Why is it so tiring to stay positive? Or to keep oneself motivated at times? It happens more so when I expect a lot in return from the time at hand. Why do I do that? A reminder to self. Time is not something I have. Time is something I am. Burdening it with unreasonable expectations is not fruitful. Anyway, there is no limit to our expectations from time.

If we manage to be productive for an hour, we still haven’t done enough as against what we would have in a couple of hours.

If we publish a post, we still haven’t participated in a social community we are part of. If we finish reading a book, we still haven’t read those newsletters or RSS feeds.

If we complete a task list at the office pending for weeks, we still haven’t spent enough time with our child. And the list goes on and on.

To everything that we do, there is always something we haven’t. Time is like a balancing scale. When balanced, more things are not on it than there are. To add anything to such a scale, we need to remove something first. The heavier the thing we put in, the more we extract.

We are balancing our time day in, day out. Acknowledging that we can’t do it all on a given day, we have to let a few things off our schedule for later. Why, then, ruin our days with something we didn’t do rather than celebrate it for something we did?