I finished reading Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman today. This is a wonderful collection of thought experiments around our perception of time. The summary of the book says it’s a collage of stories – but there aren’t stories. With each “story”, the author Alan Lightman instils a fascinating possibility for the concept of time being something uniquely different. What if everyone settles on their view of time? What if it is always in the past? Or always in the future? Or with just a day of life? It’s a thought-provoking list.

All these 30 dreams are poetic vignettes that paint the varied interpretations of time. They evoke emotions through vivid narration of people’s lives in such a world and their surroundings. I paused after each chapter, pondering over the impact existence of such realities could have.

At the surface, sure, these are just fictional stories. But dig deep, and you may be able to draw a parallel with realities of our world. With our perception of time. This is a beautifully written, short but profound read! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 📚