Maciej Cegłowski rants on how IFTTT pulled the plug and dropped the support for Pinboard.

Imagine if your sewer pipe started demanding that you make major changes in your diet.

Now imagine that it got a lawyer and started asking you to sign things.

You would feel surprised.

This is the position I find myself in today with IFTTT

This has to be one of the best break-up lines ever used. There is a bit of disdain for IFTTT in Maciej’s tone, but his anger is justified. When your whole business is driven by the content that exists at other freestanding services, you do not govern the terms the said services should operate in.

Maciej has already levied against IFTTT, or as he defines it, the Internet plumbing that has been connecting” web services - recommending alternative services to his users. I, for one, am going to continue with IFTTT. I know they have put a misstep, but am hopeful they will learn from it.

Update: Armin Ronacher has perfectly captured why I feel it is a misstep from IFTTT in his tweet.