I have finally given up on the hope that Apple will fix their Macbook lineup and have decided to switch to Windows. It was a long time coming, and the decision wasn’t an easy one. But what Apple offers, especially in Indian market, isn’t worth the price. The lineup from its competitors doesn’t allow them and their users to justify their crazy costs. They need a cheaper, better alternative to compete. They needed to replace Air, not launch a new range. They have now failed to do it for 3 years. And I can wait no longer.

Will Apple’s devices be more durable? Sure. Does it justify to pay, for an entry-level Air, twice the cost of a fully loaded Dell? Absolutely not.

So I have got a Dell now. I am not really worried about the switch to Windows 10 — I do use it in office. I had also analysed my software usage, and except for Markdown writers, there’s nothing software-wise that I will miss. My primary need, other than writing, is coding and Microsoft has me covered with VS Code and WSL. Sure, I will miss Terminal, but I think I will manage without it.

I am, however, a bit worried about the out-of-box experience, given OEMs are known for screwing Microsoft up with their customisations. Not sure if there are any must-dos and must-haves on a new Windows device. I will look out for any input I can gather. Overall, I guess I would do fine.

Of course, I will hold my judgement till I use the device regularly and extensively. My current Macbook Pro has served me well. I wish Apple hadn’t forced me with their utter lack of inclination to improve their entry-level offerings. They won’t grow into developing markets unless they stop selling the same old story.