Utterly ready to start my trip to pune, the unstable mind, as usual, was not able to stick to a plan for the day. Breakfast first or office first? Where? What to have? What about the lunch? Lunch or just snacks? Questions started blogging my mind. Finally stabling down to a bakery, had a samosa and gave away whatever change I had (again with unstability, shall I or shall I not). Completely oblivious of what's in store next, I hired an auto with just 100's and 500's with me. Finally was caught up in a "not-so-dissimilar" situation. Started the usual cry. "Sir, change do. Itne sabere hum kahan se layenge change. Tumko malum hona. Samajhta nahi kya".

I know i did do a mistake by not keeping the change with me, but what i didn't know was i did a blunder by not knowing that 10 bucks are considered as change. He was calling me a fool and i had no choice but to accept silently that i am one. Then I thought thats not a big deal. Not him, then someone else would have fooled me out. So simply nodding in acceptance for what he said, I just walked off. A thought just scribbled my mind, days are not far when a man will be called a fool for giving beggar a 10 rupee note. For "Chutta" would have its value raised, with 10 bucks no longer being considered as change. A "Beggar's delight" or rather "Beggar's dismay"? Random thought though, but unanswered.