The recent experiments with has given the perfect opportunity to explore if I can get a Micropub endpoint created specifically for my needs. Till now, I have been using a custom fork of a endpoint from Pelle Wessman for my Hugo site. It has served me well.

However, I always wished if I could get one written specifically for my simple needs. One that I know and understand every part of. Given that I have no endpoint yet for the blot site, this is clear opportunity to create one geared for making this site micropub enabled. Hugo site will address my third-party-posting needs till then. So here’s the start. I will capture this journey, of course, here and will keep this updated with progress (I hope). Below are the things at this point that I need to get started.

I want to explore python first as an option to get this implemented. I have come to realise that I do not like Javascript as a language. I can get work with it, but at times the inconsistencies and the constructs get in my hair.