I came across this suggestion from Oliver Burkeman a few time in the last couple of weeks.

What if you worked on the basis that you began each day at zero balance, so that everything you accomplished – every task you got done, every tiny thing you did to address the world’s troubles, or the needs of your household – put you ever further into the black?

Basically, the idea is to keep a done list rather than a to-do list. I am absolutely certain that it benefits one’s morale. I know that because I have been maintaining a form of done list – just that my method is different. For me, the two lists are complementary. I use a to-do list as a way to free my mind of the burden to remember things I need to do.

I do not set a target, an end date, for any of the tasks on the to-do list. So, they are not burdensome to me as my day begins. I look at the list, prioritize and just plan it through the day, if possible. A bullet journal helps me here - and also acts as a done-list. More the crosses on a page, more is the satisfaction.