I finally set my data with Google to self-destruct after every 3 months - the lowest amount possible. So my web and app activity will be automatically purged. I have cleaned by YouTube history post my recent digital detox and have set the future data to be auto-purged every 3 months. I do not allow Google to collect my location history and I would not till they allow me to do that.

Does that ensure that I am protected from the data hoarding habits of Google? I am not sure about that. But I want to make it as much difficult as am allowed.

My recent switch to Android has already made this very difficult. Google signs itself up for too many permissions and starts collecting data from me, irrespective of whether I want it to or not. The least I can do is to remove that data as soon as possible. I am sure Google must already extract as much information about me as possible. After all, it is not about the raw data, but about the aggregations.

So then do I have a problem with Google owning data about me or Google knowing me? In an ideal world I would avoid both. However, I do not think I can do the later (given my current usage pattern). I want to at least use the privacy controls that Google has made available to the fullest.

I believe anyone who has a Google account should do this. It does not matter how often you use any of the myriad of Google services. Keep checking your Google activity every so often and tweak those controls.