I am a coder and a writer. And it is absolutely painful to have these two personalities live within you.

When the coder wants to code, the writer is checking his choice of words or the structure of comments. Or the depth of documentation -- the writer wants the coder to write an essay. The coder wants to bloody put bullet points, command followed by command. What ends up happening is I take minutes to name one method because the writer didn't like my choice of verb. Urghh!

On the other hand, the coder makes the life miserable for the writer in me. All the writer wants to do is focus on penning words together. Get coherent, and impactful. And all the writer is whispering in his ears is, "Look at that font and the colour scheme of the editor. That doesn't look nice, right? What if there is a better editor? What if you make one?"

All the writer wants to do is read intently, and there is the coder shouting at him, "Why isn't your website this beautiful? Look how efficiently it uses JavaScript? Or doesn't use it at all." Anything and everything can get the coder excited.

Boy, given the pain this causes, I'm surprised am still a coder by profession and a writer by hobby. I, at times, feel they could very well kill each other one day.