When I published the first issue of this newsletter, I had no clue I would do that 20 times over the last fifteen months. I had started writing it with a hope that each issue brings some value to a few writers. Sure, the format did change a couple of times. I decided to make it more personal along the way. But I continued to curate links to some of the most wonderful essays I came across. My intension was to inspire the writer within you.

That's 60 brilliant essays found and shared since that first issue. I have been happy with the journey till now. Greg Anderson reminds me of why that is important.

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.

Yes, I have enjoyed writing every issue.  Sometimes it was the letter I was writing to you that I was excited about. Other times, it was the attachment to an essay I was sharing that mattered to me. Whatever the case, I was excited about every issue that I sent to you.

But that hasn't been the case recently. Sure, I continue to enjoy writing on my blog – as I had said in one of the recent posts, "writing something, anything, makes me focused. It calms me down." So, it's not the process of writing that I have stopped enjoying. It is the format that, I have realized, I can't give justice to any more.

"If you don't want to do it now, you don't want to do it at all. Let it go," suggests Derek Sivers in his brilliant new book "How to Live".

So, here I am letting this go. This is the last issue for the newsletter Slanting Nib & A Keyboard. I hope you enjoyed reading the issues as much as I did writing them.

What does it mean for the subscribers? Well, first off, I will stop sending you any more letters to you, even if you continue to stay signed up. I prefer not to break your trust. You had signed up for something which I no longer intend to deliver.

With that said, this place Slanting Nib will continue to stay active. As I said earlier, I still love writing. I will post a few stories that are closest to my heart.

So, if you wish to receive these stories from me via mails, please drop me a note. Just hit reply, or email me. I would be glad to send you my personal stories, with a promise of not doing so more than once a week.

Thank you for subscribing and reading my newsletter. Goodbye for now!