I am tired of people making fun of a feature just because they cannot think of a use for that. This attitude recently came to the fore with Apple’s introduction of slofies” - the slow-motion selfies. The call for stop trying to make slofies happen” was loud and clear from the tech community. Apparently, no one else wants to use it because we do not want to use it.

That’s a terrible take. Sure, may be the feature can be graded low on the usefulness” parameter, but it stands high on the fun scale. And our smartphones today are the most personal devices we carry around with us today, and that is not just because they are useful. They are equally fun too.

So stop mocking anything that you will not use. Selfies. Crazy filters. Slow-motion videos. Loop and Bounce effects - the boomerangs. They all make these dull devices a lot more fun. And their fun factor is what makes them sell in masses.