Everyday, I have a lot many thoughts about Medium these days. For some reason, I find it is turning out to be not so good a platform for writers. Unfortunately, even the reading experience is slowly degrading.

The posts there are too disparate, with the platform really struggling to present them in an easy-to-comprehend manner. Especially the fiction. A dark emotional rant on life is placed right next to an erotica. Yes, erotica.


For some reason, Medium has no strict and defined policy around how to publish, tag and present these NSFW posts. It just is no reader’s paradise if one has to be fully attentive and on look out for these posts and people around you. Sigh! By the way that option you have to Show fewer stories like this”? Yeah, about that. It does not work. Not sure if Medium team even has any backend logic coded for that. Bruh!

And don’t even get me started on how horrible Medium is for writing on the go.

Medium on iPad

Yes, that is a help document on How to write?”. On an iPad. Not really sure what all is involved in writing a post on Medium that it can’t be done with Safari on iPad. Dumbfounded.