I have observed that I have been more inclined recently to post on Blot blog. I do have my main website which I have been using for all things long and short. But there is some lure of the simplicity of this place. You write. You save. And the post is up.

No committing a post to a remote repository, waiting then for the engine to trigger a build. No frantic refreshes to check if the post is up. It’s simple.

But every time I saw my published post here, I was left cringing at how awful the interface around was. I wish I could purely focus on the content and the process. But unfortunately I am wired a bit odd. I tend to focus on the design around first; if that sucks, I can’t move on1.

So I had to take a pause today. If I was going to post more here, the place had to be cleaner.

And given that I already had my custom theme up, I got down to work. I refreshed the theme and made it all about content2.

No navigation items or links to other places - a link opens the content. And in just the way I like it.

No homepage summarising the place - /home opens the stream of my posts.

No distinguishing posts by type - all posts are equal3.

For now, I am happy with this design. At least, I won’t cringe when I open my own posts.

Why not make this the primary homepage? Well, I am still on the journey of indiewebifying this place. I still post to my site using other apps, mainly Quill and Micro.blog. Until I get the micropub endpoint that I am working on done, I will keep this place booked for my excursions, my experiments.

  1. This is a costly habit. I can never signup for any service or an app that doesn’t have a good design and UI.

  2. There’s no hiding, the design is heavily inspired by Brent Simmons weblog. I believe no shame in getting inspired by the best of the designers out there.

  3. Eventually, I plan to separate at least the social posts (likes, replies, reposts) from the opinion and stories. But I am still not sold if I should.