I Cannot Begin to Tell You How Proficient I Am in Microsoft Word

Many are the candidates who come touting their areas of expertise—beginner Spanish, ability to work well under pressure—but none compare to the fluency with which I insert links and align text, add comments and reply to the comments left by others.

The web doesn’t have version numbers

I just wanted to make the point that it’s unfair to claim a version number for the web for a specific set of innovations you happen to like. There are many ways the web evolves. Sometimes they involve the kinds of technology that ‘web3’ adepts use, but usually they don’t.

JavaScript Is Not What It Used To Be

The legacy of JavaScript is something that cannot be changed without immeasurable consequences. Hence why avoiding the worst parts rely on the developers: It is a trade of Developer Experience for Backward Compatibility.

How Hobbies Infiltrated American Life - The Atlantic

Theoretically, hobbies should be among the most intrinsically motivated things we could do—they are the work we choose to do when we could be doing anything. But the validation we get from others online, and the validation we get from our culture writ large for spending our free time in a productive, virtuous way, muddies that motivation.

A brilliant essay, specifically this snippet highlights a key issue that social media platforms foster, something that I had written about recently.

At times, something that’s waste can gain a lot of value. An item in case, Fordite. This wasted enamel car paint is worthy of being worn as a jewel. Reason? It is rare. And it looks beautiful as a gem!

You don’t need to be a diamond to shine. Exist and evolve. Give yourself time. Nature and time may mould you into your worthy self.

The 41 Best Pens for 2022

The title of “The Best Pen” is a weighty one—not everyone wants the same things from their pens, and what makes for one person’s perfect pen may be intolerable to another. It’s also true that different types of pens aren’t directly comparable.

Museum of the World

Welcome to The Museum of the World - an interactive experience through time, continents and cultures, featuring some of the most fascinating objects in human history.

Ben wrote a wonderful post suggesting, reminding, that everyone should blog, should write. I always connect, and have done so for long, with this specific sentiment.

There’s no such thing as writing too much: your voice is important, your perspective is different, and you should put it out there.

This reminded me of a post I had written that shared a similar sentiment — we all can, and should, write. This particular passage that I had written, unfortunately, still holds true for many.

It’s saddening to see people resist the efforts to pen the words they think of. They go after what others have written, beautiful nevertheless, but at the cost of it being not real, fake. They underestimate the power of conveying one’s own feelings in whichever way possible. The words, their structure won’t matter much then. And that is one way one can start writing.

Defensive CSS by Ahmad Shadeed

Defensive CSS is a collection of snippets that can help you in writing CSS that is protected. In other words, you will have fewer issues in the future.

A good friend who has gone indie had once suggested I should provide folks online an opportunity to support me when they benefit from my work. So, after hesitantly considering it for years, I finally decided to create a Buy me a coffee profile. And include a link on my blog.

The Case Against Crypto

These days so much of my free time is booked with calls to explain to people outside the software industry why crypto assets are such a destructive force and why I support forceful regulation to halt this financially corrosive enterprise from spreading further into markets.

I recently got nostalgic and got my daughter a new toy I played with as a child. As is her habit, she became curious and began asking questions on how it works. She did find out, and of course, decided to make a video of it. So, a new video premiered today.

The last Sunday was pretty productive. I finished writing a personal story that I have been meaning to pen for some time now. I wasn’t sure before what story I wanted to tell. I also published the next video with my daughter. The feedback to both has been encouraging. Yay!

I’m pretty sure the “fediverse” refers to the federated social network that is Mastodon (where every node typically serves many people), whereas the IndieWeb instead focuses on a decentralized, not federated, social network where every actor controls their own node

Liked a tweet by Pelle Wessman

It is reports like these that convinces me we are getting surrounded by mindless robots. To add to that, we are screwing with the nature too. So, there would be soon no one we can depend on. Sigh!

For hours, as word of the coming storm spread, as many as 15 workers beseeched managers to let them take shelter at their own homes, only to have their requests rebuffed.

After all the festivities, my daughter was back with an idea for her next video. As usual, she was ready with all that she wanted to talk about. We recorded on Sunday, and first thing she said was, “I had a lot of fun, dad”. And it shows — the new video premiered this week.

Every single problem proposed to be solved by blockchain hits up against three fundamental technical limitations that inescapably arise from economic or legal concerns.

Source: Web3 is Bullshit

Prepend 12ft.io/ to the URL of any paywalled page, and we’ll try our best to remove the paywall and get you access to the article.

Source: 12ft Ladder. I am surprised this still works.

An idea for a service

I want to build a service that serves static contents for independent blogs. For example, serve all images for your blog posts.

I recently watched two masters, music icons A. R. Rahman & Arijit Singh, have a candid conversation about music. It was wonderful to watch them talk all about their music and the process. We need more such conversations — not interviews about life. But go deep about music.

Typatone is a brilliant little app which can help you “make music while you write”.

Each letter you type corresponds to a specific musical note pulling a new spin to your composition.

[Rest] is basic maintenance, not self-indulgence. We can’t function forever fuelled by adrenalin and caffeine, fogged brains scrabbling to function, nerves frayed like a cheap phone cable.

Source: The seven types of rest

The most brilliant bookshops in the world

Perhaps most famous of all bookshops is Shakespeare and Company, the bohemian-spirited English-language booksellers situated moments from the Seine on Paris’s Left Bank.

I love this one. And the one in Bangkok. And Rome!🙌

On a regular Saturday morning this week, my daughter came to me with a topic and said that’s what I want to talk about. She had the whole script ready, with moments of jokes and all — so that’s what we record. A new video premiered today!

Lol’ed at this tweet by M.G. Siegler

Breaking: NYT to acquire Metacritic, refocus site from movie review aggregation to critiquing Facebook.