last couple of weeks. What if you worked on the basis that you began each day at zero balance, so that everything you accomplished – every task you got done, every tiny thing you did to address the world’s troubles, or the …

August 27, 2021

18:22: I finished reading Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip Heath. I wanted to love this book - the premise is brilliant. But it reads like a textbook, and that’s no way to make a message stick with your readers. For that matter, that doesn’t even look to be the …

22:13: There a few people who are natural “gifters”, I am not one of them. Why is it so hard to choose gifts? The gift cards have saved me to an extent when I need to gift acquaintances. But I get stressed every time I need to gift a loved one. Not that I don’t care – rather, my …

August 25, 2021

08:53: I haven’t started watching the second season of Ted Lasso yet. Rather, I am rewatching the first season, an episode every day – I love how I feel every time I watch this series.

09:29: I am reading two nonfictions on psychology, The Antidote and Made to Stick – both so different in messaging and their tone. I love the former and am just listening through the later, unaffected. One makes me pause and ponder. Another’s just all over the place – no clear message …

August 24, 2021

17:38: Yep, that’s how even I experience the web today. And I have already complained about that – a terrible state we browse in.

August 23, 2021

06:25: I published another issue of Slanting Nib today. I enjoy the workflow that I have struck with for these past few emails. It’s not a burden to draft them over the two weeks and publish with Ghost. Anyway, you can read the issue online. Please subscribe and share.

11:37: “You are more useless than a footer on an infinite scrolling website” :p

August 22, 2021

17:01: This trend of closing off the doors to the content on the internet is getting extremely frustrating now. You can’t read anything from even a slightly well-known publication before they ask you to create an account or subscribe. Absolute bullshit!

August 20, 2021

06:51: “As some richer countries hoard vaccines, they make a mockery of vaccine equity.” Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, the Africa director at the World Health Organization, said in an online news conference. We’re providing more to the rest of the world than all the rest of the world combined” Mr. Biden said in …

23:08: We respected the lone tree, standing tall. Alone.

August 19, 2021

15:27: That’s one angry, cuddly Autobot! 🤖

August 18, 2021

21:55: I published my Micro Camp talk as a blog post today - a feedback I had received after the talk. In case you missed the talk or prefer listening to it in your own voice instead of mine, here you go. 😊

August 17, 2021

07:48: Currently reading the audio book : Made to stick by Chip Heath 📚

08:51: Over the years, I’ve hoarded so much of electronic crap. Every now and then, I will find an odd charging cable or a dongle - I have no idea what they are for. I keep getting rid of them and the crap keeps finding a way into my home. It’s as if there’s a secret portal from an alien …

12:49: Benches of varied colours and shapes- they always attract me. They have their ears to many wonderful personal stories.

August 16, 2021

18:02: Setting up ElementaryOS has been a frustrating experience. Attempting to get the WiFi working with updates has broken the whole system twice now. I’ve tried all the fixed suggested on the internet - and nothing works. Sigh! Time to try another distro - it’s frustrating.

19:10: Yellow is my favourite colour! ☺️

20:07: I am a coder and a writer. And it is absolutely painful to have these two personalities live within you. When the coder wants to code, the writer is checking his choice of words or the structure of comments. Or the depth of documentation -- the writer wants the coder to write an essay. The coder …

August 15, 2021

08:52: All I read on the timeline today is about Glass. A lot of people got the access and a lot are awaiting theirs. And I haven’t event attempted yet. Sigh! Long way before I get the access I guess. Plus iPhone only is a bummer. If not Android, at least iPad/Web support was must.

23:29: Current state - reviving an old MacBook Pro.

August 12, 2021

07:12: Blame and curse auto-correct as much as you want. But if not for that feature, I would still be spelling Thursday and Marriage incorrectly. Not exaggerating, the occurrence of these mistakes is frequent.

August 11, 2021

06:55: I am pretty excited about the upcoming Micro Camp 2021. Not because I am giving a talk – well, of course, there’s that. But because the whole line-up of the sessions is brilliant – each topic unique, different from another. Looking forward to learning and engaging! ⛺️😊

12:24: I shouldn’t do that, but I tend to skip over the names, especially longer ones, as I am reading an article. It’s as if my mind applies a filter internally to label names as irrelevant to the larger story. So typically I get the what, how, when of a story. But miss the who.

12:38: The Mysterious Street Snack → Soon enough, I’d learn that my idle curiosity was, in fact, a mystery that has baffled and, at times, infuriated botanists for decades. This snack has been widely sold on the streets for decades and yet, somehow, no one seems to know what it is. A fascinating read - …

19:27: Liked Martin MacDonald’s tweet→ My brain is like Chrome. 237 tabs open, 3 are frozen, and I’ve no idea where the music is coming from. I think all can relate to this! 😊

August 10, 2021

17:59: Is 21.5-inch non-retina iMac still a good option to consider? What about 24-inch M1-based iMac? The way things stand I’m seriously considering buying an iMac - I don’t want anything portable. I wonder if the transition phase we are currently in makes this an untimely purchase.

23:03: Amidst all the moving and settling , I finally took my second shot for the Covid vaccine. Finally. Yay! And I hope there are no side-effects this time around. I couldn’t sleep the whole night after my first shot. Fingers crossed, that doesn’t happen again.

August 9, 2021

09:01: In process of recording myself talk, I have earned a new respect for the folks who do this regularly. I love writing, it comes naturally to me. I enjoy recording audio. But video? Boy, that’s not easy.

22:26: I published another issue of my newsletter today - it narrates my experience to be back to the place I’ve been calling home for the past 10 years. This is also the first issue posted on the Ghost platform. You can subscribe to Slanting Nib here.

August 8, 2021

09:37: Facebook Wants Us to Live in the Metaverse → “The metaverse is “a virtual environment where you can be present with people in digital spaces” Sigh. Why do we keep putting a new name to the same old stuff? Of course, I know - for monitory purpose.

August 4, 2021

22:24: Rating the film rating systems Isn't it odd that we can't decide on a consistent content rating system across all the countries? I know I have ranted about this a many times before this. But I just can't wrap my head around the fact that we, supposedly smart humans, haven't figured out a way yet to addresses such a trivial aspect …

July 27, 2021

08:19: Skies blanketed by clouds Breeze idling with playfulness Garden nurtured at home. Ingredients of a peaceful morning, And a calm mind.

July 26, 2021

17:07: I am wary of using any Apple services as my default - they make it very difficult to use them outside of their ecosystem. I do not use only Apple devices. There was a time when I did. And then things slowly changed. I use Windows at work. I use Android and iOS. I use iPad. Apple services rarely work …

19:19: What Will Happen to My Music Library When Spotify Dies? → These methods of archiving are either imperfect, impractical, or both—and besides, even if I went through with them, chances are that decades from now, I’d just end up with a monster text file or a long-obsolete hard drive that would be a …

July 25, 2021

20:28: In the last three days, I have started reading three new books. It wasn't planned, people who know my likings recommended the books to me. And each read brilliantly in samples. So, I am reading five in parallel now - a humour, a mystery, a self-help, one on psychology and one fantasy. Now, that's a …

July 21, 2021

09:39: The publication portals and channels around tech news are too noisy. They make exclusives out of trivial bites. Plus, the updates to the tech that they boast about are incremental, more often than not. It is crazy yet how many such portals and channels exists today. Just open YouTube or any feed and …

July 20, 2021

14:00: I dislike the fact that I have published very few long form posts recently. It's as if I can only think in micro form. Should it matter? I don't think so. But I have slowly come to the realization that I am writing with one eye on the character count. It's really foolish of me to do that. But I do …

20:22: I am reading many people's writing process today and am absolutely stunned at how simple my writing needs are. I don't write drafts after drafts in any tool. All my drafts are one line ideas in my notebook or saved articles with tags "to-write". I find time for writing and complete a post about an …

July 19, 2021

07:49: Could Gen Z Free the World From Email? → The main problem with email then is not necessarily that there is too much of it, but there is too much competition. And yet, email continues to stay relevant.

July 15, 2021

07:50: No doubt, today’s the age of pampered kids. Is it good? Is it bad? Does it have to be one of these? How Growing Up in the ’80s Felt Like Freedom

09:53: Falling in love with Strangers → I knew I missed little exchanges with strangers during sheltering in, but I’d forgotten just how beautiful and hilarious humanity really is. We are so silly.

July 13, 2021

21:01: I’m struggling to find a convinient way to share videos with family members for a recent wedding event. I want one that provides convinience for receivers but allows control with me as sender. I’m not sure if YouTube performs copyright checks even on unlisted videos.

July 12, 2021

10:53: It still boggles my mind that there is no link to GoodReads from Amazon when I am looking at a book there. Or way to add it to lists – for example in “Want to read” list.

20:15: OnePlus completely messed up my upgrade plans with its product launches this year. I have been pleased with my OnePlus 7, it has worked brilliantly for the past two years. For that matter, the phone continues to work well for me. It hasn’t slowed down. Battery still lasts me throughout the …

July 11, 2021

08:57: I looked at my daughter get frustrated that a book is too boring for her - it never holds my interest she says. I asked her to stop reading it, to which she said, “But I have it now, so I will have to read it someday, right?” I guess it’s time for her first lesson to read more - …

July 10, 2021

18:47: Is pinboard still the best bookmarking option that exist out there?

July 5, 2021

08:00: I understand link rot is considered as a huge problem. But why? I mean I technically understand why. But I feel it is a feature of every entity, digital or physical - if not taken care of, it gets lost with time. Rotten.

June 30, 2021

17:26: There are days when you just don’t want to do anything that you need to do. You know you should do it. But you can’t convince your mind to be focused at it. Having one such day – these are the worst. The days with roadblocks are easier to handle.

June 28, 2021

09:19: The only time I would trust a service like One-Time Secret - a way to share sensitive information - is if it is open sourced. Even with that, I would be extremely careful. I understand, without context secrets are gibberish. But still, I feel slightly uncomfortable.

June 16, 2021

10:33: My writing halts when my reading pauses. It’s frustrating to see the thoughts sit in the corners of mind. I want to bring them out, the inertia pushes it down.

June 3, 2021

07:58: Curious, was Goodreads recently hacked or something? There are random likes from my account to random folks’ updates - scheduled every half an hour. And same the other way round, I am receiving notifications from random folks. I am worried for how long has this been going on.

May 30, 2021

09:54: The technology coverage across portals is so boring - The Verge, Engadget all included. Most bits are fed by the companies and so the writeups read as PR. Even when they publish something exclusive, it’s those companies pushing the narrative. Or it’s meaningless rumour.

May 29, 2021

08:01: I am in that state of mind where any book over 400 pages gets an instant rejection from me. I just can’t read them through and through. I know the books that I have enjoyed the most over the years have been long, but recently I dread them.

May 27, 2021

06:09: Science is mercilessly murdered on WhatsApp groups.

07:26: I love these peaceful few moments every morning when I pause, sit back and relax. Looking out to the greens spread out in front of my porch. Bird chirping, cooing amongst those branches - a green maze yet untouched by the human atrocities. A cool morning breeze gliding against my body. All I do is …

May 26, 2021

21:25: So am logged into Clubhouse app now. What next? I think this service has one of the worst first login experience. Nothing I see there is interesting. Again, possibly audio is a costly medium to get in and out of?

May 25, 2021

17:26: I finally stopped reading The Guest List. A quarter in and not hooked yet to any character’s plot, I just couldn’t go any longer. It became tiring. I also didn’t enjoy the shifting view point across 4-5 characters. Interesting, but put me off every single time.

May 24, 2021

22:30: What’s the farthest you go into reading a book before you decide it just isn’t for you? I am a quarter into one and am still not hooked. I won’t continue anymore - it was only it’s high ratings that made me come this far. But no more.

May 22, 2021

18:52: Why is Apple TV+ available exclusively on Apple devices? Is is such a big pull towards Apple ecosystem? iMessage, I understand. But not TV+. Isn’t reach important for the shows?

May 19, 2021

08:49: I got overwhelmed looking at the color palette spread across Android 12 via Material You. I have spent minutes just choosing the wallpaper. This much customisation is not for me - I need customisation-as-a-service.

May 17, 2021

09:17: I hate binge-watching shows, but I fall for it so often. I like the weekly release of the new episodes. I wish the streaming services forced an episode a day even for released shows. I know they won’t - it impacts their key business metric.

10:35: Free beer, money. Free rides to vaccination sites. And the incentives continue to pour in from the administration in US. And then there’s the struggle for vaccine slots in India & other contries. Faulty, lethargic adminstration? Economic gap? Selfish, mindless leaders? Sure, the reasons …

May 16, 2021

09:16: What’s the recommended Text Expander utilities for Windows and Android? It comes so handy and is another thing I miss from Apple ecosystem. Only one that I’ve come across is Phrase Express.

09:21: How to (Actually) Save Time When You’re Working Remotely → During a time of global crisis, it’s healthy to prioritize relaxation, and it’s natural that we might struggle to maximize productivity at work. But as we return to semi-normalcy, what can we do to ensure we use our time savings to pursue …

09:52: “You can get rid of masks if you are vaccinated” is a faulty message. People are selective listeners. A section might ignore the later part.

May 15, 2021

07:46: I always struggle giving titles for my regular posts - especially quick thoughts. Sure, if I’m writing a tech post or writing about a specific topic, giving it a title is easy. But forcing title on every post is fiddly. It can never encompass what the post is about.

08:51: How crazy is the mind? It already believes mask is the normal attire. Just a thought of seeing people around without masks makes it queasy.

11:04: Before there was Twitter and Facebook and other social media, was there any physical equivalent of likes and reshares. And hashtags? Because these interactions stem from the social instincts of us humans, right?

May 14, 2021

07:41: Look what I got! Thank you, Jean ☺️

May 9, 2021

09:01: I clicked on a link to an article at CBS. As per my defaults, it opened up in Firefox. CBS asked whether it should open in their app or continue in Chrome. Chrome? Is Chrome synonymous to browser now? That can be healthy for the web.

20:27: Say you are focused, reading something and thoughts keep popping up in your mind. About some stuff that you need to search for or quickly check the status of or need to research on later. Or simply make a note of. What do you do? What’s the quickest way to get back to reading?

May 3, 2021

07:54: Yahoo, the destroyer → After almost 30 years in business, Yahoo has come to be known as a straight-up villain. [T]he company’s most notable characteristic at this point is “the sheer amount of destruction they’ve done to the historical record.”

April 30, 2021

09:11: Another dimension in games → Ever notice the view is wrong in all first person games that exist today? In reality when we look around our eyes don’t just rotate but actually swing side to side and even up and down. As an example this video shows Skyrim configured for our real vision.

April 27, 2021

08:19: I am surprised that the bike sharing projects are failing. Maybe it’s not tried in proper markets, yet. I remember I rented bicycles very often as a child. No technology, just trust. Sure, the lockdown that pandemic had enforced throughout the world must have had an impact.

April 26, 2021

07:54: I am happy with the format that I’ve settled on for my newsletter Slanting Nib. A regular personal update followed by the recommended reads. Plus a colorful artwork from India. It’s simple enough for me to curate and I feel should be clean enough for the readers to follow.

22:03: How am I doing right now? 2021 edition It was exactly a year ago that I had posted my thoughts on a few key questions. The idea was to capture how I was doing right then. It was a welcome and much needed introspection. I didn't want to miss on the opportunity to revisit the answers from the last year and see what has changed. It was a …

April 25, 2021

07:49: “The happiness of loneliness” - such a curious phrase from my yesterday’s post. I really enjoyed reading this one a day after. I like to reflect on my posts from past. There’s on this day for the yearly reflection; for the daily one, I’ve setup an email digest. …

14:24: I finished reading Make Time: How to Focus on What Matters Every Day today. I cannot apply all the suggestions that the authors have to offer. But it’s a fascinating list of a few easy to follow tactics, presented in a no-nonsense manner. The authors stay to the point; they don’t ramble …

April 24, 2021

21:40: Music is the only time machine out there. You come across a song or an album, and a flood of memories and emotions come rushing at you. You almost relive those priceless moments. Exaggeration? I think not. You get transported back to the time when you listened to that song the first time. Or when …

April 22, 2021

07:29: The reminder that Patrick Rhone inspired me to set seems to be working. This is a second update to my /now page in the last one month. Nice!

April 21, 2021

21:49: Another day, another Covid tale -The Pandemic Has Been Tough for Extroverts. The introvert in me quips it’s been hard for me too, pal. Because the extroverts like you have been roaming around and reaching out to make new friends.

April 20, 2021

20:57: Bug in Notepad Involving Asterisk in Title Bar → [W]hen you open a text document and change the text by using the Delete key to delete the character ahead of the cursor, the asterisk does not appear in the title bar. If you delete the character using the Backspace the asterisk appears though.

April 19, 2021

08:34: I’ve unsubscribed from the NYTimes digital subscription. I haven’t been getting enough benefits, and there were a few events & posts that made me seriously reconsider whether I should continue to pay. And it coincided with me subscribing to New Yorker.

April 18, 2021

17:10: I came across a headline “Six Tips to Avoid Being Overwhelmed by the News” with the first “tip” being “Regulate consumption”. That one’s enough, with one change - don’t regulate, just stop the consumption.

April 16, 2021

06:46: I love the Android platform, but I also love the ecosystem of apps and services on iOS. I can’t hence be happy with any smartphone I own. Unfortunate!

07:41: Whoever coined the adage “picture speaks a thousand words” must have seen a post from his colleague with just a single image gain a lot more conversation and interaction than his post with a title and more than a thousand literal words. Just saying, not complaining 😬

April 13, 2021

16:17: I just had a wonderful power nap – even a few whole night’s sleep don’t revitalize me as much as these 20 minutes did. Nice! I love my afternoon naps.

18:59: My family loves to watch singing reality shows. It's an opportunity for me to get some focused time when I read or write. I do join in occasionally, though. This weekend was one such occasion. For one, A. R. Rahman was going to be on the show as a guest. I love this man and his music. I won't miss a …

April 12, 2021

08:03: I had a productive writing and reading Sunday this week. Read many of the long pending posts from my Pocket queue. Wrote a few drafts, they are ready to be edited. Published a new issue of Slanting Nib. A pretty satisfying end to the week.

April 11, 2021

14:49: The recent ad from CRED feat Rahul Dravid is an absolute masterclass. No doubt it is trending heavily. It subverts people’s perspective towards a gem of a man and that always works with ads. And yet am sure Dravid’s image is hardly blotted.

15:04: Unless you’re really sure the other person will get your humor, or appreciate it, it’s usually better to say what you mean instead of trying to be funny. Oh, I agree with Dave. Being funny isn’t easy, especially when you’ve no sense of the other person’s sense of …

21:46: I have been reading many books from Christie recently. Every time I get into a reading lull, I pick up a Poirot mystery and start reading. I was facing one such lull and Dame Agatha was to the rescue again. Her books always help me get back to reading more. Anyway, after I read another of her …

April 10, 2021

14:59: Om Alone → I have also developed uncanny abilities—not exactly superpowers, but I am now able to read entire books while thinking about other things the whole time. When I first realized that this was happening, I would reread the paragraph or two that I’d missed, but my subconscious—or, more …

April 7, 2021

16:04: The effort that the developers across collectively spent on building the “small”, “light” javascript framework of their liking is way too high. Sure, build that framework – just don’t carry an expectation of it being perfect.

20:47: Revisiting 2020 through the /now page I updated my /now page today after a long time. I usually maintain a thought’s archive as part of the page for the updates that are no longer relevant. The idea behind is revisiting the thoughts that once were at the top of my mind is another way for me to retrospect. Today I’ve reset …

April 1, 2021

09:51: I am curious - isn’t a drone that can carry a human just a helicopter? A self-driving, may be. What about a flying car? What makes it different from what exists today? Every sci-fi futuristic world has such flying cars, even trains for that matter. I don’t like those skies.

March 30, 2021

21:15: If you maintain a /now page like I do, what do you write in there? What’s a good enough update? I keep swinging between very text-heavy and too terse – I haven’t found the right balance yet.

March 29, 2021

19:19: Dan Lewis recently made me aware of one of the most beautiful love story, that of Long Distance Love Birds. The story would have ended there but in 2001, something unexpected happened: another stork arrived. A male stork. The two mated and shortly afterward, the male stork left, as one would …

March 25, 2021

10:50: It was a couple of years ago when I had ranted about how the alternatives to the popular social networks are not seriously considered. A discussion something on these lines. What all alternatives have you tried? Were there none that were good? If so, why? What is missing? How can they be made …

12:19: This discussion on Stack Exchange proves again that the majority, including me, understands so little of the relativity theory. Easy to think it’s easy. It ain’t. So at what speed I should travel to make my 24 hours day equals 36 hours?

13:20: What Data Can’t Do → Numbers don’t lie, except when they do. They [statistics] can help remedy our human fallibilities. What’s easy to forget is that statistics can amplify these fallibilities, too.

March 20, 2021

07:51: I love my laptop a lot more than my smartphone and my tablet. I’m more comfortable with the trackpad and the keyboard than a touchscreen. I can focus more with a lot more windows in front of me than say one full-screen app. This list goes on and on. What “Gen” am I?

March 19, 2021

15:40: I absolutely love the Daily Mixes that Spotify serves. Every new song or album or artist that it recommends is spot-on. Each time I need something to calm myself, I put on a Daily Mix. What’s more? There’s usually a mix for every mood. Two big thumbs up! 👍🏼👍🏼🎵

March 18, 2021

21:50: The first “promise” Ghost 4.0 makes is “Turn your audience into a business.”. The first “feature” that it calls out is the dashboard “with detailed stats on audience engagement and business growth”. The answer to my question is clearly not for a …

22:08: The 2021 Oscar Nominations, and What Should Have Made the List → It seemed obvious that the absence of many big-budget movies this past year would clear the way for smaller films to earn nominations, and that turned out to be true. I know of so few from this year’s list.

22:52: Does getting the vaccine lend one liberty to return to normalcy? From what I've read, the recommendation is still to maintain patience. And caution. Sure, it gets safer as more people in the community get vaccinated. But starting to roam around getting rid of the masks and shaking hands is not the …

March 17, 2021

22:44: When do you consider it a productive day? When you achieve a lot from the backlog, but not much from the list of tasks planned for the day? Or when you achive just that one task at the top of planned list? Many might say the later, but the former is not bad either.

22:57: I am usually good at keeping the thoughts from my work away from what I publish at my website. I guess that last post was an unintended and a rare slip. For that matter, I just don’t like the distinction work vs life. Work forms a significant part of one’s life. So what balance are we …

23:07: Meta Alert: Btw, the yesterday’s MailChimp experiment for email digest was a failure. The campaign (🙄) is live, it should send the email. It does not. Sigh, a problem that looks so simple isn’t. I don’t want to build a custom solution for such a seemingly trivial problem.

March 16, 2021

21:24: MailChimp seems to have a good RSS-to-Email option – this should work for the simple need that I have. Sure, the whole campaign building experience makes me a bit queasy, but not going to let it worry me. Time for trial.

21:57: Another day when I think about all the meta stuff around my blog and how I swing between complete control over the setup and no control at all. Another day when I admire the folks who have custom-made solutions for each part. That level of dedication’s not trivial.

March 15, 2021

23:13: I’m warming up to the idea of providing a daily/weekly digest of my posts to be delivered via email. I don’t want to undertake a huge project. I would prefer free options till I get comfortable. It should be a simple solution - RSS + email delivery, someway - right?

March 14, 2021

08:00: I love my breakfasts a lot more than any other meals in the day. I can bear a delayed lunch or a skipped dinner - but don’t you dare alter my breakfast routine.

09:04: Is Your Dog Really Your Best Friend? →

March 13, 2021

21:09: A few guilty pleasures 1. A bowl of hot instant noodles 2. An hour of reaction videos on YouTube 3. A pack of Lays late at night 4. That episode from Seinfeld or Friends 5. Idling away morning hours in the bed 6. That planned "sick" leave 7. Right Click and Inspect Element (Q) on random sites 8. Cheap, unnecessary …

22:39: Stoop has to be one of the very apps that works far better on Android than on iOS. The later lags, stutters, doesn’t register taps and swipes often. The former also does all this, but comparatively less.

March 12, 2021

23:55: What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word “India”? What’s the second thing? And if you search for the stock images with the word, do the results reflect your thoughts? For many that I know of, the answer is always in negative.

March 9, 2021

19:06: I cringe when someone uses the phrase “normal people” while describing a section of a service’s users. Is that the best usage of the phrase? What does it make me, one who doesn’t use the service in the “normal” way? Abnormal? Why would you call your user that?

March 8, 2021

22:43: My daughter has been reading short storybooks since she was 5. She likes to read – she would find a comfortable corner for herself and start reading her books. I was a bit cautious introducing her to a full-length novel, though. I didn’t want to dampen her interest in reading by the …

March 6, 2021

10:00: I’ve removed all the custom fonts, something that I’ve been extremely picky about, from my site now. This has drastically improved the load times across the pages, at times loading within a second. Sure it does lose the personality, but I’m ecstatic with the benefits.

18:44: Who is Ghost targeted at? Why is everything around this service so pricey? I understand that it provides the self-hosted option - but that ain’t cheap either. When all such services charge anywhere bewteen $5-$10, why are most options for Ghost around $20? What’s so premium?

March 5, 2021

06:34: Wow, there has been a deluge of Hello messages written to the “world” today. The world must be feeling overwhelmed, wondering what ruffled us earthlings today 😬

March 4, 2021

09:49: Me, Reading → No! How can this be?! I’ve read only fifty-two per cent of this damn book? No! How can this be?! That’s exactly me, reading.

March 1, 2021

10:31: Is there a threshold of word count that when hit, and only then, an essay or a book will be considered notable? Or what is communicated be taken seriously? If not, why do I see authors unnecessary lengthening the prose? Come to the point, make it with conviction and sign off.

February 28, 2021

13:11: Just a few pages in and I was excited to read Factfulness by Hans Rosling. Given the times we are living in today, whoever claims that “the world, for all its imperfections, is in a much better state than we might think” has my attention.

February 27, 2021

08:12: I finished reading Endless Night by Agatha Christie and am not at all impressed. This review might contain spoilers, but I can’t help I have to rant. Nah, I am not letting the ending influence the overall rating for the book again. It is easy to get wowed by the intelligent ending and rate …

15:25: March is yet to begin and the Summer’s already here. The room coolers are out. The earthen pots that store the water are out. And watermelon is in the home! AC, fridge and icecreams don’t bring the same joy to me. Anyway it’s close to 🍉’o clock 😁

February 26, 2021

07:02: Why is it that it's only the Mac, iPhone, or iPad apps that work well with the Indieweb principles? Say, for example, integrating well through a micropub endpoint? Are all Indieweb app developers in the Apple ecosystem?

07:38: On Personal Names... I have a pretty common first name (or given name as it is called at some places). It’s so common that even the movie characters with my name have rarely had any significant part to play. I believed my surname was uncommon, making the combination unique. But I was wrong with my assumption …

February 24, 2021

07:19: I only recently came across this wonderful Netflix show Manhunt: Unabomber. Boy, it was brilliant - No idea how it missed my radar. Such a thrilling story narrated in an engrossing manner. Masterful, intelligent and affecting.

20:45: Sometimes I get afraid of tapping that YouTube app. It just drains too much of my time - even with all my efforts to make the service a lot less addictive. I fear this service even more than any social media app out there. I know I will start with something interesting, but will eventually start …

21:14: I don't like GitHub's dark theme - it's painful to my eyes. There's too much contrast between the dark background and the lighter fonts. It's not simply about going white on black - getting the balance of shades right is not a trivial thing.

February 23, 2021

07:18: For all the non-iOS users, what’s the Android phone that you currently use or are planning to upgrade to? (That question also brings a sad reality of duopoly that the exists today.)

08:47: Dropbox can also store your passwords now with their password manager - and it’s built into their Plus and Professional plans. This could be a good option for those affected by the LastPass change to their Free plan. Not for me though - am not (yet) a paying Dropbox customer. I don’t …

February 18, 2021

09:51: Of course, there had to be a term decision fatigue - “the emotional and mental strain resulting from a burden of choices”. It has to be the king of all fatigues. It leaves you paralyzed. What’s worse is you still go through your motions as if everything’s normal. Pathetic!

February 17, 2021

19:23: I know password manager's an important service and one shouldn't hesitate to pay for it. But LastPass's free tier was a good enough option for me; there was no feature that I needed to pay the subscription price for. That changed with today's modifications to that free tier. That update also made …

February 11, 2021

08:55: I finished (finally!) reading 4:50 from Paddington today. I was about to rate this book a lot lower than what I eventually did. The meandering second half - a difficult feat in an already short book - made me forget how brilliant the first half of the book was. I felt this was a short story that …

18:56: I read a headline “The science of reasoning with unreasonable people”. Why would I do that?

22:29: Is today’s doomscrolling a severe variant of 2007’s wwilfing? I’d, for sure, suffered from the later during my early blogging days. We humans have since long mastered two things – finding the most boring ways to kill our productivity & naming them in the most creative …

February 9, 2021

09:19: Has anyone used Beeper - “a single app to chat on iMessage, WhatsApp, and 13 other networks”? And it is built on an open source project, Matrix? It sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch - there must be one?

14:12: Stop Defacing Quotes With Brackets! → If the changes are not obvious, don’t use the quote; if they’re not necessary, don’t use the brackets. The goal is to present the quotation as directly as possible.

February 8, 2021

07:48: Why We Fight Over Fiction → Our moral evaluations of the main big actions that influence our world today, and that built our world from past worlds, are still up for grabs.

10:15: This comment from Dave Winer made me pause. [Y]ou don’t make money from a blog or podcast, but you can make money because of a blog or podcast.

February 1, 2021

08:40: Why is it that every time I take a break from writing, for whatever reason, I find it extremely difficult to get back? I feel the longer am away, the better the next post has to be; it has to explain why I was away. May be I am not comfortable? That’s stupid, but I can’t help.

December 31, 2020

20:10: I managed to complete my 2020 reading challenge – finished reading Fraudster by R.V. Raman. This one had a pretty interesting storyline with lots of twists and red herring peppered across the chapters. Having said that, I wish the writing in the middle third was a lot more crisp. It gets too …

December 17, 2020

19:00: I am just one book away to complete my 2020 reading challenge. Goodreads tells me there are still 14 days left! It believes I can do it! I know many can. I don’t know if I can in 2020. Such has been this year.

December 8, 2020

11:09: Achieving simplicity is the most complex activity.

19:21: I wish Micro.blog had an option to delivery email digest of the posts - I like the way Dave Winer has setup his daily “newsletter”. It’s a good way to follow one’s thoughts. Even if no one else, I myself would like to receive a digest on a schedule - daily, weekly whatever.

December 5, 2020

09:57: Tenet is finally getting a theatrical release in India. And of the 4 reviews that I skimmed the headline of, the verdict is split. Does it matter? Not at all, I am going to watch anything that Nolan makes. In theater? Absolutely not, even if it’s made by Nolan.

December 4, 2020

12:14: I was fascinated to learn about the so called town under one roof - Whittier. It has to be one of the most isolated places which people call home. I have so many questions about how the residents of this town make this place a home, how the isolation, the sameness affects them. It mustn’t be …

December 3, 2020

10:13: Public speaking is a skill not all who speak publicly master - many tend to lose the listener’s attention. Defeats the whole purpose when people who you want the most focused aren’t even listening to you.

November 30, 2020

22:18: Prompts help me write - this last month has reinforced this belief of mine. It’d helped me when I was writing more fictions as response to weekly prompts. However, it also made me realise that writing daily and freely doesn’t come naturally to me.

November 29, 2020

22:16: It was a dark lane, darkened further by a fluctuating street lamp. The pedestrian found it curious how it wasn’t the darkness, but the undependable light that made him queasy. A stay dog sensed his uneasiness, considered a bark, but gave a dull yawn. A sigh passed the dog by.

November 28, 2020

22:30: The masks can’t mask the ugliness of one’s soul. In that sense, it is absolutely transparent.

November 27, 2020

12:13: It’s refreshing to see some one-day cricket action back with two strong teams in India and Australia competing. Australia is a lot stronger team on paper with some good specialists and effective all rounders 🏏 And I see there are fans on ground, not sure how I feel about that.

22:20: I just watched Ocean’s Twelve - such a silly, illogical film. Absolutely disappointed again, the dilemma now is should I watch the prequel first or the sequel. I would want to keep the interest in the trilogy intact. So maybe lesser the better.

November 26, 2020

15:15: The New York Times Sells Envy → [E]nvy and ingratitude sell, so Manjoo gets to misrepresent data, twist facts, and sow resentment in the paper of record.

15:35: There are very few people that love their blogs, and talk about their setup with more affection than Dave Winer. He keeps updating small things here and there and talks about it frequently. The genuineness with which he expresses his triumphant happiness is praiseworthy.

19:12: Here’s a theory, iPads and MacBooks would some day (not too far away, too) run the same operating system, not just operating systems with the same core. They would just be two form factors. The unification has already started with macOS Big Sur, anyway.

21:21: I find it curious that I often think better clear when my mind is full of thoughts. I am edgy with an empty mind. So when I am edgy, I read more. When I read more, I tend to get my mind filled with thoughts. When I think more, I write more - I want to analyse my thoughts, judge them. I’ve …

22:17: It’s pretty obvious that one adjusts those knobs that they control. So isn’t it better to adjust one’s expectations than another’s behavior? At the same time, adjusting one’s expectations isn’t akin to adjusting with someone. The later should never call for …

November 25, 2020

22:16: The world would be so much simpler, calmer if the only way to communicate with others was to call them. No thumbs-up. No likes. No broadcast. No megaphone. No ranting in a void. It would also be a world with lesser, but a lot closer and stronger connections.

November 24, 2020

11:49: To Let it Out → You’ve been through a lot this year and it looks like you need the perfect place to let your frustrations out. Somewhere big, vast and untouched. (…) Record your scream and we’ll release it in Iceland’s beautiful, wide-open spaces. What unique idea that!

22:31: In India, there are set of stores called provision stores - they are commonly seen in every locality. It was only when I moved outside of India later that I realised the use of the word is not common in other countries. For me, that name best reflects what the store stands for.

November 23, 2020

10:50: When Computers Were Cool → [T]here isn’t, today, an equivalent of the SGI Indy, or the Sun SPARCstation, or the DEC Alpha, or any of the other professional workstations. The only thing that’s on offer is more of the same user experience, only slightly faster. That’s why computers …

22:14: All forms of art have potential to capture even intricate aspects of our world. A still photo can capture a moment, a memory, an emotion. Even motion. So can music. A painting. Or a movie. That’s why I respect artists. Because they can capture the essence of our life.

November 22, 2020

10:45: Why’s there still no TV show around Harry Potter universe? I would love know a lot more about some brilliant characters. And species. In different genres. Like give me a sitcom on house-elves. I would watch that any day. There’s so much scope for fantastic stories.

22:53: I read the word Border and first thing that comes to my mind is the 1997 iconic film that I’d watched on the verge of turning a teenager. It, for a long time, defined what a war movie is and had a song that describes the pain of a soldier better than any movie ever could.

November 21, 2020

22:27: I love winters because I love sweaters. Nothing can beat the comfort that a warm, cosy sweater lends on a chilly winter morning. Simple pleasures!

November 20, 2020

22:11: As the day fades away into the darkness, so does my hope of ending the day with a few items from my to-do (mostly a to-read/to-write) list ticked off. Such have been the last few festive months - it’s time now to slow down a little.

November 19, 2020

20:53: The statement “it’s not possible” is incomplete if not associated with either a subject or time. More often than not, it’s both. Generally, what’s not said but is implicit is “..for me, yet”.

November 18, 2020

21:54: Apple’s dependence on Intel is about to end, I guess? Or may be not for pros? One never know what’s being tested in the secret labs.

November 17, 2020

20:46: I drove to my native village today - a trip that I took a lot many times by a passenger train as a child. The travel was tiring, took hours and usually ended with a bullock cart ride as it got dark around. The drive was comfortable today, but the travel wasn’t as much fun.

November 16, 2020

22:22: Memories, happy & sad - something I never knew staying stuck at home would ever form. The pandemic has enlightened me. Exotic locations are optional - one just need to feel inside.

November 15, 2020

23:36: In a galaxy far far away, there is a beacon being launched in search of life on other planets. They are launched often. We call them shooting stars 🌠

November 14, 2020

23:05: Continuing the theme of capturing the colors of Rangoli in the light of Diyas! Of course, the skill and the underlying efforts matter a lot more than mine.

23:26: One man’s spooky is another man’s adornment. One man’s spooky is another man’s prosthetic. At times.. One man’s spooky is another man’s art! O_o

November 13, 2020

06:48: Google Photos Just Made the Case for Breaking Up Big Tech→ Now that Google has lured more than 1 billion users to the service, making it an integral part of their digital lives (not to mention a huge hassle to switch , that original selling point is gone. It’s that part emphasized that …

21:16: Every Diwali, I capture how Diyas enliven the colors of Rangoli – oddness of this year hasn’t dampened that interest of mine. To all those celebrating this festival of lights and togetherness, wish you a very happy Diwali!

22:23: I guess “I guess” is used more as a filler than an actual guess. The world can’t survive with this amount of guessing - I guess. #goofing

November 12, 2020

12:29: An updated daily front page of The New York Times as artwork on your wall → Every morning, I wake up to a fresh edition of the Times on my wall. I find it wonderful to hover for a bit with a cup of coffee, scanning the headlines or reading an article. Mission accomplished and I am one satisfied …

22:08: I don’t understand the concept of maturity ratings - why is there no universal, simple system? The brains of kids all around the world are wired the same. So why can’t we just say 7+, 13+ etc irrespective of the country?

22:20: Apple Arcade games are too large in size. Even if there’s a game that interests me, I have to first download and install it - which takes enough time to pull me out of the flow. Instant play is necessary - otherwise it’s just a games-only app store.

22:30: The chilly winds are in and around, the winter wears are out. But old ones are showing the wear, so it’s time to pull those new winter wears I had put away to wear later. That later is now.

November 11, 2020

21:53: Don’t let something knock at the walls of your heart for so long that it starts to become a burden. Say it, rather. Saying nothing, when it might affect others, might be righteous. And courageous. But it shouldn’t be self-inflicting.

November 10, 2020

23:26: The elderly - a species that knows a lot, speaks a lot, but isn’t heard enough. An unfortunate truth of our lives.

November 9, 2020

08:19: If Apple wishes to continue selling iPhone XR, I hope it refreshes the internals along with SE. I can no longer go back to such a small screen (am not talking about the body size). But an XR with the internals of SE would really interest me.

23:14: The force of circumstances has to be amongst the strongest forces that exists in this earthly universe. It can twist and break even strongest of the beings. But, hope. Now, that helps thrive.

November 8, 2020

22:36: In bind, we all are. Of routine. Of strange. Of situation. Of schedule. Of life. Yet we trudge along, our adaptability, our perseverance to break the shackles defines us humans.

November 7, 2020

22:44: Inflating egos have caused more worriment for us humans than any technological evils we fabricated. We are egotistical fools in that sense.

November 6, 2020

08:25: I had no clue about the size of iPhone 12 Pro Max until I looked at all of them together. This device is huge, even when compared to the regular Pro. Source: The Verge

21:43: I got into Star Wars pretty late – although I do vaguely remember watching The Phantom Menace in theaters as a child, I didn’t understand much. I’ve grown to be a fan of the universe since then. However, the Star Trek phenomenon is still puzzling to me. Where does one begin?

22:29: Feature Requests for Micro.blog Hosting I’ve got a few minor (?) feature requests for Micro.blog hosting based on my limited experience with the service. I think these features will further heighten and simplify the experience. I wish the edit buttons were available on the posts in the timeline, for example, right next to the …

November 5, 2020

06:42: From whatever little I’ve learnt about the man in the last 4 years, if Trump loses the election, these are going to be a couple of tumultuous months. Some unprepared uproar. Lots of vile tweets. Kindness is unlikely.

07:41: I am excited for the IPL playoffs that begin today. Even though I’ve been a staunch supporter of Mumbai Indians from the first year of this league, somewhere deep down I want a new champion this year. So, I will be rooting for the Delhi Capitals, the young team.

23:32: Stoop, I often to greet someone in respect. Stoop, I never to earn from someone the “respect”.

November 4, 2020

22:52: There’s a pathway near my home that I took a stroll on today - it was so calm, and so close by that I’m surprised it took years for me to walk there. It’s never about the distance.

November 3, 2020

22:33: It’s not the extraordinary that astonishes me anymore but the usual. Such has been the year.

November 2, 2020

11:44: Dave Winer writing on how uneasy he feels about the impending US presidential elections. Is it so bad, really? I wish I had a big Pause button, let’s just hold here for a while. I’m more comfortable living in limbo than knowing the outcome of Tuesday’s election.

23:02: One would think with the lull outside, with hardly anything to do outside, it would be easier to concentrate on work or a hobby. But we human beings have mastered the art of not staying bored, rather surround ourselves with more distraction than we can handle. Only us.

November 1, 2020

11:36: On Motivation and Writing Prompts → Prompts don’t “force” us to be creative: they give us an excuse to practice, to play with our tools, and, if we’re lucky, to make discoveries we might not otherwise have made. I agree with Robert - prompts are to get you practice writing.

20:39: I just created an account at Letterboxd, I’ve been delaying this for no reason. I love Goodreads because I can track and get the recommendations for books. I’m sure Letterboxd will do the same for movies. I wonder though, can I rate a movie high, yet still not like it?

21:13: With the way IPL has played out this year, I’m sure the mood in many teams room is a tad dreary. Many performances picked up late causing reshuffle of the points table towards the later half. Though only Mumbai Indians have been consistent, I hope we get a new champion.

21:42: Liked a review for The Trial of the Chicago 7 – sums up my thoughts about the movie really well. Aaron Sorkin is way too good a writer to be forced to work with such a mediocre director as Aaron Sorkin.

October 31, 2020

17:31: Through the Dark Clouds - A Short Story The lady on the microphone announced in her squeaky voice, “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Mumbai airport.” Oas groaned, closed his eyes, and contorted his face like only an exasperated 75-year-old can. Having heard her numerous times in the last couple of hours, he was tired of …

19:48: I really enjoyed Aaron Sorkin’s The Trial of the Chicago 7 - it was an absorbing account of an event I didn’t have much information about. I usually like the well-made courtroom dramas and this one was no different. And I also usually love Sorkin’s method of telling stories and, …

20:34: I am not too convinced with this reverse toonification experiment of Pixar characters - every result’s too close to uncanny valley for my comfort. Especially the eyes, they look terrible wrong. The larger, rounder eyes look good only on toons.

22:49: I came across this opinion from Jack Baty about static sites and I completely agree with him. [P]ublishing a static site is like sending a document to a printer. I have to make sure everything is connected, that there’s paper in the machine, and then wait for the job to finish before seeing the …

October 30, 2020

10:41: I’ve been under the weather since a last few days & felt the worst yesterday evening. I haven’t fet this uneasy since a long time. I could neither sit nor sleep - walking too was difficult. I’d a terrible couple of hours - the only comfort was I was around people closest to me.

11:19: There was a time when I loved using Last.fm. The recommendations were brilliant; they had also nailed the social aspects around music consumption. But once the music went streaming, I felt no need for this service. Does anyone still uses this service? For what?

21:02: Before there was Pixar, I had studied under this Pixar lamp. Those were the days when priorities were pretty clear.

October 29, 2020

07:44: There are elections in US and then there are elections in India. I don’t know how it’s in US, but boy, the dance of democracy is in full flow here in India. You look at some rallies and wonder if we are really living through a Pandemic.

15:24: An apt reminder from John Gruber on why leaders still matter, they instill virtues. A sense that we’re in this together, and that the quickest (if not only) way out is via short-term collective sacrifice. Wear masks, stay apart, don’t gather. Find more patience.

October 28, 2020

11:14: I have always1 wondered when is it that I write the most? What makes me active at writing? Or when is it that I stop (or pause) writing? Is the ease of putting the words out? Or is it the clarity of thoughts inside? I spend a lot of time on what’s outside, the immaterial material stuff. …

23:53: My quest for simplicity wins me over again. Simple is always better. It’s a lot less friction prone.

October 27, 2020

21:11: I have been writing a lot less recently - I wish I knew why. I think the prime reason for that is the recent change in routine. I’m not sure the blame lies completely there though. I just dont feel I’ve enough time.

22:49: I wonder if I would be ok to post mainly from mobile, but as a regular micropub post. WordPress always allowed me to post so much more. I am not sure what m.b allows. It should be good enough, but is it really? That would be a test.

October 18, 2020

18:49: Yesterday marked the beginning of Navratri, a nine-day festival for us Indians. And again, as has been the trend this year, the festivities are dampened by the phantom presence and talks of pandemic rampaging outside. Each year, Ganesh Chaturthi, the long 10-day festival begins the season of …

October 6, 2020

21:29: I hate shopping for deodorant... That sentiment is a lot stronger for me in today’s times of a pandemic that spreads by touching any of the open holes on a human’s face. I’m tensed anytime I’m to touch my own face these days, especially if I don’t have a hand wash or sanitizer around. I hate this …

October 4, 2020

18:12: I watched Moneyball today and, as someone who doesn’t fully understand baseball, I didn’t like it as much as the ratings would suggest. Sure, it’s a good drama, but not a good sports movie. It felt tailored-made specifically for US viewers.

18:53: I also binge-watched the complete final season of The Good Place. I didn’t like it at all - such a disappointing finale for a brilliant series overall. With unnecessary blabbering and too much of gyan, it just went downhill with each episode. About an hour-long final one was a drag - …

September 29, 2020

14:11: I read this heartfelt post at McSweeney’s by Jen Coleman, a high school English teacher, on children already returning to schools amidst the pandemic. It makes no sense to me that someone somewhere is making a decision that puts these budding souls at risk just so that the perception of …

21:57: I enjoy reading books and essays in the humour genre the most. However, I find it extremely difficult to consistently find something funny that excites me. I look at the Goodreads recommendations for humour and all are memoir types. Or they were written a long time back. Is this genre just not …

September 27, 2020

07:41: I finished reading the second book in The Rabbi Small Mysteries series, Saturday the Rabbi Went Hungry. Though I enjoyed this story, the overall experience was a bit dampened by the political subplots and unnecessary chatters. Sure, every discussion that Rabbi was involved in was, though repetitive, …

September 23, 2020

13:20: Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!” Hunter S. Thompson

13:59: Getting Back to Reading More Books If there’s one positive change that the lockdown has brought into my routine, it would be that I am reading a lot more, both online essays & books. My Goodreads currently reading list is full of some wonderful books. It is a result of some intentional changes in my habit and the easy …

September 20, 2020

18:36: Book Review - Friday the Rabbi Slept Late Through some wonderful recommendations from folks I have learnt to trust now, I came across this brilliant mystery series featuring one of the most likeable characters I have read, Rabbi Small. I enjoy reading mystery as a genre the most - in that whodunit has a special place in my mind. It is the …

23:12: I asked Alexa to set a reminder for 10 PM. She did, however for the next day. Then I asked Siri to do the same. She said there’s no app that can do that. Well, Reminders app was offloaded. Because, storage. Then I asked Google. It did what I wanted.

September 19, 2020

10:32: The online Apple Store is finally launching in India in a week. I need to be fast and block all my credit cards. I have heard many stories of how Apple makes the buying experience so simple that most buys are instinctive. And with current times of lockdown, my mind is full of abrupt instincts. On a …

16:00: As I read this post that I wrote exactly 12 years back, I wish I could be more like that guy. He didn’t care about how random the thought was. He was fearless. He may not make sense always, but he never let that hold him back. He didn’t worry about what the reader might think about him. …

September 15, 2020

22:13: One of my senior colleagues delivered a timely reminder of one truth – we don’t take any good or bad decision. Because no decision is good or bad until we get to the result that decision leads to. And given the fact that no one sensible can predict the future, you can only judge a …

September 12, 2020

22:12: Small Town Diaries – Waltz of the Rain I felt very close to the rain today. I don’t like to get drenched in a downpour. Or to get damp in a drizzle. As a child, I used to sit at the edge of the veranda and watch the rain play its games. I did that again today after a long, long time. The clouds gave way to a slight drizzle and …

September 2, 2020

23:28: When I began the little side project about ten weeks back, I hadn’t set any specific expectations from it. Or from myself. I had an itch, an idea for sharing my interest in everything about writing with other folks who share my passion. I wanted to explore the newsletter as a medium to reach …

August 31, 2020

00:08: Ever since I travelled back to my hometown, I have not been able to keep up with my routine. I’m not sure of the reasons, but things have been tricky. One reason I believe is my mindset. For years now, I have been travelling to this place, to my other home, only on vacations. I would take long …

23:11: Small Town Diaries - Shopping I went casual shopping today. I didn’t dress up as I would normally do whenever I go out in my hometown. How I look as I go outside does not matter to me much these days. Anyway, all I had to shop for was some groceries and a few ointments. The way I looked today was fine for the larger town I …

August 19, 2020

23:38: I recently took a big decision to travel across the state and temporarily settle down into my hometown. Closer to my family and friends. I’m anyway working from home. So it doesn’t matter how far away from the office I actually am. It wasn’t an easy decision, but a strong desire to …

August 17, 2020

20:23: Inspiration, Focus and Craft Writing is a difficult trade which must be learned slowly by reading great authors; by trying at the outset to imitate them; by daring then to be original and by destroying one’s first productions. André Maurois A writer is driven to satisfaction by three key factors. The first is an inspiration to …

August 12, 2020

23:55: Another issue of Slanting Nib & A Keyboard newsletter is out today. It features a few essays from the masters who have, over the years, learned to command the art by confronting each of the factors that drive every writer or a creative mind to satisfaction - inspiration, focus and craft. I had …

August 8, 2020

18:37: I always wonder what drives the journalists that sit in their air-conditioned newsrooms to go on a monologue. Questioning every other person, related to every news that has happened today. Or yesterday. Or in the last week. Or in the last year. The freshness, the relevance of the news they are …

21:44: I need to stop treating the weekends as special. I stay up late on the night before, ergo I get up late. I am getting more lone time, I convince myself. I have now realized that’s not the case. The late nights can give me some hours when all are asleep. But I enjoy the early mornings much …

August 7, 2020

07:23: We never call anything that’s good ‘content’. Nobody walks out of a movie they loved and says, ‘Wow! What great content!’ Nobody listens to ‘content’ on their way to work in the morning. Do you think anybody ever called Ernest Hemingway a ‘content creator’? If they did, I bet he would punch ‘em in …

August 5, 2020

22:39: Another issue of Slanting Nib & A Keyboard newsletter is out today. It features a few well-written essays that talk about the partisan debates around the different forms of the books, starting with their evolution over the years, from “the clay tablets to the e-book format”. The …

August 4, 2020

07:38: I came across this short little post I’d written 9 years back, ruminating on how we are so different. I believe if there’s anything that this year has proven, it is that just my small wish of uniting us my name was so naive. We, the people of India; the divided people of India. We are …

August 3, 2020

23:01: Writing in Markdown is not always easy. If you are providing an interface, an editor of any form, you shouldn’t force your users to write in markdown. Especially if you are expecting them to use your application on a mobile device. It’s a complete mess on the smaller mobile screens. …

August 2, 2020

20:00: Library Is a Space Ship, Time Machine and Much More “A library, to modify the famous metaphor of Socrates, should be the delivery room for the birth of ideas - a place where history comes to life.” Norman Cousins Though it’s an apt characterization, a library has been labelled in many more ways. For some, it’s a getaway, a place they tip-toe into to …

23:54: I recently watched Free Solo, 1917 and Greyhound. Here are my thoughts. Free Solo This was such a thrilling documentary. I have rarely used that adjective for a documentary. But this one is so very different. I cannot fathom someone’s possession for their passion can blind them to the risks …

August 1, 2020

20:11: Perfectionism Isn't Healthy I have been closely monitoring what affects my behaviour recently. One of the aspects that I’d identified was that I was always judging myself, was always thinking, analyzing my current actions for their effect on my future. I’d decided to stop doing that. But while I wrote that, I …

July 29, 2020

22:50: The sixth issue of Slanting Nib & A Keyboard newsletter is out today. It features a few essays that depict what libraries mean to a few writers and what, according to them, they should mean to everyone else. A mix of prominent personalities out to corroborate, with their powerful words, the …

July 27, 2020

22:15: I subscribed to Pocket Premium today. Recently, I have been reading a lot of articles on the web. And most of the times, it is on Pocket. I save the recommended articles from newsletters, blogs or Twitter to be read later and catch up on them towards the end of the day. Or when I have some free time …

July 26, 2020

22:26: This, That and A Lot on Punctuation “I found a great many pieces of punctuation and typography lying around dormant when I came along - and I must say I had a good time using them.” – Tom Wolfe A lot has been said and suggested by authors, amateur and experienced, on how we should and should not use punctuation. Setting aside the …

July 25, 2020

16:45: Finished reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. I didn’t want to read another self-help book. But this one had been recommended to me for so many days, so many times that I had to read this once. Going in, I absolutely knew what to expect of the book. I got just that. It just was structured …

July 24, 2020

22:45: I don't know how to meditate I recently wanted to attempt meditation again. I have already tried getting into a habit of regular meditation sessions many times before this. However, as always, even this time, I couldn’t go through the sessions for any significant duration of time. I can’t seem to understand what I …

July 23, 2020

22:30: Buying Experience with Time I spent the last weekend idling around; I did not do anything that I have always considered “productive”. No reading novels. Or catching up on my read later lists. Or writing. Or working on the short story in progress. Nothing. I spent the whole two days lying on my sofa, enjoying a …

July 22, 2020

23:00: Another issue of Slanting Nib & A Keyboard newsletter is out today. It features essays that provide a brief history of how punctuation evolved, its significance, some valuable tips and witty guidelines on using the marks. This week’s issue also introduces a slight twist in the featured …

July 20, 2020

18:07: Twitter is a lossy compression medium. You compress an idea into a few phrases, and people must expand it, often getting something else. Benedict Evans

23:00: Is 20 percent project still followed at Google? One where every employee is recommended to spend 80% on the official job and 20% on the project of their choice? I wonder because every time we hear about the success of this particular experiment at Google, we hear about the same old handful of …

July 17, 2020

20:30: Slow Down. Be Present. I’m consciously slowing myself down recently while doing everything . I’ve spent too much time worrying about the small things, planning about things too far in future. I’ve realised I’m not living in the moment. That’s not healthy. So, I’m taking time doing my …

July 15, 2020

12:51: Each human being has been granted two qualities: power and gift. Power drives a person to meet his/her destiny, his gift obliges that person to share with others which is good in him/her. A human being must know when to use power, and when to use compassion. Paulo Coelho

23:01: The next issue of Slanting Nib & A Keyboard is out now and should be in your inbox if you have already subscribed. It features a few brilliant essays from some well-known voices on the importance and effectiveness of writing styles. If you haven’t yet subscribed, do give it a read online. …

July 12, 2020

13:20: I have unsubscribed from most (all?) of the daily newsletters about news. I am already bombarded with news that’s mostly about world’s burning. I do not want even my inbox to welcome me all the crazy updates from the world, but especially US. Most newsletters cover that and it’s …

July 11, 2020

12:24: Don’t Let Micro-Stresses Burn You Out The problem is that most of us have come to accept micro-stresses as just a normal part of a day. We hardly acknowledge them, but cumulatively they are wearing us down. And what’s worse is that the sources of these micro-stresses are often the people — in and out of work — with whom we are closest. …

22:05: Proposed Captcha for the AI Age I recently read this brilliant comic by Zach Weinersmith at SMBC. And the first thought I had was this “has to be the most foolproof way there exists to prove yourself human” Seriously, I am tired of proving to Google that I’m human by selecting grids with zebra crossings in them. …

July 9, 2020

21:00: Shuddering - A flash fiction Raghav woke up from his deep slumber; he wasn’t prone to these breaks in his sleep as long as there wasn’t a reason for that. He felt he heard a constant buzzing sound; he wasn’t hearing any now. He attempted to gain his full senses. He looked at the dimmed screen of his iPhone; it hadn’t woken him …

July 8, 2020

22:36: The third issue of Slanting Nib & A Keyboard newsletter is out today. It features thoughts from a few brilliant minds on what makes writing natural. Be it in a notebook to be relished privately. Or be it published to be critiqued openly. Again, am pretty satisfied with how even this issue has …

July 6, 2020

19:53: When Did Americans Lose Their British Accents? The absence of audio recording technology makes “when” a tough question to answer. But there are some theories as to “why.” Matt Soniak at Mental Floss

20:55: One of my dad’s closest friend passed away today. Understandably, my dad was very sombre for the whole day. He told me he had spoken to his friend just yesterday when he was all fine. Just last week, my aunt too had lost her father. She also told me she had spoken to her dad just a day before …

July 5, 2020

21:55: I'm not subscribing to HEY I have finally made my mind. I am not going to pay for HEY. It is a wonderful service, no doubt. I love it. I just don’t need it. I have been using HEY for almost two weeks now and since last few days, I have hardly acted on any emails the way the team wants me to. Most emails have been …

July 4, 2020

07:28: It’s not cute when you see a child struggling with a magazine because she thinks it’s an iPad; it’s sad. Give the kids books and magazines to play with before you give them a smartphone or an iPad. They will grow more better.

08:15: USA! USA! USA! Give me liberty or give me death? In response, the Pandemic leans forward with a big grin full of rotting teeth. Why not both? Go out! Have some fun. You’ve been cooped up too long. You deserve this. To all who hear me, you deserve something far better than a fun holiday weekend. You deserve a long …

23:23: I just watched Hamilton and am left breathless – what an experience this was. I’m so glad that Disney decided to release it digitally worldwide so that the people world over can witness the extravaganza. There were so many moments when I was singing and swaying along or sitting stunned …

July 3, 2020

23:12: What else could I do? I am making sure I stay sane, healthy. I am spending time on, for and with myself. I am taking care of myself to the extent that I never did before. What else could I do? I am making sure my family stays safe. I am sharing stories, laughing a lot with them. I am playing with my daughter. All her …

July 2, 2020

07:28: Yesterday I managed to get all my subscriptions into a single place to check how much I was spending on services. Boy, I was in for a shock. My subscription for media services has grown two-fold. Lockdown is, of course, a cause. So, I will let it float around till normalcy returns outside. I always …

21:43: You know, ultimately, we all have to believe things we haven’t seen. As rational as we are, as committed to intellect as we are. Innovation, creativity, development come not from the ideas in our mind alone. They are also fueled by some conviction in our heart. And it’s that mind-heart …

23:00: I'm not going to write about... Facebook and Zuckerberg. And I think even the big publications all round, the likes of Wired and NYTimes, need to stop writing about the issues inside Facebook. They call their edits “exclusive”, tag them as an inside look at what transpired behind the tall walls. But that hardly matters …

July 1, 2020

00:03: The second issue of my weekly newsletter Slanting Nib & A Keyboard is ready and scheduled to be delivered in a few hours. I am completely humbled by the feedback and the response that the first issue received. I hope the second issue manages to keep the interest intact for the subscribers. I am …

16:51: I find it curious that while Apple is rolling out the support for widgets and personalization so late into its existence, Google is doing it late with Airdrop-like functionality in Android. Just highlights the different priorities both the platforms began with. No platform is “late” with …

23:00: The second issue of Slanting Nib & A Keyboard is out and should be in your inboxes if you’d subscribed. I hope it caught your interest and hopefully brought a smile to your face and some thoughts in your mind. If you haven’t subscribed, you can read it online. And if you do like it, …

June 29, 2020

19:16: My definition of magic in the human personality, in fiction and in poetry, is the ultimate level of attentiveness. Nearly everyone goes through life with the same potential perceptions and baggage, whether it’s marriage, children, education, or unhappy childhoods, whatever; and when I say …

22:15: HEY has me conflicted I paused at that last word in the title. I was so close to writing “hooked”. But then I thought have they really sold the promise yet? No doubt, they are close. But, it’s not a done deal yet. Why is this service so enticing though? I mean it’s just an email service. I …

June 28, 2020

01:53: I am planning to roll out some changes to my blog. I fear there would be many things that would be broken. Most importantly, soon, the RSS feed may not work. So if you are following me via my RSS feed, you might miss my posts. If you do, please resubscribe in a few days.

22:47: Finally, I have completed a pretty tricky exercise that I had started about a couple of weeks back. It wasn’t tricky because I wanted to move my website to a different platform. It was tricky because I wanted to do it cleanly. I wanted to retain as many things that worked well for me as I …

June 27, 2020

15:40: I find it extremely interesting that I have most things going for it now. I do not know what’s even missing. Why can’t I just make this my new home? Sure if can’t be bad, right? Let’s look at the pros and cons. Rather this is a thought dump of sorts. No pros and cons, just …

June 26, 2020

05:42: I am not yet sure how can I live without the quick draft. I need this option so bad. When I have a thought, I want to put it out.

June 23, 2020

23:24: I am about to start an exciting project. I plan to publish a newsletter for writers — a writing toolkit, of sorts. With each short update, I will post a set of helpful/interesting links and tools to get you inspired to write more. I would love to get some feedback on what works …

June 22, 2020

07:24: Another test post, from the WordPress editor. Things look absolutely fine from here. They aren’t wrong. Why does it matter how they look on the inside? Will I ever want to look there? Possibly not. Then why does it matter? Why can’t I use this as my editor of choice?

June 21, 2020

23:19: Every Pixar Movie Ranked * Vox Media has an updating list of all the Pixar movies, ranked by their Culture team from worst to best. They have been doing this since last year. So it is interesting to see the list updated with every Pixar release. Since the release of its very first feature film, Toy Story, in 1995, Pixar has …

June 20, 2020

16:23: At times I wonder.. Why do I make things complicated for myself? Why can’t I keep it very simple? There is no need to spend too much time on fighting or working on something that’s not perfect or not exactly the way you want it to be. But it is manageable. Why is manageable not ok for me? Being satisfied …

22:58: I am surprised there aren’t more television sets that support Bluetooth to pair the headsets. Why do I have to decide if I want the larger screen or immersive sound? There are times when I want to watch a movie on the larger screen, but alone without disturbing others.

June 17, 2020

06:50: Only a child’s mind can dream up a multiplayer game of Marble Run by stitching Jenga and playing cards together. The family had an evening full of some brilliantly close races!

June 16, 2020

07:56: The only way for you to Indiewebify your WordPress blog is to subscribe to a business plan? That can’t be right because that plan’s not cheap. #indieweb

June 8, 2020

23:15: Can I reset my resolutions that I started the year 2020 with? I didn’t get my full quota of 12 months to royally mess them up like I do every year.

June 7, 2020

07:14: Rethinking stuff... It is a different sort of day today. Things are very different. I mean what’s with the lonliness within? It needn’t be this way, but this can’t be helped I guess. Anyway. I am also very much reconsider the way I publish. Am back to thinking the “no-editor” interface is …

21:06: Put a price on that "sure" There are three important rules you should live by if you want to survive in this world. First, always look over your shoulder. Second, never trust anyone. And third, never say “sure”. Not to the shopkeeper that wants you to share your mobile number with him. Not to the neighbour that …

21:34: With the whole world with their faces behind masks, I’m surprised not enough energy is spent yet on finding ones that let you keep your spectacles on. I’ve tried 3 different types of masks till now and all make my spectacles go foggy just through my breathing. Can’t be just me.

23:41: Absolutely loved, loved Onward. Such a simple story, but told with so much affection, so much heart. Pixar is a master at weaving stories around families you start caring about just in 90 minutes of runtime. Exciting action. Brilliant drama. Had a lump in my throat at the end.

June 4, 2020

09:21: NYTimes decision to publish an opinion very clearly unfit leaves me uneasy. The publications need not lend a platform for all voices through their editorials; they need not publish all opinions. You need selection/edits - that’s why they are called “Editorials”.

June 3, 2020

21:38: The choice from The Atlantic to only provide annual subscription plans isn’t working well. As much as I respect what the publication reports, I can’t sign up for this long commitment. Plus it becomes costly to get in.

June 1, 2020

15:01: The time capsule tells you so much about how thoughtful the little girl is. Look at all the items she has selected to speak for her. And then the mushy little gems in envelop! Brought a smile on my face.

May 30, 2020

08:05: The #GeorgeFloydMurder protestors in US are just people, asking for justice. I see no arms with them. Why are police afraid of and hostile to them? From outside, the protests for “Open America” looked a lot more harmful to me. They were freaking roaming around with guns.

17:14: This is absolutely gold — Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder “It also made me realize that even amongst the structures and pavements and powerlines, how interesting nature can be in a single suburban backyard if you really stopped to look.”

May 29, 2020

00:09: What if we decide that Thrusday is the start of a week and we get two days off in middle of the work week? Will we feel better? I feel by calling it “weekend” we put unnecessary pressure on Friday of reaching a logical closure.

May 23, 2020

20:34: I wonder how easy it is to write with WordPress. I know this is a brilliant platform; one that is used my many writers all over the world. Oh, yes. You read that right. Not bloggers, but writers. I have no doubt that bloggers are writers. Doesn’t matter how they movies.portray them. As Dave …

May 22, 2020

21:21: I have decided to actively be back on Twitter again. In a way, I never was off Twitter; I have been a passive contributor on Twitter for more than a year now. During that time, Micro.blog became the place that I was most active at. However, recently I have found that the platform just doesn’t …

22:18: I received a call today from an unknown number. The lady at the other end wanted to know if I was interested in a new credit card. I patiently listened as she explained all the benefits I stand a chance to receive. When she was done, I calmly declined. Normalcy felt good.

May 21, 2020

21:36: Book Review: The Mystery of the Blue Train The Mystery of the Blue Train is a typical Poirot mystery, just not presented in her signature intriguing style. There are just too many shifts to the points of view of the supporting characters. The clues are perceivable, but they aren’t backed by any information that is revealed earlier. …

May 20, 2020

09:58: My 6-year old casually asked me today, “When I will grow up and go to space, way beyond the sky, will I see God?” I don’t think I have an answer for any that? Go with spirituality or science? And I am completely blown by her cursory reference to the travel to space. She believes …

May 19, 2020

21:18: If you can write more than 2K words reviewing a small music app, it is the writing part you enjoy more. Start writing fiction.

May 18, 2020

10:08: After months in lockdown, the first thing I did today, even before I brushed, was placed a few orders on Amazon! Doesn’t matter if I need all those items — I will cancel later. But I will do anything these days to feel just a tad bit normal.

11:03: Whipping cream without an electric beater is not easy. For that matter, any part of cooking is not easy. The finesse, the delicacy needed for the job is beyond my clumsy engineering brain. I have even more respect for my wife and mom; they are masters of this art.

13:51: For every action, there are tens of justifications. For every justification, there are hundreds of questions. Questioning every action of someone else’s is easy. Providing tangible feedback about their action is the hard part.

May 17, 2020

19:23: “Most discrimination and hatred is based on a lack of empathetic awareness of people that have the same aspirations and fears” Many will recognize where they read this first. But I could never find the source. Who said this?

22:52: We are living in a simulation. Some developer has messed up a property on prod and has peacefully gone to sleep. Musk was right.

May 16, 2020

00:02: Time to get back to some focused reading. There’s nothing better than a quick, nice Poirot mystery. So I am reading The Mystery of the Blue Train.

May 14, 2020

10:00: Something deep within made me say this today - “Chickpeas in cuisine are like potholes on the road. More there are, more people learn to ignore and avoid them. Eventually, you don’t like them, but you don’t mind them either”. I think I now will always back this 🙃

May 12, 2020

06:54: Any feedback on the Freedom app? I am into a trial period, however, feel that the trial is too limiting. 7 days, 7 sessions is too less to decide if the app will be useful. I feel the app can help, especially blocking access on all device in a single session is a nice feature.

08:11: I recently came across this unique app Mubi - a curated movies streaming app. “Hand-picked Cinema” is the message from them. The idea is interesting, a selected movie each day from across the world. 30 days to catch up on the movies. Sounds wonderful for discovery.

11:45: Musk, his tweets and predictions are irritating. I can never make up my mind if he is an unlucky genius or a lucky idiot.

21:32: With Stadia, Google underestimated the lack of interest amongst the pro gamers in streaming game service. And at the same, it overestimated the number of casual gamers that would be interested in playing A-list games. It had to result in a lack of enthusiasm for the service.

May 10, 2020

19:03: Stop quoting politicians, making what meaningless they say the headlines. Quote experts, give them more space, more importance in what you write. Hopefully looking at the larger coverage that the experts gain, politicians will feel the shame. And stop playing politics for once.

May 8, 2020

07:33: Interesting to know what makes Llamas antibodies more effective again Coronavirus. Science, respect. This more diminutive antibody can access tinier pockets and crevices on spike proteins — the proteins that allow viruses like the novel coronavirus to break into host cells and infect us …

May 7, 2020

06:54: There’s still so much that we still do not know about the virus and the pandemic that followed. If the timeline of when the virus appeared in Europe does change, the official efforts to combat the contagion will turn out to have been not just too late, but hopelessly too late.

07:08: Even I hope work from home culture stays. But I also hope this does not. It isn’t healthy. I still log off at the same time I usually would. The days of logging off at the end of the workday and focusing on other things until morning, already dwindling, might be gone for good.

07:26: As much as we appreciate how effectively South Korea managed to contain the spread of the pandemic, the fact can’t be ignored that it involved steps that many democracies all around are just not comfortable signing up for and going through. To expedite testing, it gave laboratories the green …

22:10: In this period of lockdown, we’re avoiding every visit outside the home as much as possible. It also means there are times when I wish we had more than the single iPad we’ve today. A privileged ask, I know. But just can’t help - it has been the most used device outside of work.

22:22: Tech news, especially about new products, just don’t interest me any more. Feel so futile. Superficial. Superfluous.

May 5, 2020

08:35: I watched (finally) The Rise of Skywalker yesterday. I am surprised I managed to stay spoiler-free till now. I have so many thoughts, but a quick review - am disappointed. Not satisfied. I will be frank, I liked both Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. This was a big let down.

May 3, 2020

11:24: I am tired of listening to the same old rants about surveillance. I get it - the apps being used for contact tracing can potentially be used to hamper our privacy. However, such apps have proven effective in controlling the spread in many regions and nations. If you live in a democracy, you will …

17:51: The guidelines that we follow during these days - to stay clean, healthy - is affecting me in many ways. I cringe and shudder when I look at a crowded or dusty place even in movies now. Same when I see someone cough or sneeze on screen. Or touch something in public.

May 2, 2020

18:29: "I just can't do this." Harried parents forgo home school I received a call from my daughter’s school today, enquiring if all was well with her online schooling. I was left completely clueless on how to respond to that. My daughter’s school has enabled schooling of 5 subjects via an app. Each week, the app presents a new set of chapters, …

18:58: I don’t like Micro.blog’s app on iPad. The sidebar need not be sticky. It sticks out ever so more in the portrait mode. @manton.

April 30, 2020

07:34: I am really surprised by the sheer amount of heartfelt tributes pouring in for #IrrfanKhan from his fans all over the world. He never attained the conventional “stardom” - he had no quality to do so. But all he focused on was to master his craft and excel doing it. He just sincerely …

09:27: First Irrfan Khan. And now this - Rishi Kapoor hospitalised passes away, not doing well. I pray for his good health, hope he gets well soon. He too had recovered recently from cancer. 2020 isn’t done with us, I guess, yet. We are only into April. Updated

10:27: It is only April and I already hate 2020. In times like today when the world is already engulfed with a sense of hopelessness, the news like these won’t help for sure. May God have mercy on us all and bless us with the strength to ride through these challenging times.

April 29, 2020

14:39: We lost a brilliant artist very early today — this is a big, big loss to the film industries all around the world. There is so much that we missed to see from this man. The world was just starting to appreciate what he is capable of. #RIPIrrfanKhan

April 26, 2020

21:40: How am I doing right now? I recently came across this brilliant article at Quartz at Work suggesting to “move beyond “how are you doing?” and get more serious about the questions we’re asking our colleagues, friends, and family”. It presented a list of questions that one should lead with …

April 25, 2020

10:42: After Trump talked about medical usage of UV light exposure and injecting disinfectants in his press conference, Dave Pell says, “Stop live-broadcasting these batshit political rallies masquerading as press conferences. Stop the crazy coverage”. I agree. I always wondered why the …

April 24, 2020

12:27: I read this brilliant tweet from Evan Greer highlighting how cynical the techies have been left as the result of the last few years. Medical experts: we need testing, PPE, & social distancing Tech bros: so surveillance, right? Medical experts: testing, hand washing, masks & ppl staying home …

April 23, 2020

10:42: Summer is setting in — stays too hot throughout the day. And is equally bad in nights too. It is going to be a trying May ☀😰 — especially so without the regular niceties of the months of summer 🏖🍧🍹

April 20, 2020

20:55: I realize that I have so much time at hand by not doing the activities that I always wanted to avoid. Like those long commutes. Or needless trips to shopping malls. Or attending those guests that I didn’t want to. So much time at hand. So much that I could do, that I could create potentially. …

22:13: I watched a few episodes of the new Netflix miniseries Hasmukh. Only because there was Vir Das associated with it. But it was such a bore. Das didn’t fit the character - he is too posh to pull off the role of a small-town guy. Plus as a comedian on-screen, he just isn’t funny.

April 16, 2020

07:48: I understand now why the post-apocalyptic fiction tends to focus on the aftermath of an apocalypse - especially of a pandemic. The period when the world lives through, fights and struggles gets tiring, I guess. Though this is the poignant period, there’s nothing dramatic.

10:33: “But dad, why is 14 spelt as fourteen while 40 is forty? Why can’t they keep things simple?” Asks my daughter. I guess when you don’t go outside, you can spot and question even the trivial things that you usually neglect. Or maybe lockdown hasn’t affected the …

April 15, 2020

08:42: Some day, the world will be free of the effects of the current pandemic we are living. All would then switch to live a normal life again. But, most experts agree that this switch is not going to be easy. A vaccine, when it is found, “is expected to take at least 12 to 18 months to bring to …

22:03: Almost all the core features of Github are free now. It’s so refreshing to see the approach of this new Microsoft towards the open-source software. They have been wonderful custodians of all the services they have recently purchased. I respect this Microsoft under Satya Nadella.

22:32: I like what I see in the new iPhone SE. First the perfect name — the “smaller” SE brand did not die (4.7” is now the new small). It is exactly what the old SE was — the proven externals with the latest internals. But personally, I …

April 14, 2020

10:41: I heard about another “simpler” service aimed to replace Medium - Typehut. Of course, I gave a try. It took everything from Medium — good and bad. Simplified what was already good and simple - editor. Kept all that was bad as is. No RSS. No title-less posts. No …

11:15: One thing that Corona pandemic hasn’t managed to change - media, social or otherwise, is still full of cynicism. The environment outside is already heavy, laden with negative thoughts. It tends to affect your mind more than it regularly did. You do not want more fed externally.

April 12, 2020

23:10: I cut my hair at home today with “some” help from my wife. Then I helped my dad with his hair. He looked satisfied. He stressed and did so many-a-times, how close his hair looked to those cut professionally. Funny how some services deemed essential are not so in reality.

23:21: Apparently, Google plans to charge for using reCAPTCHA. Looks like we have trained Google’s algorithm well enough now that they do not need to run the service anymore. Best way to kill it is by start charging for it.

April 11, 2020

22:19: I have been winding every day down with this playlist on Spotify — Calming Acoustic. It relieves me of all the stress accumulated throughout the day. Allows me to focus on a few things that matter the most. And to spend some quiet time with me.

23:34: I find it ironic that “the everything store” has found it extremely difficult to serve customers in India. I haven’t managed to order anything from Amazon. The specific stores for groceries or vegetables, on the other hand, have managed to thrive. I do wonder why.

April 9, 2020

19:23: I am avoiding anything too serious in these times — searching for something to binge-watch that is light but at the same time intriguing. I had enjoyed the comedy police procedurals like Castle and Psych. I’m sure there would be something similar to be streamed somewhere.

April 7, 2020

22:02: I am getting used to this new normal Empty, lifeless streets. Calm, soundless surrounding. Few overly protected bodies strolling around. No cars. No motorbikes. No home delivery agents. No horns. No flights zooming through the skies. Waking up early, trying to get into some sort of routine. As my mind attempts to convince me that it …

April 6, 2020

07:43: This had to be the worst time for US to have Donald Trump as President. He comes out as indifferent from whatever I’ve read and seen. Maybe what gets reported is biased, but even his addresses to press have been mixed. Indifferent is worst you can be as a leader today.

10:50: I have now learnt about how to cut hair at home. To make sanitizers at home. To make masks at home. The correct way to wear masks - and hand gloves. And the correct way to remove them. To efficiently and effectively wash hands. To wash food containers. To sanitize cash. To sanitize sanitizer …

12:32: If you publish a newsletter, please, please include a link to your archives very close to that “Subscribe” button your want readers to click. You intend to form a relationship with the readers. Give them a chance to see in advance what and how you write.

21:41: I have realized that am not afraid to click the “Follow” link on a profile on Micro.blog. I believe it is the lack of an algorithmic timeline that prevents the whole reading experience from becoming overwhelming. The list of post is never too much - so keeps the timeline sane.

April 5, 2020

10:12: Snow-capped mountains are visible from places that have never seen them in decades. Ganga water is significantly cleaner. Smog-free skies and clear canals. Nature is smiling back at the world. We, humans, screw up. We lock ourself out. Nature decides to clean itself.

April 4, 2020

21:09: I started, and stopped watching Manifest — another in the list of Lost-wannabes. It takes more than just a good sci-fi premise to be what Lost was. Sure, even Lost wasn’t perfect. But it’s well written and acted, which most aren’t.

April 3, 2020

00:50: With a significant majority of the world following a stay-home routine, many of the planned events have gone online-only. This has given me a wonderful chance to be part of events that I could never have been part of. A small relief amidst all the negativity and gloom around!

April 1, 2020

14:32: Kai Brach delivers a brilliant advise as part of this week’s newsletter of Dense Discovery. I have been trying my best to also live a trivial life in these trying times. It never felt so comforting watching someone clean their car. On my screen, the world ends any minute. But from my …

March 31, 2020

07:40: I am always fascinated with the idea of a book club - may be because I just haven’t got a chance to be part of one. How does it work? In today’s time of lockdown, this would be wonderful to experience. Are there any that are done on web, say via Zoom?

March 30, 2020

18:57: I have been working with David Merfield on a little side project. The idea started simple - what if there was a simple posting interface for Blot? In extension, something that one can use to write and publish a post to Dropbox. Blot is simple as-is for writing and posting (it’s all files). …

March 29, 2020

19:29: I am still not sure about dates of the posts! Ignore this pls.

21:00: I’ve been working with IndieWeb for quite some time now and I still get confused with implementing a simple IndieLogin workflow before a micropub request. There’s just too much back and forth between multiple endpoints. Time to put the head down and get this working!

21:36: I watched Parasite today — I didn’t like it. I believe if a movie with the same premise and same treatment was made in US, it would have no chance at Oscars. This did win because it was foreign. Very similar to Slumdog Millionaire.

22:00: I don’t think it must be surprising to anyone — the use of that dumb, forgotten app on your smartphone is on the rise again. The phone. People are calling others more. They are talking to them longer. If you can’t meet others physically, your mind reaches out for …

March 28, 2020

08:36: Apparently, the lockdown and stay at home orders have caused the podcast downloads to decline. I guess it’s mainly due to the lack of any form of commutes. Has been, for sure, the case with me. Contrarily, I believe the podcasts episodes being released must be on the rise.

21:46: I’m getting tired of the Coronavirus coverage around. I don’t want to watch it, read it. Anyway there’s hardly any news that’s not regular anymore. Of course, avoiding it means avoiding Television and internet altogether. My Kindle’s been the only savior. …

March 27, 2020

08:01: Dear people, we are divided by Nation. Region. Race. Religion. Launguage. Culture. Economies. And many more things. But I believe it is time now to be united by one resolve - stay the fuck at home. Don’t listen to your deranged peers. Your idiotic leaders. Even your families.

22:00: It has been a wonderfully productive day today. There’s a dev project that had been stagnant for long. Almost forgotten. All that was needed was some focused, distraction-free time. I managed to find that today. And that leaves me absolutely delighted!

March 26, 2020

08:03: Coronavirus looks pretty much the same, no strains more deadlier that others - and that is a good news. What that means is it has not been mutating at a rapid pace. In more technical terms, the virus has a “proofreading machinery, however, and that reduces the ‘error rate’ and …

March 25, 2020

14:42: Food Safety and Coronavirus: A Comprehensive Guide In today’s time of confusion and uncertainty, safety of the food, our essential need, is equally important. Serious eats has a brilliant essay on just this topic. I think the writer or me are not alone who are troubled with all these concerns, and the essay is must read in that regard. Even …

15:25: It was exactly a year ago that I had given up on Stoop, the newsletter app. I had a smaller device, an iPhone SE, and I didn’t like the app then. Today I find it so useful, not sure if it’s due to the larger display of my OnePlus or the testing times we are living through.

March 24, 2020

08:44: 7.5-inch e-ink display is powered completely by NFC E-paper (or e-ink) displays have the unique property of not needing power to maintain an image. Once a charge blasts across the display and correctly aligns pixels full of black and white balls, everything will stay where it is when the power turns off, so the image will stick around. You might not …

March 23, 2020

00:14: I watched Contagion - I still can’t believe a movie was made that so closely foretold the present we’re leaving today. I couldn’t go to sleep with the thoughts of how bad it can get. So I watched Chef then. I can’t believe such a simple movie can be made. And still be …

00:26: I missed a final “feed is shifting” post before I consolidated all my posts at one place. So, for those subscribed to my blog through RSS, these are the new feed urls - RSS, JSON Feed PS: Still not sure how this post will reach all old subscribers. Just hope it does.

22:48: I feel too stressed out these days. It is not from the pressure of work. Or from the fear of getting infected by Coronavirus. But from the factors that I have no control over. How people I do not know just refuse to behave in the larger interest of the community. Or how media ignores being …

March 21, 2020

10:04: I can attest to this study on how CarPlay and Android Auto can impair driver’s reaction. I have experienced how distracting it is to work these systems on the touch screen of the car. I have stop using them. Even the touch screen without these are bothersome while driving.

21:37: When it is dark outside, lighten yourself from within. And there is no easier way to do so than to spend quality time with family. Make games together. Play games together.

22:54: Ruth Marcus has written a wonderful opinion piece at The Washington Post on how this latest global tragedy, the pandemic feels a lot more life-altering. Social distancing enforced by the ways the Coronavirus spreads has affected us a lot deeper than what we initially thought. How much the virus has …

March 20, 2020

07:40: I was completely surprised and equally frustrated, to read the only NYTimes reporting of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the nation. “PM urged citizens to stay at home to dissuade Hindus Pilgrims to flock to the sacred site of Ayodha,” the report read. …

March 19, 2020

10:39: To say that the situation is not that bad yet, that it’s not scary, is a bit irresponsible at this point. For those who can read, who can find the right sources, who can segregate authentic news and facts from the rumours, it is imperative on you to inform and enlighten those who cannot do …

March 18, 2020

09:15: I am toying with an idea to enable another option for the readers to comment on posts. I have always been very wary of enabling a commenting system of any form on my blog. So the only option I have kept till now was webmentions. Most of the responses I get on my posts are via micro.blog and I get …

22:31: Coronavirus has been affecting me, my immediate family and even the world at large in extreme ways. It was only natural to feel the urge to record my thoughts as I live through the pandemic. Hence, I have created a page that I intend to use to do just that.

23:25: Over the last week, I’ve added some features to Blotpub that were long in works - support for syndicating longer posts, support for updating posts. I’ve also automated sending of webmentions to the target sites for reply and like posts types. It’s been some productive week this.

March 17, 2020

08:04: This social distancing exercise takes a toll on one’s mind, it is not very easy to undergo. When we go outside and meet others, be social that is, we let our mind wander from the day to day grind. It doesn’t matter then if the “social gathering” is as regular as just at …

09:52: The latest episode of Reply All was an absolute gem. It was fun and equally intriguing. The mystery around and the search for the missing hit song was presented brilliantly. I think only Reply All can produce such episodes. Kudos! @PJVogt @AGoldmund

March 16, 2020

18:00: Coronavirus has completely taken over all forms of media and the discussions around me. Not an hour goes by without a mention of the global pandemic. It’s not an all-out panic yet, but an increasing number of positive cases in my city has, for sure, put the people on alert. I am avoiding …

March 14, 2020

12:26: I am having fun getting back into Indieweb stuff — working on adding support for updates to Blotpub. This has been in works for so long, I had to get to it. I also recently added support for syndicating longer posts to Twitter and Mastodon. Always makes me relaxed.

March 12, 2020

23:22: Is there anyone who can easily find the one emoji that they do not use very often? How many of the 1500+ emojis can one possibly use? There is a limited set of emojis I use regularly. And because they are front and centre every time I open an emoji keyboard, they tend to get used even more often. …

March 10, 2020

16:11: With the recent exercise of changing a few things around, I have also reset my \now page. I intend to keep it very simple going onwards - my thoughts log as a list. I know I won’t keep up with anything more complicated.

21:18: A quick question for the IndieWeb community here, how do you send the webmentions? Is it automated on posting? Is it part of the micropub or an independent script? Are there ready resources, scripts or tools available? I couldn’t find much on indieweb.org.

March 8, 2020

22:34: I have completed the consolidation exercise that I had planned to carry out this weekend. All the posts exist on the home page of the root domain now and is hosted by Blot. There are no sub-domains for separate posts. There is no landing page. It’s all words. Of course, I had butterflies in my …

March 7, 2020

11:10: I am going to consolidate all my online posts at single place. I currently have posts spread across Hugo and Blot. I want to simplify this — and am extremely comfortable currently with posting to Blot. So I will eventually migrate all my posts there and make that my main and the …

March 6, 2020

08:45: Stand-up is an extremely difficult form of comedy — it cannot be easily mastered. There are very few who actually manage to talk sense and still make folks laugh out loud. The abundance of the streaming platforms unleashed recently has flooded the timelines with available …

March 3, 2020

06:49: What’s it with the UX of the apps on Android? They just don’t look clean, finished. Is it a limitation of the platform? Or the complexity of the SDK? Or it is simply the misguided belief that design is not really important for users of an “open” platform?

February 9, 2020

20:19: I recently ordered a new t-shirt and, of course, it was delivered with a pair of extra red buttons. I have never used these - most often, I simply throw them away. Who finds these useful? I couldn’t help but remember this act from Seinfeld.

February 4, 2020

22:41: I recently finished reading Suspect by Robert Crais. I enjoyed this book, almost most of it. However it is, by no means, a great book. The story is too formulaic. The mystery is predictable. Most of the characters are not built well. Every plot “twist” can be seen chapters ahead. Even …

February 2, 2020

22:23: I do not fathom the recent craze for folding devices. Basically, we were tired earlier of the thick phones - so we all rushed behind thinness. And the devices became larger. Now we want smaller ones, the thickness is fine again? I can never fully understand us.

January 17, 2020

00:09: I was part of a technical forum today where a question was casually floated - what is the difference between AI and ML? And I was surprised to see so many varied reactions. This left me wondering what’s the simplest and not-too-technical way to summarize the distinction?

January 14, 2020

22:32: My 6-year old daughter casually said, “the roads are so bumpy now-a-days”. And left me wondering how old this girl thinks she is to confidently claim she remembers roads from any other age. Kids these days 🤷🏽‍♂️

January 3, 2020

22:07: The decade gone by - 2010-2019 - was the most important decade of my life. This was the first full decade that I lived an independent life away from my parents - shaping my own life in a way. My personal life. And my professional life. I spent the decade before this one completing my education, …

December 26, 2019

07:00: Make YouTube Less Addictive Login to your Google account and access the activity controls. Find the “YouTube History” section and switch off the setting. Also, make sure both the checkboxes in the section are unchecked — the first one is about the videos you watch and the second one is about …

December 23, 2019

08:49: The season finale of The Morning Show was brilliant. Extremely powerful, and so well performed. Not just the leads, but supporting cast too. And the use of opera was brilliant. Over 10 episodes, the makers have managed to make me connect with and care for all the key characters.

December 20, 2019

08:02: I Switched From Apple Music to Spotify Spotify has one job: make a great music player. They execute. Their app has none of these problems. It’s fast and bug-free. Spotify delights. Even I had recently switched to Spotify. I believed Apple always nails an experience - so they would even for music listening. At least, they would do …

December 2, 2019

07:15: I started watching a couple more shows from Apple TV+, Servant and Dickinson. I have enjoyed whatever I have seen till now from both of them. 3 episodes in and I have no clue who is playing with whom in Servant. It is creepy as hell, but not disgusting. Dickinson is refreshing. A brilliant, unseen …

November 30, 2019

22:31: I learn that Microblogvember runs through till 6th - I intend to complete the story I’d started at the beginning of the month, but got left behind during holidays. The story about that one night in November. I am pretty excited to see where the night leaves Roy, Mary and Gina.

23:26: I loved the position of the lone tree overlooking the valley - seemingly wondering how the life amidst the forest down would be.

November 29, 2019

22:55: I was feeling a little down in the morning today, so I stayed in the bed for a little longer. As my 6 year old was leaving for her school, I wished her good bye and told her, as I regularly do, to have fun in the school. Prompt came her reply. “I will, but you don’t. You take rest, …

November 28, 2019

11:58: I did not realise releasing Twitter handles that are not in use for long would actually be an issue. I understand Dave Winer’s point around link rot. But that exactly is the reason why people should own personal spaces and share everything that matters to them only there. Also, while linking …

November 27, 2019

22:11: I have slowly started realizing that I still have a use for Twitter. There are some thoughts that are simply too micro or meaningless for them to exists as “posts” on my blog. I feel what exists here on my blog somehow has my name associated with it. Lot more so than what exists on my …

November 26, 2019

23:51: The holidays have affected one aspect though - the flash fiction series has been left behind. Not that am complaining, but I intend to catch up and close the story as planned initially. Next chapter tomorrow.

November 25, 2019

22:14: I’d a wonderful few days of getaway from the routine life — a time far from home, with family and friends. A time when everything that regularly clouds my mind was left behind. A time when the focus was to get rejuvenated. To get recharged. To get ready, again, for the …

November 24, 2019

22:19: Serenity that surrounds you outside will always trump the chaos within. It makes you forget the nitty-gritties of the regular life. And hence questing for it is net positive.

November 23, 2019

22:56: The best holidays are ones that make you forget about your real home, makes you wonder why you do not make this place your home. When no amount of exertion makes you tired - rather you feel rejuvenated. It is important to be on such holidays every so often - am on one now.

November 22, 2019

23:38: A frustrating end to an already terrible day. An unwanted, unplanned start to the anticipated holiday. Sigh!

November 21, 2019

22:47: Was that really Mary that she saw at the window with dad? The thought was eating Gina from the inside. She wished she’d stayed there for another glimpse of Mary. She wondered if she can go back to her place again. “Will I fall for his hollow promises? Did Mary? Again?” #mbnov

November 20, 2019

22:54: Roy paused at the window for a second. He stood there alone — it made him realize the moment that had just passed was both superb and nasty at the same time. Was this all simply a build up to a deluge of sorrows to follow? Will the storm that surrounds me ever abate? #mbnov

November 19, 2019

22:32: Does anyone use Spotify as a podcast player? I am always torn - for me, music and podcasts just don’t go together. They always have their separate times and so apps. Even features. For eg, play next for music is skip to next song. With podcast, it is always skip few seconds.

November 18, 2019

22:58: The initial feedback from the Apple community on MacBook 16inch has been unsurprising. I still believe though Mac users are a very vocal set of people, they also are very easy to satisfy. They clearly and repeatedly tell you what they want. You just have to listen. Apple did.

November 17, 2019

21:07: I watched the Endgame again today. I had enjoyed that movie the first time — but then it was the craze that made me get giddy. This time I thoroughly enjoyed it as a fan of the whole series. Makes me want to watch all Avengers again. Maybe I will.

November 16, 2019

22:45: Roy leaned in towards Mary - the stick missed his neck by a feather and shattered into pieces against the wall. The noise jerked Roy from his trance. He peered outside - a shadowy figure was murkily visible, running away. Was that Gina? Or was it his selective memory? #mbnov

November 15, 2019

10:13: Disney+ must have affected the productivity of so many nerds in the US. And many families too. The back catalog is full of so much binge-worthy content. Hours of Star Wars, Marvel. And of course, nostalgia-enducing original Disney shows and movies. Nice!

November 14, 2019

23:06: Motorola Razr looks cool and has its unique twist on foldable screen. A regular screen folding into a smaller one is a usecase that might work better than regular to tablet sized one. But it is the cost that makes it not-for-all yet. Still experimental - so not for sale almost.

November 13, 2019

23:11: Roy couldn’t believe Mary stood, in flesh, before him. But then who else was staring back at him? Had he been able to convince Mary to stay back then? Could she? Same questions crowded his daughter’s mind in a flash - as she saw the throwing stick cross the window. #mbnov

November 12, 2019

10:20: He wished he could reach outside the window and feel the touch he dearly missed. He did stretch his hand outside the window. He did feel the raindrops spattering against his palms. But it was the touch he felt on his back that startled him. It was undoubtedly Mary’s. #mbnov

November 11, 2019

09:25: The Aging Spaceship Note: I was recently held back by the 10th prompt of Microblogvember. I couldn’t come up with a satisfying subplot. I asked my 6-year-old daughter to tell me a story about space. This is her short story — I believe she has a better plot than what I could come up with. She …

22:11: I recently was stuck with a prompt, I just couldn’t come up with a satisfying subplot. I asked my 6-year-old daughter to tell me a story about “space”. This is her story — I believe she has a lot better plot. She always beats me with her creativity and …

November 10, 2019

23:04: Roy gazed out at the nippy darkness outside. The surrounding wasn’t deserted, but he felt desolate within. He wished he’d lend Mary the space she needed when the time was still at his hands. The darkness that spread outside was stretching itself toward’s Roy’s mind. …

November 9, 2019

21:12: Roy relished the cold weather, more so if brought on by a persistent drizzle. A gentle wind wafting through the air carried few droplets along. He moved closer to the window, closed his eyes and soaked in the light sprays of rainwater. The atmosphere made him call Mary. #mbnov

November 8, 2019

18:20: I finally set my data with Google to self-destruct after every 3 months - the lowest amount possible. So my web and app activity will be automatically purged. I have cleaned by YouTube history post my recent digital detox and have set the future data to be auto-purged every 3 months. I do not allow …

23:37: I have now watched 4 episodes of The Morning Show and I have to say it has grown on me with every episode. It started rough but I think it has slowly picked up the pace. I have to disagree with critics - this show may not be great television, but it may work. 🎥

23:45: “When life clasps you in the grinds, holds you down with sheer pressure of existence, when you feel insignificant, look up to the stars. Billions of them, doing exactly the same thing day in, day out. Doesn’t make one shine less brighter.” Mary’s words made Roy smile. …

November 7, 2019

22:16: She was sure she‘d be full with all sorts of expressions once the throwing stick crossed the window. But she wasn’t aware that what followed would be frightening, especially for her. It was, as the death she hurled was flying straight towards Roy leaning in to kiss Mary. #mbnov

November 6, 2019

22:31: She looked patiently at Roy’s window. She was getting herself ready for this moment for quite some time now - and she believed she was ready now. Roy appeared at the window. A throwing stick left her hand and flew straight at him. She wished it did not boomerang empty. #mbnov

November 5, 2019

23:21: She stood at the corner of the street, closely monitoring the surroundings. She tracked Roy as he sauntered towards his home. She saw him walk up the stairs towards his door, pause momentarily and enter nonchalantly. A wry smile spread across her face. #mbnov

November 4, 2019

22:38: “You don’t always have to be mean to others, Roy”. It was only a couple of weeks back when his fight with Mary got too heated. And nothing has been the same since. Even today he doesn’t remember what exactly happened that day. And even today Mary’s nowhere to be …

22:53: I intend to blog on each day during the month of November — and as a challenge, I wanted that post to be a flash fiction series. So I am writing a section every day as a response to the “mbnov” prompts. The posts tagged so are part of the larger story, do read …

23:03: What pisses me off the most with Google’s Fitbit acquisition is the fact that Fitbit kept the fitness data always private, on their own servers. No way to even sync it with Apple Health. And now the only way to not share it with Google is to lose it all? That’s so wrong.

November 3, 2019

22:06: “Roy’s Abode is not fancy,” he was known to assert, “but it’s lively.” For a place that he occupied alone since Mary left him forever, it felt uncharacteristically lively even to him. The aura made Roy restless. A sudden, but gentle puff nudged the door …

November 2, 2019

23:05: He gawked at the unshut door. Was it his fuzzy memory playing games with him again? Wasn’t it only today that he’d locked his home? He stressed his mind to limits, but couldn’t recall. He gave up and entered the home, having missed a small but clear X mark on the door. #mbnov

November 1, 2019

19:20: A quarter in, I had to stop reading Deep Work after another chapter trying to convince me why deep work is necessary. It was getting too repetitive. Sure, I understand the importance of deep work. Can we move on to the ways to be away from the distractions?

20:20: I recently read through a few of my journal entries from a month back. The experience was refreshing, that too with just a month that’s been passed. It is the content, however, that I find extremely impressive. I had written so freely about everything. Not just the stuff happening with or …

22:44: He checked his pockets again. He was sure he’d locked the main door while leaving the home earlier. “Must have lost it,” he sighed. With pitch dark and drizzling outside, he scrambled up the stairs. And there he saw it. The keys, dangling eerily - with the main door ajar. #mbnov

October 31, 2019

20:35: I kind of won’t mind if flip phones made a comeback. Not that they are the best form factor for a phone (especially a smartphone). But flat slate devices have gotten boring, common. Only natural that we are seeing more and more devices launched with moving parts.

October 30, 2019

21:42: I wonder what has caused a sudden surge of Bluetooth earbuds being made available in the market. I see almost every player - big and small - launching one of its own. Sure, Airpod’s a success. But it wasn’t the first one. Is it the lack of 3.5mm jack? And so was Apple right?

October 23, 2019

07:48: Logging out judiciously from social media I am on a journey to consciously reclaim focus from the shambles of the distracting digital world. As part of the process, I have started actively following one more routine - I log out of every social media service once I have used it. I have, since long, not had any social media apps on my mobile …

October 21, 2019

11:26: Alexa and Google Home abused to eavesdrop and phish passwords By now, the privacy threats posed by Amazon Alexa and Google Home are common knowledge. Workers for both companies routinely listen to audio of users—recordings of which can be kept forever—and the sounds the devices capture can be used in criminal trials. Now, there’s a new …

October 20, 2019

19:49: 📚 Finished reading Sourcery. I usually enjoy the fantastical narration that Terry Pratchett weaves. But with this one, it was a tad bit incoherent. Some characters just weren’t fun, enjoyable. And they all combined failed to work well together. Rincewind to go on pause.

22:44: It’s so ironic that Google names one of the colours on pixel 4 as “Oh So Orange” and make it not orange at all. They could very well have named it as “Not Orange”. Plus what’s the recent craze of silly names? The “cute” colour names for the …

23:11: Infinite scrolling sucks. I hate that more and more websites are implementing this terrible feature. It fails user-experience wise. I am at your website to read a particular article — don’t try to entice me with another totally unrelated one. If you do decide to support …

October 19, 2019

11:38: Early morning drive through the nature with a steady drizzle around is always rejuvenating. Especially with the windows rolled down!

October 18, 2019

10:37: Why there's no Instagram on iPad? John Gruber wonders what’s holding Instagram back from launching a Instagram for iPad. Especially when they adjusted their app for Galaxy Fold. Instagram is willing to update their Android app to adjust to the extraordinarily niche Galaxy Fold, but still hasn’t updated their iOS app …

October 17, 2019

23:28: Apparently, Google’s face unlock on Pixel 4 can allow access to a user even if he has his eyes closed. This comes around the same time when a critical bug was detected in the fingerprint unlock on Samsung’s Galaxy S10 devices. Both the companies put out a completely tone-deaf first …

October 16, 2019

08:02: I did not watch the Google event yesterday. And almost everyone is saying the actual event was a bit messy, boring. I guess it was good that I did not spend 2 hours then. I think recent events from all the companies have received similar criticisms — must be a trend.

October 15, 2019

07:43: Tik Tok, Tick Tock…Boom. Tik Tok is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on US social networks convincing US consumers, in particular kids, to download and use the app. This is fucking brilliant, by the way. I have managed to stay away from this “social phenomenon” - but am always impressed with the …

18:38: Facebook has launched the next version of the Portal and The Verge has the review. After more than 1700 word, they end with this - “it’s still a camera connected to Facebook inside your home”. I think that is all the review could have read.

20:59: With any event from Apple or Google, I made a point to catch it live. Not much for this one, as almost everything - including the buds - was leaked. That’s why you control the leaks - they mar the interest. And with that your best chance to market to masses.

22:45: No doubt, pixel 4 looks a lot better than their previous versions - especially from the back. That camera module, especially, is cleaner as compared to the hideous one on iPhone 11. On the front, that top bezel is too big - looks outdated for sure.

23:34: Update on the no-news experiment It was exactly a year ago that I had posted an update on my then-recently undertaken no-news experiment. It primarily involved - consuming news only through the morning newspaper no news related apps on my phone no notifications from social apps (including messages, WhatsApp) I am pleasantly …

October 13, 2019

10:46: Get yourself a blog Nice reminder from Dave Winer (who else) on what blogs are not. You imagine that your blog is lonely and angry that you’re not visiting, but that’s purely a figment of your imagination. The blog doesn’t exist in any corporeal sense. It has no thoughts or feelings. I …

16:45: I recently had my wisdom teeth extracted. Boy oh boy, if I had known earlier that the road to the recovery from this procedure is not straight forward, I would have never undergone this without much thought. There are so many precautions to be taken — from keeping the mount …

October 12, 2019

00:20: When do I want Automation? Derek Sivers recently wrote about how he does not prefer using automation for things that he would better do himself. Or he enjoys doing manually. According to Derek, the decision of whether one wants automation or not comes down to is this. how much of an expert you are at controlling this thing …

October 10, 2019

09:55: I had to stop reading Thinking Fast and Slow. Not sure if it was the audiobook form or my current frame of mind, but it was monotonous, bland chapter after chapter — like a textbook. I will pick this up again some time later, may be. But for now, this isn’t for me. This …

October 9, 2019

11:22: I love the simple paintings that my sister makes.

October 6, 2019

19:25: I'm glad that Android exists On a recent busy Friday morning, I hopped into my cab on my way to the office. I was about to isolate myself by plugging my ears with an audiobook. Right about that time, I heard a voice in Hindi, a local Indian language, giving directions to my Uber driver. It made me pause and ponder on how …

October 5, 2019

23:40: I recently went through an experience that put my rational mind under a scanner. After a tiring session of shopping for clothes, I stood in the queue to pay for the stuff that my family had finally decided to buy. I always hate the process of selecting clothes in the shopping malls - more so when my …

October 4, 2019

06:40: Every now and then, you come across people who are filled with negative vibes. There is nothing constructive that they can ever think of about any activity at hand, individually or for the team. And it is with these people that I find working with the hardest. Laziness and incompetence are both …

October 1, 2019

06:38: Quick thoughts on few tech news today Duplex on Chrome? Sorry, not for me. Google wants Chrome to be a platform — but it already runs on another platform, my OS. And in here, I want it to stay a browser. Chrome OS can go as wild as Google wants. Not the regular browser. Another reason I stay a Firefox user. Apple …

September 30, 2019

17:07: Apple Arcade needs instant play - similar to the instant apps on Android. It is extremely frustrating to wait for huge games to download before you can even try them. With a huge list of games, downloading every one of them is overkill. More so with Apple’s stingy storage plans.

23:03: Every now and then, I wonder about that time when I am at my creative best. It is, rather, everyone’s desire to find that time, that place, those tools that make them more productive at being creative. However, I have realized over the years that being productive and being creative are …

September 26, 2019

10:24: A year ago I wrote “Woke up to find that Amazon brought a bag full of ‘things’, untied it on stage and started throwing it against the wall. No one has any idea if what try hurled is genuine or shit and if it will ever stick.” Amazon did that again …

September 25, 2019

21:19: I am not a gamer. I cannot play a single-person shooter. I was ok with this particular style of gaming when it was on desktop, with a keyboard and a mouse. On mobile, I am terrible. I just can’t make sense of the direction or speed. And completely pathetic in multiplayer situations. Same …

September 24, 2019

06:34: I find it fascinating that Twitter recommends me to follow someone that hasn’t been active for more than two years. Why, why should “follow” that person? I am yet to come across any recommendation engine that works.

07:13: I recently changed the pair of glasses I was using. I do not like to go through the pains of this whole process. First, one needs to select a frame that would suit his or her face — something that “looks good” on the face. It is bloody difficult to see if something …

22:38: I recently started watching Undone. Actual storyline aside, I am not yet sure if I like this method of animation - rotoscoping. Especially the way it is used in this particular show. It is too close to reality to not be presented as such. Why go through all this trouble?

September 23, 2019

07:07: While cleaning up my old notes back from 2009, came across this wonderful quote by Hunter S. Thompson. Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, …

September 22, 2019

00:33: I have been planning to refresh the look of my blog for quite some time now. I, finally, managed to get the things changed a bit today. The biggest change was the addition of the theme switcher — if you don’t want to read with a light background, you can change the whole …

September 20, 2019

06:58: Recently, I have been seriously considering moving my Wordpress account to a paid plan. It hosts my old blog with posts from ages ago — it currently acts as an archive of the un-migrated posts for me. There is a reason why I am a bit itchy with my writing workflow. I am …

September 19, 2019

08:12: I am tired of people making fun of a feature just because they cannot think of a use for that. This attitude recently came to the fore with Apple’s introduction of “slofies” - the slow-motion selfies. The call for “stop trying to make slofies happen” was loud and …

September 18, 2019

07:10: I wonder what the purists think of the recent computational photography trend. Google started it with its all-in-cloud touch up of the photos. And then they moved it on-device in the camera app. Every photo one took was stitched together from multiple shots with different settings. And eventually …

September 17, 2019

06:39: I had no idea that there exists something called Nation Play-Doh Day. It does, and it is today. This “toy” always fascinates me. This also reminded me today of a crazy, rainy evening from my childhood when we friends deferred on not one, but many activities frowned upon.

September 16, 2019

21:31: There are so many of these apparently great films of the 21st century that I haven’t seen yet. I have seen few, but they are mostly from before 2010. I can see a correlation with the changing priorities in my life. And I forgot Gladiator belongs to the current century …

22:26: It was a different day today. It was a different birthday today. There was no late night, or early morning, cake cutting celebrations. Because I have come to prefer a time when my daughter is completely awake and can thoroughly enjoy the celebrations. There was no partying in the night with food …

23:35: It's just some bottled clay.. I had no idea that there exists something called Nation Play-Doh Day. It does, and it is today. This “toy” always fascinates me. After all, it is just clay, plain simple clay. I remember a time, as a child, when we regularly played in and with clay. At that time, it was frowned upon - …

September 15, 2019

07:00: If a website doesn’t function on a browser other than Chrome or with content blocking on, it loses me as a visitor. I am tired of web developers being clumsy — prompting that we won’t serve content because you block ads is one thing. A nonfunctional website reeks …

07:42: I wonder what’s the best way to make note of the fleeting thoughts, say adding an item to a list of things that one needs to do. I know my memory is not my friend here — it gobbles stuff, but fails to let it out timely. Digital methods are easy to use, convenient, but are …

September 14, 2019

07:34: Recent partial failure of the Indian lunar exploration mission — communication loss with the lander Vikram — made me think how crowded the surface of moon must be. There have been many such hard and soft landings and crashes on the surface of the moon since …

September 12, 2019

09:29: Apple needs to stop being so stingy with the storages they provide. I do not recall they putting much emphasis on their storage plans, on-device or cloud. It’s worrying that they get mocked all around for this and they are fine with it.

September 11, 2019

10:40: Face recognition, bad people and bad data We worry about face recognition just as we worried about databases - we worry what happens if they contain bad data and we worry what bad people might do with them. A great post by Benedict Evans where he compares our fears around usage of facial recognition technology, and in extension the AI and …

September 7, 2019

10:38: Not justifying either side. But the fact that there is a possible conflict of interest with Google’s Project Zero involvement, given it owns competing platforms from Apple and Microsoft, this kerfuffle was bound to happen. Am surprised it didn’t fall out earlier.

September 6, 2019

07:25: For my 5 year old daughter who just watched another magician perform, magic is a skill that is matched by nothing else. It is something that she continues to believe that her father can perform — and something that she is learning to perform. For me, magic is the silliness that …

September 5, 2019

22:00: Reading Log for September Recently, my reading habits have been pleasantly satisfying. If not something that I can be proud of, or anything that’s comparable to the voracious readers I know of, at least I am glad they are far improved. It is only the start of September and I have already met my Goodreads challenge- 4 …

September 4, 2019

23:30: Effectiveness of Customer Service Representatives I have met two types of customer service representatives. There is a section that is trained to listen to what the customer has to be say and serve her rightly. It may, at times, involve sailing through the tirade that the angry, unsatisfied customer unleashes on them. They wait for the right moment …

September 1, 2019

23:00: A Month of Bullet Journaling It’s been around a month since I started maintaining a bullet journal (BuJo, as it is called with love). It has been an enlightening month - I have learned so much about my habits and the way my mind works. Of course, this wasn’t my first attempt at maintaining a journal or of planning …

August 31, 2019

01:04: I believe I have finally managed to get the Micropub posts - mainly likes and notes - created via Shortcut. Have solved my need for now, mainly link posts with content and notes with syndication. This note is a test for later in a way.

August 29, 2019

10:48: When will the private companies selling consumer products stop assuming they continue to own the product (and especially the data it collects) after it’s sold? And use, monetize and share it as they deem fit? Doorbell-camera firm Ring has partnered with 400 police forces

August 28, 2019

23:20: I remember there was a discussion sometime back about using Shortcuts to make Micropub requests - mainly to create different posts. Especially replies and likes. I’m unable to find any references to such discussion, nor finding any online. Would be nice if I can get this.

August 27, 2019

15:11: Nothing that Google does to hoard more data is surprising any more. Sigh! What happens when you launch Google Chrome for the first time on a Windows 10 machine? When I launched Google Chrome for the first time, 32 requests were made, and 7.26 MB of data downloaded.

August 26, 2019

17:44: Long time back, I had added The 15:17 to Paris in my watchlist, for one simple reason. Clint Eastwood. I finally managed to catch up on the movie. And boy was I disappointed. It was a terrible terrible movie. No doubt, it is so poorly rated across. How could you, Clint?

18:30: No Planning against Unplanned Too much has been happening for the last few weeks. I do not like this much happening. For one, it completely ruins all the plans one has — one just doesn’t get a chance to think of anything. All he can do is to run amok trying to catch up. Plan? Bruhh! What plan? Run! …

August 24, 2019

11:12: Here Come the Space Tugs, Ready to Tidy Up Earth's Orbits SpaceX is teaming up with the maker of a space tugboat, which would nudge satellites around, clean up space junk, and do other orbital housekeeping. Our recent innovations in Space visits always fascinate me. There are so many players trying to solve each unique problem with the space trips. I find …

August 22, 2019

11:08: How can Google continue to deliver the GMail app on iOS with the attachment functionality that is so limited. And still get it through Apple. There’s just no way to attach any files from Dropbox or Files. And even files from Google Drive are only attached as link. Terrible!

23:03: Being normal is a privilege I am stunned at how often someone calls somebody else “normal”, with a hope that it would belittle him or her. Why is being “normal” not ok? Normal of anything is absolutely fine. Sure, your goals and aims from your life can be extremely high. But normalcy is not …

August 21, 2019

19:44: Notes, Messages, Phone and Photos. These are the apps from Apple that I use on my iPhone. All others are developed by the third-party developers. I believe this pattern must be very similar for all the iOS users — underlines the privilege and the responsibility that Apple has.

August 20, 2019

13:26: I am fed up of reading the long posts from men that list down all the household tasks that, as per them, women do - as if they are the only tasks women can do. Funnily, they end it with “RespectWomen” hashtags. Sorry, there’s no respect in your regressive thought. Sigh!

August 18, 2019

18:20: “BBQ is happiness!”

August 17, 2019

21:46: Nature paints in so many colours - but it pays special attention when it paints in white. It is gorgeous, it is healing.

23:22: Walking through a foggy street Making attempts to understand what the future holds is understandable, but it is pointless to think too much about that. Thinking about all the possibilities of things going wrong. Or even right, for that matter. It is especially important to not do so when that train of thought derails your now. I …

August 16, 2019

10:39: Terry Pratchett's artistry with words It is the passages like these from Terry Pratchett that leave completely in awe of his imagination. He can dream up craziest of the crazy, stupid ideas and completely word them into a believable prose. Brilliant! “The forest of Skund was indeed enchanted, which was nothing unusual on the …

23:30: Silence Within What is silence? Is it the lack of any sound or is it the lack of any discernible sound? What do you need to attain calmness? Today, I sat alone, reading for around an hour - time that I was the most focused in a very long time. I felt I was alone, I physically wasn’t. I realised this only …

August 15, 2019

19:24: How ergonomical are the ergonomic mouse in reality - especially the vertical ones? I am seriously considering buying just to see if it helps. I am worried the frequent pains in the wrist are only to increase further. Not something I can live with given my profession.

23:25: The Promise of “instant” Patience is a virtue that is rapidly getting extinct within us. Everything digital has trained us to expect everything instant. You want to read, watch, listen to, learn, earn? There’s an app for that. We were ruined, further, by the advances in efficient service distribution at scale. You …

August 14, 2019

19:06: Apparently, less than half of Google searches now result in a click — that percentage is even lesser on mobile devices. Google’s push to provide direct answers via feature snippets is working well for them. But it isn’t for the websites that the content was …

23:20: The concept of dreams always fascinate me. There are dreams that jerk you out of the sleep. And there are those that make you put yourself back to sleep, if you leave them unfinished. There are dreams that can give you sleepless nights. And there are those that can make your sleep the happiest phase …

23:32: I have decided that I will skip the iOS public betas this year. iOS 13 betas just haven’t been stable enough right from WWDC time. And the dark mode can wait. Sure, would have loved to get used to iPadOS early - but am not ready to pay the price for my impatience.

August 13, 2019

06:11: It is tiring to make decisions. Because the judgement that follows after every decision invariably forces one to question whether it was worth the enforced change. I published some quick thoughts recently on making decisions.

August 12, 2019

23:00: Making Decisions It is very tiring to make decisions. There appears to exist a popular perception that decision, once made, leads to some irreversible change to the currently “working state”. What, then, one has to decide is whether the change was good or bad, and so whether the decision made was right …

August 11, 2019

00:11: Stealing Hours from Sleep There is no point ignoring sleep - you can’t steal hours from what the sleep deserves. You can be happy for a day because you got some extra hours in your day to work on things you enjoy. Or to “relax” by watching some mindless videos that YouTube’s recommendation engines …

06:19: Natural beauty always trumps everything artificial - allows me stay connected to our roots.

22:55: Being Digital Literate towards Privacy My sister recently bought a new iPhone - her first, switching over from Android - and was happily setting it up with all the apps she had been using. And many more new ones. I did observe one bothersome behavior while she was using her device. She was happily tapping around whenever iOS threw a …

August 8, 2019

11:59: I went very conservative while setting the reading challenge for myself this year - I have been very poor recently in completing any books. Was pleasing to find am 3 books ahead of schedule already. A routine with less podcasts and a lot more Audible gets the credit.

August 6, 2019

14:06: The Hidden Costs of Automated Thinking A brilliant essay at New Yorker on A.I. and intellectual debt, output of an often employed “approach to discovery — answers first, explanations later”. I was aware of, but never thought in detail on what would be the implications of letting independent, isolated machine learning …

18:57: This is the snapshot of my daily habit tracker for August. I have started with a smaller list — but I want to make sure the task itself doesn’t become a burden. Morning walk/run 100 words published Measure weight Three meals a day Regular sleep routine

22:05: After months of neglect, I finally updated my /now page today. There have been too many updates recently. Plus too many things on my mind that I had to put down. Enough that many of my thoughts have missed their chance to be on the archive space. Whatever.

August 5, 2019

11:40: Black coffee or a green tea - what would sit next to me as I get started on my next project? Uhmm … nah. Got to be the good old regular chai! ✍🏽

August 3, 2019

23:17: I’m seriously considering buying an instant camera — thought of having an analog note of a memory is genuinely appealing. However, I do wonder what am I signing up for? Would it stay locked in a drawer somewhere? What should I even look out for if I do decide to take the …

August 2, 2019

14:08: A couple of my colleagues have been debating on since how long the dinosaurs have been extinct — one claims it was 200 years. Another says 2000 years. And am wondering who should I correct first? Or should I even correct anyone? Because I think it is completely meaningless.

18:32: The Trouble with Emoji Written languages based on alphabets are one of the great human accomplishments. (…) when I write the word “human” you can fill in what you imagine a human to look like. The word itself carries some fundamental attributes of being a human but the rest is intentionally …

July 29, 2019

10:00: Given a choice, would you prefer a prepaid unlimited plan for something or pay as you use? More things I review recently — mobile data plans, cable, broadband — I realize pay-as-you-use end up being costlier. I do not understand the business sense behind …

July 27, 2019

14:54: It has been pouring down incessantly since yesterday. The sound of stillness such that cloudburst spreads is both soothing and annoying at the same time. The wall of water stirs the emotions, but also keeps them lingering within without an outlet. Nothing, other than words.

22:35: I came across an interesting project - rwtxt - which is now serving the ideas subdomain of my website. I was, since long, in search of a simple writing pad to capture quick thoughts - light enough to be accessible from mobile. This fits the bill, so in trial mode now. (h/t @eli)

July 25, 2019

09:38: And the journey begins! 🤞🏽

22:53: Cursive writing is fun. Cursive writing is difficult - not everybody’s cup of tea. I was to learn cursive writing. These statements are mutually exclusive.

23:07: Machine learning is about to revolutionize the study of ancient games A fascinating read — instance when ML application is generally positive. The goal is to better understand these ancient games and their role in human societies, to reconstruct their rules and to determine how they fit into the evolutionary tree of games that has led to the …

23:32: I realized FaceId does not recognize me while am yawning. I doubt it may not even be a bug - may be it’s a feature. “If you are yawning such that your face is distorted, may be you aren’t awake enough to be allowed to work the device?”

July 24, 2019

02:06: Files are fraught with peril A really great article summarizing the perils of files and writes and file systems. And also on why exactly consumers should care. Especially, the below excerpt on cost of data corruption is bang on. (…) if we look at how consumer software works, it’s usually quite unsafe with respect …

July 23, 2019

23:00: What if there existed a social network designed for decency? The only intelligence it would have is sentiment analysis that would identify - and subsequently hide or delete - the posts with rants or vile responses. Wouldn’t it make the timeline bearable for many?

23:32: Have We Hit Peak Podcast? Nope. These articles keep getting churned out every few months — and the frequency might even be on the rise. I always wonder why don’t we ask this question - “have we hit peak blogging”? Why can’t podcasting be made more mainstream? “It …

July 22, 2019

19:59: There was a time when I used to diligently write a short story every week. I wanted to attempt writing a fictional story of every genre. I was even considering completing a book in the genre I eventually enjoy the most. I always wished I could write humor better. I feel mystery comes naturally. But, …

July 21, 2019

18:21: Book Review: Seriously... I'm Kidding I picked up this book just as a filler — something I read in between when am in no mental state of anything serious. Or something that will make me think. Or will make me sad. So I had very little expectations going in. And the book met my expectations to the T. It wasn’t …

July 20, 2019

21:26: Every now and then, I spend some time selecting that one good wallpaper for my lock and home screen. And it never is easy. Recently came across this wonderful app - Vellum which has some great selection of wallpapers. I know this is a personal preference, but a nice little app.

22:58: Clouds can spread gloom - but the rain that follows brings out all the colourful umbrellas. The time’s always cheerful.

July 19, 2019

12:01: Apple also wants to serve exclusive podcasts now. This recent craze of everyone coming up with their own exclusive content - movies, shows and podcasts now - is really nonsensical to me. Netflix and Amazon started it with their original content and, although arguable, achieved some moderate success. …

July 18, 2019

22:32: Do people use cases or covers for their smartphones? I am always split — keep the perfect weight and feel of the device or keep it safe (or at least convince oneself that it is). And then there is that decision of military grade or thin or ultra thin cases even if if want one. I …

July 16, 2019

09:20: The ICC World Cup deserved a better end than what played out on Sunday between England and New Zealand. All the debates and controversies around the match marred what was a very well fought match. It soured what England achieved and left New Zealand with lots of ifs-and-buts 🏏

23:02: So I finally jumped the ship - upgraded to iPhone XR from SE. As much as I liked the smallwe form factor, it was always tempting to use and find comfort with the larger screens of all the available screens around. And just a couple of hours in, I see why these are preferred 🧐

23:38: We had a nice little family dinner at a cozy, laid-back barbeque restaurant. It was evening full of delectable food, soothing music and lots of laughter & chatter. Plus some learning 😬

July 10, 2019

10:22: This ICC Cricket World Cup is of One Day International (ODI) cricket — one day. Deciding finalist via a two-day match just doesn’t make sense - plus it isn’t fair to either side. But then it is the price to pay for scheduling one in England 🙄🏏

21:34: India's loss in World Cup Semi-Final 🏏 So India lost to New Zealand in Semi-Final of the ICC world cup 2019. I have some thoughts. It’s heartbreaking as hell. Almost at a level of 2003 Final defeat to Australia. Fact that India lost doesn’t make it a bad team. They had a couple of shortcomings — all …

July 9, 2019

16:41: Came across this essay on how it is never too late to be successful and, hence, happy. It made me wonder what exactly is the relation between success and happiness? What leads to what? I continue to believe success is subjective, happiness, the state of mind.

July 5, 2019

09:35: It’s good to be back to a healthy lifestyle. For past few months, my routine had been completely screwed, plus I had a mind full of stuff. Eventually, it was the health that got neglected. No control on what I eat, minimum exercise. That does not bode well for one’s spirit.

June 28, 2019

10:06: With Ive gone, will we see Apple embracing more colors in their designs - especially hardware? Choice of monochrome, aluminum look for all products is getting boring. I wish we start seeing some bold choices — somewhat similar to what we saw with software recently.

10:29: I wish there was a clean Micropub client which could handle long form posts - especially saving drafts. I usually use the self hosted Micropublish instance for notes, likes etc as I prefer the interface. But not for long form which Quill does handle better. However, it just isn’t right. There …

10:38: If you have watched or are watching the Chernobyl series, you just can’t miss the companion podcast where the creators talk about the show. It is absolutely fantastic - thanks @Bruce and @vasta for recommending it. Makes me wish every show out there had such a podcast.

June 21, 2019

10:32: I started watching Chernobyl this week — 3 episodes in and it has already made me realize how grave the effects of the disaster was. I went in without any idea what the show is about. So, I just wasn’t ready for the hard-hitting aftermath it started with. But am hooked.

June 17, 2019

10:10: A spot-on rant on twitter by @colmmacc on the bickering between Genius and Google Lyrics — especially this. This whole spat is an argument over which parasite should have prime spot on the blood stream. But the morse code way was.. uhmm.. genius.

June 16, 2019

00:26: I finally watched Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - boy it’s such a fun movie. A fresh premise for a superhero flick with Marvel’s signature fun way of storytelling - meaningful character arcs and lots of humour. Plus the animation makes me curious about comics too now 🎥

08:17: After a long time, our whole family visited the movie theatre to watch The Secret Life of Pets 2. It was a nice fun outing - I have never seen my daughter chuckle so loudly in a theatre earlier. And that itself was an enjoyable experience for the rest. Plus we had popcorn🍿🎥

09:55: With my daughter and iPad as a platform growing up together, it is becoming difficult to have a single iPad in our household. It’s becoming my device of choice and it already is so for her.

14:51: Ah, the hype that was created all around the cricket match of ICC World Cup - India vs Pakistan - by the media has worked on me. I may stay hooked up to the live telecast now. And then there are invites to the group events. Just can’t avoid the craze 🏏

June 14, 2019

18:43: A great overview from @viticci on iPadOS. Looks like this is the beginning of a bundle of iPad specific features - something the powerful Pro hardware was screaming for sometime now. It’s promising that Apple has shown that it is aware.

19:31: It’s been around two months now that we’ve no television at home. And surprisingly I do not find it painful. Sure, I could use the larger 40+inch screen on my wall for shows and movies — but the cable is not something I or my family has been yearning for. …

June 11, 2019

10:58: I have read reactions to WWDC from many folks now. And almost each one of them has found a different thing to be extremely exited about. Tells you Apple delivered a blockbuster one this year. So many groundbreaking announcements — loads of promises and busy summer for devs.

June 2, 2019

11:57: Watching Agents Of Shield, the series is surprisingly good. Initial few episodes were ok, but it has grown on me towards end of season one. Low expectations of mine - thinking it is just an attempt at milking the Avengers craze - did help. Look forward to more of these agents.

May 28, 2019

18:40: It’s been crazy times recently. Times with changes abound, changes in every facet of my life. At work. Off work. “Renovation” is a possible connotation for change - inherently positive, may be. But one can’t be afraid of change and still sign up to renovate significantly.

May 20, 2019

20:01: When people declare on Twitter they would be at some place in town and are open for a meet, are they looking forward to meet strangers? Don’t think Twitter’s a network of people you know in real life.

April 30, 2019

06:53: I do not understand this narrative of folding phones being the smartphones of future. Why would you carry a device which is physically more prone to damage, is a lot less comfortable to hold in all dimensions — and I believe a lot less useful too, both folded and unfolded 🤔

April 28, 2019

18:08: A hot Sunday Summer afternoon is well spent with the whole family over a game of Dobble. Lots of teasing, lots of fun, lots of laughter. Don’t think there’s any better way to beat the heat.

April 24, 2019

10:19: Managed to book tickets to Endgame — boy, the craze for the movie is off the charts. In recent times, I’ve avoided the frenzied rush to the theaters. But I had to catch the end of this saga in all its glory with its most ardent fans, myself included. I join the frenzy, …

10:55: Are podcasts wasting our time? Chris Richards, putting his perspective through, does kick a hornet’s nest. Something even I have done earlier. I’m against podcasts. I think they’re tedious and samey and sedative, and when I’m feeling especially cranky, I consider them an enemy of music. Most podcasts …

April 22, 2019

09:23: Missed a great innings from MSD yesterday — boy, the man can do anything. He has his own style of working a game of cricket. Sure, it fails to click every now and then. But he has got a signature method for handling the pressure. Calmness personified. #IPL2019

10:19: Publishing to the open web I read this note from Dave Winer on state of publishing on the open web. The first part reads like a fact. It’s too hard to publish something to the open web. It has to be available as simple content. Not rendered inside a commercial template. Sure, I agree with this. Publishing on web is a …

19:32: I am done binge-watching all the seasons of Brooklyn 99 - it was a refreshing time-out at the end of a work day. I am back sifting through the list of the shows recommended here earlier. I started Sherlock and How to get away with murder again. I may stick with later.

April 15, 2019

16:03: I believe Indian selectors went with the safe options, calm heads over fireworks, while selecting the cricket World Cup squad. Most of the team picked itself - selection of the couple was going to be tricky, whichever way the decision tilted. Overall squad looks fine though.

April 14, 2019

11:24: Do people use Anti-virus software, especially on Windows? I never used one on Mac, but since moving to Windows, that is one aspect I am pretty split on. I have been primarily using Windows defender, but every one around suggests that might not be enough.

April 12, 2019

11:50: This week’s episode of Reply All (#140) was pretty interesting. Of course, the issue being discussed itself was intriguing - Ben’s “car stereo completely breaks” when he listens to one particular podcast. And, of course as usual, it was produced so well - fun and …

17:50: I realise I have a very different taste in music than majority of the people out there (or so I am made to believe). I enjoy none of the global trending/top songs, most of them are hip-hop/rap. I am surprised that’s the genre people groove to the most.

April 11, 2019

10:23: IPL matches are running too late into the night — I just can’t stay up late on the weekday. I’m sure am not alone and the broadcaster must be seeing the effect. What that also means is I miss some gem of matches, like yesterday’s one between MI and KXIP. …

April 10, 2019

10:09: Castro welcomed me today with this screen. Of course, they were expecting an “Aww thanks” from me. But that wasn’t the feeling I had. All I could think was “why”. Stop paying “attention” you guys.

20:33: “Samsung’s Galaxy A80 is an automated notchless slider with rotating triple camera.” This is getting totally crazy now - that’s too many moving parts, 2 years out of this hardware would be a stretch. We’re going back to the times of absurd designs of pre-iPhone …

April 9, 2019

09:25: The Golden Age of Half-Truths → I would argue that we are living in the golden age of half-truths, thanks in part to the evolution of media as a tool for inducing dopamine. Om Malik says it well, half-truth allows media houses to keep their story engaging without lying.

19:16: If there’s a one feature on iOS that has remained in my wishlist for too long now is setting defaults. It was browser earlier, it’s tiring to use anything other than Safari. Plus since I started using Spotify more, I again feel a need for this. Am sure Apple won’t like that.

April 8, 2019

09:49: I am a quarter into Lethal White. Intriguing as always from Rowling, the story moves as the mystery deepens. Of course, the master at work again, building characters that we care for while weaving mysteries that they care for.

April 6, 2019

20:23: When I watched the first couple of episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine, I instantly gave up. I thought it was too childish — and I had very different expectation. But it has grown on me now, I have started digging the inherent goofiness of all the characters.

April 3, 2019

21:55: Most people have some filler word they fall back to during public speaking/presentation. I have worked hard to reduce my usage of “actually”. However, I came to the realization that “apparently” has to be one of the worst ones out there. Try it for yourself and …

23:45: State of Mobile Imaging There has been a lot of positive craze around Huawei P30 Pro’s cameras recently. For me it started with this Twitter thread by Vlad Savov of The Verge where he compared images from this latest phone from Huawei against Pixel 3. Especially, the pitch dark, night-sight pictures. Just look at …

April 2, 2019

22:36: I see iA Writer for Windows finally supports the much needed feature, Library of posts. It’s the one feature that I missed the most from its versions from Apple platforms. I just hope that there would be a way to share the Library across platforms — mainly Windows and …

23:25: Imagination and Creation I read this wonderful quote by Charlie Chaplin today - I am going to use this leniently to keep the creative corner of my mind inspired. Imagination means nothing without doing. Such a small bunch of words, but oh-so-meaningful. I also came across this post that I had written exactly a year back …

April 1, 2019

09:39: Joining a new place of work is always full of anticipation, hope for what the day, coming months and possibly years hold. That kind of day today.

March 31, 2019

10:33: A visit to a hair dresser is always a frightful experience. With each question they ask, I can’t help but think things are getting messy. Bloody, you are the experts, you take the call. You won’t like it if a doctor asks you about everything during an operation, would you? 🙄

March 29, 2019

12:24: Pleasing to be back to reading. Keeping my Kindle always next me has helped and I have started carrying it everywhere. I have realised it is extremely difficult for me to find a specific focused time marked just for reading books. Kindle replaces the distracting smartphone.

March 28, 2019

00:13: The convenience of Bluetooth headphones has stifled the hatred I had for the inherent lag it brings. Sure, it’s still not good enough for videos. But it is so freeing to not be roaming around with the source of music. Even laptops at times. I am listening to a lot more music.

March 27, 2019

10:15: Does anyone use the Brave browser? I always hear it is just like Chrome, without the ugly parts around privacy and security. That also the reason why I never tried it, I don’t like Chrome’s interface. But advantages mentioned in the comparisons are pretty strong, if true.

15:16: It is so easy to screw up one’s YouTube experience. Just watch something you aren’t interested in, but are because you need to just this moment. All it shows for days is things related to that, as if you have no other interests. Terrible recommendations engine.

19:48: I am reversing my judgement on Spotify, I just didn’t like the interface when it launched. I still don’t (though I have started liking the real part). But it is the desktop application that has sold me on the overall experience — plus hand-off to other devices is …

March 26, 2019

00:41: Today’s Apple event was the first one where I have no opinion on. They showed many services that can potentially be great one day. But that day is not anytime soon. And I won’t even be able to use some of them. Cynicism, though, will be pretty prevalent in the tech outlets.

March 25, 2019

10:15: When I had found Stoop, the newsletter app, I instantly became a big fan. But I have realized the issues kept piling up as I could hardly get a chance to scroll through them on the small mobile screen. So much potential, but it needs a desktop reader to be useful.

18:54: With growing age, I have become too choosy about the type of movies/shows I watch. There was a time when I used to enjoy intense drama that would make me uncomfortable. Not any more. Applies to the books too. This has drastically limited my selection — mystery and humor.

21:30: Discussing Social Networks, Again Another week, another discussion on the state of social networks on TWiT network. This time it took place on the latest episode of This week in Google . The discussion went on and on about how Google Plus was great. And how other social networks have ruined what made them the best in the first …

March 24, 2019

09:58: It’s been almost a month that I didn’t read or write anything significant, I intend to change that today. I was caught up with too many activities, both at and off-work. I’ll soon go through a transition phase, change of job after 12 years. Too many thoughts crowding my mind.

14:45: Decluttering my mind I am currently on a break - I do not have any official work time as such. So this is an opportunity for rethinking things, declutter the stuff around the day-to-day life. I plan to identify what matters to me the most, what I enjoy doing the most. And then only sign-up for that. I have realized …

19:08: The emojis, they are tired now of being so important for all, but always captive to the smartphones. No longer they say 😑 PS: Also my sister needs a place on the Internet for her sketches now. Hmm.

19:49: I’ve been using Spotify for a couple of weeks now. I still hate the interface — it’s barely usable. So difficult to browse around, find what you want. But it overcomes that need with its brilliant list of playlists. I can select one and just let it play what I …

20:30: Selecting and Reading Books I keep mentioning every time I get a chance that I am too picky while selecting the books I read. So it was fascinating to read few suggestions from Austin Kleon on how to read more. Especially his first tip - quit reading books you don’t like It helps if you choose the right books in the …

23:17: When you have a mind not too clogged with some insignificant thoughts, one can get things done. I managed to add support for syndicating posts to Twitter from Blotpub. A minor update, sure. But an update nonetheless after a long time. Good to have the focus back.

February 24, 2019

19:21: I realized today that it was on this day a year back that I had opened Micro.threads to all. It was the first project built ground up that I had made available for every one to use. The earlier projects were either customized or personal. It has been a wonderful learning experience. It was also an …

February 22, 2019

21:36: The homepage design of almost all news publications look very similar these days — rows and columns of jumbled text. I am yet to come across a design that manages to clearly serve the important articles without too much of clutter around. Quantity ranks higher than quality.

February 20, 2019

19:00: I agree with Brad Frost’s suggestion to stay boring while desiging login forms. I have indeed dislike every example of don’ts he puts out — wish sense prevails soon. TL;DR; create login forms that are simple, linkable, predictable, and play nicely with password …

February 14, 2019

20:14: How Focus Music Hacks Your Brain → Different types of music affects your brain in different ways. If you’re trying to focus, there’s scientifically a specific rhythm you should listen to.

February 13, 2019

10:57: Dave Pell on Amazon buying Eero So now Amazon can run your router, your home security camera (Blink), your doorbell (Ring), your TV (Fire), and listen to your every word via Alexa as you enjoy a nice dinner from Whole Foods. We recently learned that Jeff Bezos is good at protecting his own private …

23:35: I have been quite busy recently both at my day job and at home. Too many things to look after, planning for many eminent changes in life. Thankfully, the reading hasn’t been affected — actually it is the reading that’s kept me sane. Unfortunately, writing and …

February 12, 2019

09:06: Amazon acquiring Eero is a nice reminder of the risk of the technology players getting too big. It becomes extremely difficult for any small players to survive — the limited set of 5 companies compete in every space. It’s bad for innovation, everyone works towards …

February 10, 2019

11:48: Dear Internet, stop throwing more links to Eleventy at me now. It strains my resolve to not try another engine out there to build site with. I am satisfied with what I have got running — or so I have convinced myself. Don’t make it more difficult than it already is.

14:30: It was discomforting to read Owen William’s account of his failed attempt to add his site to Google News. Not just because how aloof Google acted, but because of the patience Owen was showing towards their policies. I understand his desire to receive the crazy traffic Google might send to his …

21:29: Another fascinating video from CGP Grey on The Better Boarding Method Airlines Won’t Use. I’ve wondered about this every time I’m stuck in a boarding queue. It’s always frustrating to know that to literally have done nothing would be faster than the something that is …

February 9, 2019

09:11: A fascinating story of The First Lady of the Internet A passing glance at this peculiar genealogy reveals how deeply these women’s faces and voices are integrated into technology, even as their names and thoughts and lives are so often ignored

10:27: I wonder how many people with iOS devices use any browser other than Safari. I can never convince myself to switch to any other browser — to be frank I never felt a need earlier when I was all in on Apple ecosystem. With recent switch to Windows, I have to reconsider.

17:54: I tend to agree with John Gruber’s thoughts on “On Covering Webcams” The problem isn’t your camera, it’s malware. Don’t install any software from unknown or sketchy sources, keep your OS up to date1, and you should be fine. And if you do have malware on …

February 8, 2019

00:06: Every now and then I am reminded of the fact that Opera browser still exists — why and how? There was a time when I enjoyed using Opera, especially on mobile — it looked the slickest in the flock. Ah, there was Flock too. These days, it’s a battle …

04:17: Recently David documented the steps to expose a JSON feed on a @Blot site. I’ve been running a JSON feed for my blog for some time now, which also drives the On This Day page on my blog. I shared my approach so that others with a site running on Blot can create such a page.

15:22: In an article on how Instagram “travel influencers” are affecting homeownership around the world is hidden a very unfortunate truth. Today everything exists to end in a photograph (…) the most influential factor in determining where to vacation is how …

February 7, 2019

06:55: When someone publicises the intended motive behind their service as “to democratize audio and unlock the potential of human creativity”, we can guess they are ready for getting acquired. But then they sell out to a company that isn’t even servicing worldwide …

10:26: “Cleaning your room takes effort. Blurring your background on Skype does not.” This is a nifty addition to Skype - bokeh for video calls. And a very valid argument to put the iPhone X like a dot projector and infrared camera modules in laptops.

19:40: Adding On This Day feature to Blot Recently David Merfield, the developer behind Blot, documented the steps to expose a JSON feed on a Blot site. I have been running a JSON feed for my blog for quite some time now, with some valuable help from David of course. It is this feed that drives the On This Day page on this blog. I thought I …

19:56: Foxcon’s entry to Wisconsin looks to have affected the town in tumultuous proportions as per a Bloomberg report. There was also a fascinating episode #132 of Reply All that covered this apparent disaster. It’s poignant to read how “progress” has marred the spirit of the …

February 6, 2019

03:18: It is to capture discussions like this that I had initially built Micro.threads. I eventually added many capabilities to it that I wanted to address. However, it is heartening to see it still come handy for it’s initial intended purpose - to save and share the recommendations.

10:05: Has the political realm across the world always been this messy? Or is it that I read more about it now and hence am more aware? I am left anguished every time I read anything around politics. No morals. No civility. Pure egocentrism on display.

19:49: I always believed Anchor was strategically working towards an acquisition. I never thought they would sell out so early. So glad that I did not sign up while they were drumming up how they aim to take podcasting mainstream.

February 5, 2019

08:50: Design is not how it looks. Design is how it works. A nice reminder from Patrick Rhone (@patrickrhone) - every designer should hang this over their desks. Also this. Every time you add a page you add work for the visitor.

11:38: What are the recommended, non-tech, non-news newsletters? Other than NextDraft, of course. I have realised the newsletters I subscribe to tend to get repetitive. I do not want to know of the thoughts on same tech/non-tech US news 🙂

February 4, 2019

20:33: I managed to catch up on two great television series - Doc Martin and The Good Place, both highly recommended by the community here. Need to especially thank @macgenie for the recommendation for former - boy, I am love with the seaside village of Portwenn. Had some fun days.

20:47: Spending a quality time with close family amidst nature is the most effective way to get rejuvenated.

22:22: Indian Government wants to put control on Tik Tok - this is a fall-out of the fake-news debacle with WhatsApp. It wants to make sure there are mechanisms in place to contain misinformation and also set accountability when that happens. Not too overreaching if done well.

February 3, 2019

08:43: A great thread by Destin of Smarter Every Day on how crazy minds are fooling YouTube algorithms with AI. I just figured something out I want to talk about it. Let’s talk about weaponized bots, algorithm exploitation, countermeasures, and counter-countermeasures.

18:48: Why CAPTCHAs have gotten so difficult So apparently we, humans, are struggling to prove ourselves as human now - The Verge reports. Figuring out how to fix those blurry image quizzes quickly takes you into philosophical territory: what is the universal human quality that can be demonstrated to a machine, but that no machine can mimic? …

February 1, 2019

03:35: I published my thoughts on the wonderful movie “Bhai: Vyakti Ki Valli”. It’s celebration of a life — the movie, the experience left me completely nostalgic. Just wish it was an equally good biopic though. It is a must watch nonetheless.

22:23: I attempted to watch Black Mirror: Bandersnatch today. Netflix managed to solve a lot many technical challenges — it is a well-done interactive film. I think first of its kind. But boy, did it suck as a film. The format just did not click for me — the film …

January 31, 2019

08:45: Just when I thought that I was done with theming my online presence, I’m being tempted to think otherwise. First, this wonderful discussion on a design from @vincent that I adore. Now the updates around custom themes for Micro.blog. Ah, time to stay focused.

09:15: In a year marred by media tirade for their sheer disregard for user’s privacy, Facebook continues to grow unhindered. Their income grew more than 60% this quarter, even MAU increased. No wonder Mark believes FB’s too important for the world — be ready for more …

18:06: I feel updates to m.b discover feed have slowed down significantly. May be @macgenie too is getting ready with some nice little announcements to make after Manton? 🤔

19:40: Introducing Codeblog - “Why isn’t the internet more fun and weird” → Codeblog makes coding as easy as blogging. It’s an open-source blogging platform where, instead of just words, you can also write code that runs in the blog post.

23:18: Bhai: Vyakti Ki Valli - Celebration of a life I recently watched “Bhai: Vyakti Ki Valli”, a movie I was very eagerly waiting for quite some time now. It is a biopic of a person that I adore, an iconic Marathi writer and a humorist, a brilliant theater artist and an adept musician, a person who inspired me to start writing. That …

January 30, 2019

21:10: Apple finally blocks Facebook from running its internal iOS apps. The ties between the two companies drop to an all time low. Facebook considers this as a critical issue. However they should have seen this coming. They can’t expect a pass just because they are a major player.

22:18: Just a glance down the Twitter timeline and it fills one with rage. There’s just too much negativity on display. And a big source for that are likes and retweets and replies. But, deleting Facebook account was a lot easier. I had no use of that - can’t say that for Twitter.

January 29, 2019

09:35: There’s a planned change in how DNS responds to queries from non-complaint systems and it can potentially affect your domain availability. You can do a quick check at DNS Flag Day if you own any domains. Apparently, Hover DNS systems I use aren’t fully ready. Interesting.

23:38: Bluetooth headphones suck big time if used for listening to any form of music. They are good only for podcasts/audiobooks or calls. Videos are more terrible. I carry an extra pair of wired headphones, just in case. I empathise with all those who cursed “courageous” Apple.

January 28, 2019

09:07: I understand the argument of this GDPR article on Verge, but, as a developer, I also believe that the data these companies hold on you is very complicated to be presented in any form which isn’t a bit messy. You’ll need a reference to parse the data, which should be acceptable.

09:43: Surprisingly (or not may be), I was dearly missing the system-wide emojis from Mac as I switched to Windows — before I realized, of course, they are available. I need to spend some time finding everything about the platform I have decided to move to now.

10:36: I intend to stop publishing the weekly digest from this week onward, at least in its current form. It was turning out to be an effort against a post I wasn’t going for initially.

19:19: Diary and Journals Derek Sivers wrote a wonderful piece on the benefits he has realized via his diaries and journals. He talks about why he likes keeping his daily diary. We so often make big decisions in life based on predictions of how we think we’ll feel in the future, or what we’ll want. Your past …

January 27, 2019

08:31: I am making conscious efforts to avoid the fillers in my writing, and whenever possible in my talking too. I have realised I use them a lot and the prose sounds significantly clearer without them. None of unnecessary “I think”, “so”, “I guess” etc going …

20:08: What do you do with your old electronic devices? I find this decision especially tricky with laptops and tablets. They may be unusable for me, but I know for a fact that there would be a section that will find these to be useful. I never like to sell them — for some reason, the …

January 26, 2019

03:32: It’s been a year today since I became part of the micro.blog community. It was a fascinating year of finding the lost love for writing and of learning loads from the wonderful people here. I thought I would get a page which I can look at for flashback. Hence, on this day.

January 25, 2019

10:18: I see a lot of people exploring wiki, especially TiddlyWiki, as a way to capture thoughts these days. There must be some fun and efficiency in it for so many folks to enjoy it. I’m tempted to experiment a bit with it. But I am worried I may be sucked in for another project.

20:41: On this day, a year ago Around a year ago, I got enthralled by the IndieWeb principles and started experimenting with them on my website. Exactly a year ago today, I had started contributing on the Micro.blog platform. And it has been a very productive year writing-wise since then. I have expressed myself a lot more in the …

January 24, 2019

00:12: Reflecting on the last 10 years I recently came across the #10YearChallenge that was all the rage among the netizens. And, as is often the case with the memes on social media, it made no sense to me at all. Of course, how you look would change drastically over the decade. What’s so special about that? But as he very often …

09:33: Apparently, phones with foldable displays are all the rage among OEMs and tech media. I however can’t think of any practical usecase for an interface of this kind. When, how and for whom will this be useful?

January 23, 2019

09:58: I agree with Michael Tsai - Apple needs to get their act together on hardware front. This is just not a good generation of Mac notebooks.

13:54: In case you watched the “super wolf blood moon”, you also witnessed “the first known sighting of a meteorite impact” during eclipse. During the eclipse, some people noticed a tiny flash, a brief yellow-white speck, popping up on the lunar surface during the online …

January 22, 2019

17:44: To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet → The museum (Museo del Violino in Cremona, Italy) is assisting with an ambitious recording project to preserve the sound of Stradivarius instruments for future generations. Such an uplifting story.

18:58: I haven’t read a better inspiration to write down the thoughts than this quote from Michael Wade. Perfect! Don’t just think it, write it. Staring at scribbles of ink can work all sorts of magic.

20:09: I love email, more than ever Martin Weigert talks pretty openly about his love for emails. Over the years, one frequent type of blog post published by tech heavyweights laments their struggle with managing their emails, often ending in death wishes for this technology. I however want email to live, to thrive, and to be …

21:37: To everyone who serves RSS feeds for their blogs, subscribe to them in a feed reader of your choice. Then make an unbiased decision on whether you would like to stay subscribed to what you see. If not, fix your feed. Stick to the goal of RSS - update readers of your content.

January 21, 2019

09:10: 🗓️ The Weekly Digest [21/01] 🔗 Useful Wordpress Plugin by Tyler 🔗 Effects of Screens via Sameer 🔗 Ethical Hypocrisy by Leah 🔗 We aren’t brands by Cheri 💬 … and the discussion 🔗 Don’t follow, Subscribe by Colin …

10:10: Switching to Windows I have finally given up on the hope that Apple will fix their Macbook lineup and have decided to switch to Windows. It was a long time coming, and the decision wasn’t an easy one. But what Apple offers, especially in Indian market, isn’t worth the price. The lineup from its competitors …

10:56: Jack Baty is bang-on when he says this. I subconsciously ignore such posts. I’ve read about quitting are 90% rationale and 10% about what’s next. I’d prefer to see that reversed. (…) Make it about starting something rather than about quitting. I think that would be …

21:11: The Lone Conductor [#4] Introducing Tikwadi, a town of fools; a town where the creatures that dwell are busy sucking at everything they do. Two such creatures ride a bus together to get a new adventures going.

21:26: After a brief holiday hiatus, Third-Person Voice is back with a new story. Introducing Tikwadi, a town of fools; a town where the creatures that dwell are busy sucking at everything they do. Two such creatures ride a bus together to get a new adventures going.

22:30: I had no idea iA Writer is already launched for Windows. This should potentially address my uneasiness with Markdown editors or lack thereof. I hope it is well made and is native to the platform.

23:54: I have been a 1Password user for quite some time now. But the recent switch of platforms has given me another chance to reconsider the options available. I hear a lot about LastPass, especially the digital contingency plan and the offerings do look promising. And cheaper too.

January 20, 2019

10:28: I am still not sure why would someone report the teaser of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver as inappropriate. If anything, it’s the prompt YouTube throws that is inappropriate - what the hell am I supposed to do? What am I cancelling or confirming? 🤔

23:33: I might have unintentionally polluted the timeline for a few with a flurry of “new” posts — it was a feed issue. I apologise for any trouble it might have caused. I do aim to get back to the routine of writing more, but not like this. I promise. I have reverted the …

January 18, 2019

15:24: I don’t want to be a brand → When everything becomes a performance, nothing is truly real. Not even our lives. Is it so unacceptable that we simply be ourselves? Cheri’s rant is justified. We should be, and behave like, people lest you lose value. Not brands. Not products.

16:11: A thread on Google buying Fossil’s IP on wearables triggers a discussion around watch UX and the round face, gets a response from an ex-engineer on Microsoft Band’s team and finally comes out the love for the product that just didn’t sell well. Happens only on Hacker News.

January 17, 2019

19:02: Given that micro.blog was down most of the day today, I got a feel of how a timeline with just the original posts, no replies, would look like. And to be frank, I don’t think I like it that way. The timeline’s lively only with all the interactions in there 💬🙂

January 14, 2019

10:39: I am still in a vacation mood, enough that I may skip drafting the weekly digest this week. However, I look forward to the summaries from others to catch up on what I might have missed 😊

19:49: Watching the sun set into the expanse of an ocean is a great time to ruminate — it’s therapeutic.

22:43: Don’t kill my app → Smartphones are turning back into dumbphones. We’ve to fight back! To squeeze little extra battery out of phones, Android device vendors listed below (with their bad vendor score) cripple apps and make them useless. Fights developers have to fight. Sigh!

January 13, 2019

23:42: A cup of evening tea as the waves come gliding along the shore - the soothing sound, the serenity.

January 11, 2019

09:50: It is for reasons like this that I never keep my SmartTV connected to internet. It doesn’t matter which brand the TV is (I own a Sony), I just don’t trust these guys to be cognizant enough of the importance of the data — and importance of collecting less of it. …

January 9, 2019

07:29: Came across this wonderful, little app MorningPages. It looks like a simple, no bells and whistles personal journaling app. There’s no account creation, no server component. What you write stays, on your device - of course with an optional iCloud sync for cross device access.

January 8, 2019

09:18: New year, new GitHub → GitHub Free now includes unlimited private repositories. For the first time, developers can use GitHub for private projects with up to three collaborators per repository for free. Aha! Time to rethink if I should continue to pay, given MS owns it.

15:05: “When you remove meaningless words, the power of your words goes up.” - Seth Godin I know I should live by these words. But it is difficult - a “really” while I write and “actually” while I speak do poke their head often. I am now more aware of the aspect, …

January 7, 2019

03:25: Humble brag alert - Micro.threads used up my free dyno hours on Heroku, for the 1st time. Plus few people successfully setup and used Blotpub. It’s gratifying to see something you build being of some help to others. May sound like minor wins - but for me, no win is ever minor 😁

10:10: 🗓️ The Weekly Digest [07/01] 🔗 A year of kindness by Sameer 🔗 Commonmarks by Matthew 🔗 Word to live by: Jean, Cheri, Manuel, Sameer 🔗 Streets of danger by Anton 🔗 Caring for community by Smokey 🔗 Getting Back to Work by Andy 🔗 A …

12:37: Ditching Medium → As you’ve probably heard, people aren’t happy with Medium at the moment. What started as an awesome blogging platform seems to have quickly turned into something that’s pushing people away in droves Mine’s a similar journey - didn’t hate …

21:44: It’s really fascinating to me that so much of complex design on web is possible now with CSS Grid. You can really think of content spaces as code blocks. This is a great guide to understand what and how of this fast tech - a lot I had no clue about.

21:54: Pingdom stops their free plan now → (Pingdom) will no longer offer our free plans as of February 6, 2019. To continue enjoying the benefits of Pingdom, all free users will need to sign up for a paid subscription plan option by this date. Need to start looking for options now.

January 6, 2019

02:55: 🎥 I finished watching second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - boy, such a wonderful show this is. I don’t remember the last time when I loved all the characters in a show this much. Everyone’s charming, and goofy in his or her own way. And Mrs. Maisel? Marvelous! …

January 5, 2019

07:37: It is wonderful to slowly rouse from your sleep, you thinking it must be middle of the night, only to realise it is a perfect dawn outside. You know you have just had a calm, peaceful and healthy night of sleep.

18:00: The iOS Menu → I realised six months ago as I was using my Mac, using the menus, that I need these things — menus — in Codea. (…) So I set out to make the best menus I could make for iOS. Though interesting, I do not like the concept of menus on iPhones. iPads? May be.

18:40: Apparently, Nokia is soon going to release a smartphone with five rear cameras. And two flashes. Yes, a total of seven holes at the back of your phone. “Smile please”. “Sure. But which hole do I look at, again?”

20:31: Social Networks won't fade away Irrespective of what the popular belief is, the need for social networks is not going away — more so amongst those who are not technology oriented. Sure, some particular services that exist today may die down. But the medium won’t. Just look at the history of the social media …

January 4, 2019

01:10: It is always exciting to check the Pingdom monthly report. And always see zero outages with response times in 200-300ms range since I moved to a static site. At times, when intended purpose is simple, like a text-heavy blog, it’s better to select a solution that ain’t complex.

12:56: xkcd, as always, gets it bang on why I dislike the smart computers of today correcting and reminding me continuously. And now they also start second guessing what I might say next. I cringe every time that happens.

18:45: If you need to persuade someone to take action, you’re doing marketing. Seth Godin on marketing. I believe my attempt earlier was to persuade more people to join Micro.blog. I didn’t want to use the word, but I guess I was marketing the platform.

23:07: I know am a bit late to share, but I always enjoy parsing through the findings from GitHub Octoverse. This year’s report is no different - some fascinating trends, some suppositions affirmed. Especially in the people part - “how, when and where developers build and learn”.

January 3, 2019

04:50: Anticipation of any sort is the biggest sleep killer. Your mind wanders around, stitching up every permutation and combination of what’s to happen. I have realised the only thing that puts my mind to rest in this state is Music. 🎶

05:20: It’s so great to see updates to the Dialog app. It‘s a great app - very well-designed and beautiful to scroll through. And with ability to post finally available, makes it a great option on Android. I was seriously considering attempting to write an app for Android. May not now.

20:40: Discuss on Micro.blog I have recently been thinking a lot about making it easier for people to interact on my posts. The commenting systems of yesteryears served well till they were completely ruined by spams and unnecessary hurdles around setting them up and managing them. Since I embraced the IndieWeb, I realised that …

December 31, 2018

09:56: 🗓️ The Weekly Digest [31/12] - Season Special! 🖼️ Celebrations! Sameer 📷, Tones 📷, Steven 📷, Randy 📷, Paul 📷, Rosemary 📷, Gabriel 📷, Andrew 📷, Simon 📷, Smokey 📷 🔗 Season Stories: …

23:38: A Warm Adieu, 2018 2018, for me, was a year of many firsts. To be frank, I was uncharacteristically active overall — so much so that I startled myself at multiple times throughout the year with the liveliness. I possessed heaps of clarity in terms of what I was working on, both within and outside …

December 30, 2018

22:37: Every time I read or watch anything listicle, I cringe. I inattentively fall for the shady tricks from these “evil” people - I am a sucker for such stuff, I guess. There so much angst for this form of media that I feel crummy inside when that happens.

December 29, 2018

07:41: In times like these when I have to fight the winter outside and wake up early to watch a cricket match, I wonder is there no one on my timeline who follows the sport? I have hardly seen any mention of a post related to cricket. No love for the sport, I guess? 🏏🤔

December 28, 2018

09:27: 🎥 Finally managed to watch The Last Jedi — I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Of course, I am discounting the fact that some plot points may not fit the universe well and many were just left unacknowledged. But as a movie, it was a brilliant watch - had some scintillating …

13:09: Black Mirror: Bandersnatch → we could finally see the video-streaming service roll out a new feature that lets viewers use their remote controls to decide how the film ends. Great time for creative minds to experiment — multiple endings on user’s choice will be …

December 27, 2018

19:43: Displaying Webmentions with Posts I have been using Blot, a simple blogging platform with no interface, for quite some time now for running my blog. I am not alone when I say this, but am mighty impressed with how simple it is to post things on blot and maintain the overall site. They are just some files in Dropbox - that’s …

20:02: Finally, managed to document the steps to enable webmentions support on one’s site. I hope it comes handy for at least few people. This should allow people to fetch mentions to their posts, including the replies from micro.blog, and display them along with posts.

December 26, 2018

02:31: The joy of art is in letting one’s mind free to express itself. I need to remind my sister to let that happen more often.

08:54: We are all poets now → Every word counts. Every breath as well. In a world filled with empty noise, the most important slots are reserved for the poets we seek to listen to, and the poet we seek to become. Seth Godin gets it bang-on every time - so the first thing I read.

22:40: Minor Micro.threads update: You can now favorite/unfavorite a post right from the thread discovery section. So, in addition to an option to open a conservation thread, you can now bookmark posts right on discovery. I hope the small change comes handy.

December 25, 2018

08:44: My timeline’s full of charming, festive pictures, full of merriness. Any review post for this week can be filled with just these snippets. They‘re enough to spread the much-needed positivity in the world. Here’s wishing that happens. Here’s wishing a merry Christmas to …

12:49: The ‘Future Book’ Is Here, but It’s Not What We Expected Physical books today look like physical books of last century. And digital books of today look, feel, and function almost identically to digital books of 10 years ago, when the Kindle launched A behind the scenes view.

December 24, 2018

09:35: The Fall and Rise of M. Night Shyamalan → In one of the first scenes, the nanny enters the house (..) Taking the step over the threshold, almost like a vampire being led into the house for the first time. Interesting that Apple’s agreed to produce the Shyamalan’s mysteries.

10:31: 🗓️ The Weekly Digest [23/12] 🔗 YouTube Conundrum by Nitin 🔗 Quantum Amplitudes via John 🔗 Like-button and Internet via Fiona 🔗 Themes: Blot, M.b 🔗 Indieweb and Google by Brad 🔗 (Not) Applying for Jobs by Fiona 🔗 Few more Gems by …

11:05: Stories are written so that mind stays free to wove some more stories. It works more often than not – and so needs to be done more often than not.

20:43: Marvelling at Life [#3] A tale of two grumpy, old souls. And of forming of one unexpected bond, via one unlikely source. A tale of spreading love.

21:23: It’s Christmas Eve. And isn’t it a wonderful time to marvel at the life one has? Here’s a new episode of Third-Person Voice. A tale of two grumpy, old souls. And of forming of one unexpected bond, via one unlikely source. A tale of spreading love.

December 22, 2018

08:24: Fog Waves Are The Most Beautiful Thing I Captured After 8 Years Of Experimenting - Bored Panda → Shooting fog is a study and takes a lot of patience, preparation, and knowledge of the area to catch it as it is very elusive These are some stunning non-photoshopped pictures.

09:39: So Blot still seems to be down. So I have dusted my old Hugo based journal, just to see if things are up - working. I hope it is. I believe it is.

10:11: Fog Waves Are The Most Beautiful Thing I Captured After 8 Years Of Experimenting - Bored Panda → Shooting fog is a study and takes a lot of patience, preparation, and knowledge of the area to catch it as it is very elusive These are some stunning non-photoshopped pictures.

December 21, 2018

09:11: Open APIs and the Facebook Trash Fire → I’m done assuming good faith; I’m done assuming incompetence; I’m done assuming ignorance. Once on internet, it is better to be crazy cynic towards online services than to mourn later. Facebook has long lost even that privilege.

09:56: The Rise and Demise of RSS This is such fascinating write up by Sinclair Target on history behind the challenges RSS has faced over the years. And also why it just never managed to succeed — even though it had the backing of all the major publishers, at least everyone adopted and served it. Today, RSS is …

17:24: Advocating for privacy in Australia → Both the bill itself, and the controversy around the process by which it passed, have damaged the reputation of Australia in the international marketplace Attempts by law makers to unintentionally kill privacy continue to rise.

December 20, 2018

08:51: It doesn’t matter what is right or wrong, true or false regarding Facebook’s behavior. The constant stream of negative press has to affect overall perception of the service. And even more, the morale of the employees at the org. The fight’s getting ugly.

09:25: So we name the moons of other planets - Titan for example - but our moon is just the “moon”. Not sure what that says about us humans. 🤔

December 18, 2018

06:36: I, finally, added the links to Third-Person Voice for all the podcast players out there in the about page. So now one can subscribe to the Microcast in the player of his or her choice. Or just grab the feed and follow along the traditional way - whatever suits you.

December 17, 2018

09:20: 🗓️ The Weekly Digest [16/12] 🔗 On switching to a pixelbook via Colm 🔗 Forgetting habits learned from online platforms by Alan 💬 ..and meta-discussion 🔗 On ideal length of podcast via Jeremy 💬 Meta-discussion: Poets, Diversifying Timeline …

20:05: A Walk to Remember [#2] For them, the walk was supposed to be about finding something that was lost. He, however, had a hidden agenda of his own — that of finding “someone”.

20:53: Another episode of Third-Person Voice is out now. For them, the walk was supposed to be about finding something that was lost. He, however, had a hidden agenda of his own — that of finding “someone”.

December 16, 2018

17:58: I have been on an unplanned official travel for the last week - one full of crazy full day schedules. And boy did it affect my routine. I could hardly follow up on anything I had planned. Plus it‘s left me with so much to do. Travels should be about memories, not missed moments.

December 12, 2018

23:23: I wish there was a way to ignore the limit for Screen Time on iOS at the complete device level, rather than doing for each app. “I want to use my phone, the whole of it, for another 15 minutes dammit, not just this app”. The persistent bugging gets irritating.

December 10, 2018

07:59: 12 days of microblogging: linkblogging Micro.blog adds a Markdown link back to the original post with the web page title. Or if there’s text selected, Micro.blog includes that text as a quote. Good. But wish it included the Markdown link irrespective of text selection. @manton

08:57: 🗓️ The Weekly Digest [09/12] 🔗 CSS suggestions by Josh 🔗 Bob Dylan River by Ron 🔗 Quick story about his mom by Ross 🔗 On Creativity by Annie 🔗 A heartfelt tribute to her father by Cheri 🔗 Recommendations 1 2 3 4 📙 Updates by …

09:19: I had missed that David has added a new function to Blot “to step around the issues micro.blog was having with images in Blot’s RSS feeds”. This change should allow using the caching feature without missing images in the timeline. Have updated my post on the issue.

21:18: I always loved this quote from Terry Pratchett and just came across this gem again today. If you have enough book space, I don’t want to talk to you. He was smart not to include a reference to a book shelf in there - makes sure it holds true even in the age of eBooks 🙂

December 8, 2018

03:35: Social community that you decide to be part of, matters. And this fact remains true even online. Every time I scroll through the Micro.blog timeline, I realise that the place is full of creators. So each visit inspires me to create more. It matters what you read.

08:05: While recording the second episode of the microcast, I realised it is difficult to get a consistent tone in my voice across attempts. Every attempt sounded different - and every tone modified the environment the story played out in. It had to be done in single stretch.

December 7, 2018

06:24: I enjoy the cricket matches in Australia. They start broadcasting very early in India, and end conveniently for me to begin my workday. Especially if it is a test-match series against India.

08:29: Goodbye, EdgeHTML From a social, civic and individual empowerment perspective ceding control of fundamental online infrastructure to a single company is terrible. This is why Mozilla exists. Microsoft adopts Chromium, and Mozila’s not impressed. We need competition.

20:26: Best Day of My Life [#1] He anticipates this to be the best day of his life. He wants to relive this same day repeatedly. She believes she can help him. Or just herself.

21:01: The second episode of Third-Person Voice is out. He anticipates this to be the best day of his life. He wants to relive this same day repeatedly. She believes she can help him. And help herself.

December 6, 2018

09:28: No company launches as many chat services as Google shutdowns every few years. Hangouts first, Allo now. They just can’t their strategy for messaging right. And they seem to be driven too much by engineers to say no to a new one being launched.

December 5, 2018

06:46: I am always split on supporting both a dark and light mode of one’s website, especially for the text-heavy one. I think one should decide what the design for her site is to be - users have reading modes in the browsers where they can select how they want to view the text.

07:03: Aha, the microcast Third-Person Voice is approved by Apple and is available on iTunes now. Do subscribe, of course, only if you want to join me as I struggle with, but attempt to get better at narrating the short stories I write. Hope this goes as planned.🤞🏽🙂

December 3, 2018

09:55: I subconsciously ignore anything listicle these days, so much so that I do not even read the complete title. Same applies to ads. I guess this says something about the state of my mind while on internet - always on the defensive.

December 1, 2018

03:10: I attempted recording and publishing a microcast for the first time with Wavelength for micro.blog - boy, @manton has made audio posts so simple. It’s almost too easy for anyone and everyone to post quick thoughts as audio snippets. It can potentially change the podcasting space.

06:45: I recently (and nervously) published the first episode of a microcast featuring the short stories by me. I’ve no idea if the experiment would play out well. But it’s something that I always wanted to attempt and put out there. It satisfies a long-standing itch of my curious mind.

20:13: The Weekly Digest [01/12] 🔗 Directory of Hyperlink Nodes by Brad 🔗 pixelbook experiences by Frank 💬 Sharing Family Photos 🔗 Passive iOS Games by Jon 🔗 Must-listen Podcasts by Josh 💬 Meta-discussions: 1, 2 📙 Updates by Manton: 1, 2 …

November 30, 2018

08:58: Google keeps struggling with their re-entry in China market - another day, another leak from internal sources against Dragonfly. I do not remember any project from any organization that has seen so much friction internally, playing out in public. No side is ready to back down.

09:49: How to Become an Astronaut → Although the most attractive thing about being an astronaut is that they get to go to space, the truth is that they spend almost all their time working on the ground. A fact I’m reminded of every time there’s an article or a report on astronauts.

11:54: The 96-year-old painter who saved a village → When a former soldier learned that his village was going to be demolished 10 years ago, he picked up a brush and started painting — and he hasn’t stopped since. Such a fascinating account and a beautiful gallery of an …

19:50: We would soon be able to ask Alexa to play music from Apple Music too. That’s a welcome development, especially for playlists and radio. And so not from Apple’s typical playbook. Especially with.. HomePod. But I guess Apple’s focus on their services business now calls for that.

23:33: Introducing Third-Person Voice [#0] Introducing Third-Person Voice - a weekly microcast, featuring short stories penned and narrated by me. This is a teaser, episode 0 if I may, of what’s to come.

November 29, 2018

08:51: Tech community looks pretty divided on the benefits of Project Fi, now Google Fi. Few say it’s the best thing to happen to the US telecommunications market, others are unimpressed suggesting Fi in current form won’t change much of the market. Curious.

09:42: It’s good to see Walt Mossberg try DuckDuckGo and come out impressed. Of all the services from Google, search is the most frictionless for anyone to replace. Other being Chrome. That doesn’t bode well for Google’s business. And am sure Google’s aware of that.

November 28, 2018

08:05: Am almost 2/3rd into A Short History of Nearly Everything and I do not think I enjoy every part of it. There are chapters which I just do not have any interest in. Mainly around Biology. I guess there’s a reason why I gave up studying about internals of my body way earlier.

09:10: A Former Facebook Employee Said The Company Has A “Black People Problem” → “In some buildings, there are more ‘Black Lives Matter’ posters than there are actual black people” Inclusion’s often misinterpreted, and so efforts to address it are …

10:18: I’m not comfortable with Gmail guessing the next word I may write as I compose a mail - more so as it’s correct more often than not. I hate that am so predictable. Using Google services is a constant battle - you hope you beat the AI overlords, but you just feed them rather.

15:42: How Restaurants Got So Loud → Like the open office, the loud restaurant seems to have overstayed its welcome. That’s because loud restaurants are more profitable. Unfortunately, fine dining has become synonymous with dimly lit, noisy, cramped spaces today.

November 27, 2018

11:39: Inspiration and motivation cannot be concocted in any science laboratory. A fact that’s both fortunate and unfortunate.

November 23, 2018

11:04: I had no idea the live-action remake of The Lion King was also in works — and the teaser is already out. I am not sure why Disney is suddenly so inclined to release these live-action remakes of classics. The Jungle Book, Aladdin and now this too.

11:16: You need neither PWA nor AMP to make your website load fast → Google hardly invented CDNs and async script loading. But nobody cared because old tech and good practices are never as tempting as something branded as “new”. Bingo. Just rework your JS.

November 21, 2018

06:30: It was fascinating to watch this video where Jonathan Morrison attempts to edit an entire video on an iPad Pro. His impressions (and of many others) look pretty genuine - for those who look at iPad as a laptop alternative, not replacement, it works. Limitations are by design.

08:35: One particular person and his undying coverage on the news media has ruined so many things for me. Every time I use “believe me” now, I feel am tricking someone. Sigh! 😑

09:52: A great animated video from Apple for Holidays about a creative girl who keeps her creativity boxed in, never letting it get out. And the message to “Share Your Gifts” is perfect. Interesting that it features a MacBook front and center, not an iPad. They still love their Macs.

November 20, 2018

07:13: All I‘ve been focused on for last few days has been a small homely function - the preparations, the celebrations are simply endless. However a gathering of family and friends over a night of fun and food is worth all the effort. But boy I’ve missed so much. It’s time to catch …

16:46: If true, this is scary. Apparently, “the content of every webpage visited using Google Chrome is sent back to Google”. Even emails. From external email solution providers too. Given that, the recommendation not to use Chrome is not too harsh.

November 6, 2018

07:19: Celebrating the festival of lights by illuminating every dark corner of our surroundings and, primarily, of our minds.

19:31: ‪MacBook Air (2018) has made the purchase decision for existing Air owners who are waiting for an upgrade a lot more difficult. There is hardly any MacBook that meets their requirement. I know as I’m one of those people. And am left with no option but to consider Windows PCs.‬

November 5, 2018

00:38: There are some nights that you just can’t go to sleep - you try everything, nothing works. Today’s that kind of night. And it surprising given that I’d been working throughout the day - so I should be bone-tired. I don’t think watching Sherlock is going to help me either.

17:45: Techies keep dreaming of a day when iOS and Android can be used for serious console-style gaming. I, on the hand, am always in search for the casual games that I can play one handed, in small bursts for mindless fun. I enjoyed Desert Golfing a lot. Tiny Wings was another.

November 4, 2018

18:48: An OCR Cliche Romance writers, be forewarned, the child who leaps into her arms or the heroine who leaps into his has almost a five percent chance of ending up elsewhere. Be wary of Google Books OCR - an amusing, but equally funny account of how the technology fails us.

November 3, 2018

09:41: I’m from a generation that is spoilt by the usability of a mouse. Is it better? Simpler? I won’t comment on that. May be the intuitive interactions with touchscreen interfaces are faster, more sensible for a larger demographic. But I always find them a bit cumbersome, limiting.

19:55: What Is The Morning Writing Effect? → Yet another version might be that sleep itself is the key: sleep, aside from any resetting, is also responsible for memory formation and appears involved in unconscious processes of creativity. A fascinating read - full of relevant data.

November 2, 2018

00:29: The more I think about the account from Andrey Sitnik on how a month without computers helped him, affected him, the more I feel I need to attempt this abstinence from technology, at least at some smaller scale. I’m curious to find for myself my ability to stay digital-free.

19:22: I had completely forgotten that Flickr was acquired by SmugMug and had been their property - makes so much sense. Of course, I don’t think Yahoo can run anything any longer. That brand has faced such a horrible downfall - it was a shining example of the power of Web.

22:09: I have been using iPad for so long now, and still had no idea that the mode of the keyboard can be changed to “Undock” - basically make it float at the center of the screen. Who uses that?

22:59: I’m always on the look out for some popular, light TV series - comedy, mystery, drama - that I can wind my day down with. I do like intense or intelligent watches, but they are not for those times when you want no exercise for your mind. Watch now and forget. Any recommendations?

November 1, 2018

00:00: Growing up in India, I got introduced to Halloween as a festival pretty late - wasn’t until I was in my late teens. Sounds so erroneous now as my 5 year old daughter celebrated this curious festival today in her school, dressed as a wicked witch. The world is indeed shrinking 🎃

07:57: I finished reading Becoming Steve Jobs today. It told few wonderful stories of Steve - chose to focus on sides which the Issacson book didn’t. It presented Steve - the creator, the leader. I believe you to need to read both the books to understand this complex man better. …

16:18: How a Month without Computers Changed Me This is such a fascinating read — so detailed on how Andrey Sitnik planned for and went through this arduous experiment. Then I asked myself if ‘technological fasting’ could do one good in modern society. Technology has changed the world in the blink of an eye, leaving us no …

20:08: Flickr free accounts are changing → There was a time when I was in love with this service. It was before Yahoo ruined it. I think it is a positive sign that the people running the service now have decided to go back to its roots and focus on Pro consumers.

October 31, 2018

06:32: I let the product announcements from Apple distill into a list of stuff I want, not I wish I had. Apple delivered what I wanted - a new MacBook Air. My 10 years old MBP is crying for an update. iPad Pro is nice, but not for me. Yet. Mac mini is good, will need eventually.

10:07: Every now and then, I come across stories that makes me realize how little I know about things around me — apparently the iPhone we use everyday? Yeah, they are allergic to Helium. A tiny molecule “can turn your phone temporarily into a paperweight”. Fascinating.

October 30, 2018

01:01: Why haven’t audiobooks gone more mainstream yet? After so many years of existence, Audible remains the only credible global player. Plus the plans/costs have hardly changed. It’s a vicious circle at this point - it’s too costly for larger adoption and so remains a niche market.

01:08: Less than 24-hours away from the Apple event and we still haven’t seen any credible hardware leaks of actual devices. All we have is hearsay mock-ups. Either Apple’s cracked the secret to keep the supply chain silent or it’s going to be bumpy few week full of brickbats for them.

06:47: I have observed significant reduction in the time for the posts to appear on the Micro.blog timeline. Hope this isn’t an anomaly and @manton has put some fixes around this. If so, looks like they are working 👍🏽

09:59: I wish I understood the compression and streaming of audio better to understand why some form of audio (for example, episodes of a podcast) sound choppy over Bluetooth and others don’t. I am sure @marcoarment could go on and on explaining the reasons, but this just baffles me.

10:22: Twitter should kill Retweets first Retweets prey on users’ worst instincts. They delude Twitter users into thinking that they’re contributing to thoughtful discourse by endlessly amplifying other people’s points—the digital equivalent of shouting “yeah, what they said” in the midst of an …

20:00: Mac mini lives. Or is it that it is reborn? Whatever the case, it makes Apple put a lot of push behind it. And thankfully they didn’t go for something cute. Keep it focused at what it is good at. #AppleEvent 👍🏽

20:31: I do not like these new fonts that Apple is using on slides to announce specs. They aren’t legible at least on the stream. Not sure what @gruber thinks about these - don’t think they have ever used them before. Reminds me of Comic Sans. Shudder #AppleEvent

22:33: I think may be Apple now need to announce a USB-C to lightning dongle too - for using iPad with iPhone headphones? Or did they already announce that? This dongle mayhem is crazy! 🤔

October 29, 2018

06:24: You know what the biggest surprise of any Apple event going ahead will be? An updated iPhone SE. The chances of that happening at this event? Close to zero. But hey, I can continue to dream, right? #BringBackSE

16:17: This thread on Quora captures some of the best stories from real people meeting Steve Jobs — some wonderful memories. You don’t often get close to people like the Jobs, much less in a ridiculous situation like this, where you realize that they are just really good …

October 27, 2018

15:59: How China Rips Off the iPhones and Reinvents Android But what is true today is that not all Chinese phone software is bad. And when it is bad from a Western perspective, it’s often bad for very different reasons than the bad Android skins of the past. Yes, many of these phones make similar mistakes with overbearing UI decisions — hello, …

21:22: The games that light plays in darkness always mesmerises me. At times, I am glad that my camera doesn’t have my sight at night.

October 26, 2018

10:56: Things I wish Apple will launch This is not a post where I be a tech pundit, read tea leaves scattered all over the internet and predict what Apple is going to launch on the upcoming October Apple event. Nope. These are the things I wish Apple launches. Some because I need them now. Some because I would eventually need them. …

11:21: With a very different demographic than West, India has an efficient way of solutioning a tech that focuses on local problems first. Mobile-first. Low-data Lite apps. And now with electric vehicles - “with more rides possible in a day, the e-rickshaws are proving more lucrative”.

12:01: Boy, Google’s Night Sight mode looks totally bonkers — if the image comparison by Vlad Savov is anything to go by, his comment “play around with it as I have and lose your shit at the unreal results it produces” is apt. Want to know how the hell is Google …

17:59: I wonder what are the simpler ways to pull the data out from Mastodon? I do not think it supports Webmentions yet. Are there any feeds? I mainly want to pull likes and reposts and replies. Display them with original posts if possible. In short, Twitter:Bridgy :: Mastodon: ?

October 24, 2018

08:10: iPhone XR Screens aren’t terrible It’s time for Apple product launches. And so is the time for all the talks of -gates and sheeples and reality distortion. There’s so much noise this time with iPhone XR screens. Typical comments from most folks. “..just 326 ppl in 2018? WTF?” “..not even 1080p …

12:05: An investigation reveals many apps were used to dupe brands; revelation, they say, shows “just how deeply fraud is embedded in the digital advertising ecosystem”. Why are we surprised? When was the last time you clicked an ad? Am trained by now to ignore all ads. I do not think any …

14:01: Double-Check Your Facts These look like such simple questions, but am sure one can’t get all right. Even when you employ the internet. Is that’s the case, how can complex claims made during election period? This election season before you share, decide, vote, double-check.

20:47: At times, you can’t understand why something triggers a positive vibe in your mind. And you don’t need to, always.

October 23, 2018

09:06: There are new calls for retraction of Bloomberg’s compromised spy chip story — a story that apparently a lot of background research from renowned publications too failed to corroborate. And now people with skills are getting critical of the presented claims. Not looking …

14:48: There was a time when I used to visit the Wikipedia main page as a routine, every morning. It’s one trove of fascinating information. As I grew, not sure why I decided to be less smarter and abandoned this routine. That page is still brilliant.

23:08: I don’t get the enmity for Bluetooth headphones. For normal usage, these are very convinient. Are they without any issues? Of course, not. But they never evolved because there wasn’t any demand. And hence no incentive. Now there is, and am already seeing these become common.

October 22, 2018

10:14: Learnt that “olden” is an accepted English word. It is so obvious, but I never thought it to be a “real” word. I always believed it to be just a poetic substitute for “old”. So never used in prose. I guess I was wrong.

18:40: Time for another break. Time for another chai! ☕️

October 21, 2018

08:26: So OnePlus preferred to postpone their event by a day to “maximize the amount of people we could reach with our message”. Reason? Well, Apple decided to select the same date as theirs. And they will even cover any costs people’ll incur to change the plans. Apple is .. …

17:08: YouTube’s recommendation engine is one of the worst out there. It fails to understand long running interests and prefers decisions based on the immediate watch history. Makes me completely wary of clicking on a video that I do not want Google to learn from lest it gets polluted.

20:24: Micro.Threads Update: Added an option to fetch more posts in the Thread Discovery section. I’ve played with this option on my local - though not wholly solved yet, it has reduced the missing out on posts issue for me.

October 20, 2018

08:22: Me: “Let’s go, brush. It keeps your teeth healthy” Daughter: ”We don’t eat brush. Neither do teeth. Vegetable, fruits keep us healthy.” Me: “Well brushing kills germs. Germs cause cavity. Cavity is bad. So .. brushing is good?” Daughter: …

19:48: Magic happens when you let the colours play their natural game!

October 19, 2018

09:08: Looking at all the personalized invites for the October event, I am sure Apple would have a “made on iPad Pro” story during announcement. I expect few “pro” apps targeted for iPads, on the lines of Photoshop, demoed during the event — one of them used …

10:50: ’ Impossible’ is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools. -Napoleon There’s so much to learn while you build paperclips 😬

20:12: ‪It’s fascinating to read the comments declaring Android EU licensing as a bad move for consumers — saying prices will go up. It’s irrational to assume every other aspect of the market will stay the same. I believe it‘d be interesting few months, actual …

October 18, 2018

10:26: “Helm is a personal server that lives where you do. It’s finally incredibly easy to own your online identity, starting with email.” I am not sure if there is a market for such a product. A dedicated hardware that serves only email. Makes it limited, especially for its cost.

October 17, 2018

09:06: Facebook is just being Facebook - “after saying last week no data collected through Portal would be used to target users with ads, Facebook now says the data can be used to target ads”. Why think otherwise? “To pull a Facebook” would soon be synonymous for crapping on …

09:11: As we move closer to the end of October, I dread there would be no October event from Apple - so no updates to iPads, and more importantly Macs. Boy, would I be pissed off - I’ve been waiting to upgrade my Macbook Pro since pre-WWDC period and time’s running out for Apple.

21:33: “Wear Space is a wearable device designed to aid concentration by limiting your senses of sight and hearing.” WTF! Just look at those product images. Silly. When did we go so wrong? And this is “the future life”? Aren’t we already too cut off from the reality?

October 16, 2018

10:23: I am missing out on too many wonderful posts on m.b written while I was asleep. RSS won’t help, neither will Micro.threads if conversation dies down before am awake. It’s time to hit the board again, need a relook at how this can be addressed.

13:30: If you end your review with a question mark, I do not think you are doing your job well. Review is supposed to be objective, fact based. You like some things, you may not like few others. Sure, there is a scope for personal/subjective judgement. But it can’t be open ended.

23:38: Last few weeks have been days of many firsts; it was only apt that I captured all these thoughts. It was time to update the \now page. I enjoy drafting these updates — it gives me chance to go through the posts since the last update and reflect.

October 15, 2018

23:05: On Podcasts, News and Well-being I have lately felt hindered by the time I am listening to the same repetitive thoughts from other people on podcasts. Experts talking about, dissecting, the tech news. Or blabbering about something I would not be interested in typically. I realised it had become a problem when these podcasts kept …

October 12, 2018

07:44: Thoughts on Google’s Call Screening feature I don’t understand Google’s call screening feature. How does it solve the spam calls problem? Don’t I have to be equally attentive when the call arrives? I don’t think the problem is I have to receive the call, problem is I get the call in the first place. Rather I am …

10:52: I am loving this new addition to the Discover tab - now I can browse all the emojitags right here. How did I miss this update? Kudos @manton for making the m.b webapp better every day.

12:21: Watching the hands-on videos of pixel Slate has been a very strange experience. Every frame suggests how laggy the ChromeOS platform is — but I have hardly seen anyone mention that. Is it not apparent while using it in actual? All impressions have been overtly positive.

20:23: I finally watched Justice League and I am left with a strange feeling. Sure, the movie is a drag, but it’s a lot better than recent attempts from DC. A lot less gloomy, peppered with few light moments. Never thought I would rate a DC movie same as a Marvel (latest Avenger) one.

23:23: I don’t understand Google’s call screening feature. How does it solve the spam calls problem? Don’t I have to be equally attentive when the call arrives? I don’t think the problem is I have to receive the call, problem is I get the call in the first place. Some more …

October 11, 2018

22:55: So Samsung has launched a quad camera smartphone in Galaxy A9? This madness needs to stop - these devices may be becoming smarter by day, we humans are running opposite fast on that scale. This is some crazy, mindless, shit-sticking race in play.

October 10, 2018

10:00: Displaying images from Blot on Micro.blog Update: David has added a new function “to step around the issues micro.blog was having with images in Blot’s RSS feeds”. This change should allow using the Blot’s caching feature. For all the defaults templates, David has already deployed the fix. So you should have the …

12:28: I have realised that I am being a lot more “social” on web these days. And I think m.b and efforts I put to enable the IndieWeb principles on my blog played a big role, to just open my mind to express more. I put down some of my thoughts.

October 9, 2018

18:33: Watching the #MadeByGoogle event live today would be like going to that one movie which you’ve discussed and debated and heard narration for from many folks, those you know and those you don’t. It’d be a real event if Google manages to surprise anyone. Would still watch though.

19:08: Being Social on Web It’s been some time now that I have started again to regularly write, post my thoughts. Long and short. One of the key reason for this change in my behaviour, my returned inclination to write has been the changed follow behavior. I am reading interesting posts that make me think, that make me …

23:43: Had a brilliant ambience at the bistro we visited today. Perfect for a chatty evening with family.

October 8, 2018

09:39: Another of those articles that triggers a heated debate on how and when to adopt a microservices-driven architecture. It’s one of those topics that is better not discussed in generic terms, but is way too often.

09:46: Just came across Mixnode which as per the folks behind “turns the web into a giant database”. So basically you can fire SQL-like queries to fetch URLs as response. Man, I’ve so many questions - mainly how the bloody hell will it scale. But I guess I will hold the judgement back.

October 7, 2018

09:31: This story from John C Dvorak is indeed a cautionary tale - for both writers with publishers and the readers of the large publications. Especially this “Native advertising is a most insidious concept and should be rejected by every publisher.”

10:31: Is something wrong with the link between webmentions.io and micro.blog? I used to get replies on m.b as webmentions - but have stopped getting them recently. Just me or anyone else is observing the issue? I believe I had seen @Eli too brought it up recently. cc @manton

13:14: I hate shopping - especially shopping for clothes. Especially clothing for myself. I would argue so much mental energy in “wasted” on making decisions for clothes.

October 5, 2018

06:37: On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King Such a wonderful read. I wonder how the hell have I not yet read this a hundred times. King teaches as he shares fascinating tidbits from his life. There’s so much to learn, about him and mainly about writing. About being honest.

09:50: Best thing I like about Castro is how it handles chapters. It lists down all the chapters (with easy access to sponsors links), how much time each chapter runs for and also let’s you select which chapters you are interested in. Such a well thought out app this.

October 4, 2018

21:03: There is a huge deviation in battery performance on Android devices with and without data connection on. In a way tells you how lenient the platform is in terms of pinging back home. This difference is observed even when the devices are on standby. Terrible wastage of resources.

October 3, 2018

10:34: The best thing about Siri Shortcuts is that it can be triggered via text - swipe-down and search. I am always anxious using voice assitants in pubic - I don’t want to broadcast what I am doing on my phone. Though I still can’t “chat” with Siri, this is a good start.

23:07: Every time I hear someone say “no normal person gives a damn about privacy”, I cringe out of helplessness. No one cares about their data is such an insular view. Tell them what that data actually is, inform them what they are losing and then see them make an informed decision.

October 2, 2018

06:42: I was a guest on this week’s episode of @monday - it was a fun experience. Frankly, I was a bit nervous and a lot worried. But then @macgenie is a wonderful host and it was pleasure talking to her. Do give it a listen, and I hope doesn’t bore you down 😬

10:34: I was a guest today in the pretend home of my daughter. She invited me to her pretend kitchen to make a pretend roll from a piece of napkin which I wasn’t prepared enough to do. I told her so to which her only response was “at least try dad before giving up”. Boy, kids are …

21:13: Sometimes you behave with others, especially your close ones, in a way that you know just isn’t right. And it is times like these that I find are best spent alone. I distract my mind, not letting it wander. I give it what it likes. And then more often than not do I think clear.

October 1, 2018

00:36: Google would like us to believe that Chrome is just one of their many services, not a tool  —  it suits their business model. But I think they shouldn’t be allowed to push that idea into mainstream. It is important we voice our opinion.

06:25: I‘ve decided to get inspired by my dad and strictly follow a daily routine - doesn’t matter then if I get called a bore. I believe it would be worth it if it lends some time to procrastinate at that odd moment and if am a tad more satisfied. The current lifestyle isn’t healthy.

September 30, 2018

15:38: Sorry, Chrome is Not a Google Service I read this interesting perspective from Bálint where he argues that “Chrome is a Google Service that happens to include a Browser Engine”. I understand where he is coming from, but I believe the thought process needs to be dealt with and curbed before it gets commonly accepted. …

20:16: Procrastination and Routine I am a serial procrastinator, I am not proud of it. Any hint of a distraction and I go crazy running behind that. I also lack the skill to follow a routine. I lack the drive to not miss the day-to-day “schedule” every day, weekday and weekend alike. I think I have been shaped by the …

21:09: I had no idea DuckDuckGo had such a vast list of categories for Instant Answers. It has become the default search engine for me, and it seems am not alone. It is extremely rare these days that I try a search on Google and even then it mostly turns up to be an activity in vain.

September 29, 2018

11:45: I am surprised to read the pushback against Marzipan and the extremely new Apple apps ported from iOS — especially they being ugly. Didn’t Apple mention it is still new and not yet fully baked? It’s a work in progress and am sure things will significantly change …

12:15: Though a bit old, this post from Bron Gondwana is such a fascinating view on emails. I’d never looked at them as a memory, your personal copy of what was said. Bron’s right, the immutability of an email made it an accepted standard for communications of all forms. h/t @fiona

September 27, 2018

07:26: Nice, this post from @vasta got a mention from @leo on this week’s episode of MacBreak Weekly — especially “the automation offered in Shortcuts, Drafts, Things, and Launch Center Pro”. Your empty screen inspired many people, Sameer 👍🏽

September 26, 2018

07:58: Frustration dwells in the void between planning and implementing - unfortunately, “just do it” is underrated.

09:03: Played a game with a shared AR experience and, oh boy, did we enjoy it! It was a great family timeout — of course ignoring how funny we looked jumping and scampering around an empty table. In a way, the others enjoyed the scene too. This would be so much more fun without the …

10:00: I wonder if anyone successfully follows the Pomodoro Technique - I have attempted the approach so many times and I keep failing at it. I guess it requires extreme focus and control over one’s thoughts which I wished I had. I tend to work in bursts.

11:26: This sucks, Google’s screwing with it’s most indispensable services i.e maps — “if you want to save a home or work address in Google Maps, you now have to allow activity tracking throughout Google services.” Another episode in Google’s constant …

19:23: “Manyverse is a social network mobile app (…) not running in the cloud owned by a company (…) all your social data live entirely in your phone”. Mark me curious on how it works and what’s Secure Scuttlebutt. If nothing else, FB/Twitter debacle has opened up the …

September 25, 2018

09:36: There are times when I wish I can mute a thread on m.b - make all the discussions around a topic to not appear on my timeline. Arguments tend to get repetitive, fog your perspective when stretched for too long. Better to just hold back and let the time crystalize your thoughts.

September 24, 2018

07:20: I’ve now switched to Castro — this is a wonderful app with some thoughtful design choices. PocketCast is too “formal”, bland but perfectly functional. Overcast has some design elements which just don’t make sense - its indecision on how to display show notes always …

09:30: I hate spiders. Smaller they are, creepier they get. I think that man with a suit has just made them scarier.

10:18: I’m done with Chrome — doesn’t matter if the default signed-in mode is actually that bad or just an indication of a valid session. Intent’s clear from Google, their thirst for data won’t be quenched. They can convince themselves its for greater good, …

19:25: Smartphones have enabled capturing the fascinating games the light plays.

23:11: “Facebook is shit” A brutal takedown of Facebook from John Oliver, and he still didn’t touch so many of the nasty problems from across the world that Facebook has caused. The platform is indeed shit. Or as John puts it, even worse. Calling Facebook a toilet is a little unfair to toilets. Because they make shit …

September 22, 2018

21:40: As I enter the 35th year of existence, I am made to realise that my health is my most priceless possession, one I need to focus on closely. And this time I am serious. So here’s to a year of health, and hopefully this’ just a beginning.

September 21, 2018

07:39: Woke up to find that Amazon just brought a bag full of “things”, untied it on stage and started throwing it against the wall. No one has any idea if what try hurled is genuine or shit and if it will ever stick. Bezos feels he has found a way to be successful with devices.

September 20, 2018

09:32: This is a month of change - I was forced to change the desk I work from. And I thought this is a good opportunity to take it a step further. Change is something I always like. It gives your brain that extra incentive to work more, to kick yourself out of your comfort zone.

09:50: I find it fascinating that Hello Internet is placed under Education category in Overcast. In the company of Ted Talks, Simplify etc. It would be interesting to know what @BradyHaran thinks about it, of course there’s so much to learn :-)

September 17, 2018

20:02: Tranquility of a lake amidst the idling mountains never fails to mesmerise.

September 13, 2018

00:23: So, iPhone SE is dead then for Apple? Why do these companies keep hating us people who want smaller phones? And they do not ship their “low cost” iPhones till October, only shipping $999 ones in September? Wish there are some answers to these in few hours.

00:28: To be frank, I am left a bit disappointed with today’s event. May be it is about wrong expectations, but nothing that is launched excites me. Not that the device iPhone Xs and the max one are not marvellous — they indeed are. But not something I want — may be an October event?

September 11, 2018

11:17: The fact that Chrome is the only one among the top browsers that does not have a native reader mode tells you about Google’s priorities (others being Safari, Firefox which do). Chrome will never do what’s best for its users because it will not be good for their business.

September 10, 2018

12:21: I’m seriously intrigued by Pinboard, the feature set looks promising. And it’s another of those well-supported services run by a single person. I am coming across too many of these recently. However, every time I am left unconvinced that I need a paid option just for bookmarking.

September 6, 2018

19:28: Aha. Twitter tells me I am part of the “selected group of users” for a survey regarding their services. So, how are we supposed to “celebrate” such an honour, again? 🙃

September 5, 2018

19:16: I do not think I like this - the deviation’s may be too high for my liking. Time to rethink things.

September 3, 2018

08:53: Is it just me who tries to fit replies on micro.blog within the 280 characters, especially from iOS apps? If it goes beyond, it feels like cheating to me. May be I think too much, but the limit should either be there for all posts, even replies or no limits at all 😬

10:06: I have two posts in draft, incomplete, for last 5 days - they just need some final thoughts, some commentary. Ah, I hate to look at my drafts posts list. I think I will get off the internet and stare at them for a while, I believe they might go away.

12:07: So, there is another leak of pixel 3 XL now that clearly shows the device? I think at this point Google shouldn’t even wait for an event to release this device. Just call the selected folks for exclusives and start selling them — exclusives will also be better marketing …

19:20: Simplicity of Love There is a fascinating conversation on episode 97 of the Criminal podcast with the now 99 year old Benjamin Ferencz. He primarily talks about his experiences as an investigator of Nazi war crimes after the World War II. There are some gut-wrenching stories about the atrocities he witnessed against …

21:32: It’s Micro Monday time. I’d recommend you to follow @vishae for her distinct point of view, her book recommendations and succinct commentary on varied things. I’ve seen her be part of some fascinating conversations with the community recently that made me really pause and think.

September 2, 2018

18:48: I believe there are some books which just happen to kill your reading spree — and then you just can’t get back to the same book. I am giving up on one such book. I may come back to it again. But currently, I need to move on to something else.

August 31, 2018

07:38: Due 3.0 looks nice. Rich custom snooze in notifications is a good addition in itself. Options earlier were too limited. Black theme, well not much interested. This is one app I use a lot, but mostly in the background. Doesn’t matter what theme it drapes itself in.

08:45: I believe “all data is anonymised” has to be the biggest lie all these data hoarding and advertising companies tell its customers. With the amount of data they have, they can build an extremely accurate profile of any user, doesn’t matter if individual data point is anonymised.

09:01: Don’t want to brag, but I really find the discover section on Micro.threads helpful. There was otherwise no way I could catch up on posts missed and being discussed on overnight. I wish though I could fetch more posts using API than I can now, a bit limited currently.

21:21: I logged out of mastodon today on my browser - a re-login was a deterrent enough to save all the compulsive visits throughout the day. I wish I had more control over when I access these social media accounts. May do the same for micro.blog as @vega had recommended.

22:31: So the next Windows major update is going to be called “Windows 10 October 2018 Update”? May be declaring Windows 10 to be last version of Windows to be released wasn’t a great decision after all. Why not just start naming them after some thing - other than deserts and places?

22:57: “My precious..”

August 30, 2018

02:10: A culture canvased on the wall.

06:50: We need a directory of people who are active microbloggers. It needs to group them by interests, geographies and few other aspects. I had started working on one, and then I had stopped - but gained few opinions. Here are some thoughts on how such a directory should work.

08:59: There was a reason I stopped reading news throughout the day, I just didn’t want a constant stream of negativity clouding my mind. I would just visit the tech portals occasionally. Now stream of political sewage is spreading there too - if nothing else, I’d hate Trump for that.

09:54: Twitter is testing a feature where it suggests who to unfollow I read this. And then I read this again. I checked the source to make sure it isn’t from The Onion. It wasn’t. We know that people want a relevant Twitter timeline. One way to do this is by unfollowing people they don’t engage with regularly. We ran an incredibly limited test …

10:53: Logged off: meet the teens who refuse to use social media This is such a fascinating read — I don’t think it is a stretch to think there would be teens who would be overwhelmed by the burden of being social digitally. The below excerpt made be really ponder how a generation older behaves might me affecting the generation next. …

12:14: So now we have this “Olivery - world’s first smart olive oil bottle”, wtf? Can we be smart ourselves first and stop making everything out there smart? This trend is crazy - have we not learnt anything from the Juicero episode?

August 29, 2018

11:39: More Tagmojis are supported now, so few proposed ones striked from @burk’s list. Hurrah! That also means more recommendations from the community to be explored - so Micro.threads Explore section is updated with these too.

20:10: Directory of Microbloggers We need a directory of microbloggers. This fact is clear from the sheer number of discussions that happen on the Micro.blog platform asking for recommendations on users by interests, or geography or something else. I just wanted to put down my thoughts on what such a directory would need to have for …

21:23: Today I decided to remove the Micro.blog app from the dock to a folder on the home screen. Screen Time showed I was hitting the limit for the social media usage almost everyday. Dock makes the access to an app way too easier. As much as I love the community on the platform, I don’t think …

22:54: One thing that Google’s scattered focus - multiple start-ups inside, than a cohesive company with multiple products - and culture allows is to steal mindshare from the tech news portal. Just access any and there is always some Google news being discussed. Win-win for both.

August 28, 2018

23:25: I won’t disagree with this poster at a Barbeque place nearby.

August 27, 2018

22:53: Reminiscences of the days gone by, when sales were not what these drove.

August 26, 2018

08:33: So Amazon Echo devices are losing market share to Google Home now? All these devices look to be placeholders for now. Things they do are trivial, they need lot of tricky tweaking to make them helpful. Post initial few days of newness, they just become music players with voice.

18:30: Rakshabandhan - the celebration of one of the funnest and purest relationships, of a brother and a sister.

August 25, 2018

07:40: It’s time to catch up on all the lost sleep last week working late on the hobby projects — so much was done, but so much more of the health was lost. Eyes’re burning hot, cursing me to go to sleep. So a good 10 hours sleep now, followed by a walk to get some work done close-by.

15:35: Every time there’s a story around ads, I grumble knowing that so much talent is wasted on such trivial a thing as advertising — our AI overloads must be happy us humans are busy fighting away our intelligence.

21:10: Puzzle time with daughter - assembling beauty, a piece at a time.

22:14: Why do Linode services and offerings look so .. dated? As if people behind just didn’t look around, look what the competition was offering, especially Digital Ocean. DO has really upped the game in hosted VPS with one-click apps and far better integrations.

August 24, 2018

08:53: It’s been some time now that I have listened to a track that’s so fun and so meaningful at the same time as O’ Meri Laila. The whole album is an experience in its own way — very different, but appealing at the same time. A must listen 🎶

09:54: Aha, I had no idea Jason Mraz has a new album out - Know. Time to put him crooning in the background, stringing his guitar, get some positive vibes. 🎶

10:54: Apparently, 23andMe had an API that “developers of health apps, weight loss services and quantified self tests” could use to build “services” over anonymized data sets of user’s DNA. They no longer do. But seriously, did no one see what all could go wrong here? …

14:10: Me. Words. And Chai ☕️

19:35: The biggest struggle for me while using Mastodon is the fact that it does not recognise Markdown. Like Twitter, statuses are plain text with no understanding of html - no formatting, no hyperlinking. I’ve been “ruined” by Markdown - if an editor doesn’t support it, …

August 23, 2018

00:08: Your Users Aren't Always Right There is a lot of chatter recently around the features on Twitter/Facebook that should be incorporated in the new1 social media platforms. Or even the lack of the Twitter/Facebook like features that make the platforms better. Just look at the timelines at any of these platforms and you are bound to …

07:10: There‘re many feature requests for the new platforms that we users are making. To do some inspired by Twitter/FB. To not to do some inspired by them. I have one plea to the decision makers, like @manton - do not to listen to us if it doesn’t fit your vision. We may be wrong.

11:23: ♺ Reposted a toot from D Dino i proofread my writing by piping it through espeak

August 22, 2018

15:15: Time for churning some thoughts. Time for slurping some chai. ☕️

22:21: I come to this place often. And ruminate. There’s something about the structure that calms me.

August 21, 2018

21:45: A walk amidst the nature, under an umbrella. With raindrops composing the best of the music to go with. Nothing more calming.

22:01: Another blogging platform I was fond of, and had self-hosted in between, Ghost is upgrading to 2.0. This is a fascinating story — I am still amused how the guys behind this continue to ask for the price they do for hosting one blog.

23:16: Blotpub bundles a Media Endpoint now There was one (last?) missing piece in the quest of mine to simplify posting to my blog - and that was photos. Most of my posts originate on micropub clients, mainly Micro.blog. But photos couldn’t without a media endpoint. Not any more. Blotpub now has one in-built.

August 20, 2018

13:59: Mark Zuckerberg and other big boys don’t have my sympathy Cathy O’Neil, along with criticizing these “big boys of tech”, feels some sympathy for them. I might be the only person on Earth feeling sorry for the big boys of technology(…) They all started out wanting to make the world a better place using cool technology, and here …

18:35: I had no idea there is a new Cormoron Strike novel coming. I like the name too, “Lethal White”. Mysterious. I better complete all the currently-reading books before September arrives. It is always fun to read Rowling write characters. 📚

21:30: Creating a new view on Blot I recently wanted to create a new view (a page) for all my social posts. Apparently, even if you create the page there are still few additional configurations to be done for the template to make it available at a particular link. Configuration to be done is to define a route which will serve that …

22:39: Cathy O’Neil at Bloomberg mentioned she felt sympathy for “the big boys of tech”, like Zuckerberg. I, on the other hand, have no sympathy for these geniuses. I feel they ignored their responsibilities and sensibilities for way too long. Few thoughts.

August 19, 2018

14:54: I think I may need a how-to on ActivityPub. The goal and the approach sound so promising. But how do you “implement” this, if that’s even a right way to describe? Can I make, for example, my blog an ActivityPub enabled site? I could hardly find any helpful documentation.

23:33: Blotpub now supports syndication to Mastodon With all the recent discussions around Mastodon and how it is different, possibly better, I thought there is no way to judge that without using the platform first, be a “native resident”. But I have come to realise one fact, I just can’t post actively at multiple places. …

August 18, 2018

19:39: I decided today that I do not want to display the likes, replies and repost types of posts on my blog’s homepage. It looked too crowded on there for my liking. I consider these as the social posts - may be they will fit better in a section of their own.

August 17, 2018

21:37: Sleep has to be one of the costliest currencies out there. You borrow some from your daily kitty and you have to pay back with some high interest rate. That is over and above the drab feeling you carry throughout the day. It’s better not to lose any sleep over losing sleeping.

August 16, 2018

08:58: This week’s episode of @Monday was absolutely brilliant. It was great listening to the thoughts from a long time blogger in @dori on current state of blogging. And I loved the fact that @macgenie didn’t push for the regular structure and let it be a frank discussion. Kudos! …

18:30: So is it time now to dust-off our old Tumblr blogs now? I know we are (finally) fed up of Twitter and Facebook policy swings. But that doesn’t mean we should forget why the platforms that failed, did so in the first place. No point joining back before those issues are addressed.

22:43: A trail in nature, to serenity. A quest to seek calmness. When your reinvigorated mind carries your weary body through.

August 15, 2018

14:12: ★ Liked “MIT mathematicians solve age-old spaghetti mystery” The twist wave travels faster than the bending wave, dissipating energy so that additional critical stress accumulations, which might cause subsequent fractures, do not occur.

19:06: ★ Liked “Selling Your Power Back to Twitter” Why would anyone sell their power back to Twitter, knowing Twitter uses some of it to run the microphones it hands to terrible people?

19:25: There are colors that nature paints just to brighten your day!

20:11: I seriously wonder how different is Mastodon from Twitter - of course, other than the fact that it is distributed. It solves none of Twitter‘s core problem — it’s still a stream of posts which are difficult to follow. And hence is prone to fail at scale. Am I …

22:44: Blotpub update: Endpoint now supports uploading photos, however just as multipart data. So you would not be able to upload the images from Micro.blog official apps yet. But you should be able to do so via Quill, as I did my last photo post.

August 14, 2018

03:47: Twitter Has Desensitised Us I have recently observed a lot of anger from people across the world towards social networks of all forms. Especially Twitter. I had also expressed why I can’t quit Twitter completely for now - there are still a few people left there whom I follow, and a few friends. I recently had a …

06:40: It’s been so long that I wrote a fiction, let the teeny writer in me express himself freely. I think it is time for an early morning rise and socialising with my characters. They must have many tales to tell now 👨🏽‍💻📝

08:41: So nice and brave of @manton to congratulate third-party dev for an app that sits right against his own. It also shows how much trust and confidence he has in his underline platform. Kudos Manton!

12:33: ★ Liked “Dear Journalists: The war on what you do is escalating.” You — and probably free speech — can’t constantly play defense. You can’t win if you rise to Trump’s bait and start calling him an enemy.

20:32: Meditation I have been a lot restless these last few days. My mind wanders a lot, it’s cluttered, full of thoughts. Full of things I need to do. Things that I can, I should do. I start working on one, and then my mind forces me to move on to another. Without completing any. I do not think that’s …

22:05: ★ Liked “The Quietest Place in America Is Becoming a Warzone” If we don’t defend silence, we sever one of the last ties to life on Earth before humans started raising a ruckus—before the combustion engine, before cities(..) we lose the space to reflect on what …

August 13, 2018

08:54: I am kind of bummed that no one here had any interest in Yahoo! Pipes. I really wish there was an alternative to that wonderful service. It would be so useful to deliver single feed from multiple sources. Also allows us to capture all mentions to single place.

18:24: Nature and family get-togethers go along pretty nicely

21:28: I read some fanwars and associated diatribes after a long time today. I read some cringeworthy posts, and some spiteful responses. I read some inhuman sentiments flung around as words. I logged onto Twitter after a long time today. I think all of these might be related.

22:32: Reads I Liked (13-Aug) Here’s a list of articles I liked throughout the day. 1. I do not think there is any debate on whether Artificial Intelligence will have some unplanned consequences. There would be. It is as good as a new species. And when two new species start communicating with one another, there would be …

August 11, 2018

00:00: Date 2018-08-11 01:15 It’s amusing to see the weekly reports from Screen Time. I knew I have been spending far less time in Productivity/Reading categories (as compared to Social Networking). I didn’t know it was this bad. And, no surprises, Micro.blog becomes first app to hit App …

03:42: Micro.blog - A wish and a fear I wish micro.blog becomes bigger, more diverse with more voices spread across the world, the timezones, narrate their stories. It becomes difficult for a user from a non-American timezone to benefit from the timeline. It is either crawling or swings past as you stay asleep. I have to consume posts …

22:22: Remember Yahoo! Pipes? I had built so many custom feeds combining different feeds using that service. With my recent pull back to RSS, I really feel a need for some such similar service. I wonder though if anyone else shares this need too.

August 10, 2018

09:55: Why not just quit Twitter? I am reading a lot of views these days from people I respect deciding to leave Twitter. And this is after a similar exodus from Facebook pretty recently. But this time it looks to be different; for one they are putting too much effort with their Twitter profiles. They are deleting their tweets, …

11:56: Search Engines need to redesign their results Dave Winer wrote few of his thoughts on how the search engines need to improve with time. He was focused a bit on how it can make blogging valuable. However he also had a underlying criticism for current search engines, mainly Google. Sorry Google, your search engine is showing serious signs of age …

12:47: I read this post first in my feed reader. I wonder how these reads will get translated into BAT. Not sure if consumption in feed readers is a sizable chunk of regular web. But I guess it should be amongst intended Brave users.

21:30: I have been reading a lot of views from people who are leaving Twitter. But it is different from the Facebook exodus. They aren’t quitting. And I wondered why? I still am on Twitter - accessed from website only. It’s work to sidestep the noise. But the community there has worth.

22:32: Reads I Liked (10-Aug) Throughout the day, I read so many article which I would like to share to others. It also is an exercise so that I keep track of all the articles I havr read and liked over the years. However, sharing them instantly was polluting the feed. I wouldn’t want to see that from others in my …

August 9, 2018

01:47: It is important, but extremely difficult, to hit that right balance between being productive and being healthy. I often tend to hit the zones when I ignore my health, the sleep primarily, just because I do not know when to stop. I need to learn to say “no” to myself.

10:22: I would like that world. However, I think we tend to ignore the social aspect that Twitter has enabled. Yes, people need to own their content. But there will always be space for that one place where they can share their content and trigger discussions. It would be important, and is incumbent on all …


12:44: Blotpub implementation thoughts This is a running list of things I need to implement in Blotpub. I intend to pour my thoughts and prioritise. This may also go to github on things to come once finalised. [Low] Support like and reply with data pulled xray. I am not sure what I plan to achieve out of this. It is primarily when I like …

14:32: Another day, another AMP horror story. AMP has to be the ideal use-case on how an incumbent on web muscles its advantage to make others embrace its proprietary non-standard technology. Will anyone even consider AMP without its prominence in search?

14:47: When you have “magic” in your name, you tend to suffer later. I was always sceptical of the promises Magic Leap was making. Demos looked too good to be true. Finally, their marketing team have realised they’ve overstayed their welcome. Back to reality.

15:22: Here’s a snapshot with all the “new” Android smartphones being sold online, placed right next to one another. Yeah, there is so much of innovation, so much of “choice” in this space. 🙃

August 8, 2018

09:14: ★ Liked “First Amendment Experts Warn Facebook Banning InfoWars Could Set Completely Reasonable Precedent For Free Speech | The Onion” “What we see here really could be the beginning of a slippery slope towards a horrific ordeal in which any citizen who violates hate …

12:53: Every day dawns with a new lesson. There is just so much fun stuff to learn in the IndieWeb world. And play around with. I have booked myself at least a couple of weeks worth of work. Yay(!?)

15:20: ★ Liked “How I gained commit access to Homebrew in 30 minutes” As an industry, we need to invest in the well being of core OSS software that we all use and depend on.

15:30: I wonder how is this still allowed on the App Store.

16:52: Bad news: there's no solution to false information online This is a must read article from Ben Werdmüller where he concisely conveys the problem around fake news1 and also presents how different players in the system can contribute in their own way. How can trust be regained by the media, and how could the web become more credible? There are a few …

August 7, 2018

00:02: ★ Liked “Reporter vs Journalist” I’d love to reserve the term blogger for people who write about their own experiences, not for pay, the “unedited voice of a person.” I think of bloggers as sources in the journalism world.

09:09: India is turning out to be a difficult market to crack for Apple. No surprises — it is a price sensitive market where spec wars are still prevalent amongst sales executives. Only way Apple can succeed is controlling the sales experience, by launching Apple stores.

09:44: I also believe Bloomberg’s this statement, though accurate, is misguided. “(…) unless you really love Apple, there aren’t many reasons to buy this expensive phone.” This is not India specific, that is believed to be Apple’s user base across the world. …

16:49: Freeing the Web from the Browser The Web is, without a doubt, the most powerful research tool currently available to man. No longer must researchers comb through endless indices and catalogues to find what they are looking for. In spite of its tremendous improvements on what came before, however, the Web is frankly a disappointment …

17:03: ★ Liked “AWS icon quiz” You use AWS, but how well do you actually know AWS? How many AWS icons can you correctly identify?

19:22: Micro.blog is the only service that I use which uses email-only authentication. And it is a win-some-lose-some experience. There are times, especially on mobile, when I love that there is no password involved. I open the email in my client, click a link and I am in. But then there are times, …

22:31: After an extremely productive last couple of weeks, it was time to reflect on the days gone by and update the /now page. It is good every now and then to read through your recent posts. To see what worked well and what needs changed.

August 6, 2018

08:52: Some mornings just aren’t easy. And it is even more frustrating if they are Monday mornings. You get up with a plan in your mind - when kismet has other plans. Sigh.

18:34: ★ Liked “How Does Mastodon Work?” I’m going to try and cover all of the basics of Mastodon in this post, as well as the details of how it all works. By the end of this post, you will hopefully be a Mastodon expert.

22:43: Blotpub Now Supports Likes and Replies Since I introduced blotpub a couple of days back, I have been continuously posting to the site from different Micropub clients. And I am happy that the system worked well. Added satisfaction was provided by the community by expressing interest and openness to try the endpoint out. As I had mentioned …

August 5, 2018

15:15: Upgrading Lab to Home Updated: 05-Aug 15:15 I am seriously considering the option to make this blot blog as my primary site. I do not want to take decision in haste. So here I am jotting down the things I will have to sort out before the switch. This would be a rolling list. Moving all the old posts to Blot. This should …

20:04: To anyone using Business G Suite just make sure that you’ve “downgrade” instead of cancelling your subscription. (…) To Google, I lost trust in your service. Google’s customer care horror stories just don’t die.

August 4, 2018

09:12: ★ Liked “A Moral Imperative” What I don’t hear often in the discussion is the moral imperative to help others: the understanding that taking care of the people around us is the right and only thing we must do

17:45: Micro.Threads Update Update [04-08 17:40]: Discovery of threads Discover new threads from timeline Refresh explore threads if not refreshed for 2 hours Minor styling changes Update [04-08 17:40]: Possible options to unearth in Dashboard People I do not follow, but are in my stream (via interactions) - with a easy …

August 3, 2018

19:18: Blotpub - Micropub Endpoint for Blot Continuing my experiments with Blot, and as a next step in Indiewebifying it, I had recently sorted out the webmentions setup and display. There was one final piece of puzzle missing, one that I had posted in a recent update on the theme refresh. Why not make this the primary homepage? Well, I am …

August 2, 2018

09:20: Techmeme introduced a new form of ads today. This is how the homepage looked. And this how they introduced the prominent change visible out there. Today, Techmeme is introducing ads that are automatically placed under stories matching news topics that an advertiser wants to target. They’re a …

16:49: Theme Refresh for My Blot Blog I have observed that I have been more inclined recently to post on Blot blog. I do have my main website which I have been using for all things long and short. But there is some lure of the simplicity of this place. You write. You save. And the post is up. No committing a post to a remote repository, …

20:29: ★ Liked “A Spectre is Haunting Unicode” To sum up - in 1978 a series of small mistakes created some characters out of nothing. The errors went undiscovered just long enough to be set in stone

21:33: ★ Liked “Engineers Fix Original Defects in the Statue (of Liberty)”. From the 1985 archives. ‘’We just couldn’t buy her a new dress and dab on some new makeup. We had to fix her internal problems.’’

August 1, 2018

11:46: Back home after days of travel. It’s always great to be back at home, the “usual stuff” - usualities are welcome.

16:21: '' ★ Liked “Dave Winer on the decrentralized web” I think the “decentralized web” can’t be anything other than the web itself.

16:50: '' ★ Liked “Doing Nothing” Push your mind out of a rut. This is important. I need to do this more often.

17:31: '' ★ Liked “The Bullshit Web” An honest web is one in which the overwhelming majority of the code and assets downloaded to a user’s computer are used in a page’s visual presentation, with nearly all the remainder used to define the semantic structure and associated …

20:13: In line with the last update on Blot experiment, setting up webmentions. I think I will go with something simple to begin with.

July 31, 2018


July 30, 2018

14:50: '' ★ Liked “‘The discourse is unhinged’: how the media gets AI alarmingly wrong ” “Making real progress in AI requires a public discourse that is sober and informed,” Lipton says. “Right now, the discourse is so completely unhinged it’s …

15:14: '' ★ Liked “The conventional wisdom about not feeding trolls makes online abuse worse” The story of the internet has always been the same story: disaffected young men thinking their boorish and cruel behavior was justified or permissible. And it was always wrong.

15:37: '' ★ Liked “The Outline “slams” media for overusing the word” It’s all about courting our love of sensation; nobody is really getting hurt.

22:19: Folks with blogs on Blot, how do you typically post? Any micropubs? Or is it always save to dropbox from text editors of choice?

July 29, 2018

14:22: Posting Liked Articles from Web I recently received a great feedback and a query from @cygnoir at Micro.blog. The links you share are so interesting! I especially love that you give a bit of an excerpt. Are you auto-posting these somehow? If so, would you be willing to teach me (or point me in the right direction to learn)? Yes, …

14:46: I hate reading articles on websites with monospaced fonts. It’s ok for code snippets, but please let’s not use them for long form posts. Not sure if it’s even made for that.

July 28, 2018

00:00: 1440 title: “” date : 2018-07-28 14:40:00+05:30 — Time to be on a train, a rail road trip with family is always fun!

19:51: Time to be on a train, a rail road trip with family is always fun!

July 26, 2018

16:00: ★ Liked “How to close all Safari tabs at once on iPhone and iPad” All you have to do is long-press the tab button when looking at any Safari page […] Just long press. Everywhere.

16:44: ★ Liked “Juul & its House of Smoke & Horrors” by Om Malik “And is it an ethical business?,” asks Crunchbase. “We can’t answer the latter question here as we’re not equipped for it.” Yes, you are!

18:54: That One Shirt in Your Wardrobe Every wardrobe has that one shirt that uncovers itself after many days, from beneath the pile of new, blot-less clothes and mirrors back the reality to you. The reality that you have been ignoring the most important possession of yours, your health. It just won’t fit anymore. You reminisce …

July 25, 2018

00:08: Podcasts Is a Costly Medium Even for Listeners I hate podcasts, because the medium is demanding. It demands so much time from me, demands focused attention to follow along. I wish I didn’t find them so damn useful to keep giving in to the medium’s demands. But to do so, I have to alter my regular habits to accommodate podcasts in …

10:12: ★ Liked “Departing Facebook Security Officer’s Memo: ‘We Need To Be Willing To Pick Sides’” “We need to build a user experience that conveys honesty and respect, not one optimized to get people to click yes to giving us more access,” Stamos …

20:56: ★ Liked “No, you probably don’t have a book in you” Every story is not a book.

22:55: I listened to a couple of microcasts today and I get the lure now. It is easier to share quick thoughts via audio than a written words. And I attempted to record couple of notes in Voice Memo. Yep. I think I may make it work.

July 24, 2018

08:41: I find the timeline here on Micro.blog gets overwhelming at times - it’s usually full of conversations that I just can’t make complete sense of without the context. It’s in dire need of some additional views. @manton Pls don’t take the feedback in a wrong way.

10:26: ★ Liked “Fascism These Days” by Brent Simmons What if agents in the Secret Service or FBI begin quietly talking to bloggers or tweeters who express an anti-Trump point of view? No law needed. No take-down notice. It’s just agents doing their jobs. Would you keep blogging …

10:31: ★ Liked “How to improve Twitter in 2018” by Dave Winer Make a commitment to developers and make it irreversible. What exactly this means is subject to negotiation. But no one company can do what a medium does. As great a company as Twitter might be, its not something companies …

12:05: This week’s episode of Twit was really fun. Lively debates on varied topic, with logical point of views from smart people. It’s rare that a tech podcast does not regurgitate perspectives on same superficial tech updates.

14:28: I realised today that Feedbin also supports following Twitter feeds and Podcasts. How usable is this? It really makes me curious, may be it can become one place where I catch up with all the stuff? Any one does that?

20:20: I find it fascinating that Bill Gates does not have a feed with full contents of his notes. I wish he was more open now, at least with his notes.

July 23, 2018

18:24: Finally I watched Durkirk. I do not know how I feel about it. Yet.

20:05: It was a slack non-productive post office time today. Binged watched one of those not-so-intelligent but extremely passable shows on Prime - just because my sister thought it would be fun. At times, it’s important to stop thinking and just be with family.

July 22, 2018

17:12: ★ Liked “Ten Years Later, “The Dark Knight” and Its Vision of Guilt Still Resonate” Ten years after its release, there is somehow too much and not enough left to say about Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Of course, because there was just so many …

18:19: It still surprises me to find that there is no way on iOS to look at the call history by contacts - find when all was a contact or a number was called in the past. It is important many times and only way I see now is infinite scrolling.

18:30: ’’ tags : likes, link, social 🎶 Listening to Lag Ja Gale Se Phir. Extreme soothingness in the background, looking at the games clouds playing outside.

19:19: ★ Liked “Been Down So Long It Looks Like Debt to Me” My debt was the result, in equal measure, of a chain of rotten luck and a system that is an abject failure by design. […] Like many well-meaning but misguided baby boomers, neither of my parents received an elite …

20:44: ★ Liked “Why Is Google Translate Spitting Out Sinister Religious Prophecies? ” Sometimes, though, it does feel as though the algorithm is channeling uncanny spiritual energies—or even cracking a joke. After all, Google Translate interprets “w hy ar e th e tran …

23:24: The weekend rounded off perfectly with a quality family time - a delicious home-cooked dinner followed by a well-fought game of Pictureka. There was eager hooting and rooting. And inane bickering and cackling. With loads of fun. Has to be the best way to embrace Monday ☺️

July 21, 2018

11:19: It’s fascinating to think to think that anybody can replicate Facebook, “kill” them; but somebody with mass following can hit them where it hurts most - engagement. Take the engagement out and Facebook struggles for relevance.

11:30: This always used to drive me nuts when different people used different varients of flag (-r Or -R) for achieving same result. is there some good reason why recursive cp takes -R whereas recursive scp takes -r? It was until I decided I had to get more information on why and headed out to POSIX …

11:49: Interesting way to catch tip modifications by waiters. However, I am always surprised that in this age of digital everything, where even currency has gone digital, we are still forced to depend on scam-prone manual tip checking.

July 20, 2018

23:36: Micro.threads Update. Refreshed user discover section to show more information for the recommended users. Can follow directly from the app, with option to open profile at Micro.blog. Also refreshed the “Explore” section with background enhancement. Want to open this to all soon.

July 19, 2018

08:44: ★ Liked “Software Development” by xkcd

09:12: Though I agree with Sundar here, I think the sentiment is missing the core issue EU raises - “rapid innovation, wide choice and falling prices” is for a market where Google isn’t competing - handsets. However it kills competition to it’s core services.

09:24: It was great listening to @EddieHinkle and @macgenie talk about all things IndieWeb on this episode of Micro @monday. It was nice knowing about the journey of Indiegenous too. A good listen 👍🏽

13:47: ★ Liked “Being the change isn’t enough” by Daniel Goldsmith

July 18, 2018


09:17: ★ Liked “Money Laundering Via Author Impersonation on Amazon?” Reames said he suspects someone has been buying the book using stolen credit and/or debit cards, and pocketing the 60 percent that Amazon gives to authors. Reason also for this NYT story?

20:08: I have been following a daily evening routine these days to refresh my user recommendations. And I have started following so many new people whose updates I was missing out on. Pretty stoked, I think I have got a working system here!

22:38: Changing Date Format in Blot So, in one of the recent posts on indiewebifying the blot.im site, I was faced with a roadblock. I could not find any way to format the published date that gets displayed on the posts. The post properties exposes just , which gets the default format of MMM DD, YYYY. And I do not think …

July 17, 2018

00:28: Update on Micro.threads User Discovery section. Rolled out some performance improvements. Added some context around the user recommendations.

10:09: Are humans really blind to the gorilla on the basketball court? A wonderful essay on what’s “obvious” to human and how the fallacy that “obviousness is driven by human bias”, which in itself is error prone, can lead to ungrounded, optimistic euphoria, especially around AI. Knowing what to observe, what might be relevant and …

19:52: Update - IndieWebifying the Blot site Given the recent focus on the working on Micro.threads, I hardly had any spare time for working on exploring Blot. Micropub remains a distant dream. In line with the first update, I thought the best way to get going would be to IndieWebify the site first. So I took some time out today and started …

23:04: Email indeed is the perfect, and oldest, decentralised social network for communication. You do not need a particular platform to be part of it. But that is also what makes it terrible. If you can’t control the inlet, it has to flood the house - bring it to stand still. That’s the one …

July 16, 2018

09:00: A nice post. Early this year, I too followed a similar path to take my web and social presence Indie - something that I control. The journal section on my website became the primary destination for microposts. I (selectively) route to Twitter via Micro.blog cross-posting feature. I receive and …


09:06: h/t Daniel Goldsmith

14:48: I just carried out my customary buy on Amazon Prime Day. And of course it is for an Amazon device. That’s the only stuff with good deals.

18:46: I was seriously considering buying a domain name in my daughter’s name today, who is still 5. I do not know if I plan to use it now, but I think if she ever needs one, she may not have it available. But then I also do not want to push my choice on her. I am being too crazy?

July 15, 2018

01:08: User Discovery with Micro.threads I had recently started working on updating Micro.threads application to focus on discovery, specifically user discovery. My social interactions on the internet have never been dull or frustrated since I joined Micro.blog. And it can largely be attributed to the extremely fine community of users that …

09:04: I dreamt a horror movie today. I think if produced it can be one of the best horror movies ever made. It sent shivers down my spine. 😧

July 14, 2018

13:06: Interesting, thank you Ryan for sharing that. I for sure want to explore it more, just for the reason that it attempts to bring Microsub and regular feed readers together.

July 13, 2018

16:45: What’s the feed reader service of choice amongst the community here? I remember many floating around, but always failed to note the recommendations.

20:15: ★ Liked “Shameless vs. shameful” by Seth Godin Shaming a person is a senseless shortcut. When we say to someone, “you’re never going to amount to anything,” when we act like we want to lock them up and throw away the key, when we conflate the behavior …

22:24: State of Microsub Servers and Client I had recently expressed an excited opinion on Microsub, the “new” Indieweb spec. I could then see the potential of the standard and also the available solutions, the server and the clients, around it. I have seen Monocle in action now and realise the power of Microsub standard. I do …

23:02: Thank you Aaron. I am confident the consistency of Aperture will consistently grow with more edge cases covered. On client, I did try all the apps, both on web (Together) and iOS (Indigenous). I found Monocle to be the most stable one. I do not think my primary concerns around posts display are …

23:46: I’m planning an experiment. The only way I will consume news for next few days would be via my morning newspaper. I think I will be a bit less burdened by the constant pressure of staying in the know. It is not necessary and introduces a lot many distractions. My hypothesis is with not a need …

July 12, 2018

09:04: https://twitter.com/statuses/1017248490160836608

10:19: So, AirPods remain the wireless earphones of choice for many, primarily due to the ease of use, design and comfort. Bluetooth is a hated technology amongst staunch audiophiles, Apple just made it bearable by making the experience frictionless.

10:39: Though I agree with Daniel’s sentiment, it’s part of the overall cycle of creation — inspiration, ideation, implementation, appreciation, recognition. It is not must for all creations to pass through this, but it’s significant if one does.

12:23: “Magic Leap Finally Demoed Its Headset And It Is… Disappointing” — the valley between promises and reality keeps biting the tech media. When will we learn to not get excited by demos?

13:43: ★ Liked “Inside X, the Moonshot Factory Racing to Build the Next Google” (..to qualify) It must involve solving a huge problem. It must present a radical solution. And it must deploy breakthrough technology. May be that’s why Loon is all we hear.

23:41: After a really productive few days, I thought it was a good time to update what’s happening Now. And as I was journaling what I was involved in, I realised benefits of my recent blogging habit — I had my microposts as reference. That’s one big positive.

July 11, 2018

00:07: Update on Micro.threads I had recently realised the project I had much plan for wasn’t updated since sometime back. So much that for an observer it very well looks to be “potentially defunct”. There are many reasons why I couldn’t push regular updates to this. Priorities at home and at work just …

08:49: We should tread carefully while bringing AR and ads technologies together. AR is still a growing tech and opening the doors for ads can potentially ruin it before it gets a chance to settle. Facebook is testing augmented reality ads in the News Feed (@anthonyha / …


11:14: ★ Liked Throwing and Catching by Seth Godin We spend most of our time in catching mode. In dealing with the incoming. Putting out fires. Going to meetings that were called by other people. Reacting to whoever is shouting the loudest. But if we learn a lesson from jugglers, we realize that …

11:58: I really liked this comment from a hacker news thread1 on a post around how Microservices architecture failed a product’s dev team. Everytime (sic) you touch something under a repo, it affects everyone. You are forced to use existing code or improve it, or you risk breaking code for everyone …

14:55: At times, I just wish I wasn’t following the technology space closely. My buying decisions would’ve been simpler, driven completely by what’s on display now. And not by the fear of roadmap, fear of remorse in future. My MacBook is dying and I find nothing that can replace it.

21:51: One of the worst feeling is the helplessness you feel as you look into the painful eyes of your child down with fever, as they look back at you with a hope that you will abate this pain they are going through. Ah. Absolutely crushing! 😣

July 10, 2018

00:48: ★ Liked Privacy Policy for ascraeus.org When you send a webmention to this site, you are explicitly providing metadata in your site’s markup, and this information is used to display your comment/reply on this site. Webmentions is one aspect I need to call out that I collect …

06:51: It’s fascinating when you find art all around you. And some looking down at you. Inspiring.

07:40: Update on Blot Open Questions Update: I had sent these questions to David, the developer behind Blot, on the support email address. And of course, given how gem of a person he is, he did address all of them quickly. I am updating the original post with his responses. This dedication of David makes me love this service even more! …

08:41: Whatsapp is following Facebook’s footsteps — fighting fake news problem with full page ad in news paper. Wish these ads reach the victims — I myself know few and I know they can’t be convinced so easily.

10:16: Micropub endpoint from the ground up The recent experiments with blot.im has given the perfect opportunity to explore if I can get a Micropub endpoint created specifically for my needs. Till now, I have been using a custom fork of a endpoint from Pelle Wessman for my Hugo site. It has served me well. However, I always wished if I could …

13:56: ★ Liked “re-setting my mental clock” by @ayjay I have always told myself that I have time to think about what, if anything, I want to write next, but I haven’t really believed it, and I think that’s been due to my immersion in the time-frame of Twitter and other …

July 9, 2018

08:29: I read this nice article on how being a parent might (or might not) affect one’s writing. It made me think hard if parenting does affect my creativity. I just could not let the thoughts linger. So here’s a response. h/t @herself

21:04: I think I may have hit the right ingredients to what I want to achieve with my blot blog. Look wise I am surprised the default theme suited me the best. Minor modifications with styling and I was good to go. Content wise, I will use this space to record my experiments, thoughts I want implemented.

21:31: So, I had recently got a blog created with blot.im. It will continue to exist in parallel to existing site built with Hugo. And as @jack recently wrote, it’s fine. Hope is eventually one will get tiring.

July 8, 2018

09:19: ★ Liked “An Interview with Andy Hertzfeld - Architect of the original Macintosh” We’ve all seen the legendary Apple keynotes and how personal computing has transformed the way we live and work, but what I was really interested to learn from Andy was what it was like to …

16:37: ‪This how-to series from Apple on Twitter is brilliant marketing. Showcases the product, ‬guiding users at the same. Done well too.

21:15: Creativity and Parenthood Austin Kleon wrote a nice article advising creators, especially writers, to not fall prey to a belief frequently floated around - “you lose a book for every child”. I do not think the fact that such a belief exists is much of a stretch. Being a parent is work, a lot of work. It needs …

21:32: @colinwalker Do you have a different feed that is fed to micro.blog than your exposed rss? Your titles are shortened for longer posts in your rss, while not in m.b. I was recently exploring the option to control the titles in my feed.

July 7, 2018

00:45: I would have liked a Shortcut invite getting into the weekend — but then now that I haven’t got it, better. I already have too much of experimenting planned for this week.

08:05: Amy Hoy writes so effortlessly about the web and websites as the internet around was changing. With one plaint to end with. There are no more quirky homepages. There are no more amateur research librarians. It is good premis to explore, but wit such a shitty, linkbaity headline - “How …

08:09: ★ Liked A Vision of Paradise by Jeremy Martin

08:25: Though micro.blog hosted blogs typically are a lot cleaner, I still prefer to read the long posts in a reader view. However, I do not think it is ever enabled for any such blogs — very similar to medium posts. @manton

10:20: I and queues have some animosity. I know everyone thinks so, but it’s not the regular “my queue moves slowest” complaint that I have. It’s that the only place with queues is where I need to go. And, of course, they move slow 🙄

July 6, 2018

09:00: I think I might give up and start using the official Twitter app. Don’t think at this point I can stop using Twitter - it is a valuable platform. But I don’t like how they keep screwing up with their dev ecosystem. Sigh!

10:52: ‪At times, Musk behaves very similar to the president of his country. Goes after everyone who is critical and follow all his supporters. ‬ ‪For that matter, this behaviour from celebrities of repudiating and attacking criticism via followers on social media looks to be on rise.

12:12: Whenever I read a book instead of Twitter for half an hour, I’m like: “Oh yeah! Words can make you feel good sometimes!”

17:08: I’ve finally decided to give blot.im a try. I like the simplicity of posting. Couple of surprises the moment I got in though — I think blot does not like title-less posts much. May need some additional work to get it working. Anyway always wanted to try this out, heard so much.

July 5, 2018

08:47: Article 13, which makes platforms directly liable for copyright infringements by their users — pushing them towards pre-filtering all content uploads, with all the associated potential chilling effects for free expression; This is terrible — I cannot understanding the reasoning behind …

09:06: ★ Liked How itty.bitty works Good showcase of possibilities. Static goes next level. itty.bitty takes html (or other data), compresses it into a URL fragment, and provides a link that can be shared. When it is opened, it inflates that data on the recievers’ side.

10:56: For a person not interested in football as a sport, I still try to remain informed on FIFA updates. I thought that was enough - apparently it isn’t as my daughter’s school proved to me. A fun quiz there had questions on “weight and manufacting country” of the ball. …

19:15: A great read. Defining facts is hard — and hence is writing about and surfacing it. It is not that no one is willing to be “arbiter of truth”, but rather no one can be. So people with agenda keep beating the algorithm with “natural” posts.

23:08: There are days when you figure out things are broken with your site and you just can’t find why. It’s one such day today and it’s on days like this that I wonder is it really worth the effort of hosting a static site. Man I want simplicity - or may be that time again I guess. …

July 4, 2018

10:22: I am tired of the tangled cables around my earphones. They are too messy and discomforting. I think I would soon move to a wireless option. Wish the market wasn’t so broken though.

11:29: I think I need to gain control on how a feed client, micro.blog app for example, process my title-less posts. This is especially important for posts larger than 280 characters which get truncated. I don’t like how ad-hoc it’s done. I better generate a title myself in the feed.

July 3, 2018

10:13: It’s time to catch up on C.B. Strike - second story “The Silkworm”. I like the characters, right from the books. And I had especially liked this plot and presentation from Rowling.

12:26: After a bit of playing around, I am still not clear on the purpose and benefit of IndieBookClub. Without aggregating the data from multiple users on all the books, the entries would remain just posts around books on individual sites. Aggregation is the key.


21:01: So that foldable Surface “phone” running Andromeda OS? Yeah, that was just a concept after all. The Surface Phone and Andromeda OS have been shelved indefinitely(…) Microsoft has (had the experience of designing for foldable form factor). It even has right at this moment many …

July 2, 2018

14:56: As we move away from the centralised web to the peer web, it’s time to rediscover, re-embrace, and reclaim RSS.

July 1, 2018

14:43: Finally got the support for like and reply webactions — have handled the respective microformats. Favourite and replies are two post types that I think are very relevant for microposts.

15:11: It turns out that culture is the most powerful force available to us. Culture comes from each of us, from the connections between. Culture isn’t created by presidents, Popes or kings.

16:05: I always wanted to sort out my webmentions and the respective microformats in reply posts. Aaron’s post could not have arrived at a better time. Here’s hoping it comes out the way I want it to.

16:30: I have seen Monocle in action now and realise the power of Microsub standard. I do not think I can read feeds in any other manner now. This is fantastic!

20:54: Siri shortcuts are amazing — potentially game-changing. Just default suggestions show the system is learning, suggests actions used frequently on mobile. This could be huge once iOS 12 is public, with app support.

June 30, 2018

07:42: You know how at times you keep making a very very silly mistake, but you blame a much larger/complicated problem? Yeah that. I keep doing that. It’s worse when you loop others in to look at the problem, as I did @manton. Sigh. I am able to post Manton. Please ignore.

23:06: Playing with lights is always fun!

23:38: ’’ tags : likes, link, social I always wonder what made us so careless, so self-focused that we ignored the greens around us.

June 29, 2018

08:11: It had been so long since I was actively engrossed in something. It was kind of a low productivy phase. I think I might be over it now. Now. That needs to get updated.

18:48: I was facing an issue with my micropub endpoint while publishing via an external app. The markdown block quote character “>” gets formatted as “>”. This causes further issues while generating a correct html. It may be resolved now.

June 28, 2018

08:33: Safari is a browser, wish the updates to such an important app wasn’t tied to OS upgrades. I do not want my whole OS to be upgrade — just give me the new improvements in browser. Most companies hate monolithic updates, with Apple it’s the other way round.

09:33: In the new Google Duplex demos, the system clearly calls out it’s Google Assitant, but then goes on to hmmm-ing and umm-ing like real person. It’s unnecessary, deceptive; plus the scenario’s too ideal. First end-to-end demo of Duplex, the human like #AI speech synthesis …

17:50: Book Review: Murder in the Mystery Suite A mystery of murders during a “Murder and Mayhem week”, amid “some role-playing and fantasy crime solving”. Now that’s one juicy premise. Alas, a juicy premise is necessary, but never sufficient after all to make a compelling read. A widower Jane Stewart works as a …

19:21: Every time I read about Google Duplex, there is a sense of uneasiness in me. I just can never put it in words. I am not sure what makes me sceptic about the technology. Is it not a useful technology? Or is it the fact that the technology demoed is just too good, sound too useful to be true? I think …

June 27, 2018

09:57: Log message: downloading beta profile. See you on the other side.

19:37: Incredibles 2 was underwhelming. Action (which was sleek, no doubt) won over balanced narration. Very similar to other animated movies (Despicable Me, Megamind) — unlike one from Pixar.

22:37: Best update in iOS 12? Post upgrade it asked for iCloud password 0 times. That is many ones less than what the experience was earlier. Folks at Apple were listening after all, may be they just weren’t making noise. A great improvement.

June 26, 2018

13:57: I run Google Analytics today on my site. I really need not run any Analytics on my site. I think I will remove all the Analytics from my site. I rarely check what they analyse anyway.

22:17: I am still not sure how Apple continues to justify minor Siri improvements on yearly iOS upgrade schedule. Siri needs to be always improving, continuously learning. It might already be, but rarely visible.

22:21: Just performed a Windows 10 reset - because it was getting bogged down by the loaded crap. Reset description read it will remove the crap and only keep bare minimum. Now all the apps that were actually used are removed and the system is loaded back with default crap …

June 25, 2018

10:06: I had the same start to my day as Colin’s - with a glorious morning. However, where I was pleased by the clouds crowding the skies, it was fading ones that had that effect on him. Fascinating how we can share the experiences, but not the elements behind them.

June 11, 2018

11:39: Browsers continue to make mockery of the web standards. Just look at the behaviour of autocomplete on input fields in different browsers. No consistency at all.

11:42: Been so long I have been away from writing anything. I think that sort of phase when consumption gains mind share. And then one drifts into a slack blob chomping mindlessly on anything that comes your way. I hate these phases.

May 27, 2018

19:18: Come’on SRH, no less than 160 to defend. Make #IPL2018Final worth the 4 hours.

May 8, 2018

08:29: I hate the continuous scrolling paradigm adopted by many websites (Quartz, Venture Beat) today to move you to next articles. That’s a sleezy little hack to gain more reads/clicks — and so more ad impressions. So much potential in world is wasted on plotting best ads placement.

May 4, 2018

14:46: The seduction of access to privileged (non-public) data is irresistible. Prioritizing data because it’s exclusive is the pitfall that all analysts must resist. Horace Dediu has a very valuable advice for his fellow analysts.

16:18: Planning a family vacation is not easy. So many parameters to think of.

April 24, 2018

06:32: Google gets even more interested in podcasts now. Currently, they look primarily focused on improving the podcast discovery plus streaming experience. However, I feel soon that will shift to recording and publishing podcasts too. YouTube Audio. With Google Audio ads.

10:52: From the Medium help section. Medium taps into the brains of the world’s most insightful writers, thinkers, and storytellers.. Also from Medium help section. Footnotes are not supported on Medium I always find it fascinating how limiting Medium as platform is for writers.

April 18, 2018

08:39: When @bradyharan first referenced his new podcast, about all the podcasts that aren’t made, on one of the episodes of Hello Internet, I wasn’t sure the premise would be fun. But man, The Unmade Podcast is a must listen — go subscribe now, it’s full of fun ideas.

11:54: M. G. Siegler recently posted his thoughts on Arrogance Peaks in Silicon Valley. I found this belief of his fascinating. The nerds have taken over the world. Oh, the Irony. Nope, they haven’t — head back to your original premise.

April 17, 2018

09:17: I keep hearing that there are parts of the world where using Facebook is a necessity. I wonder what are these places? And what’s the reason? I am not being snarky here, I am genuinely curious. Are there any real anecdotes?

April 16, 2018

22:30: Amongst the mountains, facing the green valleys. A calmness eventually sweeps in.

April 13, 2018

07:44: I’m surprised that cause and medications for an ailment as simple as headache is still not known. Reason? Well, there are multiple types of headaches with varying symptoms and ongoing research 🤕 And of course the one I typically get (Cluster) is still an solved mystery.

10:54: I am surprised there exists another social network that I did not hear about earlier (it’s launched in 2016) - hello network. And given that it has existed before the kerfuffle around Facebook, there is no reference to privacy of data. Difficult to sell in today’s world.

April 11, 2018

20:11: The more I think and hear from the voices (a lot smarter than I) talk about the rumoured Apple’s transition to its in-house chips for Macs, I realise this is going to be way tricker than I initially thought. There are too many variables I failed to think about initially. The latest ATP …

April 9, 2018

09:34: I simply love the podcast The Truth. Every episode has a unique fiction to narrate, with an intriguing presentation. Short audio fiction is difficult to nail, these guys do so every time. Recommended.

14:20: As I look at the hundreds of links bookmarked over the years of browsing, I am stunned how can this be useful to anyone. It’s a mess - broken links, links relevant only for that time, useless user guides, pointless references. There’s hardly anything useful in here.

April 8, 2018

09:13: Every now and then, it’s better to let the mind go completely blank. Many a times it is forced by overload of the incomplete tasks. In middle of one such phase. Just so many things around to tackle, better to just coast along — let things happen as they do.

16:35: Thoughts on The Rule of Links Every post I write oftentimes has a link to an external post, either as a reference or as a recommendation. And every single time, I go through this struggle of deciding which word should carry the link. It was so naive of me to think Dave Winer won’t have written about it. Of course, Dave …

22:38: I am almost on the verge of deleting the YouTube app from my phone. The algorithmic overloads have wasted hours of my last few days by keeping the recommended feed fresh with things that would interest me. And I hate the fact that I fell for it every time.

April 4, 2018

19:49: I am completely against Tweetstorms. Not because it’s difficult to present and parse for readers. But rather because it‘ll more often than not fail to convey whatever you, as a writer, are trying to convey. And a big possibility to get presented out of context. So please blog.

21:59: Another day, another update on Facebook’s grey terms around their product usage. Now it’s Messenger, the trainwreck continues. I won’t be surprised if one of these days we hear they have been actively listening over the phones’s mic. A stretch I know, but what …

April 3, 2018

11:17: “Deep Impact” is an intriguing watch. It’d a story to tell in a genre. But it just didn’t seem to belong to that genre. As if the makers were caught up in two minds — which part of story to convey. Drama’s too thin, too contrived. And not enough tension for …

11:31: @manton I find the character ‘&’ eats up 5 characters instead of just one in iOS app — think it’s the HTML code that’s being counted? (reposting from slack).

15:59: I literally shouted “This is f*^&>$! awesome!” during a chase sequence in Baby Driver. I haven’t had this much fun watching a movie in a long long time. The music, the plot, the treatment, the cinematography, the performances. Everything’s absolutely brilliant.

April 2, 2018

07:15: I consider every visit to a barber as one where I assign a project to a sculptor. My only instruction to him is to make sure not to chisel away everything and what remains should be something he can proudly claim as his finest work. I do not think they get it every time.

20:00: Ezra Klein interviewed Mark Zuckerberg recently and fascinating to hear him evade (though clearly well prepared) the mess he finds himself and FB in. Especially interesting is his constant reference to FB user as “our community” and Apple as “rich” company that charges …

22:06: Time. Those fleeting moments of time. Time. Those fleeting moments of time. Those crazy, affected attempts to catch up to them. To not let them pass. To slow them down. Those foolish attempts, unsuccessful every time. 24 hours. 1440 minutes. 86,400 seconds that dawn with a promise to provide enough time to complete all the tasks …

April 1, 2018

12:17: I have finished reading another fiction - review in progress. And I realise it is first time since long when I do not have another book waiting in the queue. So, this gives me a chance to try something different. Any recommendations, not from mystery/thriller, humour fiction?

March 30, 2018

11:18: My daughter servers me a dish of Play-Doh breakfast every now and then. Got served some colourful animal cookies today.

11:31: You tend to remember the things that went wrong, that were not easy to carry out the first time around. With experience, such failures, such roadblocks tend to grow on you, and mar one’s productivity, one’s creativity. Experience can make you believe that nothing is easy.

March 29, 2018

18:43: A great article on a recent event in cricket → For all the ball-tampering madness, we can also see a team both out of touch and out of favour, and a vice-captain a million miles away from understanding what the game of cricket truly means to millions of people around the world.

March 28, 2018

20:55: I have realised there’s a block worse than writer’s block - a reader’s block. It leaves your mind numb and leads to former. Sigh.

22:10: Greens always mesmerise me - a velvety bed so serene for the flowers.

March 27, 2018

06:40: I finally watched Wonder Woman & I must say I had too high expectations for this. And this didn’t deliver. Too many plot holes, too much brushing off. As if the makers too were hesitant to give their 100%. Was it better than other DC movies? Sure. But it’s too low a bar.

19:11: An alarming and distressing thread → Want to freak yourself out? I’m gonna show just how much of your information the likes of Facebook and Google store about you without you even realising it This is crazy, of course they can accurately build a profile of you out of this.

22:49: Most tech bloggers often dislike Apple because they tend to stay focused on a theme in an event. They just narrate their story, their perspective of the market they plan to talk about. Nothing more. That provides no juicy sound bytes. Exactly the reason I just didn’t follow today’s …

March 25, 2018

00:11: It is pretty amazing what you can create when you let the nature work its magic on the complete worthless of the things — at times art is born.

22:54: Slippery slope that is win-at-all-costs Recent drama, being termed #SandpaperGate, around Australian cricketers admited to tampering with the ball has raised so many questions. “We play our cricket hard but fair“ has been a pretty common response every time fingers have been pointed at Australian cricketers. And I sided with …

March 23, 2018

07:18: I am tired of listening to comments on Facebook, mentioning it’s already too late or no point now or the platform is too valuable. We need to stop this. We are conveying to owners & other parties involved that _don’t worry. It doesn’t matter how bad you screw up. You own us.

March 22, 2018

09:35: Great analogy by Dave Winer → It’s just that people who use the new Google-powered system will get a big warning when they come to visit. “This place is awful,” the warning will say. “It has terrorists. If you go inside they’ll probably kill you.” To …

19:53: iPad still remains the best device for consumption. And shines at times even for creation given it allows focus. On a Mac, I keep getting distracted with all sorts of projects. On my iPad, I can really focus on reading and writing - two things I prefer to be done on an iPad.

March 20, 2018

12:02: It was great listening to @modernlittleme. I say this again, it is refreshing to hear new thoughts, new voices, new likings on podcasts than the regular tech-focused ones. And just for that @monday is going to succeed. It was a great episode and was nice knowing you, Christine.

19:58: I wonder can we not post titles with notes in quill? I want to post replies with some comments, but such posts always have empty titles. I need to link to the original posts without fetching the title of the link. @eli I see you doing this with your like/reply posts. How?

22:45: Every now & then, I come across a IndieWeb enabled site with all the principles implemented, working just the way they were meant to. And it is then that I see the power of this initiative. Whatever it takes, I need to reach there.

March 19, 2018

22:19: A good book is the one that makes you shout at a character to not do a thing he’s doing. To not say a thing he’s about to say. That makes you feel sorry/happy for what has or is about to happen. That awes you. And that shocks you. In short, the one that keeps you engrossed.

March 18, 2018

21:57: It is so difficult, even frustrating at times, to find just that right combination of a pen and paper that works for you. No point having just that one perfect one without the other.

March 16, 2018

08:45: When your mind is loaded with stuff, from work and from home and from others, it stops churning thoughts. Nothing interesting comes out. It needs space to stretch and stroll and wander to be creative. To be productive. Unfortunately, this fact is lost on many.

March 15, 2018

04:10: A delicious multi-course meal is always the best way to get through a tedious work week.

March 14, 2018

09:24: Such a great first episode of Micro Monday — I love the format, & I love the concept. It was great knowing a bit more about @macgenie. I really hope @Monday becomes the platform that introduces new voices to podcasting every week. Would be refreshing to hear varied interests.

March 13, 2018

00:17: Does preparing for an exam mean making one learn? I never believed that, but am always reminded that it’s a pretty well spread and well accepted chain of thought.

March 11, 2018

22:30: As we detoured in search of dinner, we had no idea we would halt at a place that hadn’t aged with time.

March 10, 2018

19:02: I recently switched off the “Trim Silence” mode. Even got the playback speeds to 1x. All it lasted for was an hour. There are very few podcasts that are well edited and just a handful that need such focused listening. Am back to “normal” mode.

March 9, 2018

11:13: Short, crisp review of Galaxy S9 → “If you want this phone, just buy an S8” - Vlad Savov So, a new year, new Samsung device, same product story. Great hardware, screwed up software and one that will sell well.

23:36: At times, we do surprise ourself with what we achieve with the creativity - and let the nature grow.

March 8, 2018

23:42: There’s something unnaturally beautiful about this bench - in midst of a hive of activity, in search of that one companion.

23:53: It’s difficult to keep up with any goals once you are on an official travel. Thoughts have gone done, writing is affected and interactions badly so. Can’t wait to be back to the routine life.

March 7, 2018

10:40: Even after so many travels, every imminent one makes me nervous even now. And am sure it is not about the actual travel, but all the packing and unpacking and “being ready” that unsettles me 😬

21:12: I am always surprised by the number of typos in e-books. One would think a digital format would be better suited for revisions. Doesn’t appear to be so. Is it really that difficult to roll out an update for the digital copy? Or is it to make sure it’s consistent with the print?

22:36: At times, it’s the calm, the silence, an empty pathway that lends the solace. One such comforting walk today.

March 6, 2018

04:17: This week was an interesting one. Not much productive, but then just productive enough. What I am focused on now is more from the last week and some from the week before. An update.

16:40: Amazon Alexa Devices Are Laughing Spontaneously → People are reporting that the bot [Alexa in Amazon Echo] sometimes spontaneously starts laughing — which is basically a bloodcurdling nightmare. I am not keeping my Echo Dot on. Neither when am alone nor when I go to sleep.

22:06: She narrated so many tales. Wish I had understood at least a couple.

March 5, 2018

16:42: So I wasn’t too off on Oscars predictions. We can kind of guess which movies will win the big awards. I wish Dunkirk had won some, but I guess movies I like the most are never Oscar material. Anyway, I will follow my every year’s Oscar ritual. Start watching all winners again.

21:40: They say the world online is spoilt, spiteful. It’s all rage, and slander. All one utters of others online is vile. I did believe so too. And then I read people’s Micro Monday recommendations at Micro.blog. This place’s like a calming oasis, surrounded by a dull, rough desert.

22:20: Micro Monday: @eli. His stream is full of interesting posts and snaps. And some delightful conversations on varied topics. You will surely find something that interests you.

22:50: This lone lamppost always befuddles me — I can never decide whether to be saddened by its loneliness or be pleased to see it still stand strong.

March 4, 2018

07:57: I guess the attempt from Apple to market HomePod as a speaker-first-smart-later device didn’t work. All I see is people complaining about how Siri sucks. May be it’s the tech community that is vocal in their dislikes at this point. But anyway days ahead for HomePod look stormy.

19:42: Watched Spider-Man: Homecoming again. I just love every film in MCU. Superhero films are supposed to be fun, not some dark societal commentary. And Spider-Man finally gets a perfect film — one that lets him be a learning bumbling powerful goodhearted teen.

22:22: Open Web and Your Social Signature I had recently expressed my hope for more people to own their identities online. There is nothing wrong with attempting to control what you post online, to make sure it stays online till you want it to. I do also realise that it is naive to think no one getting online will find this process …

23:08: A tray of fresh breakfast served by my daughter’s imagination.

23:33: So the Oscars are almost here. And I’ve got a feeling that it will be The Shape of Water, Darkest Hour and Get Out that will win big. Dunkirk has some top nominations, but I doubt if it has a chance at Oscars, especially with its multiple-timeline split narrative.

March 3, 2018

08:57: I get a physical newspaper delivered to me every morning. My morning cup of tea with a daily dose of news, ones not worthy to go viral has been a routine for me. However, recently the pages are full of cynicism. I do not want to start my day with this crap.

12:22: I wish the full screen mode on Safari did what I want it to do — go full screen on the article. No address bar, no Favorites bar; just go full screen. iPad does it perfectly. Wish Mac took the inspiration.

13:53: Communities to Combat Isolation This is such a feel-good post to cheer one up on how a town in Somerset realised the ill effects of loneliness, isolation had and combated the perceived causes head-on. The Compassionate Frome project was launched in 2013 by Helen Kingston, a GP there. She kept encountering patients who seemed …

19:55: “Being a parent makes you feel like a blanket that’s always too small.” Few truer words have been spoken on parenting than this. And who else than Backman to pen them.

23:41: Greens at home make a tiresome day just a tad more soothing.

March 2, 2018

08:39: Every time I attempt to read any publication, I am bomabarded with the content marked “Exclusive” which rarely is exclusive. Many publications just regurgitate the same news and reports. There was a time I could just fetch opinion/edits — there existsed even special feeds for …

20:03: In continuation to my wish for the publications to allow subscribing only to their exclusive content, I have realised even the curators and aggregators are struggling with this scale. It’s become tiring to dig through the pile of garbage.

20:15: Stairs to serenity, an opportunity to rise above the routine hustle and bustle.

March 1, 2018

10:51: Adore that season where winter is bidding adieu and summer is getting ready, knocking on the doors. Greens are at their pleasing best.

15:08: ‘Bro Culture’ Led to Repeated Sexual Harassment → Former Google Engineer’s Lawsuit Says: Lee’s male coworkers retaliated against her after the complaint, her lawsuit says. They refused to approve her code and stalled her projects, she says. Sickening.

20:31: So after carefully considering which apps actually deserve a place on my device, I’ve for the first time a vacant space in the dock. A spot that some e-mail client had always occupied. For me, it has always been the phone, a social network and a music app. What about others?

February 28, 2018

09:28: I am becoming too much fussy, too much skeptical about things. I find a perfect, vacant parking spot and first thing I think is why has no one else taken this? Is there a dead rat? Or a half-broken branch dangling? There has to be a George Costanza skit already made on this.

February 27, 2018

09:50: My daughter teaches me, makes me think so much from dawn to dusk. Her curiousity towards her surroundings, an open mind to absorb and an unceasing streak of whys are enough to stump me every now and then. No doubt kids are great learners. Why do we stop being kids, again?

20:15: Human, you talking to me? Jeez, mon, I’m surrounded by amateurs.

20:52: Why a billionaire’s Instagram alternative is suddenly so popular → So how does it make money? The short answer is that it doesn’t — at least, not yet. It’s sad to see users leave one silo for another. Vero too will follow the same path, as it focuses primarily on …

February 26, 2018

01:20: If you had to recommend one post, long, short doesn’t matter, what would that be? Something, preferably not around tech. Something that made you curious, that made you think. That made you learn. Your article of the week? 🔖

18:38: Finally, got the microblog section of my site, the journal as I call it, designed just the way I wanted — learner and cleaner. Feed issues are resolved too. This marks a stable release, most design items are taken care of now.

20:31: Every time I have to open up my code, it makes me extremely nervous. There is so much mess that needs clean up. Some ugly configurations, a lot of unoptimized code. And the commits keep it all. A decision every time - to init as a new repo or to let the ugliness be visible?

22:40: Micro.threads update. Added refresh support for existing threads, useful mainly for all Discover tags which get regularly updated. And of course, finally a thread for posts featured in Discover is added too. PS: Please send me discussions which would be interesting to fetch.

February 25, 2018

20:00: I am seriously coming to that side of belief where microposts are no different from longer posts. As @colinwalker had once told me, its just a stream of thoughts. Some are quick bytes, some needs more chomping. But all are your thoughts.

20:33: "So, what version of yourself are you?" The world is full of fascinating minds, with a stream of curious thoughts trickling onto the web - day in day out. I came across another one today by Jamie Thingelstad, a version number for oneself. Yes, this makes total sense to me. A decade is indeed a major version — a chance …

22:56: Updated the /now page for this week — it’s been all about the hobby projects. So few things took a backseat, entered into week two of their existence here.

February 24, 2018

13:20: It’s been a very hectic week, loaded with work and hobby projects. Sleep is affected. Life with family is affected. Weekend is marked for the recovery - quality time with family, and lots of rest!

17:46: Finally watched The Big Sick. It’s refreshing to see some real couples, doing normal couples’ stuff. Performances are patchy throughout, but heartfelt. A fresh, unpredictable treatment to the plot makes this romcom a good watch.

22:38: I am part of so many interesting conversations at micro.blog that make me wish for a way to follow and persist them. So, I just created a small project for myself, a sample available here.

23:33: More than the actual gameplay, I am mesmerised by the zen mode in Alto’s Odyssey. At times, I just sit at a spot and relax with the soothing music in my ear. This time, I sat tranquil watching the sun leisurely set amongst the mountains.

February 23, 2018

10:34: I look at some people and heartily feel the society does not deserve them. I am confounded as to what covert energy drives such lot. There is no way your regular earthly diet can prepare you for the routine assault marring your senses.

11:09: @manton I started working on an app based on Micro.blog APIs — started as a project to learn and explore. I do want to open it up to others now, in case if it helps them. Is there any process? I did generate an app token, not using login API as of now.

February 22, 2018

10:38: Google, AMP and Consumer Welfare Ben Thompson of Stratechery has published a (another) great post on understanding AMP and the reasons behind its lure for publishers and success amongst users on web. It’s a must read to better understand how (and why) Google is aggressively pushing AMP across its product lines. And of …

12:48: "Thoughts on Google’s strike against non-https sites" Dave Winer wrote about Google’s recent strike on non-https sites. When big companies try to force you to change your web site, say no. The web does not belong to them. Defend the web. The answer to Google is no. I am torn on this. On one hand, I absolutely hate that Google wants every …

February 21, 2018

16:38: Yee-haw! Alto’s Odyssey is here. Farewell to some hours of productivity. And welcome some hours of relaxing glides. 😊

February 20, 2018

00:24: On my IndieWeb Journey, there are few things I haven’t sorted out yet. To set up a media endpoint for micropub. To (auto) send webmentions to the linked sites. To get mentions from Twitter on syndicated microposts. Bridgy’s sending webmentions only to the ones with explicit URLs.

17:47: You code. Or you write. Rarely can you do both together. That context switching is not so seamless. I guess it has to do something with that left brain-right brain thing 🤓

February 19, 2018

00:23: Another day, another playground. It’s a feed fixing day — I need to decide how I want to serve my feed. In addition, prominently display the links to feeds on the site. And get a jsonfeed setup too. I prefer the json format to xml any day. Why shouldn’t I serve my feed as one?

02:08: I got a JSON feed setup for my site. When I began, I did not think it would be this simple. I love this format, I am comfortable playing around with it. And here’s another reason why I serve this as a static site. I can quickly take such small custom projects & roll them.

21:52: I had been displaying the webmentions on the posts for some time now. Idea was to validate if things were setup correctly. Once I had an idea on which mentions needed to be surfaced and how, I got to work today. Finally, I feel I have something I am satisfied with.

February 18, 2018

01:04: Read. Patiently, slowly, uselessly. I recently read a great essay by Michael Harris where he dwells into his present-day struggles to read patiently, the old way. With focus. Paragraphs swirled; sentences snapped like twigs; and sentiments bled out. The usual, these days. I drag my vision across the page and process little. Half an …

01:28: So unlocked one more pin with my latest post. Can I say it wasn’t intentional? Planned? 🤗

14:13: As planned, I got a /now page setup for my site. I do not want to load it with too much of text. This is what I intend. A small write-up on what’s on my mind. Followed by a list of things that are keeping me busy. And finally, to keep it updated. Hopefully weekly.

17:08: I’m surprised to see the number of blogs run by blot here. I can see the attraction of a simple file-system based posting mechanism. I guess people just do not want to handle any overheads, be it with hosting or posting. Plain files always win.

February 17, 2018

07:46: I’m really impressed with Visual Studio Code. It works great on Mac (and of course is cross platform), has perfectly useful editor, debugger. Syntax highlighting/code completion‘s without any issues. Integrated terminal’s amazing. Plus it’s fast, smooth. And free & …

08:17: I am surprised I never tried VS code earlier. I think there’s something about dev tools that we do not want to change them often - I‘ve been a Sublime Text/BBEdit user. Makes me think what other Source Code Editors does the community prefer?

11:03: I sincerely hope the “Reply All” option is higher on @manton’s list of to-dos — I need it throughout the day, multiple times 🤞🏽

15:23: There are days when her doll becomes her life. Whatever she does, it stays by her side. For her, it becomes “she”. For us, she becomes her. Today’s one such day.

February 16, 2018

13:36: I plan to get a “Now” page setup for my site. I debated a lot if I would be able to keep it updated regularly. I don’t think I can if I keep it as a page for users. Rather I want to use it to keep track of my current focus — it might be reading list, trainings or project.

February 15, 2018

06:19: Notifications were barging into my life very frequently, throughout the day. And night. I had to take control of this. And I have been extremely aggressive on deciding who deserves that privilege. Some thoughts.

06:46: I am reading posts mentioning Apple should have caught rings problem in QA. However I have a genuine question. Is it a valid test case to check effects of a hardware product involving materials against every material surface possible? Is it not a stretch?

19:42: “Math is math, why would they change math?” Gosh, this Incredibles 2 Trailer is awesome. Just can’t wait for this movie to release.

23:54: The sheer number of modules available in Node can overwhelm you at times. Think of any utility, small or large, there must exist a module on Github. It’s been that kind of day today.

February 14, 2018

09:42: Biggest shortcomings of humanity come to fore when we stop appreciating others’ and their time’s worth. I see the behaviour play out way too often, in form of carelessness towards rules or towards ones who are following them. A cause most often? Entitlement to frivolous stuff.

19:21: “Google details how Chrome’s optional ad blocking, which goes live tomorrow, will work: which kinds of ads will trigger it, how Chrome will notify users, more” It’s naive of Google to believe no will think it is intentional on Google’s part.

23:43: Purge Undeserving Notifications Notifications are distractions, but they don’t have to be — it calls for an aggressive behaviour on user’s part to manage them. Any app that needs my attention first has to convince me that it is worthy of that. It has to convince me that it deserves the right to break into my …

February 13, 2018

02:36: It is annoying to watch your hairline recede. It is even more annoying to be a mute spectator of the juggling act that gets payed every day over your head. Of course, I had to write about the experience of these struggling, surviving fighters left behind.

09:13: I am surprised at the sheer scale of insider information that Gurman has managed to scoop. Especially so given that it is all software. That is one thing that is difficult to get out of Apple. Information is too specific and too detailed to be just some hints floating around.

09:49: I watched the first season of Black Mirror completely. It took me at least a couple of days to get over the gloomy mood clouding my mind. It’s kept me away from the second season. It is too dark for my liking, the real world as-is is no cheery place any longer.

20:40: AMP for Email → Because AMP for Email is an open spec, we look forward to seeing how other email clients will adopt it, too. Won’t it be available only on gmail, supported only by Chrome? Is it open in the same way as AMP? Or is it another attempt to break the last open system?

21:50: We Should All Write. Everyone Can. I have always believed that anyone can write. Life throws at us many opportunities to express ourselves in words — something short or long, in public or in private. It is incumbent on us to grab the chance. Colin Walker had expressed a similar sentiment while summarising his …

22:01: A great post from @colinwalker explaining his learnings from his Write365 challenge. It reminded me of one of my posts expressing a sentiment similar to one of his lessons — here’s my response.

February 12, 2018

07:14: HomePod is speaker first, after all → Siri on the HomePod doesn’t need to be terribly clever to keep up with Alexa in my house. A great review by @jack about things that matter to a regular customer. Above statement resonated for me too — what Alexa gets asked is limited.

09:37: Alto’s back with a new adventure → The main evolution is that Alto has learned to embrace his adventurous side: this time he is calling the shots and stepping out into the larger world on his own terms. Exciting! 🤗

11:44: It’s difficult to maintain, support and improve legacy features. Always better to clean the slate and start fresh with a new design and current technology stack. Unfortunately, that liberty is not accorded every time.

16:37: 🎵 A great song this - Here I dreamt I was an architect I need to listen to more from this band - The Decemberists, for their great acoustic.

20:33: "Receding Hairline" A receding hairline poses a lot of annoyance for the owner of one. And I won’t even get into how painful it is to watch your forehead span further into your scalp with each passing day. That’s manageable. It’s the juggling act that gets played out everyday on your head that is …

February 11, 2018

00:11: Finally managed to document the journey embracing IndieWeb principles on my site built with Hugo. This has been a pretty satisfying project, especially given it has inspired me again to write more - and of course post to and from micro.blog.

07:38: I wish there was a single place where I could see all my paid subscriptions. There is a reason at times I prefer subscribing via App Store, even if it is a buck costly. I am not sure what the solution is, but there needs one given more services rely on a subscription model now.

23:50: There is no better way to sign-off the week than enjoying a sumptuous meal with your family, sharing lots of stories & laughs and a cheery time together.

February 10, 2018

07:15: So the timeline is full of individual’s HomePod reviews. And almost everyone’s loving it. Hardly seen anyway complain about Siri yet. I guess just the experience Apple wanted. I know, the frustrations will slowly trickle in. A good first impression nonetheless.

11:22: I am seriously considering closing my gmail account. I am weary of dumping more and more of my data to Google data farm. But I wonder what are the alternatives? Preferably hosted ones.

20:43: IndieWebify Your Hugo Website For many, that’s too much of jargon right there in the title. So to a bit of basics first. I would not go into the history or setup of this website. TL;DR this site is was at one time build with a static site generator Hugo themed by a custom port of Ghostwriter theme. In this post, I want to focus …

February 9, 2018

10:12: It’s mesmerising to wake up to some of the most beautiful creations of nature — a lot satisfying if it’s you who’ve nurture them.

14:49: “Understand humility. Foster dignity. Live memorably. Endure.” → “The night before I turned 30, I found myself so surprised to have reached an age of indisputable adult that I wrote up a set of”adult principles” that I’ve been trying to live up …

February 8, 2018

09:24: Feedly does not handle the posts without title well. How about the alternatives? Feedbin, Feedwrangler?

09:57: Living in a Smart Home This is a really fascinating, and an extremely detailed account from Kashmir hill journaling her experiment of wiring her house to spy on her. Why? Why would I do this? For convenience? Perhaps. It was appealing to imagine living like the Beast in the Disney movie, with animated objects around my …

11:16: In response to a great article by Kashmir Hill on living in smart homes, I have captured some of my observations. Just reiterates, smart homes are still a lot dumb.

12:31: Finally managed to catch up to the Falcon Heavy launch posts/videos. Gosh, it just was an inspiring experience to watch it, and see it being watched by thousands of eyes. More than the launch though, it was the twin landing which was breathtaking. Brilliant! 🚀

19:49: I hate that my Kindle has great battery life — I keep running it for weeks for it doesn’t need recharged. But when I need my books the most, it throws the “battery depleted” message at me. Am just wired to charge my devices every night I guess, that must not be good.

21:21: Since the day I brought Echo in my home, I always wondered how smart the ecosystem of IOT devices really is. Kashmir Hill’s great post journaling her experience shows there’s a long way to go. I captured some of my observations.

February 7, 2018

09:15: Nature has the ability and avidity to affect your state of mind — at times in most positive ways. And you are fortunate if your work place offers it that opportunity. So if nothing else, the nature can keep you inspired.

11:05: 🎵 A great playlist - Autumn Acoustic Pop. Keeps your mind at calm.

15:27: HomePod reviews should be pretty heartening for Apple. They looked focused at nailing the hardware — which is lauded unanimously. Feature parity will be achieved by improving software gradually. Seems to follow the Watch pattern. Get the hardware correct, iterate for perfection.

February 6, 2018

06:57: Late to bed, early to rise. Not the way for healthy life. But that’s what I am going through - thanks to the great conversations taking place on micro.blog. I blame @manton @macgenie for this. 🙃

11:15: I think I need to clip my subscription list of podcasts. I have realised I am spending significant chunk of my day listening to varying perspectives on same set of news. Podcasts demand attention, so can’t be productive. Denies my mind a chance to spring up thoughts of its own.

February 5, 2018

06:53: It’s promising to see when humanity puts its difference aside to help out an animal in trouble. Yesterday, was one such showcase when a tired & scared cat was rescued by some of us. Some known, a lot unknown. Keeps my hopes alive we will not burn the world down in our hatred.

11:09: You know the best way to spread a bit of positivity around? Greet people in the morning. I have realised it works, so I’ve resolved to greet the support staff every morning. Puzzles them momentarily, but it’s gratifying to see their lips spread out into a smile next.

12:19: Great trailer for Westworld Season 2. Fitting background music to an impactful utterance of the message🤩 “But this world is a lie. This world needs to die.” >

13:56: Every time I listen to the Best of the Week playlist on Apple Music, I realise how different my choice of music is. I rarely like a song in there. Applies to any trending playlist for that matter.

18:17: 🎵 Such a creative track this - Efflux of Time by Aditi Ramesh.

23:03: Social media tricks me into thinking I’ve connected with other humans when really I have only acknowledged their existence. It is not enough. @cygnoir words this perfectly, that’s primary reason why am no longer involved in such banal interactions

23:45: For Micro Monday, I would like to recommend @colinwalker. He writes some great posts, on his really well-designed blog with every element thought through. Been an inspiration for me to keep tinkering with mine.

February 4, 2018

01:31: At times, it is useful to not wait to get the perfect code base before checking in, especially on branches. There are can be further refinements, but at least the code’s out there. Also works as an added incentive to improve, if something indeed is broken.

08:36: This is such a great post benchmarking Hugo against Jekyll. The faster build times was extractly the reason I went ahead with Hugo.

15:49: So finally managed to open-source the enhanced theme on my site. More about the overall setup here. Still need to work on webmentions display - some inspirations from @colinwalker’s blog.

16:46: @colinwalker Sure. For me, when I referred to long posts, I meant ones a bit refined, independent posts - not from continuous stream of thoughts. For example, I write some fictions/reviews at my blog. Can’t convince myself to keep in same timeline.

February 3, 2018

00:14: “You’re killing me with your eyes But with your smile you revive” 🎵 Sentimental Trick

11:17: You stay late, you screw up your mornings. You don’t, well, you anyway screw up the mornings. So the choice’s pretty clear most of the time.

11:24: There was a time recently when I seriously considered buying a Windows. Needed an Air, but not the Air in its current form (thanks Apple). However I have realised even my 6 year old Pro works way better for me than current ultrabooks. So am back to waiting - your move Apple.

18:13: What is it with the latest websites that the “Request Desktop Site” just doesn’t work? I have hardly seen any website respond with what I want - those who do are clearly with some old design.

18:41: 🎵 Now Playing Free Fallin’ - such a great song.

February 2, 2018

11:50: I guess it’s the seasons of new bots signing up on twitter. Suddenly a rush of new followers - look clearly to be bots (and of course they have joined recently).

13:27: Why Micro.blog has a great chance to succeed? Brent Simmons wrote a great post on why micro.blog is not another App.net. And I completely agree with him. I do want to add a couple of aspects which I believe lends it a better chance to succeed. Brent has clearly articulated on why micro.blog is different, especially the key parts below. And so …

18:33: Cleaning your code to make it ready for open source or to put it out in public is always such a tricky task. You spew so much mess when you are the only user of the code.

February 1, 2018

00:59: Who would make me feel starstruck? On one of the recent episodes of “Reconcilable Differences”, John Siracusa and Merlin Mann had an interesting conversation on who would make them feel starstruck. Especially they wondered - Who do you wish you could meet and why? What would you say to Steve Jobs in an elevator or Bill …

10:23: These are such great captures of the lunar eclipse from yesterday. Of course, not captured by me - wish I could identify and credit the original poster.

14:40: Adding Touch Support on Mac Steven Sinofsky, in response to an interesting (and hopefully promising) note from Axios, again raised the long debated point. Adding touch to OS X would bound to be disappointing. Plenty examples of this challenge. Ultimately the use case for touch on legacy desktop OS is minimal. BUT you …

15:21: 🎵The whole playlist is stunning — has taken me through so much of tiring hours. Coffee Break

15:47: “What would make more sense to me is that Amazon converts the latter into a marketplace where PBMs, insurance administrators, distributors, and pharmacies have to compete to serve employees.” - Ben Thompson So AWS for health then?

23:59: I believe when organisations say AI powers each of their offerings/products, they use the term way too leniently. Not every problem needs AI to be addressed. I guess it is more to create a perception - one of adopting cutting-edge tech. Amazon too just joined the club.

January 31, 2018

07:46: I wish I did not have to use any of the Google apps on iOS. But I just can’t find a way to drop Gmail. I guess email has to die for that to happen — anyway it’s just a spam galore.

10:24: Facing an issue parsing webmentions accessed via webmention.io api. I am not sure what the sort order should be — neither id nor verified_date look to be correct. @aaronpk

11:27: “Software will always be simple and reliable if it is built to address the problem it aims at with whatever technology - platforms/frameworks/solutions - that suit best.” — wrote a response to a great post at Simple Thread on software complexity.

13:31: Customary reminder that timezones are mess if not handled during dev and build.

15:21: I think I might have finally cracked the Micropub endpoint riddle - an attempt to post via micro.blog.

16:31: @manton How does crossposting from micro.blog to twitter handle the syndication? Will the webmentions be pulled back to the post on website? I realised Bridgy didn’t send a webmention for the activity on twitter.

18:46: “When life gives you lemons, check to make sure they aren’t, in fact, underripe grapefruits. If they’re underripe grapefruits, you’re well and truly fucked.” https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/when-life-gives-you-lemons

January 30, 2018

15:36: Stop Making Software Complex We, as an industry, need to find ways to simplify the process of building software, without ignoring the legitimate complexities of businesses. We need to admit that not every application out there needs the same level of interface sophistication and operational scalability as Gmail. There is a …

January 29, 2018

18:46: Embracing IndieWeb can at times feel overwhelming. But it’s the amazing implementations that keep me inspired - ones from the likes of Barnaby Walters, @adactio (Jeremy Keith), Kartik Prabhu, and many more. Over to Micropub now.

23:51: Enabled the h-entry microformat markup to posts/journal entries. POSSE handled via IFTTT recipes on feeds. Still need to set up a micropub endpoint — this looks tricky. Daniel Goldsmith’s detailed post hopefully helps.

January 28, 2018

09:06: Dues to Clear “Yes?” Ninad heard a confused, deep whisper at the other end. “This is God speaking,” Ninad spoke loudly, trying hard to control his laughter at the same time. “You have some dues to clear, mister. Can we talk?” Ninad was having the time of his life, making …

15:40: On my journey towards embracing IndieWeb, achieved - identify via microformats2, IndieAuth enabled, webmention addressed - receive and send mentions and of course, micro.blog syndication. Couple of open items - significance of h-entry for posts, way to process and display incoming webmentions.

21:31: I have enabled an extremely basic processing and display of two types of posts - likes and replies. However, am still not sure the possible activity types as responses from webmention.io in documentation. Any idea @aaronpk?

January 26, 2018

01:22: Experimentation continues with IndieWeb projects — over to Webmentions. It is a really wonderful concept which enables responses to a post to be written on one’s own website. As Jeremy Keith wrote in one of his posts: Basically, it’s an equivalent to pingback. …

January 25, 2018

18:27: I am since long fascinated by IndieWeb and multiple projects the guys are working on. One project that recently got me hooked is micro.blog. I have since been working on different feeds to get a custom microblogging of my own. The concept is great. And so looks the implementation. Time for some …

19:25: It’s been about 6 months now that I got my static site up with Hugo. Pretty satisfied with what I’ve got running. However, though I am digging posting on mobile as git commits, I’ve been in need of a lite, static CMS. Exploring Netlify CMS. Problem I am currently facing with …

20:04: Managed to solve the problem with avoiding issue with including title for microblog in crossposting. Solution? Of course, involved fixing the RSS feed — relevant even today.

20:17: Exploring the option to enable an editorial process in CMS. So that a draft can be saved first before it is published. This will be a nice option to have for longer post. Interest behavior. Understood how it works. It satisfies my needs. A post passes through multiple stages. For me, only important …

21:01: Today has really been extremely productive. I have got many of the things sorted out. Posting from a workable CMS (thanks Netlify CMS), crossposting to twitter and of course to micro.blog. Delighted!

January 23, 2018

21:45: How Dark Patterns are employed by health insurers Dark patterns, dark algorithms, dark user experiences, what is that? You might ask. I will define them as the following for this piece: Dark pattern - anything designed for malintention Dark algorithm - an algorithm that is designed as a dark pattern Dark UX - a user flow on the internet that is …

January 22, 2018

21:04: This is a test post to check for on-this-day feature.

January 19, 2018

22:55: Book Review: Origin by Dan Brown A mystery thriller — what do I expect from a book that categorises itself as that? A deep, dark mystery to start with. Woven into a tight, intriguing plot. A protagonist as bemused as the reader about the main plot, but a lot smarter to overcome the clues and riddles en route. If it’s …

January 16, 2018

10:35: Fallout of the False Ballistic Missile Alarm in Hawaii The time in between sparked a brief panic in a state where fears of an attack by North Korea have heightened in recent months. Residents and tourists reported seeking shelter, frantically gathering supplies, and calling and texting loved ones to say their goodbyes. The alerts quickly turned a …

11:20: The Opposite of Fitt’s Law If we should make UI elements we want users to click on large, and ideally place them at corners or edges for maximum clickability — what should we do with UI elements we don’t want users to click on? Like, say, the “delete all my work” button? Of course, …

January 11, 2018

22:21: Four Color Theorem and Software Complexity Looking at these graphs feels a lot like looking at a graph of dependencies in a codebase. If you add a node for each class, and draw and edge between the classes that communicate, you’ll end up with a graph like the ones above. My talk of “components” and …

November 22, 2017

11:00: The Unnatural Case “May I enter Detective?”, Mr Rao peeks through the open door of the kitchen. “I heard you had something you wanted to talk to me about.” “Of course, Mr Rao. Come in. And please call me Naik. ‘Detective’ burdens the conversation for no necessary reason. I just want to have some chat. And at the same, …

October 4, 2017

06:30: When No One Cares Rick was following this foreign body across his own home for quite some time now. He did not like new people entering his den, rather he scorned all who did. The loneliness that the fate had stewed into his existence had made him finicky. For him, the life was far better when he was left alone. And …

September 25, 2017

20:20: Herding the Herder “Gotya, wake up, you bum.” Gotya was shaken up from his sleep. He shuddered, then forced his face to point to where the sound was coming from. He let in as much of his father’s looming figure as his hazy vision allowed. Gotya’s father was tired of Gotya’s utter lack of competence at any work there …

September 14, 2017

18:05: Steve Jobs Theatre - A Unique Apple Product The Apple Event of September 2017 was in many ways just another iPhone launch day. It was marked by the typical, yearly frenzy in the media and the tech community. But in few other ways, it also lent the day a uniqueness of its own. Of course, it was the first one from the Apple Park at the Steve …

September 13, 2017

22:40: Perfecting Existence A sudden and repeated knock on the door reverberated through the room. It shook Rama, bringing her back from a sombre which had her unmoved for quite some time now. Unmoved, since a rock shattered her windows and her spirit. A rock with a paper wrapped around it. She had no clue for how long she had …

September 8, 2017

00:06: Publishing Platforms Still Fail Writers on Mobile I like to write. Emphasis is important because that is exactly what I like to do. I do not want to make the writing process too complicated. I just want a blank canvas that I can fill up with some thoughts in the form of words. It should not matter then if I open it from a desktop or a laptop, a …

11:10: Ganesh Visarjan 2017 Ganeshotsav - a festival that has me mesmerised for 10 days. One that makes me forget all the crippling and cribbing of the routine mundane life. That makes me attempt to overcome my shortcomings, imbuing me with a sense of calmness and a zeal. One’s devotion to a deity is about beliefs. And …

September 7, 2017

22:10: He, who wasn't welcomed Rains were lashing the village of Tikwadi. No being, living, dead or inanimate, had had any respite from the persistent downfall of loaded raindrops. Pathways full of potholes were transformed into rivulets with uneven bed. Not that there was a dire need for use of any of these pathways. Tikwadi was …

September 2, 2017

21:54: Why Microsoft failed with Windows Phone? A good round-up by Quartz on why Microsoft failed with Windows Phone; an attempt is also made to run with an alternate reality where Microsoft has avoided that. Its based on Microsoft declaring “Windows Phone is free”. Compared to Google, Microsoft has much stronger connections to …

September 1, 2017

16:05: "A Writer's Dilemma" A writer who also is a technology enthusiast is a worst combination. Every now and then there is a constant fight between the writer and the tech guy to divert the limited focus. The writer wants to write. The tech guy wants to evaluate the place, the setting where he is writing from. It is constant …

August 30, 2017

13:47: Why do we keep failing at foreseeing the technology advances? Forecasting the future of technology has always been an entertaining but fruitless game. Nothing looks more dated than yesterday’s edition of Tomorrow’s World. But history can teach us something useful: not to fixate on the idea of the next big thing, the isolated technological miracle …

August 27, 2017

17:45: "Medium" Everyday, I have a lot many thoughts about Medium these days. For some reason, I find it is turning out to be not so good a platform for writers. Unfortunately, even the reading experience is slowly degrading. The posts there are too disparate, with the platform really struggling to present them in …

August 26, 2017

23:30: Static Website: Benefits & Writing Process I have recently converted my blog to a website and, as I have already documented, I serve it as a static website. I have preferred this approach over a dynamic one that gets driven by a full-fledged blogging software or a publishing platform. Of course, these were not the only possible options. As …

August 25, 2017

18:30: "Ganeshotsav 2017" Ganeshotsav. The festival that brings families together. The festival that makes everyone forget about their individual differences and work with a sole purpose to welcome Lord Ganesh to their homes, their region. No one holds any grudge against anyone for a few days when Bappa is with them. …

August 23, 2017

11:30: Equaling Out Sana hated Joel. It was not because he was a terrible person. It was, rather, for exactly the opposite reason. He was a gem of a person. He always adorned his face with a wide, charming smile. A smile that captivated everyone, but was neither an attempt at hiding some innate stupidness nor a craving …

11:50: "Solar Eclipse 2017" Historical #SolarEclipse2017 Historical it was tagged. It had so much of hype and so much of build-up. It really was surprising how much big of an event it was made. And of course, given I inadvertently end up consuming more news blurbs from US, I had logged, wondering where, of all the possible …

August 19, 2017

00:58: "Journal" I have become a big fan of the Mc Sweeney’s publication. Every day brings a new satire, a new angle, new humor to the terrible events in the world. Here’s their satirical take on Mr. President’s horrible tweet. “As you can see on this X-ray, the tumor is currently …

12:45: Walking to the Happy Place Oas looked at the grumpy old sod again lying down in front of Sara’s picture. Well, at least that is what he thought Mr Marvel was. Somewhere deep down he knew he too was exactly the same — an old grumpy looking sod. And Marvel had made sure Oas is never allowed to forget that. He saw a human …

15:34: Life of Bitcoin Miners In the bitcoin economy, time really is money. Every 10 minutes or so, mining machines compete with each other to solve a math problem to win 12.5 bitcoins, a reward set by the bitcoin software. The work is akin to trying out billions of combinations of numbers on a safe. The miner who gets the right …

August 15, 2017

00:58: "Journal" As I read this, I sat there with a chill down my spine. “Terror is not an unjustified reaction to knowing this virus exists. We have no room to be wrong about this. None. We can be wrong about other things. If smallpox got out, it would be unfortunate, but it has a fourteen-day incubation …

23:12: Things are Changin' It is August. I like to think I am a writer. Somewhere deep down, I also know, though, that I am first a developer. So every August, I happen to relook at the current setup for my presence on the web, go back to the drawing board and change things. Simplicity vs Customisation This domain has had …

23:13: Moving from Squarespace to Hugo This is my personal place, a destination where one can find every thought I ever post on the web, anywhere. At times it originates, and so just exists, here. There are also times when it’s published at some other places first, but is also made available here. It has been in existence since 2008 and …

August 14, 2017

00:58: "Journal" I was writing the setup page of this site when this thought triggered in my mind. iPad is just a consumption device till you try. Once you do, you will start loving producing content on it. https://twitter.com/statuses/896654686891016192

August 11, 2017

00:58: "Journal" The Google Memo debate I had a lot of thoughts on the whole Google is handling the diversity wrong” memo kerfuffle. Here are some of them. - The memo had the leadership in tricky position. Unfortunately, what played out looks driven from external pressure than “corporate …

16:57: Displaying Favicons in Safari tabs I don’t know what the argument is against showing favicons in Safari’s tabs, but I can only presume that it’s because some contingent within Apple thinks it would spoil the monochromatic aesthetic of Safari’s toolbar area. I really can’t imagine what else it could …

August 10, 2017

00:58: "Journal" Another iPhone Story A must watch short documentary from WSJ, named so aptly “Behind the Glass”. The story behind iPhone’s journey to existence will keep fascinating us, coming out every now and then, bite-sized.

July 24, 2017

10:43: The Unearthly Baggage Sara is getting restless in the queue. There are still a couple of people standing ahead of her; they both look defeated. She wonders if she, too, is donning the same look. I am a Roy, she reminds herself, Roys may lose, but are never defeated. She plasters a smile on her face. She has been standing …

May 15, 2017

11:33: Day When a Loan Shark Was Tamed Thursday dawned on Tikwadi. For an outsider, no dawn in Tikwadi was any different. Villagers idled around just the way they always did. Men meandered, dilly-dallying with some unknown angst. Women hustled helter-skelter, pretending to be busy with some unknown chore. And kids spurted kooky from all …

May 9, 2017

21:29: We're all a mess Such a refreshing edit this published as part of Sunday Review at The New York Times. The contrast between people’s real lives and ones as perceived by their “friends” on social media is so succinctly articulated by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. Especially evident is the side of us …

May 7, 2017

21:44: That’s My Sun Sam sat there in the corner looking at his fingernails. With a shrapnel in his hand, he was digging the dirt, which only he could see, out his fingernails. He looked up for a moment, and then looked around. Nothing much had changed. It had been so long since he had locked himself up in this damp …

April 28, 2017

15:52: The humans behind the AI There is a great edit on Ars Technica about “The secret lives of Google raters”. I found the section on how there always are some people, humans, behind all the AI Google, and Facebook, want to harp about. Following passage is a sheer eye-opener. UCLA Information Studies professor …

April 22, 2017

20:27: Till the Fireworks Last Pia looked at the screen again and then looked down at her boarding pass. “AI-245”, she hummed, scrolling the screen flashing the flight numbers with her eyes. She was getting edgy unable to find the flight number on the list. She had long stopped relaxing in the passenger lounge. She had been …

April 9, 2017

20:09: The Quiet Onlooker Shri sits on a roadside bench looking at the traffic as it crawls by. It is the early morning, and so is way too crowded being the peak office commute time. He looks on as vehicles drag themselves along past him. Now and again, there is that one lunatic who dares to zoom through such traffic. …

November 29, 2016

23:15: Book Review: A Man Called Ove “Very few books make me root for the central character. Ove has me hooked.. am with him for a fun ride!” That was my update a third into the book. And boy, did this guy keep me hooked. I was with him as his past unfolded in front of me. I was with him as his present life was amended by …

November 27, 2016

08:26: Marvelling at Life Oas trotted to the window to peek outside, sliding aside the recently dusted curtains. He had dusted them just an hour back, but he still found some dust on his hands. He wiggled his hands and muttered few muffled swears towards the polluting city dwellers. He went to the wash basin, took some …

November 3, 2016

18:37: Our Mutual Pact “Remember that day when the Coffee House owner had thrown us out of his restaurant?” Jai stirred his coffee, and his memories. “Of course,” Jui guffawed. “Any owner would have done that. We were shooing away every customer that was walking in.” “There. That’s the laugh that was causing everyone to …

September 17, 2016

18:56: A Walk to Remember It was pitch dark across the town of Diu. The street winding down was deserted as usual. It had recently been washed off its weariness by the unseasonal rain. In a way, it was a perfect setting for one pleasant, romantic walk. A couple silhouetted against the discontinuous bouts of illumination from …

July 12, 2016

19:14: Best Day of My Life “Trust me, Sam.” “I trust you Pihu. But I can’t believe what you just said.” Sam was minutely observing the can Pihu had just handed him. “Ok. You don’t have to. What worse do you think can happen?” “We can die, of course. And are you …

May 15, 2016

21:43: The Lone Conductor Today’s was a typical summer morning in Tikwadi. It was a calm & pleasant dawn that the midnight breeze & the sun-beaten land had hatched together. And like every typical morning — summer, winter or of the rainy season — Paka sat …

March 31, 2016

23:12: The Other He walked back into the room, alone. He fancied such days. He was on his personal day-off when everyone else was at work. He had just finished his last chore. He did not remember the last time he had lived an afternoon so empty — empty in a good sense it …

March 29, 2016

19:09: Pinboard & IFTTT Maciej Cegłowski rants on how IFTTT pulled the plug and dropped the support for Pinboard. Imagine if your sewer pipe started demanding that you make major changes in your diet. Now imagine that it got a lawyer and started asking you to sign things. You would feel surprised. This is the …

March 8, 2016

11:42: Idea of The Daily Message Ev Williams suggesting an idea for a new age messaging app to overcome the rush of frantic messaging. A messaging service/app that only delivers once per day (say, noon). It’s like going to the mailbox and seeing what’s there for you. It’s an interesting idea in principle. But it would not …

February 7, 2016

00:26: Why Gender Equality is important for men too Emma Watson gave an impassioned and effective speech at the U.N. headquarters in New York. The address was as part of the launch of “HeForShe” campaign. Overall speech from the U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador is a must watch — not only for the fact that it was highly applauded …

January 2, 2016

00:38: Book Review: The Oath of the Vayuputras Typical Trilogy. Starts well. Goes haywire. Falls flat. Such a letdown by the finale. Last third of the book completely ruined the build-up — which itself wasn’t too great. But this could have been so much better if the author did not fall for the pressure to jack up the number of …

August 2, 2015

00:36: Book Review: Mort A great fun read with extremely witty subplots is how I remember this book. But then I think about it a bit and it is not how I felt throughout. It is extremely slow, occasionally (just) funny in the initial half. It does have that moment of laugh-out-loud humour in …

April 27, 2015

11:39: The Ads Dilemma Every time I read an article online that grabs by attention and interest, I am faced with a dilemma. I feel am gaining something without compensating for what is due to the writer or/and the owner of the website. I run Ads-block extension. Well, the web publishers are themselves to blame. Look at …

April 12, 2015

11:33: Passwords are, still, mess Some time back, I read this interesting post at xkcd, a usual for these guys. It made me realise, for the zillionth time, passwords are mess. This medium of authenticating a valid, and a human, user has overstayed its welcome. The way it is being used is not secure. Well, can you blame the poor …

April 11, 2015

00:33: Thoughts on The Martian This novel has left me with a lot of thoughts. First off, I am totally confused on what I really feel about this. It is one of the most difficult books I found to review. So I just won’t. I do not think I would be able to word my thoughts well. Well, they are confused. So I would instead …

January 24, 2015

00:25: Kindle and Paperbacks I read a paperback recently; an incident that made me realise how wrong I had been to believe one will always feel nostalgic towards books with real paper. There indeed was a time when I used to look down on eBooks as format. I knew I wasn’t alone, the debate was on. I used to think reading them is …

December 17, 2014

00:19: Book Review: Gone Girl Dark, Psycho Thriller with neither Mystery nor Thrill. I started reading this book wanting, assuming, it to be a suspenseful thriller. I was unaware it is more of a sociopathic, twisted whine-fest. Some can call it a character study, narrative of flawed minds. For me, though, it is all whining. …

November 30, 2014

00:15: Experience watching Interstellar So, I finally watched Interstellar yesterday; after days of, literally, closing ears and eyes on every mention and reference of this word. It is difficult, not to know anything you usually want to know first-hand about. No one else to blame though; I should not leave the decision of ruining a movie …

November 19, 2014

00:12: Book Review: And Then There Were None Agatha Christie, a name I saw at every bookstore and avoided every single time. The books ‘looked’ short, felt they had to be short stories for pre-teens. How wrong was I, to neglect the suggestion not to judge books by cover, by how they ‘looked’. And Then There Were …

October 30, 2014

23:35: Book Review: The Cuckoo''s Calling The novel is an entertaining read overall. Expected given that it is penned by an experienced story weaver. But then it also has those parts that make the experience average, at times. It starts out promisingly, Strike interested me. So did Robin (sigh!) and their case at hand. Mystery is woven, …

September 6, 2014

11:29: Own your blog: With Ghost and Digital Ocean Image Credit: Dave Ever since I decided to own and host my site, i.e. basically ever since this place has existed, I was planning to write down my reasons and choices for the engines that run this site. Couple of feedbacks finally made me jot down the thoughts. One thing I was sure about was I did …

August 30, 2014

11:13: Anyone can write Image Credit: jeffrey james pacres One way to think of writing is to jot down abundance of words, leading towards a story or an account. Another way is to simply think of it as a medium to express oneself. Every person often comes across such occasions to put his thought, his ideas, his expressions …

August 21, 2014

11:02: I want to use Overcast, but I can't I like listening to podcasts and have been regularly doing so. Podcasts have almost become my go-to source of entertainment during my commutes or non-working lone times. If I can focus on what’s playing, I listen to podcasts. Music is only for the times when I don’t want people to …

11:10: Showman I adore It is raining outside, a steady fall of cheerful drops. I look outside, while am gathering my thoughts, again. Rains always make me do that. Especially such. Cheerful the droplets sound, together. This sound beat is no less than a pleasant sufi composition to my ears. It always cheers me up. It is …

August 13, 2014

10:59: The Conscious Subconscious One’s subconscious wakes up pretty frequently, at times during events not that significant in grand scheme of things. This was one such incident. It was raining outside. I was, however, in a rush to come out of the building. I had already gotten late to leave my desk. Not that I had a bus to …

August 7, 2014

00:03: End of journey I would no longer be posting on this weblog going ahead. I have finally managed to own my presence on web completely, again. I knew this was a placeholder for my thoughts till I put together a planned-to-be-permanent place which could be controlled by me. I managed to get that done finally, read my …

July 28, 2014

23:56: Pen is, still, mightier Recently I read an article by Nick Bilton that announced, or at least inclined to, the demise of the pen. “Fare Thee Well, My Pen”, the headline read. It claimed “the pen is murdered by finger”. It claimed today’s technology driven world rarely gives us an …

July 23, 2014

10:53: Here's to another start! This site is a result of in-numerous attempts at pushing myself to own my blog, again. My last attempt was significant for me because it allowed me to fully host and own a wordpress blog. It had a good run through my bachelor life, got neglected later and finally shuttered, post marriage. Posts …

December 30, 2013

21:52: Remembering names.. Another introduction where I am involved, as in I listen, happened today. These introductions haunt me, always. Names are exchanged and so is the purpose for visit and some pleasantries. We talk, we laugh, we share. Then the meeting, or the visit, ends. Everything is well and good. That is until we …

December 29, 2013

16:40: Book Review: Inferno Inferno by Dan Brown Going in to the chapter 1 of Inferno, I didn’t have too high expectations. I was looking for a breezy page-turner with some anecdotes on sculptures, people, places intermingled with the story. However I was disappointed to see Dan Brown fail to deliver even that. Anecdotes …

August 8, 2013

20:57: Book Review: Kane and Abel Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer My rating: 4 of 5 stars First two chapters down and I knew am in for an epic saga. The book had me right from the stories of the two protagonists being christened. This was one of the finest examples of how the characters are built. Every single one, even the …

August 6, 2013

23:21: Stop overthinking We, the humans, are a race of thinkers. We are pampered while growing up, someone always making the decisions for us. Proving the point from time to time that the decisions they made for us were correct, were for our greater good. We are deterred from erring. We are convinced that erring is bad. We …

August 6, 2012

05:15: Make us fools, but we hate waiting. Some years ago, executives at a Houston airport faced a troubling customer-relations issue. Passengers were lodging an inordinate number of complaints about the long waits at baggage claim. In response, the executives increased the number of baggage handlers working that shift. The plan worked: the …

18:02: Speechless... Another rainfall, another stroll to the cafeteria, another shot of similar feelings. Just couldn’t help but dig out this old post and repost. Speechless …. That’s how today’s incident caught me. Really felt am i missing something? Am i really enjoying my life? Corporate world …

June 26, 2012

18:24: Evidence of Machine Learning scratched at Google X Laboratory Inside Google’s secretive X laboratory, known for inventing self-driving cars and augmented reality glasses, a small group of researchers began working several years ago on a simulation of the human brain. There Google scientists created one of the largest neural networks for machine learning by …

August 10, 2011

11:14: If India lose 4-0 against England.. … I won’t be surprised if BJP tags this loss as the failure of UPA government. Someone, mostly Gadkari, might go so far to claim that there is a big conspiracy behind the loss. UPA planned and executed the loss just to divert “aam aadmi’s” attention away from the …

August 4, 2011

18:41: Uniting the divided nation, at least by name. We, the people of India; the divided people of India. We are divided by states. We are divided by religion. We are divided by language. We are divided by accent. We are divided by names. We are divided by color. We are divided by views we hold. We are divided by acts we preach. We are divided by who …

July 22, 2011

00:30: Another day, another change Another day, when things did not go as planned. Things worked out well, almost, but did not go to plan. Nothing happened as I thought it should, but I did not complain because it did not affect me negatively. I consoled my mind “all is well”. Though it did not end the way it should have. …

June 29, 2011

15:38: Change changes everything! Change is important. Change is inevitable. But if not, it has to be forced. Change is one thing I plan to undergo every time there is nothing happening around. Change the way I commute to office. Change the route I use. Change the time I travel. Change the schedule at office. Change the schedule at …

17:20: If a great musician plays great music but no one hears, was he really any good? Interesting read this about an experiment involving Joshua Bell. You feel for him when we says this: With “Chaconne,” the opening is filled with a building sense of awe. That kept him busy for a while. Eventually, though, he began to steal a sidelong glance. "It was a strange feeling, …

July 16, 2010

01:43: Selecting your contact number: An activity worth million dollars.. It was second incident in last 2 weeks when I had to select a mobile number for myself. Now this activity may sound simple and non-important. But I always find it an extremely confusing experience. Think about it. In front of you are the numbers “available” for you to select as your …

June 18, 2010

21:44: Thank you Mr.Timezones for making world messier a place to live.. There is one concept in this confusing world which I absolutely hate. Something called “Timezone”. Who, in their right mind, will decide that from today onwards, we will attach a 3 or 4 letter combination at the end of time and make it a hell of an experience to understand what time it …

June 7, 2010

20:50: 2 ke 15million; a non-economist view of a 'convinient' money making deal.. Yesterday there was a buzz going along in my office. My colleague asked me if I would be interested in parting away $2 of mine to embrace a chance to win 15million. (Yeah you heard it right, that is the amount I was told. million as in 7 .. arrr 6 zeros.) Now I am not those champu “1$ bole to …

May 25, 2010

21:13: Making birthday celebrations an embarrassing experience..since 1912! Cake was being cut. Everybody stood around the “oh-am-one-more-year-old” guy and all of them were like “cmon-cut-that-cake-now-you-moron”. I stood there hoping that the cursed words do not leave some jackass’ mouth. And they did, against my wish.. “Happy …

May 15, 2010

19:13: Is she Indian? A timepass bet, literally.. Since I arrived in Sydney, this question has been discussed and fought and betted over so many times among we friends. I mean the moment a clearcut-non-firangi girl is spotted, the next question that pops out is “Is she Indian?”. The reason is simple. Everyone wants to be on top of his …

May 4, 2010

16:26: I do not drink. Research says I am dumb.. I haven’t had even a single sip of as non-alcoholic an alcoholic drink as beer. There I said it. I know many people, mostly drinkers, will pounce on me. I always felt I am not fulfilling the most important thing HE sent me on earth for. I did not care till now. I knew they must be calling me …

February 4, 2010

23:07: Decoding the plight called elevators.. The beasts called elevators end up pissing me off every single time. I had rambled about these dumb asses earlier here. Go grab a bite. If you have read that post, you will know that the ramblings mentioned earlier were particularly about those ill-chipped lifts of that underdeveloped guest house. …

January 24, 2010

01:38: Switching Lives (Repost) Prologue: I have been working on quite a lot of posts recently but could not finish them and bring them to any bloggable format. So finally decided I should repost some old post. Here goes one such post. Yesterday i had quite a random dream. Random indeed it was. For the most part of it i was pretty …

December 27, 2009

13:44: My time travel to the future me.. Tomorrow I am going to travel through the time to the future me. It’s been long that I was planning for one such tour. However just for the need of the future currency, I had to postpone my travel to tomorrow. In a moment, my friend will return from his visit. I have asked him to smuggle some …

December 14, 2009

21:13: Thoughts on movie making (and reviewing) Just finished watching “The Negotiator”. A tense drama between two negotiators that was . Well at least for three-fourth of the movie. After which I think the director fell prey for the behaviour which I am seeing a lot recently. However I have no intention here to post a review about …

October 15, 2009

22:08: Is ignoring climate change a risk worth taking? He gets up in the morning and sees sun rising at him through the small slit, left open at the window by curtains. It is that soothing early morning which he has always savored. He crawls out of his bed and takes a warm shower. He gets all tidied up with a desire to embrace the pleasing spring …

September 27, 2009

20:23: A day when I let my unethical mind cells win You know that time when you just back out of a thing which might have saved you some bucks? It happens to me a lot, but this particular week gave me a double blow. First incident was when i did not back out when i should, though debatable, have. I trolled along the darling harbor idling my time out …

September 21, 2009

00:20: Getting Choosy at Supermarkets.. A visit to a supermarket is not something uncommon for me. Rather it is one thing which i like doing the most. Crawling between those numerous branches full of variety of products, i just lose myself glancing at each one’s properties… beep .. engineer’s blooper .. i should have said “each one’s …

August 23, 2009

01:30: Quick thoughts These days i am going through some wonderful experiences. Major chunk for this: I have the routine in Bangalore broken. I was fed up with the same life style. Same road. Same bus. Same timings. Same place. Same updates. Same people. And even same dogs! Life at Australia has given me that chance to …

July 30, 2009

21:05: A quickie to Darling Harbour.. Need to update, but i have reached and kind of settled in Australia. I had some time at hand last Saturday. SO just had a quick walk at Darling Harbour. Below are the snaps. I will let snaps do the talking for now. A detailed post soon to follow..

June 12, 2009

05:22: One Fine Morning... Incidents wait for a perfect time to pounce on you, especially the bad ones. One such incident pounced on him too. One fine morning, it was. Alike any normal day, he woke fully throttled up, with a hope for fruitful work at office. He rushed through the daily chores, preparing himself for the …

May 29, 2009

06:05: Nothing goes wrong.. I had earlier prated at facebook about how things never go wrong but they usually are wrong. This post is more about the incident that made me babble that out. This particular incident is not a one off experience. It happens with me most of the time. I have started believing the quote, that one gets …

May 27, 2009

05:24: Contemplating my present days.. Another day spent with hardly any interesting updates in life. Truly speaking many things happen. Mind wanders around, surfs over various topics instead of diving deep into a single significant job at hand. Result is i am unable to get attached to any of the things happening around me. The question …

March 18, 2009

05:45: The useless "S" word!!! As i was tottering along the floor today, i reached the door of the washroom whose door, thanks to the awesomely random designs, opens inside. So a person standing in the washroom is bound to get a hit for just boasting to his mirror self on how handsome he really is. Anyway so today as i reached …

March 12, 2009

10:29: An Experience “Learning how to drive has been too easy these days my friend”, he said, “It’s a simple principle. Throw money learn honey. I learnt it not by choice, but by compulsion.” He had a sense of austerity in his voice. I knew i was about to embark on a journey of one of his lifetime experiences. Though …

February 27, 2009

04:03: A lame effort ... Another day goes by. Each day passes with me starting my day with a plan to blog about the zillions of ideas i have sidelined over the week now. I have to put a sticky post something on this guy’s face. This is a lame effort atleast to make that face a bit freshen. So just to update, i am fed …

February 11, 2009

05:04: 'Fatty' Brain ... Now that’s not just a random title that i chalked out. Actually it is a fact. I read today that a person’s brain is the most fatty organ in his body! Surprised? Even i was. I mean common. How can a tummy, that can expand to store 4 liters of food i.e. 50 times its empty size, be less …

February 2, 2009

07:08: The modern face of armed robbery.. Just when i think not to trouble my mind, saturated by randomness to its full, i come across the little gems like this. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20090123/od_nm/us_goat;_ylt=Ag7ntPE15g0Li3_NWwySSlgSH9EA Apparently police in Nigeria detained a goat on the suspicion of attempting an armed robbery. …

January 28, 2009

23:03: Why does darkness exist? I have been gliding in the darkness for around 3 hours now, for one simple reason. The tube light in my room suddenly felt a strong desire not to glow. It went on blinking at me, i guess trying to figure out if i have worn any .. pajamas or not. I did try and rotate it around, with it never …

January 8, 2009

00:57: What really is ambition? Today it happened again. A previous post has had many hits from the Google search. I know there is nothing surprising about this part. But what follows is. The query type was usually like "My ambition in life" or "My ambition" or "What are my ambitions" or "My plans and ambitions". One query was …

December 27, 2008

20:35: A passage I long to live... Just finished watching the most wondrous poem on love and life, "Before Sunrise". I am so damn impressed. Its pretty amazing how the author's, the director's view can change a dragging chitchatting of a "just-met" couple into such awesome a journey for the viewer too. I mean, even i kind of get …

December 11, 2008

21:08: Why do I even try? True. I try like hell not to listen to him. He goes on bumping my head. But i remain focused. He bribes me with what i like. He threatens me to run away and never return. I try not to fall for his tactics. But finally i do. I pretend i will shoo him away, but that's the whole problem. I pretend... …

October 13, 2008

22:38: Dawn of a new Era... Finally i have managed to stablize the “new entity” i was working on for quite a long time now. Today it comes out of the testing phase and open out. I have been working on a “blogsite” trying to design and fill it up with contents. And finally it is up… And here is …

October 9, 2008

21:44: Nine... Nine... A number that has haunted me for more than a month. Would wake up with a stare at it. Take a shower, get ready and face the indolently eying number. Stagger while using it. Bump into it daily. On numerous incidents. Each one having a negative effect on my mood. Just adding to my already …

September 26, 2008

12:07: What happened to my Ambitions? I have always been faced with this puzzle for quite long now. What happened to me shouting i would have best house on the whole street? What happened to my plans buying the best car in the town? Where is that dream life with servants running all round? The fridge full of ice creams, pastries, …

September 19, 2008

17:17: Switching lives... Yesterday i had quite a random dream. Random indeed it was. For the most part of it i was pretty happy about what i was experiencing. And suddenly i went blank. I would say the dream went blank. Making me befuddled. Completely perplexed. Full of queries, queries for myself to answer. But before i …

August 26, 2008

05:03: Me and Garfield Along my surf through the web net (hmm tautology), found a lively garfield (now oxymoron) cartoon. Now same is with me. Truly i feel i draw a quite of parallels with the dude Garfield. I am lazy, a bit overweight and i adore eating and sleeping. Even i hate Mondays (more on that here) and feel …

August 25, 2008

19:16: Tottering along the floor to.. Now this is the topic that hits me everyday, atleast 3 times a day.. uhh .. usually more than that. Somehow i could not pen it out. Finally here it is. But before i move forward, a confession. This post is mainly with reference to the males. Am not sure how it applies to the other sex. But lemme …

August 20, 2008

23:29: I blabber about ... Lets have a look at the word cloud for this random messy place. I am surprised to know that i blog most about “blog” and i “know” a lot too!!! Courtesy: Wordle

August 19, 2008

23:35: I am superstitious What follows is just a prologue. If you want to directly hit my thoughts on me being superstitious, surf to the last line :) A guy named B.F.Skinner once carried out an experiment on pigeons to demonstrate the formation of superstition. He placed a series of hungry pigeons in a cage attached to an …

August 18, 2008

14:48: Superstitious and Me??? ..Nah... Yep that’s the way it is whenever you ask that renowned question to even slenderly educated guy. There is this eerie feeling in being superstitious. But i feel knowingly or unknowingly, we do follow superstition. Ok, lemme not talk about the universe for whole. Taaadaaa … I, myself, do …

17:33: Twitter in Blog/Website.. I always wanted to add my tweets to my blog, to pen in the sudden and randomly generated vibes in me. I use to do that at twitter. But i wanted to pull in the thoughts at one place. As i owned the place now, i thought of a dedicated section for the purpose and hence came into existence the …

August 15, 2008

00:36: Vande Mataram.. Wishing all Indians, including myself, a Very Happy 62nd Independence Day. Been a great start, let me revisit the most prestigious moment for an Indian. Its really an amazing feeling watching Indian flag raised above others. Kudos to the Golden Boy, Abhinav. Update: I dunno for some obscure reason, …

August 13, 2008

04:20: Journey to a self-hosted blog ... Finally i succeed. I have been working on this site for around a month now. I, though, had finalized my contents quite a long time back. But it was because of my random vibes, i could never really convince my mind for a dedicated hosted weblog. But finally… Though am not sure is it a simple …

August 12, 2008

23:15: Reduced activity Yeah .. even i know my love for this buddy looks deteriorated. But i would say thats not the case. I am on task to bring in a new entity in world. Nah ... no family planning stuff. Not so soon. Am working on a 'blogsite', been working late nights after office hours. Designing it. Filling sections up …

August 9, 2008

18:48: Still in the womb ... 9 months are not over yet … Am still taking shape … Everything is getting put in place. Resources are working hard. My profile and color are getting designed. In short, am still under construction. But lemme assure you. You are gonna like me. Keep visiting. One day i will emerge … …

August 6, 2008

22:29: Gulped... Tired. Bored. Empty-Skulled. I gulped another cup of cappuccino. And on my way back, i just churned my head out to find why do i usually drink coffee/tea. The mentioned three properties are just few of the ones that make me amble towards the vending machine. In reality, i feel i don't need any …

July 9, 2008

16:59: Just tweak Google search box.. Concentration Gauranteed "I start reading something" ... "I need to blog this" ... "Wasn't the other topic better?" ... "Okay stop. Let me read this out first" .. "Am done; I need to blog this" ... "I will blog this" ... "Let me get the topic open" ... "Yeahh... my N93" ... "Oh blog; .. theme ... no.. blog .. title .. wait …

June 18, 2008

21:07: Mysterious Me... The title does sound, atleast for me, a bit self-boasting one. I dunno about others for whom ‘being mysterious’ may quite well turn out to be ‘yuck’ish. (I know even my use of words sometimes is mysterious. You would surely have, if you have roamed round this blogosphere …

May 29, 2008

01:01: Here I blog ... All thanks to the most limited blog templates and still rather basic fuctionalities provided by “Blogger” , here I move to WordPress. I blocked my mind from entering into many territories where it always moved whenever i tried the shift. If i mention below: My tacit devotion to Google …

May 20, 2008

23:37: IPL should end ... Finally I planned to blog today. I had been dropping quite a few shitty n weird ideas over notepad's bald head. But all thanks to my random weirdness, i flew far away from the thought lane and settled spending my complete time over choosing a blog template. Surprisingly, the decision to change the …

April 10, 2008

18:19: News media tickled my thinking brain again... Sometimes few news stories do make me go mad. Some call them weird, some call them funny, some call them odd or even feverish at times, but for me, they make least sense with any tag you tie them with. But, however brainless it may sound, i am always on hunt for such stories at various loci (and as …

March 26, 2008

23:06: Am still not dead... Title sounds quite harsh, but i needed to be told that. Another day of incremental blunt looks at the same old view of my blog, and i thought am i "dead". I, myself, am not sure why i didn't post any posts in last few days and a month, but i really feel it has everything to do with my …

February 14, 2008

10:18: Earn security, but at a price... Just after a striking connection between "Security and Privacy", here's another great image depicting what security really asks for. True you are secure, but what needs to digged is the cost that security comes at. To put it simply: "Burn Entirety, Earn Security"

February 5, 2008

19:33: I am breaking.... Truly i am. Work is really not effort-worth. I am unable to do the tasks worth effort. Those interest me are not around me. Mind seems to be blogged with unknown demons. Eyes occupied by elephantine tiredness. It seems each and every body part is trying to move in altogether different direction. …

February 3, 2008

23:11: A Commute through Orkut Communities... Here is another slippery weekend sliding beneath my feet. As i sit acting idle, with feeling rather unsuccessful with my attempts to follow "Operation Afraid", i start scanning my social appearance at Orkut. (P.S. I did succeed in beating one dreaded task. Successfully washed the clothes, a task no …

January 29, 2008

15:08: Security and Privacy!!! Just found this amazing image depicting how security and privacy are inter-related in todays web-world. I guess its pretty simple. "You won your security. But they own your privacy" Update: Apologies to all those who indeed saw quite a supposedly "private" image here. All thanks to the dynamic …

January 28, 2008

01:10: Operation 'Not Afraid'!!! Throughout my student and professional life, i have been named and renamed hundreds and thousands of times. If i was made dada, manu etc at home, each one followed that up by gawande, amit, amith (southernized), wasudeo (!!! thats my father's name. Isn't that ironic that it was called when i wanted …

January 17, 2008

16:55: Indian Kangaroos in Kangaroo Land!!! " Beware Aussies of the Indian Leap. They do take that and when they do, your kangaroo's are no match!!!" Irfan Pathan and R P Singh in Perth Source: Cricinfo

November 28, 2007

22:30: Laugh Monkey Laugh... "Give me a strip of laughter dose please." I know i do blabber pretty brainless sometimes. But then thats what comes to my mind whenever they yell "Laughter is the best medicine". So if thats the case, why pretend that its not sold in the medical stores? It is indeed sold by a lot of agents, with …

October 11, 2007

23:55: An Apple a day... Another instant thought! Throughout my life, from a tender age when i was railing on my knees, I have never been a "Frutomaniac". I mean i have never been an idiotic fruits lover. When kiddies around me were busy drooling over all sorts of fruits, i was busy enjoying fats. Parents kept forcing me to …

October 3, 2007

23:04: Blank.... Blank... Thats how i have been for almost a week now. Truly speaking work apart, life's really following a pattern. 'Pattern' itself is trying to poke its head out of the blogged mind, but will somehow prevent it from doing so for a bit. This post of mine is more of a "puch" to my blog. It has been …

September 25, 2007

11:31: When is a kilogram that is no longer a kilogram still a kilogram? Another random crawl through the web brought me to this interesting fact. It seems it really is a big riddle to find a solution for. I mean look at the riddle. It does ring a bell for an ardent Hindi movie buff. (won't call it Bollywood!!! Though am not sure why, but as they say some things are …

September 18, 2007

23:30: Software Programmers Panico!!! As a follow-up to an earlier post titled 'Quality Confidus', here goes another one. The theme for this was bubbling in my mind right from the day this lack of confidence for quality came to my notice. But the world is too full with nonsensical stuff to let you think about anything else. So this time …

September 9, 2007

23:15: Global Warming Culprits: Cows and Pigeons join the party!!! Been on watch for something interesting. And there came two strolling down. Its like asking for Halle and earning Serena and Venus together. But anyways as i have got them now, let me show some respect to both. So crawling round the web I came across two interesting stories. Everything has to do …

September 2, 2007

11:59: "Independence Day" Celebrations ??? Been "off-post" for quite a long time now. Spent some heavily burdensome days for the last month or so. Really felt it was like a CD crash at a perfect and best scene you have been drooling for. Anyways a nice break at home and am back to normal. Hopefully there are no crashes so forth. This post is …

July 25, 2007

10:31: Microsoft's Secret of Success Lies in..... There has always been this indelible discussion to find out what makes all these successful corporates and biggies attain the status they hold. Be it Google, Apple, Ubuntu or Microsoft. One question would be why just these four? I would say they lead where they are. Anyways a general consensus is …

July 22, 2007

00:25: Quality 'Confidus' for Softwares!!! First thought one may get is what this title really mean. Truly speaking not something amazingly mind blogging. But I just kept scratching my bum over searching for the right word which i hardly could. So just replaced it with something sensefull and thought who cares. After all thats how new words …

July 6, 2007

19:37: Google and Firefox drowns me in a mystery !!! On my way while crawling the web, I noticed something which may be I was inadvertent to. I saw a time stamp next to the link which I opened. The screenshot below displays what i mean by that. I remember reading something along the same lines. But as i tried searching for a reference for the …

July 5, 2007

20:30: Decoding IM's !!! A drowsy Friday afternoon. One sits at his desk, gazing at his clock arms strolling round its face. Just when he is completely down; about to dream his imaginations, a sudden buzz of "Hi" rises at the south-east end of his desktop. A smile props up at his face thinking 'Thanks buddy for a bit of …

June 16, 2007

18:14: Powerpoints??? Good Gracious!!! Save Me "Following slide talks about theXYZ. As Some Dude defined, XYZ is blah blah blah, moreblah blah blah. Thisblah blah furtherblah blah blahs.... " "As the figure shows, the blah grows over time making it correlate with some blah .. so that ..." Just a sec. Look at the listener boss. He is a mere …

June 6, 2007

10:52: Smoking N Choking out ... Are we really??? Shave and bath sensibly? Walking even though you own a car? Use Recycle Bags? Switch to a small cars from SUV's? I have heard all these things a zillion times now. After all, the only answer my mind shouted was "Buddy, how does that matter. World's not worried, let me be imperturbable on this too." …

May 16, 2007

18:19: Wordpress Through Eyes of a Blogger!!! "Howdy"!!! ... Thats how i was welcomed to the Wordpress' blogosphere. Frankly speaking, i got little freaked. Buddy, why this 'too-dudishness' ? Anyways, this blog of mine was more due to my urge to try out new options for what i already own (however, the urge doesn't show up for each thing i own). …

May 10, 2007

11:17: Talk the universal language !!! Time: 6:55 am Venue: Koramangala Bus Stop It was a silent morning one can often confront in Bangalore, just before it bursts into its raw-dusty look. For me though, the silentness was pouring further dubiety in my already crowded mind. Crowded indeed it was, with anxiety n excitement n tons of …

April 30, 2007

19:24: Answers Unquestioned!!! Just personifying the randomness, i thought of few answers to some trifling questions. I know these are the answers unquestioned, but my mind said, at least for me, these are questions unanswered too. 1) Greenview, a hospital in Jakassandra area, was named so because of the view a person sees when …

April 24, 2007

19:31: A Wake Up Call!!! Hats off to the Supreme Court!!! On numerous occasions have i seen the politicians using the law at their own will. Heating and bashing the law suits, molding them and coining as much money as possible. It doesn't matter even if they stroll over fortunes of thousands. The week saw two decisions …

April 12, 2007

18:54: Speechless...... Speechless .... Thats how today's incident caught me. Really felt am i missing something? Am i really enjoying my life? Corporate world has indeed made me dry. Juiceless. Deprived of whatever fun element I had in my life. Saw the wetted earth today and there loomed the childhood days in front of me. …

March 24, 2007

12:20: Cricket... What!!! Numerous occasions already behind, here am again making a resolution.... No Cricket!!! Thanks to another dismal performance from so-called best Indian team playing cricket so far. Don't wanna discuss about that horrible night. Almost played the match y'day, virtually though, with those great men, …

March 23, 2007

10:43: Lets corner the lions!!! "Yes, these are all demands, and these are expectations. But these are not demands for victory, nor the expectations that come from thinly veiled jealousy over how much money India's cricketers make. Instead, this is a call to a skilful and talented bunch of individuals to do what they do best. It …

March 21, 2007

15:58: "Change Do Sir" Utterly ready to start my trip to pune, the unstable mind, as usual, was not able to stick to a plan for the day. Breakfast first or office first? Where? What to have? What about the lunch? Lunch or just snacks? Questions started blogging my mind. Finally stabling down to a bakery, had a samosa and …

March 15, 2007

12:12: Great Opportunity to help Mankind. Here's a great opportunity to raise money for UNICEF USA without spending a penny! Just accept the invitation by clicking the link below and join me in my fund raising network. The larger the network, the larger the difference we together can make!!! Join my Fundraising network

17:42: Nah.... Not Again!!! Uhhh .... Another incident with similar pattern. That's been with me now for numerous occasions. Feeling really confused, I try and get my thoughts cleared; but just to get confused further. Same thing happened today. Worried about what to google, I tried to get my doubts, on how I need to proceed, …

March 24, 2006

18:42: The Original Bismil Poem ! This is the original poem written by Ram Prasad Bismil, when he was in Jail... Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaray dil meiN hai, dekhna hai zor kitna baazuay qaatil meiN hai karta nahiN kyuN doosra kuch baat cheet, dekhta hun maiN jise voh chup teri mehfil meiN hai ay shaheed-e-mulk-o-millat main teray …

October 20, 2005

21:23: A good reason for making MARATHI as National Language!!! Following are few statements which I found quite humorous!!! Look how our National Language is getting ruined:) Just enjoy the various marathi words used beautifully between the various hindi words. Am really sorry , but you can enjoy these statements only if you understand Marathi well. The …

October 18, 2005

20:20: "Sachin not a Match Winner": A judgement I always come up with a statement “Sachin is not a Match Winner”. And if you try to go to the depth of the statement, you will find that the people mainly complain about following issues: 1) He never sails india to victory. 2) He is never there till the end. 3) He never strikes in a …