Since I introduced blotpub a couple of days back, I have been continuously posting to the site from different Micropub clients. And I am happy that the system worked well. Added satisfaction was provided by the community by expressing interest and openness to try the endpoint out.

As I had mentioned in that post, handling “the creation of like and reply post types” was next on the list. I just couldn’t live with the fact that the endpoint didn’t handle these simple post types. So, it had to be addressed. And it is addressed now — the latest version of blotpub handles replies and like posts.

The information is added as properties in-reply-to and like-of to the post metadata.

In addition, support has been added to explicitly place the date property as part of the metadata.

Earlier, file creation date was used as the post date. The enhancement was discussed with @jack as part of this git issue. With this version, if the published date is provided, it would be set in the metadata. Else date-time for post creation request would be used. To enable this, just set SET_DATE environment variable to true. Additionally, you can also set the TZ variable to override default timezones for the server hosting your endpoint. Refer to the README for more details.

I have also fixed some minor issues in handling the post creation via different clients, mainly iOS client.

What’s next? Handling of image files.