What Will Happen to My Music Library When Spotify Dies?

These methods of archiving are either imperfect, impractical, or both—and besides, even if I went through with them, chances are that decades from now, I’d just end up with a monster text file or a long-obsolete hard drive that would be a pain to sync up with some future listening platform.

I lost my music collection some 7 years back and I never attempted to build a personal music library since then. I have accepted the fact that the benefits of streaming services (mainly around discovery) are more valuable to me than my quest for a personal collection of my favorite songs. Unfortunate, but practical.

In the last three days, I have started reading three new books. It wasn't planned, people who know my likings recommended the books to me. And each read brilliantly in samples. So, I am reading five in parallel now - a humour, a mystery, a self-help, one on psychology and one fantasy. Now, that's a personal record. No harm doing that, right? Right?

The publication portals and channels around tech news are too noisy. They make exclusives out of trivial bites. Plus, the updates to the tech that they boast about are incremental, more often than not. It is crazy yet how many such portals and channels exists today. Just open YouTube or any feed and search for a mobile brand. It is an endless list of attention hungry wannabes.

It is so unfortunate that the genuine and worthy thoughts and updates are lost in this noise.

Could Gen Z Free the World From Email?

The main problem with email then is not necessarily that there is too much of it, but there is too much competition.

And yet, email continues to stay relevant.

Falling in love with Strangers

I knew I missed little exchanges with strangers during sheltering in, but I’d forgotten just how beautiful and hilarious humanity really is. We are so silly.

No doubt, today’s the age of pampered kids. Is it good? Is it bad? Does it have to be one of these?

How Growing Up in the ’80s Felt Like Freedom

I’m struggling to find a convinient way to share videos with family members for a recent wedding event. I want one that provides convinience for receivers but allows control with me as sender. I’m not sure if YouTube performs copyright checks even on unlisted videos.

It still boggles my mind that there is no link to GoodReads from Amazon when I am looking at a book there. Or way to add it to lists – for example in “Want to read” list.

I looked at my daughter get frustrated that a book is too boring for her - it never holds my interest she says. I asked her to stop reading it, to which she said, “But I have it now, so I will have to read it someday, right?”

I guess it’s time for her first lesson to read more - stop reading it if you find it boring.

Is pinboard still the best bookmarking option that exist out there?

I understand link rot is considered as a huge problem. But why? I mean I technically understand why. But I feel it is a feature of every entity, digital or physical - if not taken care of, it gets lost with time. Rotten.

There are days when you just don’t want to do anything that you need to do. You know you should do it. But you can’t convince your mind to be focused at it. Having one such day – these are the worst. The days with roadblocks are easier to handle.

The only time I would trust a service like One-Time Secret - a way to share sensitive information - is if it is open sourced. Even with that, I would be extremely careful. I understand, without context secrets are gibberish. But still, I feel slightly uncomfortable.

My writing halts when my reading pauses. It’s frustrating to see the thoughts sit in the corners of mind. I want to bring them out, the inertia pushes it down.

Curious, was Goodreads recently hacked or something? There are random likes from my account to random folks’ updates - scheduled every half an hour. And same the other way round, I am receiving notifications from random folks. I am worried for how long has this been going on.

The technology coverage across portals is so boring - The Verge, Engadget all included. Most bits are fed by the companies and so the writeups read as PR. Even when they publish something exclusive, it’s those companies pushing the narrative. Or it’s meaningless rumour.

I am in that state of mind where any book over 400 pages gets an instant rejection from me. I just can’t read them through and through. I know the books that I have enjoyed the most over the years have been long, but recently I dread them.

Science is mercilessly murdered on WhatsApp groups.

So am logged into Clubhouse app now. What next? I think this service has one of the worst first login experience. Nothing I see there is interesting. Again, possibly audio is a costly medium to get in and out of?

I finally stopped reading The Guest List. A quarter in and not hooked yet to any character’s plot, I just couldn’t go any longer. It became tiring. I also didn’t enjoy the shifting view point across 4-5 characters. Interesting, but put me off every single time.

What’s the farthest you go into reading a book before you decide it just isn’t for you? I am a quarter into one and am still not hooked. I won’t continue anymore - it was only it’s high ratings that made me come this far. But no more.

Why is Apple TV+ available exclusively on Apple devices? Is is such a big pull towards Apple ecosystem? iMessage, I understand. But not TV+. Isn’t reach important for the shows?

I got overwhelmed looking at the color palette spread across Android 12 via Material You. I have spent minutes just choosing the wallpaper. This much customisation is not for me - I need customisation-as-a-service.

Free beer, money. Free rides to vaccination sites. And the incentives continue to pour in from the administration in US. And then there’s the struggle for vaccine slots in India & other contries.

Faulty, lethargic adminstration? Economic gap? Selfish, mindless leaders? Sure, the reasons are many. But how does one argue with a common man who is convinced it’s an unfair world? That it’s a world where the scales are always tipped towards a richer populace?