Making attempts to understand what the future holds is understandable, but it is pointless to think too much about that. Thinking about all the possibilities of things going wrong. Or even right, for that matter. It is especially important to not do so when that train of thought derails your now.

I would be the first one to accept that am prone to falling for this way too often.

What would happen if the task at hand goes through as planned? What if it does not? How would my current decision play out in the future?

And there is possibly a stream of such questions clouding one’s mind at any given point.

What matters is to realise that there are no easy answers to these questions. May be there are no answers at all. Of course, it doesn’t mean one should not think of future at all. It is important to appreciate the effects that one’s today is going to have on his or her future. But that thought can’t be a deterrent to the movement, to progress.

It is like walking through a foggy street. Sure, you can think of all the unknowns that may lie ahead on the path. But that can’t make you stagnant. Else you reach no where.

And unlike fog, future never clears out to reveal what lies ahead.