Time. Those fleeting moments of time. Those crazy, affected attempts to catch up to them. To not let them pass. To slow them down. Those foolish attempts, unsuccessful every time.

24 hours. 1440 minutes. 86,400 seconds that dawn with a promise to provide enough time to complete all the tasks unfinished. At work and out of work. To run all the errands. To update all those projects. To finish all those drafts. To pen all those ideas, those thoughts clogging your mind.

That dawn with a promise to let you provide attention, dedicated attention to your family. With a promise to let you socialize with those friends, neglected - forgotten even - for the want of time. With a promise to let you make those calls still not made since last week, last month. With a promise to let yourself focus on your health, let you the rest that you dearly need.

With a promise to do so much more than there is time for. Till you realise those 24 hours the day dawned with? They just aren’t enough. Not enough for everything. Barely enough for something.

So you can either spend those fleeting moments on that something, anything. Or get bogged down with the burden of those others things left untouched. Because there’s just not enough time.