To say that the situation is not that bad yet, that it’s not scary, is a bit irresponsible at this point. For those who can read, who can find the right sources, who can segregate authentic news and facts from the rumours, it is imperative on you to inform and enlighten those who cannot do all of this. Either due to lack of resources or willingness.

Willingness to be informed is necessary and is something that is often ignored. Many people just aren’t willing to accept the fact that the situation is dire. Because we just don’t trust the media - the panic-spreading frenzy they tend to rile up every time there is even minor discomfort. Matt Ridley analyzed this situation in this brilliant article at Reaction. He said it well.

It is very easy, in other words, to bet on the tendency of journalists and their readers to engage in a competitive auction of unjustified alarm.

Absolutely. We all have survived through many such waves of panic, it’s always nothing”, goes the narrative for a section of the society. Well, we have cried wolf often, it was bound to hit us back one day or the other.

It is easy to trust the voices what are closer to our beliefs, that are easier to follow. Distancing oneself socially is not an easy task to do. Those saying we need to follow such extreme precautions are conveniently ignored. It is important that these minds are kept informed. Enlightened.