I have unsubscribed from most (all?) of the daily newsletters about news. I am already bombarded with news that's mostly about world's burning. I do not want even my inbox to welcome me all the crazy updates from the world, but especially US. Most newsletters cover that and it's the same news repeated in all. Same essays, editorials from same sources. The Atlantic. NYTimes.

I had already done a similar exercise with tech newsletters. And podcasts. Again, it's same stories that I have already seen someplace else. Why read them again in the inbox? It just fills my newsletter to-read list.

I want to feel relaxed, open to read some meaningful words. Some essays that mean, matter for those who wrote them. Not a quick rewrite of what's already been told zillion times.

I'm being very selective with what I subscibe to now. I want to read something that's heartfelt. Not something that's link log of trite news updates. Most daily newsletters deliver the later.