A photo of a darkroom photo enlarger. Though very different from what’s on display, it’s fascinating nonetheless. #mbmay

A morning during a train ride, in a foreign land, an unknown city is always beautiful. Curious how we connect to a rising sun, irrespective of the place. Day 30 of #30day 🖼️

I love the play of yellows here. The light highlights a shade that’s already lovely. Day 29 of #30day 🖼️

A scene so normal, a plain boring. Or something so dramatic that looms overhead. Well, no one can tell. Day 28 of #30day 🖼️

A morning walk skipped for a relaxing cup of tea with my wife. Basking in the morning sunlight. A deal that I will take any day. Day 27 of #30day 🖼️

From my morning walk today. It felt dramatic some time, it felt serene another. It was neither. And both. Day 26 of #30day 🖼️

I was back looking at the skies from a familiar spot again. Each time the sun has coloured it uniquely different. This time it itself flared like crazy! Day 25 of #30day 🖼️

Sometimes it’s the shadows that lead the way, act as a landmark for you to point yourself towards and move ahead. That’s life. Day 24 of #30day 🖼️

The sky was oddly clear today, was so after so many days of scattered clouds. I pause, looked up through the trees and the shades looked soothing to me. Day 23 of #30day 🖼️

This tree is at a pretty central location around where I live. I love how peculiar it looks, but I don’t like this shot I took today. It’s too busy. But I still want to upload it. I will get it right one day, look back to this one and smile. Day 22 of #30day 🖼️

Another from my morning walk – this time it’s different. When reserved is reserved no more. Almost. Day 21 of #30day 🖼️

A spot that I have walked by so many times. So many memories. A happening, busy corner of our gated community. Where friends young and old gathered. Laughed. Played. It was painful to see it wear an abandoned look. Day 20 of #30day 🖼️

Another from the walk on a cloudy morning. This time it’s the blue skies trying to peek through. Day 19 of #30day 🖼️

On the morning walk today. The skies were laden with clouds. The sun busy attempting to peek through. The chirpy birds, restless, yet enjoying the flight. A breeze so cold that the walk was nothing but a relaxing stroll. Day 18 of #30day 🖼️

The skies from the morning walk. I love how the shot came out, though, I can’t put finger to exact what makes me do. I feel it’s the colors and the look of the structure rising into the sky. Day 17 of #30day 🖼️

On the morning walk today. With the sun burning through the clouds, with the wind mills cheering, being the perfect spectators. Day 16 of #30day 🖼️

A half way into the challenge today. When I began, I had no idea I would be doing and enjoying this for so long. Anyway, another shot from the evening walk. Day 15 of #30day 🖼️

On the everning walk today. I find the game fascinating that the swaying trees play with the dimming natural light and the brightening articial one. Day 14 of #30day 🖼️

After a few days of attempting photos at night, I preferred to go for my morning walk into the early dawn today. Sun wasn’t out yet, I wanted to capture the sky then. Day 13 of #30day 🖼️

I am trying a lot of pictures in the night for my challenge. I am not finding it easy, especially capturing the skies. A light source matters a lot for me to get a shot I like. Today, I managed to witness a game of smoke and light. Day 12 of #30day 🖼️

Nothing fancy, just another night walk. I love the lights in the night. Day 11 of #30day 🖼️

A third into the challenge, yet nothing’s special. Skies, but during the night walk – I love the contrast, however. Capturing the night skies might be one of the trickiest things. Day 10 of #30day 🖼️

A similar view as the fifth day. The same tree sprawling through the same skies. But a shot so very different. I am learning so much about the angles and frame the past few days. Day 9 of #30day 🖼️

Every morning, I walked across these fire hydrant - I find their symmetry always charming. Also the shade of red they flaunt. Day 8 of #30day 🖼️

Another morning walk, another day of cloudy skies! Dull and uneventful. So had to search for colors in the fields around - alone, the last surviving one amidst the jungle of concrete around. Day 7 of #30day 🖼️