The world is full of fascinating minds, with a stream of curious thoughts trickling onto the web - day in day out. I came across another one today by Jamie Thingelstad, a version number for oneself.

Yes, this makes total sense to me. A decade is indeed a major version — a chance to reclaim oneself, it’s ok then if it breaks a few of the regularities that worked for you, and for others, earlier. Your routine, your habits. Your likes and your dislikes. Your looks change, so do your thoughts. It’s new you. Hopefully one who is a better, more mature, more compatible than your last major version.

Every birthday is a minor version up. You attempt to change, just a bit. You are forced to change by the surroundings, just that bit more. But the changes aren’t groundbreaking. They are minor. You are still the same you. With more or less the same maturity and compatibility as your last minor version.

Each day hardly changes anything significant. You patch anything that was amiss yesterday. If everything went well, you just glide along the same. And of course, you do not want there to be a need for too many patches, just more regular stuff. So, a version increment, without too many broken things.

Is this analogy with Semantic Versioning perfect? Of course, not - it breaks if we go into the nitty-gritty details. But that’s not the point.

If we live our life with a hope and an attempt that every patch version fixes something broken, every minor version changes some things for better and every major version brings in more maturity, more compatibility, I think we would lead a satisfying life.

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