There is one concept in this confusing world which I absolutely hate. Something called “Timezone”. Who, in their right mind, will decide that from today onwards, we will attach a 3 or 4 letter combination at the end of time and make it a hell of an experience to understand what time it exactly is.

Think about it. How simple would the life have been if the time was same for everyone, 2am is 2am. Irrespective of whether you are in USA or Germany or Australia or India. But no, some smarty pants didn’t like it simple. And in came the senseless words like PST and EST and AEST and IST and what not.

They did not stop at that. They brought something else called “Daylight Saving Time”. I mean haven’t you made the concept ‘time’ itself enough confusing sucker that now you add another two heavy words before that?

Look at what it does in Australia. Daylight savings is put in place so that afternoons are brightest and mornings are lesser. They move the time further by an hour. So 5pm AEST is now 6pm AEST. I still can’t accept that there was no sensible guy present who crawled at them shouting dudes you are screwing the evenings.

Now it does not get dark till 8pm. Yeah bugger 8pm is the time when you can say it is evening. And as a nice middle class Indian kid I am taught to sleep at 10:00pm. So basically I sleep when the evening has just dawned. Screw you Mr. Daylight Saver.

Moreover I never understand why the eff was this philosophy put in place at the first place. Not like it is saving hell lot of light or something. Irrespective of this daylight saving, light will remain the same between dawn and dusk. Why add 1 hour rather than simply calling it a day when there is light, not when it is 5am.

Now to the outcome of all these twisted minds. Today when some dumbo mentions just some random time, say 2pm, you have to first query is it his time or yours? Lucky you if he is not a dumbo and says yours. But as I have called him a dumbo, he has to say it is his 2pm.

So you have to first think what country he is at. Then think what season/month it is at that place. Then think if it is sunny enough there for introducing daylight savings? Then if it is, find out how many hours you need to add to make sure you know when you need to call him exactly. Thank you, you SOAB.

Now don’t be too smart yourself and bring in technologies like google and world clocks and all. Thats not the point.

The point is wouldn’t the world be a little less messy and irritating a place to spend lifetime of yours at, had you not have to worry about as simple a question as “what time is it”?

PS: I believe there was a reason for bringing all these concepts through. But I also believe there has to be a simpler solution to this worldly problem. I have few thoughts but need to put them in place. Topic for another post soon.