I haven’t had even a single sip of as non-alcoholic an alcoholic drink as beer. There I said it. I know many people, mostly drinkers, will pounce on me. I always felt I am not fulfilling the most important thing HE sent me on earth for. I did not care till now. I knew they must be calling me dumb for this non-habit of non-addiction. I called them dumb for calling me dumb. But now they can prove me that I actually am dumb.

Look at the following chart.

Vocab Score vs Drinkers

(src discovermagazine)

You see how those who drink are supposed to be smarter than those who don’t. Now I just don’t understand why everyone started rumoring around that drinking is not smart and made me this non-drinker. I hate you, you rule/best practice makers. You screwed my life. You always have.

PS: I still have no intention to drink. I am better called dumb than actually being one.

PPS: The link has far better statistics around drinking behavior, though most of them worthless as statistics always are.