Every time I read an article online that grabs by attention and interest, I am faced with a dilemma. I feel am gaining something without compensating for what is due to the writer or/and the owner of the website.

I run Ads-block extension. Well, the web publishers are themselves to blame. Look at the following tweet from me and I hope you feel the pain (i.e. if you do not, already).


So I am one less revenue node for the ads-driven sites out there.

I will not be able to pay the subscription price for every individual site I want to visit. That’s like watching, and paying for, television channels á la carte. What worsens the web scenario even further is there are zillions of channels out there instead of few hundreds. And everyone might create just that one interesting episode instead of a long drawn series.

So here's the situation as it stands then.

I do not want to see the ads. Majority, including me, cannot pay for subscriptions.

Ads are hated — considered, and rightly so, blots on the web. Subscriptions are costly, unaffordable.

What choice are the web publishers left with then?