Every time I attempt to read any publication, I am bomabarded with the content marked Exclusive” which rarely is exclusive. Many publications just regurgitate the same news and reports.

There was a time I could just fetch opinion/edits — there existsed even special feeds for such. Most well known media and news publication houses had different sections for their exclusive contents. Their voices, their interviews, their exclusive reports. Now try to find even a RSS feed for any of the big portals out there.

We are just pointed to their Twitter or Facebook accounts, which are useless because every update to their portal goes on their social media timeline. What’s the point of every account screaming that we have a new Samsung Galaxy S9 out now?

Ironically, it is especially bad for tech portals. We would believe they would know better - have clearly marked RSS feeds or social media accounts. Nope. Rarely do any of them have exclusives, most of the times content marked as such is a planned PR play from some company. Exclusive: A walk through XYZ testing facility”. Special: Interview with head of ..”. All these are just planted stuff, nothing new to tell.

I just hope we go back to the days when exclusives actually meant something. And also a wish that portals did separate their original content from the regular news storm. A separate feed (or even twitter account, for that matter) for your exclusives stories would be a good start.