I was fascinated to learn about the so called town under one roof - Whittier. It has to be one of the most isolated places which people call home. I have so many questions about how the residents of this town make this place a home, how the isolation, the sameness affects them. It mustn’t be easy.

I was mesmerized by this how Michael Stevens describes what the town must represent.

The earth around Whittier is not always a friendly place. But so long as people call it home, Whittier stands as a magnificent gesture of defiance. Of human engineering. And the strength of inertia, of our desire to stay.

The more I think about it, maybe the life of us city dwellers is no less isolated than the residents of Whittier. Sure, they are stuck in one same building, surrounded on all sides by rocks. But so are we - if not physically, mentally we have caged ourselves.