I find it extremely interesting that I have most things going for it now. I do not know what's even missing. Why can't I just make this my new home? Sure if can't be bad, right?

Let's look at the pros and cons. Rather this is a thought dump of sorts. No pros and cons, just some quick thoughts to compare experiences.

  • My existing setup is a terrible writing experience. Every time I had to think where to post from. It is so terrible for instant posts. Not with the new setup.
  • With WordPress, I can post from which ever place that works now. I don't have to think to much about writing. Only focus on thought. Good for fixing too. Get things out and forget.
  • Theming is so easy with WordPress. No more struggling with files.
  • That reminds me. I am tired of working with files. Blot is good with files. But it wants to play with files. Not provide metadata as such. I provide metadata everytime. It defeats the purpose of the simplicity of Blot. Why mess around the frontmatter? I am tired of working that way. I want editor. Write and forget.
  • With WordPress though, I lose control and gain headache of managing instances again. Am I ok to sign up for that again? Can I trust myself with it? May be I need to. Let's give it a go.
  • Markdown is good but not always. Sometimes it is easier to work with WYSIWYG editors. Just write and forget. Sure markdown is more supported. It is again good when working in files. Not otherwise. Did I say am tired of files?