Mumbai Indians (MI) lost another match yesterday — this year’s IPL has been boring. The two statements are independent, mutually exclusive. Or so I like to believe. Since the core of the team was broken, players distributed across the teams, I just can’t connect with the team anymore. We just had …

Whoever wins this India vs New Zealand second test match (looks to be going only one way at the end of day two today), it would be remembered for the spell by Ajaz. He gave a new meaning to carrying the team on one’s shoulder. Bowling almost half the team’s share of overs is no small feat. 🏏

I am not excited enough for the T20 World Cup this year. Rather, I am finding it a lot difficult to watch full cricket matches now a days. I can’t connect with this sport anymore. And I can’t say it’s just the sport that has changed.

I love this Indian Test cricket team that has the belief that they can bounce back from any situation. They have shown it a few times over the last couple of years. Today’s win against England, after conceding a lead, is special again 🏏

It’s refreshing to see some one-day cricket action back with two strong teams in India and Australia competing. Australia is a lot stronger team on paper with some good specialists and effective all rounders 🏏 And I see there are fans on ground, not sure how I feel about that.

I am excited for the IPL playoffs that begin today. Even though I’ve been a staunch supporter of Mumbai Indians from the first year of this league, somewhere deep down I want a new champion this year. So, I will be rooting for the Delhi Capitals, the young team.

With the way IPL has played out this year, I’m sure the mood in many teams room is a tad dreary. Many performances picked up late causing reshuffle of the points table towards the later half. Though only Mumbai Indians have been consistent, I hope we get a new champion.