This was the first Amazon Festive sale during which I didn’t buy anything. Nothing. I don’t even recognise this person anymore.

Now that am rethinking subscriptions to publications, I have since long wanted to subscribe to The Atlantic. But their lack of options for currencies, method and frequencies of subscription make it very difficult.

I recently also stopped New Yorker which I may reconsider.

My subscription to NYT failed to renew today. It gave me a chance to rethink the subscription again. It’s not getting renewed.

Gabriel wonders how all write emails, specifically two questions — where to draft and how to review.

I love writing emails, I wish I knew more folks who enjoy my enthusiasm for emails. But my process of doing so is simple. I use the email client to draft the email. If I ever want to get it reviewed from someone else, I will just mail them with the draft or temporarily share the device.

There’s another reason why I don’t use any text editors for emails. Because if I do, I will start writing in Markdown and eventually hate my email client for not growing up.

Erased From the Internet” - now that’s one phrase that I never thought I would hear. But I knew if I ever did hear that, one key option would be China.

It’s curious to watch Gruber on CNBC TV, something doesn’t feel right. I can’t put my finger on what, but I guess I just am not used to seeing him in such formal settings. Plus, he being referred to as “expert” and “blogger”.

There’s so much of coverage for Colossal — a firm that plans to resurrect the Woolly mammoths. I have made an entry in the diary. We will remember this day as one when the curious scientists planted the seeds for the massacre at Jurassic Park.

Why’s the colour of everything marked unisex so bland? Who decided that mens don’t like any colours other than black or grey or silver? Or who decided that women will only like pink or purple? Why can’t I go on to a street carrying any non-black coloured umbrella and not get stares that judge me?

Some might say it’s trivial, yet I find this behaviour extremely frustrating. We claim we are making progress on multiple levels, yet we continue to stick our age-old presumptions of choices among sexes. And you know what, I have a theory why the choices of colours specifically are advertised in a way they are.

Professional places are bland — colours aren’t professional. Life and playfulness is colourful. So, who do we see as a professional? Well, of course, men. And who’s all about play? Right? Right?

Do you want to test this hypothesis? Here are Google Image searches for “man with umbrella” — how many blacks do you see there? Now, here’s the results’ page for “woman with umbrella”. Same question, how many blacks do you see there? Plus, what other commonality do you see among the images that are on the page? What’s the look that men are flaunting? And what about women? The industry is infuriating. Sigh!

I had no idea the president of Guinea is named “Alpha Condé”. Wow! What a great name. No surprise he, eventually, started acting like an ass. With that name, he had to be a saint to keep his cool and stay down to earth.

PS: I know, am bad at keeping up with world politics.

I am on a video call, setting a Windows laptop for one of my cousins. I am sure she is confident that she can set up her laptop — but family wants me to be there. So, here I am for her moral support, which I am sure she didn’t ask for.

Why’s there a fascination among the devs to reinvent the old tech that isn’t broken? Maybe the reason that the tech has stayed the same isn’t because no one attempted to change it. Can you fathom the possibility that the tech might be fine, as it is, to most common folks? Or perhaps it might not be one of those things that most give a hoot about? Yeah?

The two prime examples I see many developers take a go at are browsers and email. Please, both work fine as they are. Don’t try to reinvent them. They have reached a state in which they are open and standard enough already. Most people know the functionality they can expect while using it.

Stop reinventing it. Improve it, no doubt. Make it faster, simpler. Cleaner. But don’t change the definition of what that tech represents. Don’t mar the traits that make the tech great in the first place, universal accessibility.

Don’t attach a lot of muck around the fundamentals of the accepted tech and call it “2.0”. I will suggest call it “1.0” of whatever the heck you want to name it.

If you are not fully vaccinated yet — well, McSweeney’s essay is important for you — you need to search for a genuine reason for that. The only reason that’s genuine is that you physically can’t. Either there aren’t enough vaccines where you live, or you have some physical condition which limits you from getting the shot.

I always wonder what is the right response to people reaching out for guest posts. Most of the time I feel they are just fishing for attentions. So, ignore and mark them as spam? Or be patient, read and decline humbly? Or maybe inform them politely that you are marking them as spam, and then mark as spam.

I am not the one to do the last option here. But I will get fed up someday and that will be my option.

While closing a task in most of the task management systems, including to-do lists, you can set it to any of the available states. So, basically, you could say it is completed or fixed etc. There is one state in there that always tickles my funny bone, “won’t do”. I mean, that’s an official way of giving the middle finger, isn’t it? Learn to mark issues with that state and you have found the best way to say no.

Is a third booster shot proven to be helpful for all? Nope. So I don’t understand the rush to administer it to all the populace just because you can. You know what would be better use of those shots? Making sure each person in the world is fully vaccinated.

You can have a broad sense of direction without a specific goal or a precise vision of the future. I think of it like jazz, like improvisation. It’s all about meandering with purpose.

– A quote captured by Oliver Burkeman in The Antidote

Ah, the new iMac is in the house and am setting it up as a, well, new iMac. No restore from backup. Or time machine. What’s that I have to do? What’s that I should do? What’s that I can do? 👨🏽‍💻☺️

I came across this suggestion from Oliver Burkeman a few time in the last couple of weeks.

What if you worked on the basis that you began each day at zero balance, so that everything you accomplished – every task you got done, every tiny thing you did to address the world’s troubles, or the needs of your household – put you ever further into the black?

Basically, the idea is to keep a done list rather than a to-do list. I am absolutely certain that it benefits one’s morale. I know that because I have been maintaining a form of done list – just that my method is different. For me, the two lists are complementary. I use a to-do list as a way to free my mind of the burden to remember things I need to do.

I do not set a target, an end date, for any of the tasks on the to-do list. So, they are not burdensome to me as my day begins. I look at the list, prioritize and just plan it through the day, if possible. A bullet journal helps me here - and also acts as a done-list. More the crosses on a page, more is the satisfaction.

There a few people who are natural “gifters”, I am not one of them. Why is it so hard to choose gifts? The gift cards have saved me to an extent when I need to gift acquaintances. But I get stressed every time I need to gift a loved one. Not that I don’t care – rather, my problem is that I care too much.

I am reading two nonfictions on psychology, The Antidote and Made to Stick – both so different in messaging and their tone. I love the former and am just listening through the later, unaffected. One makes me pause and ponder. Another’s just all over the place – no clear message that sticks.

I haven’t started watching the second season of Ted Lasso yet. Rather, I am rewatching the first season, an episode every day – I love how I feel every time I watch this series.

Yep, that’s how even I experience the web today. And I have already complained about that – a terrible state we browse in.

“You are more useless than a footer on an infinite scrolling website” :p

I published another issue of Slanting Nib today. I enjoy the workflow that I have struck with for these past few emails. It’s not a burden to draft them over the two weeks and publish with Ghost. Anyway, you can read the issue online. Please subscribe and share.

This trend of closing off the doors to the content on the internet is getting extremely frustrating now. You can’t read anything from even a slightly well-known publication before they ask you to create an account or subscribe. Absolute bullshit!