I finished reading: Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson. In a way, it’s a must read for a lot many people 📚

I am certain it isn’t for dummies neither does it claims to be so anywhere. It is for folks in a hurry, sure. I can’t remember the last non-fiction book that read so easy for me. This feat is even more praiseworthy, given Neil deGrasse Tyson attempts to touch upon some of the most complicated and buzz-wordy topics from the past 13 billion of existence of this universe.

“The power and beauty of physical laws is that they apply everywhere, whether or not you choose to believe in them. In other words, after the laws of physics, everything else is opinion,” says Tyson. I have rarely heard someone be so calm, yet extremely badass at the same time.