Festivals are tiring, sipping away mental and physical energy. There's so much to do. And then some more. It feels as if there is no end to all the grind, the "festivities".

But when it all ends, albeit always abruptly, I wait for the next one.

Because festivals are necessary. They break the mundane, pause the regularities. I am surrounded by things deemed special, of different nature and scale.

For some, it is the dim lights in the porch. For others, it is the sparkles in the sky.

For some, it is the loud chatters. For others, it is the silent smiles.

For some, it is the crowd. For me, it is the family!

Here's to another year of togetherness during the few months of the biggest festivals around the world.

It was a wonderful festive time for me. And I wish you all a very happy Diwali!