We, the humans, are a race of thinkers. We are pampered while growing up, someone always making the decisions for us. Proving the point from time to time that the decisions they made for us were correct, were for our greater good.

We are deterred from erring. We are convinced that erring is bad. We are asked to make sure we think through what we are doing. We are told that erring can be, should be, avoided by thinking. We end up not erring much. But we end up not doing much. We end up thinking, and thinking again and then again.

In relationship. Do I like her? Does she like me? Will my friends like her? Do I really like her? Will my family accept her? Am I rushing? Am I not going too slow?

While shopping. Do I like this? Does this suit me? Is it better than what my neighbor has? Is it too costly? Does it look too cheap?

At home. At work. While driving. While sleeping. While eating. While breathing, even.

We think. We analyze. We halt. Paralyzed.

Analysis Paralysis. That’s what science people call it.

Paralysis, of any part, drives the part unmoving, static. A complete loss of feeling. This paralysis drives complete ‘you’ unmoving, static.

So next time you are faced with such situation where you cannot make a decision, think about what worse can happen if you decide and err. You will be surprised to realize that majority of the cases work out not affecting you much.

Think, decide and do. Don’t overthink, give-up and halt.