This is a running list of things I need to implement in Blotpub. I intend to pour my thoughts and prioritise. This may also go to github on things to come once finalised.

  1. [Low] Support like and reply with data pulled xray. I am not sure what I plan to achieve out of this. It is primarily when I like a twitter post or an image posts, xray gives data in nice format. I would want to use that.
  2. Media upload as multipart. I thing this should address the need for photo upload, mainly from quill. It is simpler as I have a reference of voxpelli’s project.
  3. Media endpoint(?q=config). This is a big ask. First need to implement one without any reference. Second use it for photo upload.
  4. Syndication (?q=syndicate-to). This should be simpler. Need to support sending posts to twitter. Again, I have the reference from voxpelli’s project.
  5. Support for update/delete posts
  6. Handle authentication issues reported by